My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 22

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Mrs. Jackson stood in her bathroom as she glanced over at the clock. She frantically tried to get ready for her yoga class. The hot wife assumed that it would be at least an hour before her husband came home as Fred had left early in the morning to pick up Phil Dorman from the Missouri State Correctional Center. As Phil had demanded, she had testified at his parole hearing and talked her husband into allowing him to move in with them temporarily. It seemed the board was very interested in her testimony as they were intrigued that a beauty queen would speak on behalf of a felon.

It nauseated her to think he would be living in her home but Phil releasing any videos of her would ruin her career and most likely her family. But while the sexy mother laid in bed at night she couldn’t stop thinking about his monstrous cock.

Fred felt this was another example of his wife’s forgiveness and generosity that so many in the media have spoken about during her interviews about Mrs. America. He knew the subtle headlines about her testifying at Phil’s hearing would be great for her career and what would hopefully be a lucrative ‘Dancing with the Stars’ show. He couldn’t wait to see her on the television and couldn’t wait to see her dancing closer with some of the male stars on the show. He had brought Joel’s name up a few times to which his wife quickly became upset and figured his fantasy of watching her with another man again would have to stay hidden in his heart.

Mrs. Jackson had rearranged furniture in the house to allow Phil to sleep in the basement bedroom which would have his bathroom and living area. She hoped it would be far enough away from the upstairs that he wouldn’t bother her or her family until he moved out.

The hot wife glanced over at the clock as wanted to be at the fitness center before they arrived home. Katie pulled up her tight yoga pants over her perfect ass and slipped on her sports bra. She sat down on the corner of the bed and put on her ankle socks and tennis shoes. Getting up, she walked briskly back into the bathroom when she heard the front door open. Her heart dropped.

She could hear Phil’s deep voice talking with her husband but couldn’t make out what they were saying. She froze in fear. “Katie?” Fred’s voice echoed down the hallway.

“In here,” the hot wife’s voice strained.

Fred popped in around the corner, “Good! You’re still here! I got Phil settled in the basement.”

Katie’s face reddened, “That didn’t take long. I figured you wouldn’t be home for another hour.”

“I know,” Fred explained, “they had his paperwork ready and the warden signed him out on the spot. The warden couldn’t stop talking about you! Apparently he’s quite a fan!” He leaned up against the door frame and admired his sexy hard bodied wife. He knew he was lucky to be married to such a sensual woman and loved the way other men looked at her with lust as the warden did, “He wanted to make sure that I told you that he hoped you do well in the Dancing with the Stars show.”

“That was nice,” as she touched up her lipstick, “Was..,” Katie was worried to finish her sentence, “Was the ride home okay?”

“No problem. Phil’s very appreciative of our kindness. He couldn’t stop thanking us. Apparently the prison was quite the hell hole for him,” Fred glanced down at his watch, “Shit! I gotta run.” He leaned in and kissed his wife on the cheek and hurried downstairs.

As if time stood still Katie heard the front door open and close. The sexy married woman breathed deeply as she knew she was now alone in her house with her obese old neighbor. She cringed as she tried to get ready as fast as she could.

From the entry way she could hear the old man wheezing and limping as he pulled himself up the steps, “I’ll be right down Phil!” the hot wife hollered towards the hallway. But the wheezing kept getting closer until the fat man stood in her bathroom doorway.

“Freckles, how nice to see you” Phil growled, grinning from ear to ear as he admired the way her tight fitting pants showcased the hot mother’s toned legs and sexy ass.

Mrs. Jackson drew a deep breath as she took in the sight of her old neighbor, the man whom she had sent to prison in order to free herself from his sexual blackmail.

His ill-fitting suit did nothing to hide his huge beer gut and he emanated the stench of cold sweat and tobacco. His face was red and bloated with just a few unkempt hairs on his otherwise bald head. He looked hideous as ever yet the longer she stared into his eyes, the more she felt her sweet pussy tingle with lust.

Trying to show as much confidence as she could muster, Katie took a step towards the old man and poked her perfectly manicured nail into his flabby chest, “Let’s get one thing straight! You are not allowed upstairs much less in my bedroom!”

As if he didn’t hear a word she said, “I need to pee.” Phil coughed as he shuffled past the dumbfounded wife, who stood at least three inches taller than him and made pendik escort his way to the toilet. The beauty queen watched open mouthed as he lifted up the seat and reached for his zipper.

As his pudgy hand slid inside his pants, Katie shot a quick glance at the door. She knew that if she made a dash, there was no way the limping old man would ever be able to stop her. For some reason though, her body remained frozen to the spot.

The hot wife cringed as she heard a sigh of relief followed by splashing noises as her disgusting old neighbor relieved himself in her bathroom. Not knowing how to react, she turned to the counter, applied some more make-up to her beautiful face while studying herself in the mirror in an attempt to appear nonchalant.

While doing so, her gaze wandered sideways as she took in the reflection of the obese man hunched over the toilet, steadying himself with one hand against the wall. After a minute or so, the splashing came to an end and the toilet was flushed.

“You’ve got a bathroom downstairs, Phil” Katie sighed as she applied some more lipstick to her sensuous mouth, “Next time you…” Her voice trailed off as she saw the fat man turn towards her and caught sight of his huge cock hanging out through his open fly. It was the first time in nearly two years that the hot wife was face to face with her old neighbor’s mammoth prick, that beautiful piece of flesh that had haunted her dreams since the day she first laid her eyes on it.

Mrs. Jackson turned around in shock as she eyed the monstrous schlong. She didn’t mean to stare but was unable to look away. Not even erect, it was still so incredibly long and fat, rippled with thick veins. Katie felt chills running up her spine as she remembered just what that gorgeous shaft could do to her. She involuntarily backed up, feeling her sexy clad ass cheeks bump against the counter.

Phil stood and stared at the sexy woman in her tight clothing, his huge cock dangling in front of him. He felt blood rush to his groin as he pulled off his suit jacket and tossed it to the edge of the bathtub.

Katie took a step towards him, trying hard to look him in the eyes, “Get the fuck out of..”

Before she could finish her sentence Phil grabbed her slim waist and turned her around. He bent her over her bathroom counter, cosmetics crashed to the floor as Phil’s flabby arm knocked everything to the ground. He grabbed the back of her head and pressed her freckled face against the mirror, smearing her makeup against the glass. The old man grabbed the woman’s flailing arm and forced it up the small of her back.

“Let. Me. Go!” squealed Mrs. Jackson.

“After what you did?” Phil gritted through his teeth, “Not a fucking chance! It’s payback time, you slut!”

Struggling frantically, Katie tried to loosen the grip Phil had on her forearm. She was helpless, so vulnerable with her ass jutting out as he bent her over the bathroom counter, her face pressed against the mirror.

“I didn’t do anything!” she sobbed as she flung her elbow back against the fat man’s chest. Phil didn’t even budge as he reached up and grabbed her hair with one hand and pulled her head back towards him while he yanked her arm further up her back.

“I know what you did!” he snapped as he let go of her arm and reached around and roughly squeezed her perfect round breast over her grey sports bra, “You come over and fuck me and my friends like a slut and that’s how you repay me?”

She didn’t say a word until the sexy wife’s eyes and her tormentor’s met in the mirror, “Let go of me Phil!” His mouth grimaced as he pulled her hair harder as her head flung back, “Arrrgghhhhhh!” Mrs. Jackson continued to try and escape the clutch of the old man. She even felt like screaming for help but knew nobody could hear her.

The hot wife finally stood still as she was exhausted from struggling with her neighbor as he released her grip on her hair. Phil took his other hand off her breast after he paused to pinch her nipple which took Mrs. Jackson’s surprise as it was already engorged. He ran his fingers along her torso until his hand was firmly planted on her perfect ass that looked so luscious in her tight pants.

Phil looked down at her long legs, her ankle socks with white tennis shoes. He rubbed her hard butt as he pressed his swollen, naked cock against her backside. Katie could feel the girth of his huge dick through her tight pants as it nestled up between her ass cheeks. “You missed my cock didn’t you Freckles?” as he slowly humped her from behind, “Bert wasn’t enough for you was he?” His cock grew quickly as he pressed it against her.

“Stop it! Let me go!” The hot wife’s pussy and asshole clamped tightly closed. Her body quivered from her head to her feet. She was completely at his mercy as she craned her neck back towards him, “Please! Please let me go!”

“Arghhhhhh!” she shrieked as Phil pulled her arm further up her back as he refused her request.

He pressed his body up against tuzla escort hers so she was impaled tightly against the counter. Phil grinned wolfishly as he ran his hand against her small mouth and traced the outline of her lips, “You have such a hot mouth! Remember when you sucked my cock before you put me away? You couldn’t get enough of it!”

The married woman’s mind flashed back to Phil depositing his seed into her wet mouth as she swallowed his tasty load. Her pussy automatically dripped with excitement.

“Open your mouth,” Phil whispered into her ear.

Hesitantly Katie did as she was told as the old man’s pudgy finger disappeared past her lips. Phil slowly moved his finger in and out as he scraped it against her teeth as though he was fucking her mouth, “You are such a good cock sucker Freckles. You can’t get enough of it!”

Phil’s heart thumped loudly. His breaths were labored. His grin disappeared. Lust had built up inside him. He saw that the hot wife’s eyes were wide open as his finger rubbed against the inside of her cheek and around her tongue. He pulled it out slowly as he rubbed his wet finger against her lips.

The hot wife couldn’t move with the weight of Phil behind her. He held her arm against her back tightly, “Please let me go, Mr. Dorman,” she softly spoke. She remembered once how he demanded her respect and perhaps if she showed it again he would stop.

He didn’t move nor did he release her arm. Instead he pressed himself against her tight body. Her neck was so pretty and graceful, so fine and delicate but he wanted to wring it for what she had done to him. The fat man had waited the past year and a half to get the proud, haughty bitch in this position and now she was going to do everything he wanted. He had become enraged with jealousy when she won the Mrs. America crown. Her sexy freckled face graced the cover of tabloids that spoke about what a great mother and wife she was but he knew differently. The old man knew deep inside she was a slut for his cock.

Katie shivered as his fat lips touched the back of her neck. Chills rushed through her body. His lips kissed and sucked up and down the side of her neck. His hand forced itself under her body until it found her tits and squeezed them roughly. His cock was stiff and throbbing as he hunched against her. He enjoyed her smooth, warm flesh and felt her tits.

“Now,” his voice rose, “Why did you have to turn me in? I lost everything because of you!” Wide eyed, Katie looked back at him and swallowed hard. Her tits throbbed from his squeezing and tugging of his hands.

The hot wife cleared her voice and smirked, “I don’t know what you are talking about!”

A blinding white flash caught her off guard as she felt the sting of his hand across her face. Katie looked back at him as she held her cheek. It burned. It throbbed. Her mouth hung open.

“Freckles,” growled Phil, “Why did you turn me in?” The married woman looked at him in shock.

Another slap across her face brought her back to reality, “Why did you turn me in?” the old man grumbled.

“I,” still in shock, “I didn’t.”

“I don’t believe you!” as he grabbed her arms and spun her around so they faced one another. His face moved closer to hers, “You are going to be my slut and repay everything you did to me!”

“Wh-what?” she yelped as Phil’s hand rose and gripped her neck.

“Tell me you’re my slut!” His fat lips moved within inches of Katie’s freckled face.

Fear began to overcome the hot wife, “Sto…stop it!”

In a moment, Phil had removed his hand from her neck and spun her around until he had her pressed up against the counter. She felt his cock pressed against her tight ass as she struggled but the weight of Phil was too much.

The fat man moved his hands to her pants and yanked them down to thigh level exposing her perfect buttocks. Her ass looked perfectly framed with her black thong. The obese neighbor opened his hand and slapped her ass cheek that echoed throughout the house, “Owwwww!” yelped the hot wife.

“Tell me why you did it!” as he slapped her ass again leaving a red handprint.

Katie’s ass stung as she looked back at him and panted, “I didn’t!”

“Fucking liar!” he yelled as a series of slaps echoed through the room as Phil continued to forcefully spank the married beauty queen’s sexy behind. Tears welled up in Katie’s eyes from the pain and humiliation she was being subjected to.

After a minute or so the old man stopped and admired his handiwork. The hot wife’s cheeks looked red and swollen. He wrapped his fingers around the string of her thong and pulled it upward. Katie’s body rose as her face grimaced in pain as the fabric dug into her pussy lips. Suddenly it snapped as he grabbed the waist band and pulled it until it broke. The thong broke loose from her body and he tossed it into the corner of the bathroom.

Mrs. Jackson looked over at her torn underwear as it was in tatters in the corner. The married woman kartal escort felt like she was hyperventilating. She panted, not knowing what would come next. She tried to fight the feelings that were quickly erupting inside of her.

Phil reached for her ass cheeks as he released the sexy wife and backed away. Katie remained against the counter as she watched the reflection in the mirror of Phil lowering himself behind her. Butterflies exploded inside of her as she closed her eyes and tried to fight her body.

She felt him grab the waistband of her pants and lower them until they were down to her calves. Hungrily Phil spread her ass. The sexy married mother’s asshole quivered.

“Oh, Freckles,” the old man moaned admiringly, “You have a sweet asshole! I have done nothing but thought of getting inside it again.”

His cock twitched as he moved his thumbs closer to her shit hole. Keeping her ass cheeks spread wide with his fingers, he put his thumbs on the sides of her hole. He applied pressure as he spread her wide. But Katie was so tense that her asshole resisted his efforts.

“Relax!” Phil demanded, as he slapped her ass hard with his pudgy hand.

“Ouch!” the hot wife hollered as her ass cheeks recoiled.

“Relax! You know you want this!” The old man’s voice boomed in the small bathroom, “I know what you like!”

Mrs. Jackson closed her eyes as she fought her desires that were blossoming in her body as her asshole instinctively relaxed for her disgusting neighbor.

Phil spread her ass again as he placed his thumbs next to her shithole. His heart lurched. Her brown eye gaped open. He pushed harder, making her shitter stretch a little more. It turned him on to see it spread wide open. It turned him on more to know that her body was his to do with as he pleased.

Putting his nose into the crack of her tight ass, he inhaled. The heady, erotic smell filled his nostrils. Keeping her shithole open, he sniffed several times. He put his nose right on the rim, then slowly snaked his tongue out.

“Phil,” she whimpered, “Stop it!”

The old man laughed sarcastically, “I remember a time when you couldn’t get enough of this! What? Are you scared you may enjoy it more than with your husband?”

Katie felt the wet softness of his tongue swirl around her backdoor. She had often begged Fred to lick her there and although he tried, it never felt as good as with the disgusting fat man that knelt behind her.

The hot mother quickly remembered how it wasn’t that long ago that she would not put her mouth on any part of her husband’s body except his lips. And she would not allow his lips on her body, either. To touch or even to look at her asshole was strictly forbidden. But then one morning, she felt her neighbor’s expert tongue exploring her backside and she had fought to forget what he had done and how he made her feel. Reality came smashing back to her as she felt Phil’s tongue as it swirled in and out of her open asshole.

Phil swirled his tongue deep into the wife’s sweet shithole. The taste was so good it was making his head swim. His cock was raging hard and his balls were tingling with the need to be released.

Mrs. Jackson moaned, squirming with shame. Phil’s mouth felt hot and slippery. His tongue was slick and wet as it licked her asshole inside out. She could feel her sphincter stretch open for Phil Dorman’s tongue. He pushed his face hard between her cheeks and sucked. His hand slid to her pussy. She couldn’t help but moan as his hands began teasing her cunt lips.

Sometimes his fingers slid over her moist pussy slit. At other times, they brushed over her cunt and the landing strip above it, softly stroking her pubic hair. Now and again, his fingers would teasingly brush her inner thighs on both sides before caressing her pussy lips again.

“Phil… please… stop this! Please, stop it!” she sobbed. Katie’s protests only made him suck harder.

Mrs. Jackson was relieved to feel his mouth leave her shithole but was startled when Phil grabbed her around the waist and spun her around. Her eyes immediately went to his crotch as she stared at his magnificent cock, now fully engorged as it stuck out menacingly through his open fly “You want to suck my cock don’t you? You are my little Mrs. America slut!”

He grabbed her waist as he walked backwards to the edge of the bathtub, as he sat down on it. Katie could only shuffle her feet with her yoga pants tangled around her calves.

As the hot wife watched him her eyes grew wider as the old man unbuttoned and dropped his trousers, pulling them over his dirty shoes and socks together with his underwear and tossing them in the corner. Phil unbuttoned his stained shirt and threw it on the pile, leaving his obese, hairy body naked. He spread his fat legs and positioned himself with his cock right between his flabby thighs. His balls hung down, resting on the edge of the tub. The married woman eyes were drawn to them as they were swollen and huge. Her mouth instinctively began to water. The memories of her sucking his cock and having him squirt in her mouth made her stomach flutter with excitement.

“Okay, Freckles. Put your mouth on my prick!” he ordered.

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