My Mother-In-Law Ch. 03

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I opened my eyes and was confused. I wasn’t in my bed and couldn’t figure out where I was. Then I looked at the woman next to me and it all came back to me. The woman was my forty-five year old mother-in-law, Karen, and she was completely nude. Her large soft breasts were pressed against my side. She was obviously a little chilled because her finger-tip-sized brown nipples were hard. Karen’s long gray-streaked brown hair partially hid her face, but I could still see that sleep and satisfaction had erased some of the lines around her eyes and mouth.

The events of last night came flooding back to me as my brain woke up. Karen and I had made love for the second time, licking and sucking and fucking until we had completely worn each other out to the point that we had both fallen asleep in her bed. Which brought me to where the present. I was still in my mother-in-law’s bed and my wife, Nikki, was due home from her job at the hospital at any time.

Then the room went dark and I was momentarily confused again. A second later it hit me. The window in Karen’s room faced the driveway and the light that had allowed me to see my lover had come from there, which could only mean that Nikki was home! I jumped up, startling Karen.

“Nikki just pulled in the driveway,” I said quickly as I pulled my shorts on. Karen gasped and started trying to erase the evidence of our lovemaking, visible even in the dark as a large stain on her blanket. “We’ll wash it,” I said a little more harshly than I intended. “While Nikki’s sleeping. Now stay here and be quiet until she IS asleep.” I ran out of my mother-in-law’s bedroom and into mine. I quickly roughed up the blankets and pillows and slipped between the sheets and pretended to be asleep.

Less than two minutes later, Nikki quietly slipped into the room, gathered some clothes, and then slipped into the bathroom. I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard the shower start. When Nikki came out of the bathroom, I pretended that she woke me up and I got out of bed “to let her sleep”, and took my own shower.

When I got out, Nikki was already softly snoring. I grabbed the clothes hamper from the bathroom and slipped out the door. If Nikki woke up, it would be easier to explain washing Karen’s blankets if we were doing other laundry also. I went directly to Karen’s room and was immediately grabbed in a fierce hug.

“My god, I thought we’d been found out for sure,” Karen said into my shoulder.

“We’ve got to be more careful, if we’re going to keep this up,” I told her. “No more sleeping together, regardless of how pleasant it is,” I said with a smile. Karen looked up at me and kissed me.

“Yes, it was pleasant,” she said. “It’d been far too long since I’d slept beside a man.” She sighed. “The drought begins again.” I hugged her tightly.

“We’d better get the blankets into the laundry, if we want to have them done before Nikki gets up.” With that, we both grabbed the blankets off my mother-in-law’s bed and took them to the laundry. They were soon done and in the dryer, so I started sorting the clothes from the hamper.

A pair of Nikki’s şişhane escort panties was sitting on top of the dirty clothes and something caught my eye. I looked at them a little closer and saw that there was a crusted white spot in the crotch of her panties. I quickly dug down to the bottom of the basket to find clothes Nikki might have worn last time she worked. At the bottom was another pair of crusted panties. My wife was fucking around at work and I didn’t know whether to be angry or jump for joy. I called Karen over and showed her the evidence I had found.

“I think this may give us a little leeway,” I told my mother-in-law, giving her a quick kiss.

“You may be right,” Karen said. “But we still can’t have her walking in on us.”

“You’re right. It’d be better to be on the giving end of that scenario than on the receiving.” I tossed the cum-stained panties to one side, saving them as ammunition for later.

The scene in my bedroom later that afternoon (after having sent the kids to play with their cousins) was about what you’d expect. I tossed the cum-stained panties at my wife and asked how long it had been going on. She broke down in tears and confessed to having had a series of affairs for the last couple years. I admitted to my own affair – leaving out who my lover was – and told her I’d make a deal; she could fuck whomever she wanted, even “working late” or extra days, as long as she stayed discreet and neither I nor the kids saw anything. In exchange, she wouldn’t pry into my affair and I would keep it just as discreet as was expected of her. She sobbed harder, realizing that I had given up on the marriage just as she had two years ago, but she agreed.

I didn’t see Nikki the rest of the day until she came out dressed for work. Her eyes were red and puffy and she didn’t say anything as she walked out the door. As soon as my wife was gone, I found my mother-in-law, wrapped her in my arms and gave her a long soft kiss. It had been almost harder staying away from Karen today than it would have if Nikki was out and about in the house. I had left the kids at their cousins’ because I hadn’t known how the day was going to play out, so we had the house to ourselves again for the first time since we had made love.

“Are you sure this is what you want,” Karen asked into my shoulder as we held one another.

“Very sure,” I told her. “My relationship with Nikki has been a long time coming apart, I just didn’t see it. Even when I started up with you, I always thought that someday Nikki and I would fix what was wrong. Today I found out that she had given up long before I had. There’s no more guilt surrounding us. As long as we stick to the discretion agreement, we’re free to do as we will.”

With that, I dropped slowly to the floor of the living room, gently dragging Karen with me. I kissed her hard as I laid her on her back. I reached down and unbuttoned her shorts then pulled them down along with her panties. My own shorts were pulled off freeing my growing cock. I rubbed the head on my mother-in-law’s pussy, easily slipping between her şişli anal yapan escort lips and into her love hole. Then I started slowly thrusting my way into her slowly moistening pussy. By the time I bottomed out in her hole, she was fully wet and I was able to set up a vigorous pace. It was almost like I was angry at her, so hard was I pushing into her, but she didn’t say anything. Just grunted and moaned as she approached orgasm. I came in her pussy, the hot splashing man-juice setting her off. I kept fucking her hard until I couldn’t stay hard enough to do so. A few moments later, my softening cock slipped out and I watched as a slow trickle of cum drained out of my mother-in-law’s gaping pussy.

“I’m sorry,” I said, laying down beside Karen and held her. “I shouldn’t have done you like that.”

“You didn’t do anything I didn’t let you,” she told me softly as she snuggled against my side, her leg draped over my torso. She kissed me softly. “Strong emotions need let out, and they don’t always leave gently.”

We started kissing softly, deliberately. My lover started rubbing on and around my cock and within a short time, I was hard again. Karen lifted herself up and lowered herself onto my cock before lying down on top of me. We fucked slow and gentle, kissing as our groins thrust at each other. Karen came twice before rolling off me.

Somehow, she was on her stomach when I sat up, so I straddled her legs and pushed my cock between her legs. A couple thrusts later, I found her pussy and slid in. I kept slowly fucking her as I kissed and nibbled at her neck and shoulders. Karen thrust her butt up at me in time with my thrusts, forcing me deeper into her. When her breathing quickened, I reached under her hip and found her clit with my fingers. I held them still and let her rub herself on them as she pushed up at me. Seconds later, my mother-in-law’s juices ran from her pussy and over my fingers as she came again.

By the time I pushed hard into Karen and came, she had cum five more times against my fingers and her juices literally dripped off my hand when I removed it. We both lay on the floor for what seemed forever before we got up to make dinner.

We were like newlyweds, walking around the house and cooking completely naked, rubbing and touching one another continually. That evening, after eating, we sat watching television, still completely naked and I found myself looking more at my mother-in-law’s large tits than I did the television. Finally, I couldn’t stop myself and I started fondling her soft boobs, occasionally pinching and rolling her nipple. Karen pretended not to notice for a while, but eventually, I heard her breathing quicken.

I gently pushed Karen onto her back and slid down between her legs. She began moaning as soon as my tongue touched her clit. Having been so wet for most of the evening my mother-in-law’s pussy smelled strongly of musk, but tasted as sweet as ever. I licked and sucked her to orgasm and lapped up her flowing juices. Then I rose up and slid easily into her loose, comfortable pussy until şişli bdsm escort my balls rested against her ass.

I fucked Karen with long, strong strokes – not roughly like I had the first time today, but hard enough to draw a slight moan from her every time I slide my cock home and I bumped her clit. It wasn’t long before my mother-in-law’s squeals announced the arrival of another orgasm. I didn’t stop thrusting until her quivering stopped, and then I buried myself in her and held still while I kissed her.

“Sit back,” Karen told me once she stopped panting, and I obeyed. Karen pulled my impaling cock out of her wet pussy. I watched as she reached under her hip and rubbed her juice around. Then she lifted her legs high, took hold of my cock and held it against her crinkled brown anus.

“I’ve never done this before,” I told her.

“I figured as much,” she told me as she rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy and ass. “Any woman who won’t give head isn’t likely to do this. But I HAVE had it before, and I miss it. Please,” she begged. I couldn’t say no, so I pushed forward slightly the next time my cock was at her ass. Karen kept her hand on my cock as she held me in line.

It took more pressure than I would have guessed before the head of my cock was able to force its way past the ring of muscle and embed itself in my mother-in-law’s ass. But once in, it was easier for me to slowly thrust my way deeper until I was fully buried in Karen’s back door. I put my hands under her knees to hold her legs up as I slowly worked my cock in and out of Karen’s anus. Karen reached down and rubbed her clit. Karen came almost constantly under the twin stimuli of my cock in her ass and her fingers on her clit. Her almost-obscenely gaping pussy releasing a steady trickle of juice that ran down to her ass (and my cock) and kept us lubricated. Finally, the friction and quivering of her tight ass made me shout as I filled her bowels with cum.

Karen wasn’t satisfied and kept rubbing her dripping pussy and cumming almost non-stop. My cock never got beyond half-soft before the twitching clutching muscles in her ass got me hard again. I fucked my mother-in-law’s ass for nearly an hour, lubricated by cum and pussy juice, before I came again. This time I collapsed on Karen’s chest, my body finally interfering with her ability to rub her clit. Karen and I lay there completely exhausted as my softening cock slipped from her well-worn ass followed by a trickle of cum.

“It’d been so long,” Karen told me eventually. “Even Ron wouldn’t, or couldn’t, do it the last few years before he died.

“Well, I can promise you it won’t be that long until next time,” I said. “Anything that brings both of us that much pleasure is something we will do often.”

And we have done it often over the last six months. Nikki now goes to work five nights a week, rather than her previous three (a fiction kept up for the sake of the kids), which gives Karen and I plenty of time to fuck and suck in all manner of ways. I think Nikki suspects that we might be lovers, but she has never caught us in any sort of compromising position. Karen still gets off hardest and longest when I am fucking her ass, but I put plenty of cum in her pussy as well. So much so that at age forty-six she is two months pregnant with our child. I guess we are going to have to break the truth to my wife before long. But that is a story for another time…

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