My Kind Of Neighbor

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Raven looked like her name sounded, sleek and dark haired. She was tiny, five feet tall with everything in the right place. Her hair was as straight as a board and as black as midnight, making her pale skin look like alabaster. Her face was very striking, her nose thin and regal looking. Lips full and pouty, usually painted some shade of dark red. Her eyes were what one noticed immediately when you met Raven, then her breasts.

Raven had large breast’s upon her otherwise thin frame. You felt the urge to cup her asscheeks in you hands when she turned to walk away from you. Two perfectly round globes of flesh that swayed in a hypnotic way when she walked. Her eye’s were green. Bright and intelligent looking, as they peered out at you intently. Raven had no idea of the impact her looked caused others. Oh, she was aware that men found her attractive and had never suffered for a date when she was available, but it had been a long while since she had played the ‘dating game.’

Raven lived with her boyfriend, Joe, and had lived with him for ten years. They were comfortable in their relationship, more like old friends then lovers. It had gotten to the point that they had very little in common anymore. He worked in construction and was away on jobs a lot for the last couple of years. Raven went about doing her own thing in his absence. They had grown apart and neither had noticed it yet.

Raven loved to work outdoors and her yard showed the love she felt for plants. Everywhere you looked were flowers and greenery. Her roses bloomed in a rainbow of color, delighting the eye.

When she worked in her yard, Raven wore cut-off shorts and little tank tops in the summer months. Her legs were tan and strong looking in the cut-offs. She tied her hair back in a ponytail while she dug, clipped and cared for her plants and yard while her tank top fit tightly against her tits and clearly outlined her nipples under the thin material. When she moved or walked, they jiggled in a wonderful way.

As she worked outside, Raven thought about her life with Joe. She was starting to notice he seemed discontent with things in their life. He had made some unkind remarks towards her lately and she was trying to figure out just what his problem was. Maybe they needed to discuss their relationship and see what might be done to make it better. She loved Joe, at least she thought it was love. She frowned as she thought about this…was it love? Or something else…he was getting pretty weird with her lately…like he had a problem with her being around.

Raven picked up a rake and went to the outside of their fenced yard, next to the street, and began raking the leaves into a pile. Her body worked on autopilot while she thought about other things. At first she didn’t notice her neighbor out in his yard watching. She heard her name and looked up to see him waving. Raven didn’t know the man, he had come over a few times to use the phone when Joe was there, but she’d never spoken to him. He didn’t live in the house he owned, he had rented it out in the past, but it’d been empty for months now.

The neighbor called out to Raven, “C’mon over for a minute…” With the rake still in her hand, Raven walked up the street to see what the guy wanted. She laughed when he greeted her with “Now your the kind of neighbor everybody should have, one that comes prepared to work.” His yard was full of leaves and he was eying the rake she carried.

They stood making small talk and Raven laughed at his jokes. The man’s name was Ben, and he was there working on his property. He told her that the last renters had all but destroyed the house.

Suddenly Ben called out loudly to a passing car, “Hey Joe!.” Raven turned in time to see Joe’s face as the car passed and he was looking straight at her. He was sitting shotgun in the car and Raven saw there were two guys in the back seat and another car following with several more of his friends in it. The two cars pulled up at the house and the men got out. Joe was facing Ben’s house and yelled loudly, “What are you trying to do Ben, get some pussy?” Raven couldn’t believe her ears! Ben replied to the question with, “Why? You giving some away?” The men laughed at the exchange. Raven was embarrassed and angry at the same time. “Nice talk’n to you,” she told Ben as she turned and quickly walked the short distance back to her house. She glared at Joe as she passed him and his buddies.

Things between Joe and Raven seemed to go downhill after that afternoon. Their güvenilir bahis relationship was in the ‘danger zone.’ They started to argue quite often, which moved Raven to lose her temper and move out of the bedroom they shared. An invisible wall stood between them and in loneliness, Raven approached Ben one day when Joe was out of town. She had caught him on a number of occasions, watching her work in the yard. It made her feel odd, knowing she was being watched but at the same time it excited her in some way she couldn’t define.

“Hello Ben, how are you?” Raven ask her watchful neighbor. “Better now that a pretty lady is in my yard.” Ben replied with a big smile, while his eyes swept over Raven, lingering at the vee between her legs. At least that’s how it felt to Raven.

“Would you like to come inside and talk a bit while I finish some work I’m doing in the kitchen?” Ben ask, then waited for Raven’s response. “Uh…sure, I guess so…” Raven stammered like a school kid. She realized that she felt an attraction towards Ben and was amazed at herself. For some reason she felt a need to be there right then. It was confusing and sort of scary and interesting all mixed, that she felt too. She was curious as to what would happen if she dared to go inside with Ben. Well, she decided she’d just find out…

Raven found herself inside the boarded up house with Ben during the middle of the afternoon. Joe was at work, so she wasn’t too worried about him catching her there. The house was semi-dark due to the windows being covered with plywood. The rooms were filled with what appeared to be junk. There were tools of every sort scattered around, toolboxes, crates and just ‘stuff’ everywhere. A path ran through each room. Ben led her to what had been a bedroom at one time. He had cleared enough space for a desk and two chairs to fit inside the room.

Raven found herself in the semi-dark room with Ben, who was yet a stranger to her. She wondered for a moment what she was doing there. Ben spoke to her in a low voice that sent shivers down her spine and Raven realized it was a very exciting feeling. In the background she could hear the sound of the generator’s motor, which supplied the power for the light. Ben was talking about his life, which, from the sound of it, had been anything but dull. He took a joint out of his shirt pocket and stopped talking while he lit it. He took a long drag, held in the smoke and handed it to Raven.

Raven hadn’t smoked pot in years, she had never smoked much of it even then. She took a hit off the joint, coughed and tried to hand it back to Ben. He motioned for her to take another puff, which she did, this time managing not to cough it out. Several tokes later, Raven felt higher then she’d ever been before.

Ben watched his pretty neighbor, he could see she obviously wasn’t used to smoke and was getting fairly high off the weed. She laughed a little louder and longer at his jokes. They had been talking for quite some time when Raven happened to notice the time on her watch. “Oh my God! It can’t be six o’clock” she burst out in a panic. “Joe is probably going nuts wondering where I am!” she added as she jumped up and stumbled towards the door. “Whoa…wait a minute.” Ben told her, grabbing her elbow so she would fall over something in the darkness. “I’ve got to get out of here before he finds out I’ve here!” she told him, alarm in her voice.

Ben calmed Raven down and told her he would check to see if Joe was home, before she burst out the door. She waited nervously while he went to look.

Ben came back and told her to come take a look. In the next room a hole had been drilled in the wall, just big enough to peek through and see Raven’s house. Sitting in the yard in a lawn chair, was Joe. He had a 6-pack of beer and was facing Ben’s house, drinking and watching the house. He knew! Raven told Ben she couldn’t walk out of there as long as Joe was watchig, he’d be furious with her. Ben agreed that she should stay until Joe went back inside, then he would sneak her out so she could go home.

Hours passed, Joe sat in the lawn chair watching. When it grew fully dark, he got up and went inside. Raven knew she was in big trouble now. Joe would never believe that nothing had happened between her and Ben. They had smoked several joints by then and she was feeling no pain. Ben was talking about how petite she was, “Stand up for a minute” he told her now. “Why?” she asked, bewildered by his request.

“Just stand up,” he repeated.

Raven türkçe bahis stood, Ben reached out and put his hands on her waist. She was so tiny his big hands almost spanned her waist. The minute Ben’s hands touched her, Raven felt the heat in her body spread, starting at her pussy. Her breathing accelerated. She felt slightly faint for a second. Ben was very much aware of the effect he was having on Raven. Leaning close, he kissed her throat. Raven melted against him and his arms went around her, pulling her close in the dark room.

He guided her so her back was against the desk, then lifted her up, sitting her back down on the desk’s edge. Raven was wearing a short skirt and when Ben moved closer, she felt it push up on her thighs. She moaned when she felt his hand moving up her leg and under the skirt.

Ben’s hand brushed against the thin material of Raven’s panties. They were damp with her excitement. He kissed her mouth, pushing his tongue between her red lips. While he kissed her deeply, his fingers pushed past the elastic of her panties. She was getting very wet and his finger slipped between her pussy lips easily. He started to slowly finger fuck her. Raven was panting now, it felt so good, she couldn’t stop now, even if she had wanted to.

Ben was a master at undressing women and quickly had Raven naked. She was his for the taking now and he intended to do just that. His hands moved over her body and his mouth was everywhere. He stopped for moment and undid his belt, then unzipped his pants, letting them drop to his ankles. Raven was laying back on the desk and he pulled her toward the edge. Her pussy was lined up perfectly for his cock to penetrate it.

Raven thought she would pass out from being so excited. She had never wanted a cock inside of her cunt so bad in her life! She could feel her juices running down the crack of her ass. Ben smiled down at her as he rubbed his hard cock up and down her juicy slit. She was almost whimpering in her need, but he held back, enjoying himself. Raven grabbed his arms and lifted her ass up, moving her lower body back and forth against his member. She was crazy with lust, nothing in her mind except her need now. She moaned loudly when she felt his cock pressing against her cunt lips, spreading them open.

“Please, give it to me!” she begged. “Put your cock in my pussy, pleeeeeeese!” she cried out. Ben thrust his hips forward and his cock slid into her wet opening, he held it there without moving while she thrashed under him. Raven’s pussy stretched to accommodate Ben’s swollen member. It felt huge inside her tight pussy. She could feel it against the walls of her vagina as he started to move it in and out slowly.

In the distance, the hum of the generator was the only other sound besides the moans and cries Raven made. Ben grunted with each deep thrust of his cock into her. He felt her first orgasm explode, then the juices ran out of her hot pussy. Ben pulled out and quickly repositioned his neighbor on her hands and knees, then swiftly stabbed his cock back into her wet hole. Raven groaned in pleasure, pushing back and rubbing her ass against Ben. He slapped her ass cheeks, leaving angry, red marks on her smooth flesh. She cried out at the sting of his hand but pushed back for more.

Raven lost all track of time, it no longer mattered, only the cock in her pussy was important. Ben fucked her hard but before he cum, he again pulled out and turned Raven around so he could stick his cock in her mouth. She sucked it into her throat greedily. Ben watch her work up and down it’s length, enjoying the pleasure her mouth gave him.

Again, Ben held back. He wasn’t ready to explode yet…when it came to fucking, he liked to take his sweet time, especially when fucking a tight, little pussy like Ravens. He had staying power and could fuck her all night long. He pulled away from her mouth with a plop and once more positioned her. This time Ben had Raven stand up on the desk top. He was pretty tall so her pussy was level with his mouth now. Grabbing her ass, he pulled her to him and started licking the juices leaking from her snatch. ‘Mmmmmmmmm’…he thought, ‘this is one sweet bitch.’ His tongue probed deep into the wet snatch.

Raven felt like her legs might give out. She was overwhelmed by the feelings coursing through her body. Ben knew how to lick pussy as well as fuck like a pro. She had no idea how much time had passed, nor did she care. Her fingers were wrapped in Ben’s hair, while her hips were grinding güvenilir bahis siteleri into his face. When he inserted first one finger, then another, she started to orgasm in a frenzy.

Ben waited until she had cum again then pulled her down from the desktop and turned her around facing it. Now Raven was bent over the desk with her back to him. He reached between her legs to smear pussy juice on her asshole. When he was satisfied that it was plenty lubed he pushed a finger inside. Raven jumped with surprise and pain. She’d never allowed Joe to have anal sex with her and was afraid Ben would hurt her now. “No…don’t” she cried out, but Ben ignored her and continued pushing his finger in, wiggling it around. The pain passed quickly and Raven was again surprised, this time due to realizing it actually felt pretty good.

Ben leaned down and started kissing and biting Raven’s neck. He stuck his tongue in her ear and nibbled her earlobe. She moaned with pleasure at his attentions, forgetting her fear of anal for the moment. That was what Ben wanted her to do. A few more minutes and he felt her pushing back on his fingers. Before she realized what he was doing, Ben replaced his finger with the head of his cock. “Oh my God, Ben, that feels incredible” Raven whispered hotly. Ben smiled and plunged deeper into her backdoor. When she responded by again pushing back, Ben started stroking his cock in and out faster. Her asshole was stretched around his thick cock like a rubber band. Her devirginized ass was soooooo tight!

Now he was going to shoot his load and it was going to be deep in her ass. Ben got really turned on when ass fucking. He loved fucking, but anal was his personal favorite and biggest turn on. He felt his cock throbbing deep inside of Raven. It wouldn’t be long now…

Raven was going to have another orgasm and did just as Ben started his own climax. His cock slammed into Raven’s asshole in a blur. He grunted and cried out his own pleasure as his cum filled her. When it was done, he fell forward, holding himself up on his elbows so he wouldn’t crush the tiny female beneath him. They were both panting hard from their exertions.

Ben was far from finished, he was just getting warmed up. As soon as his breathing returned to normal, he started running his hands over Raven’s naked body again. She shivered at the touch of his hands. He was pinching her nipples and biting her throat again, Raven couldn’t believe she was ready for more! This man was insatiable! He took her hand and put in on his stiffening cock. Raven started stroking Ben’s cock, amazed that it was hard again so soon!

Raven wasn’t concerned about Joe catching her at this point in time. She had never been so completely fucked in her life! Ben was making her aware of feelings she never knew existed in her and she wasn’t about to stop now…She lowered her mouth to the head of the throbbing cock in her hand and licked. She felt Ben’s hand on the back of her head, start to firmly push her downwards. Her mouth was full of cock as soon would be her throat. She sucked hard, her tongue swirling around the hard dick. She could hear Ben moan in pleasure and started bobbing up and down on his shaft.

Ben watched Raven blow him. She was doing a mighty fine job of it too. He decided to reward her with a cumshot down the throat. His balls tightened up as he got close to cumming.

Raven felt Ben getting ready to cum and when the hot jism starting pumping into her mouth, she had to swallow fast! Finally, empty of cum, Ben pulled his cock out of Raven’s hot mouth and pulled her up to him. He smiled at her and kissed her lips, letting his tongue slip inside her mouth. He could taste his own cum. His hands were already exploring elsewhere. Squeezing her tits, rubbing her shoulders and neck.

The two continued to fuck throughout the night. They tried every position possible, much to Raven’s surprise and delight. She didn’t realize you could fuck in so many different positions! And she didn’t know a man could do it more then once in a night. Joe fucked her one way and only a couple of nights a week. She hadn’t known what she had been missing out on.

While they fucked through the night, Ben talked off and on. He told Raven about his life. He was in his third marriage and had two small children. It was not a good marriage but he would never leave it because of his children. She listened in interest as he described the wild life he had lived for over twenty years. Between the fucking and talking, by morning, Raven knew a lot about this neighbor she’d only seen before. And she also knew when she went home to face Joe, it would be the end of that relationship. This wild ‘neighbor’ had just spent the night changing her life…

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