My Halloween Fantasy – Eva

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This story is a work of fiction. I made it all up. Check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is. Special thanks to goducks111 for his help and making this a better story.


Chapter 1 — Dinner with Eva

I push the doorbell and hear, “Dingggggg, Dongggggg.”

I am standing in front of Chloe’s house. Chloe is the thirteen-year-old best friend of my thirteen-year-old sister Amy. I think they were born best friends back in the hospital where Eva, Chloe’s mother, and mom met thirteen years ago. The two girls do everything together. Eva is helping the girls with their Halloween costumes. Mom would typically help, but she is helping her sister who fell and broke a hip. I had a choice and between watching over Amy or mom’s sister. No contest.

The two girls, Chloe and Amy, alternate homes to play in after school. Today it’s Chloe’s house. At dinner time, I pick Amy up from Chloe’s home. I really don’t mind, I get to see Eva, my fantasy woman.

I am a lanky nineteen-year-old that is good looking and does well with the women. The local junior college is an excellent place to find hot women and attend school.

Eva looks like a Victoria Secret Angel. To say she is hot doesn’t do her justice. She is medium height but has a full set of 32C breasts. These are the full and round kind; they almost look immune to gravity. She has spindly legs that lead up to a tiny bubble butt. Of course, she has long, straight platinum blonde hair and huge sparkling blue eyes. I am talking blue like you see on a magazine cover of the Caribbean.

She has a gorgeous smile on her face that makes me want to bend her over and fuck her right now. I don’t, she is married. The guy is a real prick though, never liked him the few times I met him. The jerk is always overseas working several months at a time. How stupid can you be? Eventually, she will crack and take a lucky man. I want to be first in line.

Eva answers the door with a big smile and in a nurse’s uniform. She isn’t a nurse. The uniform is too small, it’s straining to keep her breasts covered. Her breasts will pop out if she turns too quick. Fuck me, this is awesome. I strain to keep my eyes on hers. No way I want her thinking I am some pervert. Amy is behind her and has a half-finished costume. She must wear a t-shirt as only the bottom half is done.

Amy is near tears, “Mattttttttt, can I please stay until I am done? I need a costume for tomorrow.”

Both Amy and Chloe say, “Pleaseeeeeeeee!”

I am firm, “Sorry kiddo, Eva has dinner to make and from the looks of Chloe, a lot of work to do still. You can wear last year’s costume. Come on. Let’s go.”

Eva grabs my arm, a bolt of lightning shoots through my body, I tingle in excitement, and I am frozen.

Eva uses a breathy voice to ask, “Do you have a sewing machine? Can you use one?”

I am amazed that I can answer her, I trip over my tongue as I say, “Yes, I took home-economics, and mom taught me. I am best at straight lines. Forget about buttons and buttonholes. Why?”

Eva looks like a woman in lust, oh I wish she was.

Eva purrs as she tells me, “If you make dinner for all of us, I’ll work through dinner, and then you can help sew the easy stuff. It will be fun.” How can I say no? “I’ll bring a bottle of wine …”

I have seen enough Rom-Coms, “You had me at making dinner.”

All three women hug me. I only remember the set of breasts in front of me, nearly smothering me. She has a shy look on her face as we stop the embrace.

With a higher-pitched voice than I would have liked, I say, “Give me forty minutes, and dinner will be ready. Cum when you want.” Holy shit, did I just say that?

Eva smiles at me, “I will be coming … over soon.” My jaw drops.

Did she just say that to me? She giggles and pushes me back so she can close the door. I run home. Since mom did not expect to be gone, our meals were set for two adults, Chloe eats almost nothing, just like Amy. I usually cook as mom gets home after I do, so, I don’t have to do anything different. I start my marinara. I can’t stand jar spaghetti sauce, even as a base for a fixer-upper. No, I make my own sauce.

I start the water for the noodles, they will be here soon. Now I break open the partially baked bread. I cut it in half lengthwise and lather the inside with a combination of garlic, herbs, and butter. That goes in last. Now I can grate some fresh parmesan cheese. I made the meatballs earlier when I got home from school. I heat them up in the oven.

Now I go find mom’s sewing machine and her sewing basket with the threads and needles. I am glad no woman can see me now. FUCK! That is precisely when Amy opens the door to let Chloe and Eva in. They see me with a sewing machine in my hands! Oh, so not manly.

Eva sees my embarrassment and says, “Oooooo, I like a domesticated man.” Yeah, like she would have ever said that at any other time!

I start the bread, angel hair (how appropriate) noodles, and check on the meatballs. pendik escort I almost dropped the whole sheet of meatballs when Eva looks over my shoulders as I am bending down and says, “I like the size of your balls. I mean your meat … balls.”

Thankfully she didn’t say it loud enough for the girls to hear, they would have been teasing me all night. The last thing I needed was Amy saying in front of mom, “Hey Matt, I like the size of your balls.” That would have been hard to explain.

With guests over, we eat in the dining room. I use our regular plates and silverware. Eva took two wine glasses, poured two large glasses of wine for the two of us. I serve the large bowl of pasta, sauce, a basket of garlic bread, and a large dish of my meatballs. The girls are served two glasses of milk. I have a small bowl of freshly shredded parmesan cheese. Everything was perfect and looked great.

They dig in, and I try not to stare at Eva’s breasts. Her costume is gone, and she’s wearing a halter top and very short shorts. That is almost mean, like she intentionally wanted to see what effect it is having on me. Ouch! I am nineteen, I have a boner all through dinner. Talk is about the costumes and what still needs to be done.

Dinner was amazing. Eva spilled sauce on her top and licked it off using her breasts as support. I almost shot my load under the table. Amy and Chloe go up to Amy’s room to play, I clear the table. Eva looks terrific as she sets up the sewing machines and starts my thread and the first few stitches.

There is a lot of sewing to do for such small costumes. I can see why she wanted help. I was feeling great before, but after half a large glass of wine, the edge is off, and I am quite relaxed now. I can carry on a conversation with Eva finally.

Eva notices that I am at ease. She smiles at me; I smile back and have no idea why I am smiling at her.

Eva asks me, “Feeling good now?”

I snicker, “I don’t drink. You gave me almost half a gallon of wine, yep, I’ve relaxed finally.”

Now the questions start, “You’ve known me for almost fifteen years now, why do I make you so nervous?”

Oh shit, how the hell do I answer that and not sound like a pervert? Fortunately for me, the wine did all the work.

I smile as I say, “In case nobody broke the news to you. I’d say you are the most beautiful woman I have ever see. You ruin porn for me. Some would say yes, you’re gorgeous, but you must be a bitch. However, I know for a fact; you are sweet just like most other moms. Except that you’re much cuter. All the guys in the neighborhood know you are the ultimate MILF. A mother I would like to f… um, oh shit. Sorry.”

Her head goes back, and she laughs hard at me. We both continue sewing while she talks.

Eva seems annoyed now, “Well, I hate to break the news to you. I’m nothing special. My husband would rather bang his secretary in London or Dubai than look at me. I’m old and have stretch marks.”

I stop sewing, and I am much firmer than I intended, “I guarantee, you are a MILF every guy wants. You go into any bar; you are the hottest woman there. I don’t know what went wrong with your husband, but I can tell you that you are one hot woman.”

Wow, I had no idea that wine is a truth serum. No way I would ever say any of that. I continue sewing. I see tears in her eyes. Shit, I made her cry. Maybe I should keep my mouth shut.

Eva is having none of that, “What part of my body do you like best?”

Is this really happening? I am nineteen, sewing, and my sister’s friend’s hot mom is asking me about her body? Does it get any better?

I tease her, “O, come on. You’re just fishing for compliments now. You KNOW that your breasts are fucking amazing. Look at them. They stand out, no-sag, and they are round like large cantaloupes. They don’t just hang on your body; they are rounded and standoff your body perfectly like a supermodel. On your thin body, it doesn’t get any better than that. Next is your tiny ass. Oh my, it’s hard to look at it and not rub my hands all over you.

“Then, there’s your torso. Girls my age are thin, like super almost sickly thin. They have no curves. You are rounded, and that is why older women are so desirable. I think if you look, men are watching. Your husband. He is a dumb ass.”

I get to thinking and then ask, “Where are those terrible stretch marks that are the bane of your existence? I don’t see anything.”

Still tearing, Eva stops, stands up, then pulls her tank top up higher to the bottom of her breast and her shorts down lower. I almost filled my pants with my ejaculation. I look over, and I don’t see anything that stands out.

I look at her, pleadingly, “Where?”

She points at some thin faint silvery lines in her skin.

I shrug my shoulders, “That all? I was expecting something like Alien to jump out of you.”

She laughs and then calls the girls down. They both try on the outfits and are singing some song that I guess goes with the costumes.

Eva says, “Ok, take off your maltepe escort costume Amy, hang it up. Bedtime for you, it’s late.”

Amy hugs Eva, Chloe, and then me before running up the stairs singing that damn song again.

Chloe is at the door, waiting for her mom.

Eva gives me a hug and then says, “Thank you for helping. Say, what are you going to be for tomorrow?”

I laugh, “Halloween does nothing for me. However, with mom away, I’m hosting a small private party. I am going as a horny devil.”

Eva hugs me again and then says softly, “I bet you are.”

She then picks up her sewing machine and goes home.

Chapter 2 — Halloween

I had early classes today. That gave me time to prep the basement for my party. One of my friends is twenty-one, he is bringing a small keg of beer. The party starts about 8:00 after most of the kids have finished trick-or-treating. Everyone wants free candy, and I don’t want to be interrupted by the door ringing when I am banging a woman. This is a free sex party. Everyone must wear a mask for some free and easy anonymous sex.

At 5:30, my doorbell rings for the first time. It’s Chloe, dressed as Princess Jasmine, and oh my, Eva dressed as the nurse. I can almost see a nipple. I shake my head at her, and that causes her to smile.

I say to Eva, “You’re a bad girl.”

One of my friends stops by with his scantily-clad girlfriend to set up the keg. Eva notices them.

Eva puts a hand on my arm, I love when she does that, “Is there something going on that I should know about young man?”

I try to look innocent; I look up while talking, “Oh, maybe a certain guy asked a bunch of hot women and some football players to stop by later in masks and not much else for some anonymous sexxxxx …” my voice trails off before catching myself and continuing, “… for some beer. They’re just going through the side basement door so they don’t interrupt the children.”

Eva licks her lips, “More like so nobody can see them. That woman is practically naked.”

I am drooling as I say, “Yeahhhhhhhhhh. I mean, yes, she looks delicious. I will have to say hi to her later.” Wanting Eva to stop by, I say, “Why don’t you join us. But you need a mask. We want to keep everything anonymous. To get the women to come, I told them that the guys must eat them to three orgasms before they can have sex. That made the women much more willing to come.”

Eva laughs as she releases me, “Oh yes, I bet it did.”

Eva takes off with Chloe and Amy in tow when the girls finally come to the door. My keg is set up for my party, and my buddy is leaving so he can get candy with his girlfriend.

The weather is perfect outside, not too hot, not too cold, a slight breeze, and a full moon. The neighborhood is full of kids tonight. After twenty minutes, I give up trying to watch TV. I sit out on our beautiful porch in the high-backed rocking chair. I gently rock as I hold the candy jar and pass out candy. Mom has a good job; we can afford good candy. I am handing out a few mini chocolate bars to each child.

Many of the costumes are terrible, some I have no clue, and a few were exceptional. Speaking of extraordinary, here come three beautiful young women.

Amy jumps up onto my lap and sticks her hand into the jar for candy. She gave Chloe a handful of candy bars. She then takes two, gets up, and jumps into Eva’s arms, saying, “Thank you.” She puts the candy bars in the pocket of the nurse costume. It was adorable. Amy gives me a hug and then gives me a thank you for dinner, helping make the costumes, and letting her go with Eva and Amy.

I stutter as I am asking Eva, “Um. Uh. Hmmm. Um, Eva? Could I talk you into taking Amy tonight? With mom and all, I didn’t plan this well. I think it would be better if Amy were … not around tonight.”

Chloe and Amy say together, “Oooooooo, Matt’s got a girlfriend.”

Amy asks, “Does she have big hooters?”

I turn bright red.

Now I think to defend myself, “Hey! I don’t even have a girlfriend. Just having a friend or two over.”

Amy is teasing me, “Yeah, I saw the keg come in. I told you, Eva. I told you I would be staying over tonight.”

Eva is laughing at this exchange, “Yeah, yeah, yeahhhhhh. You did tell me, and yes, it is OK. I know you college kids, free alcohol, loud music, and wild monkey … entertainment.”

Wow, I thought she was going to say sex. Smart woman, these two are too young for that.

Eva looks at me with a sly grin, “I’ll take Amy tonight, but you are making breakfast for all four of us tomorrow. I want French toast.”

With a quick reply, “Deal. 9:00.”

Chloe looks bashful as she says, “Mom likes a guy that can cook. She sure liked your balls last night. I mean, your meatballs.”

Eva and I turn a bright shade of red.

Chloe lectures Eva and me, “We’re thirteen, we can hear you talk.”

Amy snickers, “Wait ’til mom hears me use that line.”

Red is gone, and rage is now on my face.

Amy cowers, “Ok, kartal escort maybe not. It was funny, though. Everyone in school thought so as well.”

She then runs to the other house laughing while her mother is trying to catch Chloe. Was she embarrassed? They only live a few houses down the street on the opposite side, I see them go inside. Eva’s mother is over, I saw her passing out candy tonight. I bet I am cooking for five. That’s ok, her mom, Gail, is cool, I like her.

Chapter 3 — Party Time

I made a few appetizers, so we had some food if someone drank too much. My sound system is an iPod on speakers, so it’s not going to keep the neighbors up all night. Each guy is to bring a box of condoms. This is a free sex night, and nobody wants a bill later for what they did here.

I have this demon outfit I wear every year. It’s a full-on creepy head mask, which makes it hard to see. The costume makes my body that of a demon. I wear nothing below it. I have an average length cock that is wider than usual. Most of the guys are dressed like me, and that’s what makes it so hard to eat pussy.

We end up taking the women into a dark room, removing our masks, and then we can really go to town on them. I know some women got many orgasms, not just the three that were required. Soon, there are too many people, and I am forced to turn people away.

A busty redhead in a string bikini comes up to me and drops to her knees. She starts a blowjob on me. She isn’t good, so I give her a few pointers with a soft voice, so I don’t embarrass her. After a few minutes, she stands up and rubs me hard, mashing her beautiful breasts into my body.

She whispers into my ear, “Thanks for the tips, I’m shy and don’t have much experience. I know you from class, you’re cute. I want you to turn me around and fuck me good. Then, if I am good enough, I wouldn’t mind doing this more often with you. If you have time.”

She turns around. I grab her arm and turn her back to me, holding her in my arms, and say to her, “I already know you are good enough. You’re trying and willing to learn. That is more than enough for me. I’ll take you on a date sometime soon. I hope you have fun here tonight.”

I then turn her around. She bends at the wait almost perfectly, like a gymnast. She spreads her legs and pulls the string on her bikini bottoms; her mask is a poker face. I put on my latex hat and then ease into her pussy. As I expected, she is tight. Not a virgin, but tight. Oh my, this woman is awesome. I am slow as I push in and out of her. I want her to enjoy this a bunch.

All around me, people are fucking, sucking, and hugging. I hear lots of orgasms as couples cry out their enjoyment. Not much eating or drinking going on. I push in and pull out, push in, and pull out. Slowly I am speeding up. I don’t want to spend the entire night fucking one woman. It’s twenty minutes, and I am still fucking the same woman. Everyone else is done. They are eating and drinking now.

I am going much faster and slamming into her harder. I hope I recognize her in a class. Then I can ask her out. She is breathing hard and grunting loudly. It’s almost time. I am now at my fastest speed, and its mere seconds before we both shout out our orgasms.

In the corner, a girl is taking man after man. They’re doing a gangbang. The guys are lined up to take her. What a slut, I will pass on that.

I hold my girl up; her legs seem weak. I help drag her over to a chair. I get asked three questions. I apologize and then take care of the trash, get more food, get another garbage can outside for the condoms, and find our hose to wash off our dicks.

I go back inside, and everyone is in a flurry fucking a woman. My girl is gone. That’s too bad, no, that’s a good sign. I hope. I think. I have no idea. We have more guys than women, I am a leftover. It’s ok, I have all night. Well, as it turns out, we did not have all night. Like my girl, some others left, and now we have a shortage. That caused several guys to go without a woman for a while.

The football players always had a woman. They are tall, muscular, thin, muscular, some had big cocks, and they are brawny. They proved quite popular with the women.

That is the moment that my heart stopped. Walking into the basement are two MILFs. No way these are college kids. No wait, there are four women now. Four MILF’s just crashed my party, and one of them has a very familiar-looking set of breasts. The costume is wrong, another woman has the nurse outfit on. She fills it out nicely but not the Eva look alike.

Could Eva have changed into an Amazon outfit and come over? The voice is wrong, she has an accent, English. The other is speaking Spanish, I think. I did terrible in Spanish. All four of them are as hot as hell. We all line up to eat pussy. I get the Eva clone, fake Eva, or is it? I lick with my tongue and take my time. No need to rush this. I am in heaven, imagining that this is my Eva.

I know there is no way she is. The accent, wrong costume, and she is here with a bunch of teens having sex. She is married, no way she does this. No way she calls her three closest friends and brings them with. No, this isn’t Eva. However, I can still pretend it is. This is as close as I will ever get to the real thing. I NEED her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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