My Head Feels Fuzzy

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My head feels fuzzy. It has to be the medication because I’ve had no alcohol. Having you in front of me is making me crazy. I want you more in this moment than I think ever before.

I kneel before you, worshiping you. You are still in your skirt from work. I can feel your smooth leg from your ankles up to the edge of your skirt. Leaning down I kiss your feet through the openings of your shoes. Laying my tongue flat and ensuring that I am kissing every exposed inch.

I kiss and lick along your ankles, little nips at your Achilles tendon, lightly biting your calves. I remove one shoe at a time, licking and sucking your toes, even through your pantyhose. I’ve never wanted to suck toes before, and worship your feet.

I move up to the knees. You are backed against the wall as I move my head under your skirt. Kissing above the knee, licking your thighs, tasting your skin and wanting these damn pantyhose gone.

I slide my hands up under your skirt, then pull the top of the pantyhose down, moving them off of your sweet thighs. My mouth now has unobstructed access. I lick and suckle, moving up your thigh. With the pantyhose gone, I lift the skirt up towards your hips, exposing your lacy boy short panties. I can see your wet center through the lace panel in the panties. I want you out of these panties now.

I reach around and find the zipper on your skirt, opening and dropping it to pool at your feet. My hands immediately finding and separating your butt cheeks. I love the feel of your bum as I bury my nose and tongue onto your crotch through your panties, teasing you pendik escort with my tongue as I search for and find your clit through the fabric.

I can taste you through the fabric, sweet nectar. I roll my tongue across your fabric covered sex, pushing and thrusting my tongue against the fabric. Your hands now coming from where they were fisted against the wall as I probed you, to clasp my head in place as you gyrate against my tongue.

I slide my hands to the sides of your panties and swiftly pull them down, quickly replacing my tongue now on your exposed flesh. The warmth is incredible, the feeling of you against my tongue and lips, tasting your wetness. God I could live between your legs forever. If I had more hair I know it would be pulled between your fingers. Your hands trying to clench my hair as I work my tongue against your center.

One hand staying toward your backside, kneading the flesh, my other hand shifting to the front, my thumb rubbing against your opening while I take and suck your distended clit into my mouth, rolling it between my lips. You are so wet and excited.

I run my thumb from your tight anus, across the perineum and to the lower edge of your dripping opening, it slipping inside you beyond the knuckle. I wiggle it inside you pressing against the edge of that elusive fleshy spot. My other fingers now dragging across your tight puckered anus. Changing tactics I pull my tongue back and flick the tip across your clit, causing your hips to jerk. You are so hot as I hear your moans of approval. Your knees weakening, your weight pressing maltepe escort down onto my tongue and fingers.

I pull my face back, looking up into your eyes seeing the erotic look on your face, your bottom lip caught between your teeth, with eyes heavily lidded in lust. Your cheeks and neck flushed from arousal.

I turn you over now bracing yourself against the wall with your hands, your legs spread and bent forward at the hips. I move behind you still on my knees, licking your round smooth ass cheeks before parting them with my hands. I begin to violate your anus with my tongue. Rolling the tip around the puckered opening before lapping then pushing my tongue into the ring of muscle.

My one hand now moves below and I press two fingers to your opening. Pushing them inside and pressing, searching for that elusive ridged lump. Finding it I being to massage it, my thumb now rubbing your clit, while my tongue pushes into your anus. You begin to buck against me, knees really buckling now as you almost fall to the floor, dragging hour hands on the wall. You lean your hot cheek against the cold plaster.

I find that spot and being to work it with my fingers, rubbing, pushing and moving around that spot. My mouth now again kissing your ass cheeks, and the small of your back as I move your blouse up to expose your back.

You begin to rock against my hand as my fingers, first two and now three pump in and out of your dripping pussy. My excitement pushing against my jeans, a wet spot forming where my pre-cum is leaking through.

I apply more pressure kartal escort on your g-spot, and can feel that you are close to your orgasm. I reach with my other hand to grasp your breast through your top. I can feel your hard nipple against my palm. Just a few more thrusts and your body stiffened before spasms clenched my fingers, and a wetness I have never before experienced flowed over my hand. I have to taste it, so I pull and lick my fingers clean. You twisted your head to watch me while your own hand moves between your legs, and you bring the same juices to your mouth.

I gather some of your wetness on my hand before pressing my fingers again to your bottom. Pressing my finger against your anus. Your wetness lubricating your hole until I slip a finger in, beginning slowly to pump in and out. Your own hand pushing against mine as you move two fingers inside again looking to generate another powerful orgasm.

I can hardly take any more and quickly remove my pants, rubbing what is left of your lubrication onto my rock hard erection I press the head against your rectum, pushing the head in slowly. You cry out at the intrusion. Slowly I push deeper into you until I am buried deep in your ass. I can feel your fingers moving inside you through the flesh between the two channels. I begin to move slowly, the tightness of your anal muscles milking my cock. I can’t hold myself back and start to stroke more quickly. You move as well your own fingers strumming a rhythm leading to your own climax. As your body spasms again I feel myself going over the edge. I pull myself out from you and spill my thick hot cum all across your tight round cheeks.

We collapse on the floor beside each other, finally looking into your eyes I kiss your mouth, tasting your juices on your tongue. Being with you is better than any drug or alcohol.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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