My Guy

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Nicky came over to my dorm late Friday afternoon during the last week of classes. We didn’t know yet that finals would be canceled next week after demonstrations and protests broke out all over campus following Nixon’s invasion of Cambodia.

“Hey, big guy,” I sang playfully. “Did you come over to play with me.”

“Play?” He spoke the word as if I didn’t know what she meant by it.

Nicky had his transistor radio in his back pocket. He turned it on. “Sugar, Sugar,” by the fake band called the Archies came on. He sat down on my bed.

“I hate that portables only pick up AM,” he said. “Top 40 sucks.”

“Music is music,” I said and kissed him.

I closed my door, locked it, and sat beside him on the bed. Without speaking, I lifted my shirt over my head, unhooked my bra, and let it fall in my lap.

He laughed at me abruptness and reached for my plump titties. I lifted them to his touch and he pinched my nipples.

I made a kissing noise and he lowered his head to suck each of my breasts in turn.

Then we kissed, open mouthed and sloppily, and I started feeling up the bulge in his crotch.

We quickly got undressed and I whipped off the sheets that I had carefully made up on the bed only an hour ago.

For some reason, Nicky wondered, “Is your roommate coming back?”

“No, she went home for the weekend,” I told him, as I pulled his jeans and underwear down around his knees.

I took his cock in my mouth. It was not only soft and small, his balls were also damp and sweaty.

He probed my thickly furry bush, but he found me dry and unwelcoming. We stopped.

“This never happened to us before,” he said, obviously feeling as if he failed.

“Let’s just relax and cuddle and see what happens,” I said and nodded in agreement.

“So strange,” he spoke in a soft voice. “My virgin goddess always wants to fuck.”

“Well, maybe it’s not so automatic…mechanical.”

Nicky was quiet, then he surprised me by asking, “Did you go down on anybody I know before we got together?”

I güvenilir bahis was caught off guard by his question, which is why I blurted out an honest answer. “Just Robbie.”

“Really?” he said, sitting up. “You blew my best friend?”

“Before you even knew me,” I said firmly. That wasn’t quite true. As a matter of fact, I gave him a sneaky blow job just a few weeks ago and that wasn’t all. “It was last year when he lived at the commune.”

Later, I realized Robbie lived in the dorm last year and Nicky would figure out I was lying by the mistaken timeline.

“What was it like?” he asked, seemingly not upset at all.

“Your bigger than he is,” I reassured my white boyfriend, but my knowledge of his black best firend’ endowment came not from one time giving him head. Rather, I had cheated on Nicky with Robbie a few days ago, when he fucked me every which way and up the ass. I gave my virginity to Nicky, but Robbie had unleashed my inner whore.

“We have something in common then.” It turns out that I’m not the only one with secrets.

“Wha?” I couldn’t wrap my head around what he was suggesting.

“I’ve gone down on him, too.”

Nicky Corbett was about as masculine as any hippie I knew. Yet I know both he and Robbie were into the new age of the love, peace, happiness. So maybe it wasn’t such a shock.

“When? How?” I insisted. “What was going on?”

“You want details?” he asked sheepishly.

“You bet I do.” Then I repeated the question, “When did this happen?”

“During semester break last year,” he replied, safely before our relationship began. “We both came back to campus early, right after the holidays.”

So, that means he cheated on his ex-girlfriend, Kerry.

“We got stoned,” Nicky began to tell his story. “Nobody was around. No girls were around, especially.”

“Kinda like being in prison,” I mused. “No women, so men do men.”

“Not at all,” Nicky laughed. “It was pretty spontaneous.”

“C’mon,” I was getting impatient. I wanted to know. “Who initiated it?”

“I türkçe bahis guess I did, but Robbie was in his underwear.” I knew he wore white jokey shorts. “Then he went to the bathroom and came back naked.”

“Did that turn you on?”

“Not exactly,” Nicky denied unconvincingly. “We smoked some more dope and dropped Quaaludes. We were just lying next to each other on the bottom bunk. I looked down and saw that he had a hard-on.”

Nicky stopped talking to light a cigarette. I made a two-fingered blowing sign and he gave me one.

“I didn’t say anything. He didn’t say anything. I just felt an overwhelming urge to grab is cock and suck it.” He blew out a cloud of smoke, forming an O with his lips. “And that’s what I did.”

“What’s your technique?” I asked. “Did you pump and stroke him? Suck like kissing? Or head-banging?”

“You really wanna know?” Nicky laughed.

“I want all the details?” I said, taking a drag on my cig. “How long did you go down on him?”

“I started by licking him, you know, up and down and around the head.” Nicky paused to reflect. “I’ve never kissed a man, but I kissed Robbie’s dick. A few big smacks and a bunch of little pecks between holding it in my mouth and sucking.”

“How did he respond?”

“He kept saying, ‘Oh, wow, this is so cool, man.’ My eyes were closed, but he watched me sucking him the whole time. After a while, he sort of patted my head and shoulders.”

“How long did you blow him for?” I was getting exited. My juices were beginning to flow downtown.

“It took a while before he started rocking and rolling his hips, maybe ten or fifteen minutes. My cheeks were getting sore and I started squeezing his balls and feeling up his ass.” Nicky crushed out his Marlboro in the ceramic plate I used for an ashtray. “When he finally did come, I almost spit it out. The taste took me by surprise.”

“Did you swallow?” I asked, recalling that I swallowed Nicky’s come on our first date.

“Yeah, and it took several gulps to get all his spunk down.”

“So, then, did you güvenilir bahis siteleri kiss and say goodnight.”

“We weren’t done yet.” My normally straight boyfriend shrugged. “Robbie held my head down and told me to keep sucking, even though he was soft. So I kept his spent dick in my mouth till he squirted again…and again. He came three times in like five minutes.”

“That is so hot, baby.” I looked down and saw his erection, like a missile ready to launch. I took his penis in my hand.

“I licked him clean, tasting and smelling his sweat and come.”

I knew very well what Robbie’s lusty bodily fluids smelled and tasted like, but I couldn’t let on to Nicky.

“I came in my pants while I was doing him,” Nicky said with a hint of embarrassment.

I responded with a question. “Did you guys talk about it after?” I started stroking his cock with both hands in a rhythmic motion.

“Not one word,” he chuckled. “But once in a while I think he’s looking at me and remembering having his cock in my mouth.”

He didn’t expect my next question. “Was he your first blow job?” I started licking and flicking my tongue on his big whopper.

He replied evasively. “You know I was on tour with the band for two years.”

“And?” I looked up and wrapped my lips around his mushroom cap before he had a chance to respond.

“You know Clint and Sandy,” he referred to the keyboard and bass player of his band. “We gang-banged Margo, the lead singer, all the time. We did threesomes and foursomes…and the groupies were always around.”

I was crazy in heat, as I climbed into his lap and lowered my sopping cunt onto his throbbing rod, trying not to pant and gasp.

“Did you give or receive?” I asked as I began to ride him cowgirl style.

“Both,” he replied and I accelerated my gyrations. We proceed to fuck longer, harder, and louder than we ever had done before. I heard the sloshing of my cunt juice and the slapping of my thighs against Nicky’s groin. He filled up my buttercup and my body wracked in orgasm before and after he came.

“Wow,” Nicky moaned. “That was unreal.”

“I love you, Nicky.” That is what I said out loud, but I didn’t say what I was really thinking. In our heads, we both just had wild and crazy sex with Robbie.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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