My Lovers Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: Please be aware that this is a story that deals with consensual sex between a brother and sister who were 18 years old and above at the times of this true encounter in 2003. The first names haven’t been changed; the family names will not be revealed for the sake of privacy. Thanks for reading.


Aliya and I were walking arm in arm from the school to the hotel room a few minutes away by walking. The two of us decided not to take a taxi — I mean we could see it in the distance from where the two of us were standing – instead we used the walk to catch each other up on anything new in our lives. I asked her about a boy in one of her Facebook albums, she blushed before saying that he was just a friend who had a huge crush on her. I chuckled while demanding more information about his crush on my younger sister. Aliya blushed as we continued walking while saying that he did admit his crush, and had asked her out.

“We went on one date,” she said looking at me before looking away, “just that one. He wanted us to be a couple but…” Aliya stopped speaking and then looked over at me with a small smile before looking away, “I like someone else.”

“And this someone else is a guy?” I asked jokingly before she looked over at me with narrowed eyes before replying sarcastically that she was interested in a girl. My thoughts immediately went to Aliya and Katie on a bed as I replied, “that’s hot.”

“Bhaiya!” she exclaimed before laughing as we continued onwards towards the hotel. As we continued on, a period of silence descended between us. The sounds of the cars whizzing past us, the sound of people walking past us talking to themselves, and then distant sounds of construction works were prevalent as the two of us continued on in silence. That jest I made about Aliya being interested in another girl brought about this silence… and so I really did think she was interested in another girl.

Seeking to break the silence, I asked, “who is she? Do I know her?”

“Huh?” Aliya asked after shaking her head; it was as if she was deep in thought. She then turned her head towards me, “who is who?”

“This girl you’re interested in,” I rolled my eyes at the stunned expression on my sister’s face. A few seconds later, I laughed while saying that I knew she was being sarcastic and that I just wanted to see the very same stunned expression she had on now. “I figured there wasn’t a girl, so who’s the guy?”

“Forget about it,” she huffed before looking away with a pout on her lips. Seeing that pout made me think of Katie on her knees and my cock in her mouth. I looked away from my sister just as Katie’s face transformed to Aliya.

‘What the hell?’ I thought. Seeing two girls together on a bed was one thing; even if one of the girls was my sister. But imagining her with my cock in her mouth was something else. However, I didn’t find myself disgusted at the thought, just curious about why I had that thought in the first place. But no matter how hard I tried; I could not come up with a reason.

As we walked while Aliya explained she wanted to gather the courage to tell this guy how she felt, I glanced at the two mounds on her chest before looking away quickly. It was as if her bra was struggling to hold back the tits they were responsible for holding back, and her shirt was straining against the bra. I didn’t know if her breasts were larger or if it was her shirt that was tighter around her body.

Either way, I noticed Aliya’s body was filled out more than when I had last seen her. Her skirt, just like Katie’s, stopped just below her knees, and the blue shirt – with the initials of her school embraided over the left breast – was clinging to her body. Even the two guys who passed us a few seconds ago stared back towards my sister. I looked over my shoulder at their eyes taking in her figure… and I gave them a look of contempt in return. I looked away from them before my eyes met with my sister’s brown eyes.

‘She was looking back at them too,’ I remember thinking to myself as she smiled at me.

“Stupid people,” she said while holding onto my arm tighter, “I saw you being angry at them.”

I then shrugged and said that I didn’t like the way they were looking at her; and yes, dear reader, I get the irony of me being angry at those creeps when I was doing the same thing. I told her that, “I didn’t like the way they looked at you.”

Aliya turned her head away form me and shrugged before saying, “they probably thought I have a nice ass.” To say that I was surprised Aliya said that out loud was an underreaction. She laughed at the expression on my face before asking, “you think I’m not hot enough for them?”

“Aliya!” I exclaimed as she held onto my arm tighter the closer we walked towards the hotel. We were so close that we could see people walking in and out of the front entrance. How do I respond to that question of hers? If I answer yes — and she was hot — then what would that look like to her. I thought she would think it was strange or creepy to have her own brother elmadağ escort say that she was hot. But if I didn’t answer that question, if I lied instead, then she would be hurt and I knew that would make me feel like an asshole. I glanced at her, she was staring forward with a smile on her face while I was wondering how to respond to her.

I sighed and thought to myself that our parents always did say that it paid to be truthful. I just didn’t know if Aliya would say I was being creepy. ‘She could say that her question was just rhetorical.’

“Oh, you’re too hot for them,” I said with a chuckle. She gasped before turning her head towards me, the smile still plastered on her face. I looked back towards the front just as we reached the side of the road which we needed to cross. While waiting for the traffic light to change to red, I glanced at the top of Aliya’s head as she lay it on my shoulder.

She chuckled too before saying, “you think I’m hot?”

I didn’t expect that question. ‘Where was she going with this’ was my first thought.

“It wouldn’t be right to keep on saying that my sister…” I made special emphasis on the word ‘sister’ before continuing, “is hot.”

“So, I’m hot,” she turned her head towards me, her chin on my shoulder, and grinned before looking away. She looked behind her and then back towards me, “can I tell you a secret?”


“I know it’s not… you know… right,” she whispered in a husky voice that had goosebumbs break all over my arms as we walked after the pedestrian light turned green, “but I love you.”

‘Huh?’ I thought to myself while saying, “d’uh, you’re my sister. Of course, I love you too.”

As we walked past the gated entrance to the hotel and towards the entrance to the small lobby, Aliya said that I didn’t understand what she was saying, “I love you. I mean I love you more than a sister should love a brother.”

That was something unexpected. I stared at her in surprise while wondering if she was joking around. I mentally told myself that I just had sex with Aliya’s friend and the high still hasn’t come down yet, ‘maybe that’s why I’ve been having these thoughts about Aliya for the past few minutes? Or I’m maybe just imagining what she just said?’

I turned my head towards her and asked, “what do you mean, Aliya?”

“It was that picture of you on that beach,” she whispered before looking over at me as we walked up the stairs and into the lobby where that same Chinese lady from earlier was frowning at me. She must have thought that I was bringing back girls from the International school to fuck in the room; well, she was right about Katie. And it had to do with that picture on the beach. I wondered if Aliya was jealous of the girl who was with me in that picture? I mean, could any sister be jealous of a brother and his fuck-partner?

I mean she’s my sister. Thoughts of my sister being jealous of another girl being with me didn’t swim around in my mind every day of every month of every year. But in the past few minutes, I’ve glanced at her chest, and wondered how she would look like lying in bed with Katie. And that image caused my cock to twitch as we walked up the stairs. I could feel the Chinese lady staring at me through the walls as we continued on in silence.

It would be minutes later that the two of us were in the room. I closed the door with a click and leaned back on it while Aliya put her backpack on the small table in the corner before reaching into the pocket in her skirt. She took out her phone, all the while staring at me, as she placed it on the table before she just held onto the back of the chair and stood still.

“So that picture?” I asked as I pushed myself off the door and slowly walked towards Aliya who was breathing in and out, her chest expanding and contracting. I glanced at her tits before meeting her eyes once again, “you liked that picture?”

Aliya smiled a bit before she looked over towards the table while saying, “it wasn’t the picture. I mean it was the picture but… when I was going through your latest updates Katie was next to me. She saw the picture and said that you looked hot.”

I wanted to say that I knew that part before Katie and I fucked on the bed, which I have to point out was remade after I made a request to the front desk; instead I just nodded my head as I stopped a few inches from Aliya.

“And you’re my brother,” she waved her arms about, her voice an octave higher, “I mean I don’t want other girls saying that my brother is hot.”

“Oooookay,” I replied curiously, “and you said you like me more than a sister should because…?”

“Because I went home and saw that picture of you shirtless again because it was…” she sighed before walking towards me, “It was my handsome brother who I have never seen without a shirt on… ever.” She reached for my hands and grasped my fingers as she said, “my handsome brother with a toned body next to a Chinese slut.”

“Technically she’s Malaysian,” I pointed out, “and esenyurt escort not a slut.” Aliya was staring at my chest as she let go on my left hand and rested the palm of her hand on my solar plexus. She was breathing hard while I whispered, “well, she was acting like a slut when we had sex.”

“Slut,” Aliya whispered as her hand wend down to my abdomen and then to my navel. She looked back up at me and said, “she’s a slut. That night I imagined you had your arms around my shoulders while I was the one wearing that slutty bikini.”

I took a step towards her while gently grasping her hand away from my naval. I was staring at her heaving chest before looking back on a face full of unmistakable lust.

“And?” I asked before licking my lips while placing a hand on her shoulder and the other one on her cheek.

‘Was this really happening?’ I thought to myself as images of Aliya in various sexual positions were going through my mind. Every time I pushed one image away, another would take its place. I could clearly see myself behind her, Aliya’s face twisted in pleasure as she called out to me between deep breaths not to stop fucking her. I remember breathing hard while I brushed the skin on her cheek with the edges of my fingers. Aliya closed her eyes and took in a deep breath while I brushed the edges of three fingers to her chin, and then slowly travelling down her jawline to beneath her ear. I asked, “this is so wrong, Aliya?” I mentally told myself that this was wrong; that I should go back home with Aliya to surprise our parents. I mentally told myself to ‘borrow’ Aliya’s phone so that I could take down Katie’s number before calling her for a meet.

‘Fucking Katie again would help… I shouldn’t do this… not with Aliya. I need to call Katie, I need..’

“I want to see your body,” she whispered, breaking my train of thought, with eyes wide open as she started to pull the bottom of my shirt upwards, “I want to touch it every part of your body and…” She stopped and stared at my bare skin, the bottom of my shirt was crumpled up to my chest, “I want to..” She brushed her fingers on my abdomen… I saw her eyes following her fingers as they brushed along my bare skin.

Any resistance stared to crumble when she looked up at me with lust before looking back at my abdomen. She then leaned forward. I could have stopped her then and there… but I didn’t. I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath when her tongue brushed my skin.

‘Fuck it.’ I took off my shirt and then watched as my sister kissed my abdomen while I let go of the shirt and let it crumple down onto the carpeted flood. She slowly moved her kisses upwards while my hands were now on her back. I was rubbing circles on her back as she started to kiss my chest before moving onto my neck. I can’t describe the feeling of her tongue and lips on my skin except to say that it was so immensely pleasurable. My hands reached down, my fingers brushing her short before landing on the part of her skirt that covered her ass.

“Aaaaa..” she groaned when I squeezed her ass.

“Keep on doing what you’re doing,” I remember saying in a desperate voice. I continued to squeeze her ass over her skirt while Aliya continued to lick, and then gently suck on the skin of my neck. She would then go to another part of my neck and do the same before moving onto my left shoulder. In the meantime, I brought my hands off her ass cheeks and up her sides to her waist. I grabbed her sides before gently pushing her back. I heard her whine before she looked at me while her ands moved to the back of my neck. She was caressing me there while I asked, “you really want to do this?”

She was breathing hard while staring at me.

“Aliya, you really want to do this?”

“Yessss,” she whispered nodding her hand while one of her hands went through my hair, “yesssss. I want to see my handsome brother. I want you to just take me like you took that Malaysian slut.”

“Tell me what you want me to do,” I said while my hands were moving down to the sides of her things, “tell me.”

“Make love to me,” she said before she licked her lower lip and then leaned forwards until our noses were just touching, “Bhaiya, make love to me. Fuck me… fuck me.”

I stared at her face. We stood still for a few seconds before I brought my hands up to the bottom of her shirt. I said, “lets take this off huh,” before pulling up her uniforms top. She raised her hands as I grasped both sides of her shirt over her head while staring at her now exposed tits covered in a pink bra. Her tits were pressed together, revealing a cleavage that any aspiring model would be happy to have. I threw her shirt to one side as she lowered her arms while I took off my trousers. Aliya was staring at me while she prepared to take off her bra. She reached back to unclasp her bra when I shook my head and said, “no.”

She gulped before titling her head.

“I want to unwrap this sexy present standing in front of me,” I said while placing my hands on her barre waist. etiler anal yapan escort I looked down at her cleavage and then to the top edge of the bra before looking further down her flat abdomen. I looked back up into her eyes before saying, “mom expects you home soon, right?”

It was then that her eyes opened wide in surprise, “right. I need to call her and dad.” She hurriedly stepped bac and then raced to the phone on the table. She picked it up and then turned back to me as she flipped it open. She was about to dial our mother when she said, “I’ll tell them I’ll be an hour late. That I went to KLCC with some other Riza and the others.”

“Riza?” I asked curiously. She had a jealous look before she said that Riza was no one important. She then pressed the button that called mom’s phone while I thought to myself, ‘yeah, not telling her I fucked Katie.’

“Mom,” Aliya said while turning around. She had the phone to her ear, and her back to me while I lowered my underwear and then walked towards her. “I’m going to KLCC with Riza, Sha, and Isha. I thought that…” Aliya was talking about going for some window shopping while I, to a short gasp from my sister, pressed my pelvis and my hardening cock against her skirt covered ass. My cock was pointed downwards while pressed against her skirt; but I could feel the crack of her ass through her skirt and the pants she wore underneath. From the phone, I could hear my mom saying something about coming home quickly while I placed my left hand on Aliya’s bare waist while the other hand reached around to her front and then hiked up the front of her skirt.

“I will…” she whispered before momentarily stopping as she took in a deep breath for a second before starting to talk to our mom. Aliya’s voice started to tremble as I slipped my hand under the top of the undershorts she was wearing. I reached downwards and felt nothing… there was no hair. She was completely bald down there as a smile formed on my face. Cupping her cunt with my right hand, I then slipped my middle finger vertically between her labia. Aliya was breathing hard as she did her very best not to struggle telling our mother that she was running out the school gates. I brought my other hand up from her waist and pushed the ponytail to one side before starting to kiss the back of her neck.

With my left hand free, I placed it over her left breast and then gently squeezed.

“Ah,” Aliya yelped slightly while she reached back with her left hand and placed it on the left side of my waist. I could hear my mom asking if she was alright, but Aliya assured her that she nearly tripped before getting into the car. I felt her cunt starting to get wet as I stroked my middle finger to and fro between her pussy folds.

Aliya quickly finished talking to our mom and then disconnected the call before flipping her phone shut and hurriedly throwing it onto the table.

“Aaaaaaa,” she moaned as she brought her right arm back and grasped the back of my head while I kissed down to her right shoulder, “fuuuuuuck, Bhaiya… Fuuuuuck. Soooo good… feels soooo good.” I slipped my hand down the top edge of her bra on the left side and felt my fingers brushing over her hardened nipple. I continued to kiss her neck and shoulders, at the same time I was now squeezing her left breast while feeling her hard nipple against the palm of my hand, and my left hand covered her wet pussy with a clit starting to harden against my hand.

As for Aliya, she was running her right hand through my hair on the back of my head while whispering desperately, “don’t stop, Bhaiya… please don’t stop… don’t stop… don’t stop.” While she was begging me not to stop what I was doing, she was grinding her ass against my cock..

“You’re so hot,” I hissed into her ear before resuming my kisses against her neck. At the same time, I started to squeeze her left breast harder.

“Aghhh!” she grunted out as she pulled her head back. She arched her back slightly; her ass pressing harder against my cock while thrusting her breasts outwards as if she wanted me to squeeze even harder.

And so I squeezed harder.

“Uhhhh… Uhhhhh. Uhhhh. Uhhhhh. Uhhhhh,” she was growling from deep within her throat the harder I squeezed her breast and the faster I slid my middle finger between her slit. It was then, once my hand was coated in her juices, that I slid my whole hand slightly upwards. My middle finger was now on the nub just above the entrance to Aliya’s pussy. I had my left arm around her chest; my arm pressing down on both tits as I pulled her closer into my body. She was grinding harder while breathing faster and deeper as I brushed my middle finger on the slick nub down there.

Fuck Aliya’s clit was coated in her pussy juice. I started to rub her clit as her body started to instantly tremble.

“Ahhh… uhhhh uhhh uhhh uhhh uhhh uhhh… fuck… God fuck!’ she yelled out as I pressed harder into her clit while rubbing vigorously. She was yelling out “good God!! Sooooo goooood!! Fuuuuuuck… uhhhhh uhhhhhhhh!” I was certain that the rooms around us could hear Aliya’s screams of pleasure, “fuuuuuck… Don’t stooooooop!!” At that yell, she went stiff while her body trembled. She was grunting out “aghhhh aghhhh aghhhh” while I continued to rub her clit with my right hand. And then she started to convulse in my arms.

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