My Mom – My Lover Ch. 08

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Brady and Dena sat on the couch watching TV awaiting Jean’s arrival. They’d both gotten dressed after he had taken her on the dining room table. Dena left her bra off as per Brady’s requirement. Brady wrapped his arm around Dena and pulled her into his chest. Dena snuggled into him under his arm as he caressed her breasts over her blouse. Dena giggled. “You really can’t keep your hands off them. I guess by now it shouldn’t amaze me. But it does.” She dropped her hand into his lap and stroked his cock through his jeans. “But I love it! I hope you never stop.”

Brady grunted. “I don’t plan to. I’ve found the perfect playmate.”

Dena unbuttoned her blouse, then took his hand and slipped it inside. “There you go baby.”

Brady engulfed one of her huge tits in his hand, pinching her nipple between his fingers and playing with it. It began to harden as he pulled on it and flicked it lightly with his finger.

Dena moaned. “Oh baby. You just fucked me! How can you be horny again?”

He smiled as he continued watching the TV. “I’m not. I just like to play with these things.”

Dena moaned again, her clit started to throb again. “That’s not fair.”

Brady kissed her on the top of the head. “You’re right it’s not fair. Deal with it.” He chuckled as he pinched her nipple. “Your body is fair game for whatever I want to do with it as long as you belong to me.”

Dena purred like a cat. “I don’t want it any other way baby.” Both heard Jean’s car pull into the driveway. Dena gave his cock one last squeeze before getting up and heading to the front door. She rebuttoned her blouse and straightened herself up as she waited for Jean.

Brady came up behind her and smacked her ass. “You look good. Don’t worry, she’ll never be able to tell what a slut you by looking at you.” He said with a smirk.

Dena looked over her shoulder and returned his smirk. “She already knows. And you’ll be happy to know she’s just as big a slut as I am.” Dena opened the door just as Jean walked up to it. Both sisters smiled at each other for a few seconds before hugging. “How are you sis?”

Jean looked over Dena’s shoulder as they hugged and eyed Brady up and down as she replied. “I’m doing good sis. It’s been too long since we last got together.” She replied never taking her eyes off Brady.

“How are you Aunt Jean?” Brady had seen that look before. The look of a bitch in heat.

The sisters broke their embrace and Dena stepped aside to allow Jean to enter the house and give Brady a hug. Jean extended her arms as she stepped up to Brady. “I’m doing good baby.” It was uncanny how much she sounded just like his mom. The two hugged each other. “You’ve really grown up baby. How many years has it been since I saw you last?”

Brady hugged her hard, crushing her chest against his. “I don’t know Aunt Jean. Probably 3-4 years. I think it was the last time I was home during the Christmas holidays.” Brady broke the hug and held her at arms length. He looked up up and down like he was inspecting a new recruit. Jean had put on a little weight. But it wasn’t too much, and she carried it nicely. HIs gaze stopped at her chest for a few seconds before returning to her eyes. “You look good Aunt Jean. You’ve taken good care of yourself.”

She smiled knowing exactly what he had eyes for. “You look yourself. Looks like the Marines took real good care of you.”

“They did. Now mom’s taking good care of me.”

Jean looked back at Dena. “I want to hear all about it.”

“Why don’t you two talk while I go upstairs and watch some basketball in the bedroom.”

The sisters watched him walk away then looked at each other. “I know we talked about our fantasies years ago.” Jean started. “But I had no idea you would have the nerve to act on them.”

“Let’s go into the living room to talk. I’ve got a couple bottles of wine and a very long story to tell you.” The ladies talked for a couple of hours. Dena telling her story, and then Jean asking question after question. After Dena answered every question she could think of, Jean just sat there sipping her wine and processing all the information she’d just been given.

“So why did you call me?”

“Brady and I were talking about family reaction to what we have. He mentioned how he and Kevin used to have fantasies about you.” She giggled. “They still remember that pool party that you teased those poor boys mercilessly with that bathing suit you wore. Anyway, we started talking about the possibilities of what it would be like with you, and then maybe Kevin.” Dena took a long drink. “So what are you thinking?”

“I’ve been looking for years for what you and Brady have found. I’m going to be the last person to judge you two.” Jean’s mind was a roller coaster of emotions and desires. “The thought of what you have both excites me and scares me.”

Dena raised her glass in a mock toast. “Welcome to my world.”

“How have you done it?” Jean asked.

“He’s given me everything I’ve always wanted, needed and craved as a woman. And I’m etiler otele gelen escort not just talking about the sex. My son’s the first man I can truly respect and give myself to completely. He makes me feel safe and loved and desired. I gladly serve him as his slut and whore. But it’s more than that. Deeper than that. I don’t know how to explain it. All I know is, to hell with what other people say or think. Brady’s finally helped me get over that fear of what others think. We don’t flaunt what we have. But we’re going to live what we have and enjoy what we have.”

Jean sat quietly for several minutes sipping her wine. She looked at Dena. “I want what you have. I need to taste that forbidden fruit.”

Dena stood and held out her hand to Jean. “Let’s go upstairs.” The sisters walked up to the second floor holding hands. Jean’s heart was pounding so hard it felt like it was going to explode. Dena led them into the master bedroom where Brady was sitting up in bed watching TV.

“You two ladies have a good talk?”

“We had a great talk.” Dena said as they walked around to the side of the bed Brady was sitting on. “But I’ll let Jean tell you about it.”

Jean stepped forward as Brady swung around and sat on the edge of the bed. Jean stood in front of him. “Your mom told me all about you two. I’m thrilled for both of you. I’ll tell you what I told her. I want what you have.”

Brady looked over Jean’s shoulder at his mom and smiled. Dena walked up behind Jean and wrapped her arms around her. She began to unbutton her blouse as Brady watched. “Would you like to enjoy what we have this evening Aunt Jean?”

Jean’s heart was racing as Dena unbuttoned her blouse and slid it off her shoulders. She then felt Dena’s fingers unsnapping her bra and sliding the straps down her arms. Her tits flopped out in front of Brady’s lustful gaze.

“Did mom tell you how Kevin and I use to jerk off thinking about these?” He asked as he reached for them. He lifted them, feeling their weight and size. Then he caressed them all over grazing over her nipples with each pass. Jean felt her stomach knotting up. Her senses were in overload as Dena undressed her and Brady touched her all over. Brady stood and pulled her to him. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply, holding her with one arm as he reached for his mom with the other.

Dena took his hand and kissed it, then placed it on her heaving chest. She longed for his touch. Watching him take Jean didn’t make her jealous as she thought it might. It just made her long to be part of whatever they might have. His hand squeezed and caressed her tit. They were no longer just two pieces of flesh that hung from her chest. They were an extension of her.

Brady broke the kiss and sat back down on the edge of the bed. He pulled Jean closer till her pussy was within reach. He slid his hand between her legs. The heat coming from her pussy was incredible. He looked at his mom. “We need to get her shaved.” Her hair was soft and thick. He ran his fingers through it. She moaned when his finger rubbed her swelling clit. “Are you sure this is what you want?” He asked looking up at her as he played with her pussy.

Jean had never felt so turned on before. She had had more lovers than Dena over the years. But none had gotten her as excited as she felt at this moment. “Yes!”

“Yes what? Tell me what it is you want!” Brady wanted her to verbalize every thought she had. He knew verbalizing it would help break down whatever inhibitions she might have left.

Jean hesitated for a few seconds. “I want you to take me the way you’ve taken your mom. I want you to fuck me.”

“Good girl.” He slipped two fingers inside her already soaked pussy and pulled her to him. He grabbed one of her tits with his other hand, squeezing and kneading it like it was a lump of dough. He locked his mouth over her other tit and began to suck and lick it.

Dena moved around her body till she was standing beside her sister. She tilted her head till they were facing each other. The sisters smiled at each other, then kissed. Their tongues danced together as their hands caressed each other’s body. Brady nursed at Jean’s breasts, alternating between them. He finally stood and embraced both ladies. The three of them wrapped arms around each other. Brady kissed each of them, going back and forth.

Brady looked at his mom. “Go get a towel and what we’ll need to shave our new plaything.” As Dena walked into the bathroom he looked at Jean. He caressed her tits, admiring their size and feel.

Jean smiled. “Sis told me you have a thing for big tits.”

Brady returned the smile. “I do. I also have a thing for a smooth pussy. Now get up on the bed.” Jean climbed on the bed not knowing what to expect next. Brady sat next to her and stroked the inside of her thigh, caressing her pussy as well. “Do you trust me?”

Jean felt her pulse increasing again. She looked at this man before her but couldn’t get the image of etiler rus escort him as a teenager out of her mind. “I guess baby! What are you going to do?”

Dena walked back into the bedroom with a bath towel and all that was needed to shave Jean’s pussy. Brady helped his mom slide the towel under his aunt and then lay down next to Jean. “You and I are going to get to know each other better while mom shaves you for me.” Brady began to kiss Jean as he fondled her tits, pinching and tweaking her nipples. “Do you know how many times I fantasized about these tits?”

Jean moaned with arousal and need. The combination of Brady’s touch and words, and Dena’s gentle shaving of her pussy was the most intoxicating thing she’d ever experienced. She spread her legs wider giving Dena complete access to her womanhood. “Oh baby! Do you know how many times I fantasized of you taking my tits like this.” Her pussy felt a cool sensation as Dena smeared the shaving cream all over it and worked it into her hairs.

Brady squeezed one of her tits hard as he licked the rim of her ear with the tip of his tongue, then sucked on the lobe gently. Jean made a low guttural moan. “What else did you fantasize about Aunt Jean? It sounds like you and mom were really dirty girls.”

Jean laid there with eyes closed, basking in the sensations that were taking over her body and mind. “Oh we were baby. Very dirty girls. I fantasized about your young cock too.”

Brady took her hand and laid it on his already hard cock. “You mean this cock?”

Jean squeezed it gently. “Oooohhhh baby! Yessss! It feels so soft, so hard.” She stroked the length of his shaft softly, feeling the bulging vein that ran the length of it. “Oh baby I want this!” She cooed.

Dena shaved her slowly making sure she got every pubic hair between her legs. When she finished she wiped her down with a warm wet cloth, pulled the towel out from under her and took them into the bathroom.

“Squeeze it!” Brady ordered Jean as he mauled her tits. He felt himself getting worked up as he drove his aunt in her desires. Jean gently squeezed his cock as she stroked it. “Harder you dirty slut!” He growled before he kissed her hard, filling her mouth with his tongue. Jean squeezed it harder, but not as hard as Brady wanted her to squeeze it. He broke the kiss panting. “Look at me!” Jean opened her eyes and looked up him. “You’re my dirty slut now. Squeeze that cock as hard as you can. You won’t hurt me.” Jean squeezed it with all the strength she had. It was Brady’s turn to moan with pleasure. “Ooohhh you dirty slut! That’s it! Good girl!”

“What are you doing to me?” Jean almost cried.

“I’m doing to you what I did to your sister. Want me to stop?”

“Oh no! Please no! I don’t want you to ever stop.” Jean was shaking as she replied.

“Tell me what you want me to do with that cock my dirty big titted slut.”

“Oh Brady! I want you to fill me with it. I want to feel it inside me. I want to taste it. I want to feel it all over my body.”

Brady sat up and straddled her chest. “I’ve thought about fucking these juggs since the first time I watched a porn where a big titted slut had hers fucked.” He didn’t have to give her any instructions. As soon as he laid his cock between her tits, Jean pushed them together, engulfing his shaft in her warm soft tit flesh. “Mmmm. You know how this game is played, don’t you?”

“Yeah baby, I do. You fuck your Aunties tits. I love it!”

Brady rocked back and forth for several minutes enjoying the warmth and softness of her tit flesh. Dena climbed up next to him feeling left out. “Don’t forget about me.” Brady could hear the insecurity in her voice. He took her face in his hand and pulled her to kiss him. The two kissed for several seconds. “I have no intention of ever forgetting about you.” He continued to fuck Jean’s tits while he played with his mom’s as he assured Dena of his ownership of her. “I told you I own you and you belong to me. Nothing will ever change that. This is our bed and our life.” He looked down at Jean who had been watching the interaction between them. “You want to be part of this?”

Jean nodded. “Yes! More than anything!”

Brady looked back at his mom. “Let’s enjoy our new plaything for the evening. We can talk about the particulars later. OK?”

Dena smiled. “Yes sir!”

Brady turned his attention back to Jean. He sat up and scooted forward till his cock was over her mouth. “Open up.” Jean opened her mouth and Brady shoved his cock in until it started to gag her. He pumped her mouth for a minute or so as he mauled his mom’s tits as she knelt next to him. He then pulled out of his aunt’s mouth and crawled down till he was kneeling between her legs. He lifted one and laid it on his shoulder as he positioned the head of his cock at the opening to her pussy. He rubbed the head of his cock along her slit covering it with her juices.

Jean’s body arched up off the bed when it rubbed her engorged clit. “OH FUCK! Don’t tease etiler türbanlı escort me baby! Please don’t tease me!” She begged.

Dena couldn’t help but giggle reaching for her sister’s heaving chest. “He does that to me all the time sis!”

Jean looked up at Dena. “Oh sis!” She didn’t make any effort to hide the longing in her voice. “I want what you have.”

Dena leaned over and kissed her as they played with each other’s tits. “I think you’re about to get it sis.”

Brady shoved his cock in her pussy causing Jean to wail into Dena’s mouth. He could hear her grunting and moaning as their mouths stayed locked. He kept her legs scissored as he began a slow and deep pounding of her pussy. He reached for his mom and took a fistful of her hair, pulling her off his aunt. “Straddle her face. Let’s put our new slut’s mouth to use.”

Dena looked down at Jean smiling. Jean was smiling back at her. “We talked about this years ago, didn’t we?” Dena said.

“Yes we did!” Jean said panting. “I can’t believe it’s happening.”

Dena turned around so she was facing Brady, swung her leg over Jean’s head, then began to lower herself.

Jean looked up and watched as her sister lowered her dripping snatch down till it was a fraction of an inch from her mouth. She breathed in her musky sex. Then she snaked out her tongue and licked the length of Dena’s pussy. Dena lowered herself the rest of the way till her pussy was completely covering Jean’s mouth. “Use that tongue sis! Fuck me with your tongue!” Dena moaned. Jean eagerly complied. She shoved her tongue inside her sister’s pussy as far as she could, drinking in her juices as they gushed from her.

Dena began to grind her pussy into Jean’s mouth. She looked at Brady who was smiling, still humping Jean. “This is incredible!” She gasped.

Brady reached for her with both hands. He cupped her face with one hand and her tit with the other. “You’re incredible mom!” He pulled her to him and kissed her passionately. “I love you mom! Not like a little boy who loves his mother. But like a man who loves his lover. You belong to me forever now.” He kissed her again, holding her tightly as he rode Jean’s pussy and Dena rode her mouth. Dena wanted to respond, expressing her love for this man who now possessed her in every way. But Brady held her tight. She had never felt such an intense mixture of emotions and sensations before. She began to cry. She threw her arms around his neck as each used Jean’s body for their pleasure.

The two lovers panted and moaned into each other’s mouths as their orgasms built. Brady’s stomach felt like it was cramping up the sensations were so intense. Dena felt her pussy gushing so much she wondered briefly if she was going to drown her sister. The room was filled with the sounds of Brady’s body slamming into his aunt’s sloppy pussy, and Dena’s pussy being sucked by Jean’s eager mouth.

Dena screamed into his mouth as her orgasm slammed into her. She ground her pussy into Jean’s mouth trying to get more of her tongue inside her. Her body shook all over as wave after wave of euphoria washed over her. She panted into Brady’s mouth trying to catch her breath. But Brady would not let her go.

Feeling Dena’s body shaking and hearing all those noises she made was too much for Brady. He controlled himself as long as he could. He grunted into Dena’s mouth as his cock exploded, filling Jean’s pussy with his seed. He grunted with each thrust of his cock inside her. His aunt beneath him and his mom in his arms added to the intensity of his orgasm in a way he’d never imagined. Whoever said fantasy is better than reality never had their mother and aunt for lovers. Jean’s pussy grasped his cock so hard it felt like a hand squeezing it, trying to milk it for every drop it had.

Jean’s orgasm swept over her somewhere between Dena’s and Brady’s. The combination of being used by both of them and the feeling of Brady’s cock plowing her pussy pushed her over the edge. Her body spasmed and her pussy clenched his manhood as if it didn’t want to let it go. The realization of what she was hit her when she felt Dena’s juices running down her cheeks a neck and Brady’s cum running down the crack in her ass. She was their slut for the evening. That thought excited her in a way she’d never imagined. It also brought about a longing within her to be more than just that.

Brady released his mom and collapsed to Jean’s side. He laid there satisfied and exhausted watching his mom to continue to ride Jean’s mouth. He knew both females were in their prime sexually and laid there amazed at their appetite for each other. Dena looked down at him, her hair hanging around her face. She looked so damn sensuous. She gave him a sensuous smile as she continued to grind her pussy into her sister’s mouth. Brady propped himself up on his elbow and reached for his mom’s head. He grabbed it and pushed it down between his aunt’s legs. “Clean her out. Make sure you get every drop.”

Dena’s mouth covered Jean’s pussy without hesitation. She began lapping up his seed mixed with Jean’s juices as they oozed from her pussy. She sucked Jean’s pussy with the eagerness of a slut wanting to please her owner, which is what she was. Both sisters began to moan and squeal as they worked each other’s pussy and clit. Sibling rivalry set in quickly as both wanted to out do the other as Brady watched.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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