My Nephew Ch. 07

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I was lost in my fantasy.

An aunt.

A nephew.

A mother.

A son.

All together.

An orgy of forbidden sexuality.

I thought about it as I remembered the taste of my nephew’s cum.

I thought of it as I showered.

I thought of it as I prepared dinner.

I thought of the “dark secret,” my “dark secret,” I had promised to share with my nephew.

Suddenly, everything was moving faster than I imagined possible.

I already had crossed most of my lines. I was contemplating crossing even more.

No, not contemplating.


My mind was racing by the time he joined me in the kitchen.

I had expected some awkwardness.

There was none.

I poured him a glass of wine. I already had one.

I went over to him, handing him the glass.

I kissed him.

It definitely wasn’t an “aunty” kiss.

The way he looked at me, I knew I owned him. Body and soul.

Amazing what your first blow job can do to you, even at 18!

Now, I would have to teach him that sex wasn’t love, and love wasn’t sex. Those lessons would be more complicated. I wanted him to enter a world of pleasure, without the hangups and confusion so common today.

But first, I had other plans.

I looked at him.

He was looking at me.

“Remember I mentioned my ‘dark secret’?”


“Do you want to enter my secret world?”

“Yes. Yes, please …”

“I’m bi-sexual. I have been for a long, long time. I like women every bit as much as men. Maybe more. With the exception of you, of course.”

He said nothing.

“Have you ever fantasized about two women together?”

A soft, “Yes.”

It was getting easier for him to admit intimate things. He was opening, slowly, but he was opening.

“And we are going to have a contest.”

“A contest? What do you mean? What does that have to do with your secret?”

“A contest.

“A contest to see which one of us gets into your mom’s panties first. You. Or me.”

You had to see his face.

It was classic.


Stunned surprise.

Mouth open.

But I also was looking right at his mid-section. I saw the reaction. It already was visible. It jumped. Just a little. But it moved.

“You’re kidding. THAT’ll never happen!” He said it so emphatically.

“No. I am NOT kidding.

“And I DO think it will happen.

“Let me get dinner ready, then, while we eat, I will tell you the story …this IS what you want, isn’t it? You do want both of us? We ARE the great loves of your life, right? You have been fantasizing about these very things, playing with our panties, looking up our skirts, but you never believed they could happen, could come true, right? But they have. They’ve started too, just as you imagined them. Right?”

It was whispered. But it most definitely was “yes.”

I let him think about it, and I could see that he was thinking about it, sipping his wine, while I finished preparing dinner. I could see that he was thinking about it from the obvious bulge in his jeans, a new pair, since I had yet to wash the other ones.

I took my time.

I was enjoying the anticipation.

As I sat down, I began the story.

“The weekend after you helped me rearrange the cabinets over bostancı escort the refrigerator, you do remember that, right?”

“Oh, yeah. Yes. Yes, I do.”

“Your mother and father were over here. I had a party, for a lot of our friends we all know. Your mom had been drinking. A lot. Standing in the kitchen, at one point, she came very close. She, of course, knows I’m bi-sexual. I’ve never made a secret of it. She looked right at me and said she’d never been with another woman, but wondered what it was like. She asked me if I really enjoyed it. I told her, in some detail, exactly WHY I enjoyed it. It wasn’t the first time that she hinted an interest … But this time I KNEW she was interested.

“You want to know what I think?

“I think your mom is a very horny lady. I don’t think you dad is home enough.

“I think she is toying with both of us.

“And I don’t think she knows how dangerous that can be. Or maybe she does, and maybe that’s what she really wants …”

He had stopped eating while I talked. He was staring at me, still with the mouth half-open, deer-in-the-headlights look.

“You can’t be serious?

“My mom would never have sex with you. Never. She’d never do it with me.”

“Of course I’m serious. We were talking earlier about exactly how you are going to go about seducing your mom. And I am telling you, I bet you will encounter little resistance. Perhaps some in the beginning, but, if you persist, it won’t be as much as you think, and I guarantee you will get where you want to be. Just start slow … Just like you did with me. Start slow. Move slow. Make sure she is relaxed. If she tenses, back off. Then restart. Lull her. It won’t happen the first time you touch her. But it will happen. Look up her skirt. Look for the wet spot. Watch for her to squirm. Listen for a moan.”

He was staring intently at me now. His eyes hadn’t wavered. I knew I had his attention. All of it.

“You’re serious!”

“Yes. Dead serious. Really.

“Do you want to stop?”

“No.” Quick. Firm. No hesitancy. None at all.

“Eat. You might need your energy later.”

And I laughed.

So he did he. But his was much more a nervous laugh.

I was so turned on I could barely stand it. I had to believe he was, too.

So, I asked.

“Turned on?”


“Me, too. I am truly enjoying this. I want you to, too!”

“Yes … I am … honest.”

As if I had any doubt.

After I finished cleaning up, and he helped me with the dishes, a first, I went into the living room and lit some candles. I didn’t both with the lights.

Standing up, I moved up close in front of him. Leaned into him. And kissed him. A deep, long, wet kiss. It quickly became a mutual kiss. We fell back onto the sofa, still in a lip lock.

I like kissing. And he wasn’t complaining.

I like making out. And we had plenty of time.

But he still was quite shy.


His hands failed to take advantage of an obvious situation. After everything, I would have thought he would have been primed for more, that his hands would be roaming freely over my body.

Not so.

Cuddling next to him, I broke the lip lock. Looking into his eyes, I asked him if he liked to masturbate. I wanted to turn him on. I wanted çeliktepe escort him thinking about sex. About intimacy. I wanted him sharing his sexual secrets with me.

Softly. “Yes.”

“Me, too.

“Do it a lot? Like most days?”


“Think of me?”


“Think of your mom?”


“What am I doing in your fantasy?”

He turned scarlet. I couldn’t have been more surprised. Truly scarlet. After everything. After I took his cum in my mouth. Swallowed it. He turned scarlet. Stammered. Looked away.

“Tell me, please?”

“I … well … I … I’m …”

Stuttering. Stammering still.

“Tell me, please. Turn me on with what turns you on … Please?”

“I’m … looking … spying … through … through … your door. You’re … well, I mean … you’re in your room. On your bed. You’re naked. I’m … I’m watching you … you’re … well, it isn’t real, it really doesn’t matter … And I know it’s wrong to think this, it would be wrong to spy on you … “

“Tell me. Please? I really want to know. It’s OK. It’s a fantasy. We all have them. I’m not upset you would spy on me. It turns me on to think you want to see me that much … “

“You’re playing, masturbating … That’s it. I watch you.”

“Does the thought of that really turn you on?”

“Yes. … A lot …”

I kissed him. Again. My tongue wandering into his mouth. His poking at mine.

I took his hand, slide it under my top, under my bra.

And we kissed some more, his hand on my breast, gently kneading it, my nipple hardening even more under his touch. He seemed content to kiss me, and touch me.

My bra fastened in the front. I broke our lip lock yet again, just long enough to unhook it. It fell open. Now, he had access to both of my breasts. Both of my nipples.

I desperately wanted him to take them into his mouth, but I was sure I was going to have to take charge. He was still too shy.

I lifted my top, cupped one of my breasts in my hand, lifted it toward him.

He got the idea, lowering his mouth, taking it into his mouth.

“Suck it. Gently. Take your time. Yes … like … that … oh … yes …”

He was gentle. He was good. An eager student! What more could I ask?

“There’s two. Alternate.”

And he did.

I was really turned on by now. I didn’t think I could last much longer. Not with my nipples in his mouth. Not after what happened this afternoon.

Remember: He came. I didn’t. My tension had been building all day. I needed release.

I stood suddenly.

In front of him.

I pulled him up, facing me.

“Take off my top.”

He was awkward. But he did it.

Now I was before him topless. My nipples pointing at him. So hard.

Looking directly into his eyes, I removed his shirt.

“Take my skirt off me. Now. Please.”

He fumbled with the button. He fumbled with the zipper. But his eyes widened as it fell to the floor.

I was in my panties, a thong actually.

I undid his jeans. Slipped them down. His boy toy was rock hard, pushing against his briefs.

I took his hand.

I lead him toward my bedroom.

I brought him inside.

We were standing before my bed.

I told him to kneel down, in front of me.

Kneeling, cihangir escort he was looking right at the thin patch of panty covering my pussy.

“Take off my panties. Slowly. Inch them down. Slowly. Don’t be embarrassed to look. I want you to look.”

I could feel his heat, even before his hands touched me, one on each hip catching the thin line of string.


“Unveil me slowly.”

And he did. Inching them down so slowly I almost thought they weren’t moving.

I heard his breath catch as my shaved pussy came into view.

I heard it catch again, as they slowly reached my thighs, leaving me full exposed to him.

They fell to the floor.

I was naked in front of my 18-year-old nephew.

I quickly hooked my thumbs onto his briefs, slide them down, leaving his boy toy exposed, sticking up in the air.

“Now, this is the time for fantasy fulfillment. I want you to lie down at the bottom of the bed, looking up.”

He did.

I went around to the other side, getting in facing down, at him.

“So you want to watch me masturbate? Just for you? Do you?”

Quickly, but quietly: “Yes. Oh, yes …”

“Will you show me what you like to do when you are alone? Will you masturbate with me?”


I had been fairly demure up to this point. My legs were together.

Now, I drew my legs up, together, and then spread them, wide open.

His eyes opened wide, almost as wide as my legs.

His head was on a pillow, but he lifted off the bed, for a better look.

My finger touched my wetness.

I told him to come closer, if he wanted to look.

He did.

He couldn’t stop staring.

I took his hand, guided it down on to my pussy.

I took a finger, and eased it into me.

I introduced him to my swollen clit, gently rolling his finger over it.

I told him to lie down and watch.

Watch as I gently played with my pussy.

Watch as I masturbated just for him.

Watch as I eased first one, then two, then three fingers into my well-lubricated pussy, thrusting them harder and faster, then slower and more gently, then faster yet again.

I was watching him. With his boy toy in his hand. Moving in tempo with me, but I was sure he would cum first. I could see it in his motions, and I could see it in his face. He was having trouble now watching me. I could see him losing himself in his own pleasure.

That turned me on even more, and my fingers started moving faster, two fingers on one hand rolling my clit, three on the other hand buried inside of me.

I wished I had my toys, but I was saving that.

This was his fantasy. And I intended to make it reality.

Suddenly, he came. Jets of hot cum shooting into the air, his body shaking.

Almost immediately, I felt mine building.

I had just enough time to warn him.

“Now. Watch. I’m cumming … oh, fuck! Yes …”

And my whole body shook as if I were having an earthquake.

That’s what it felt like.

An earthquake, beginning deep inside, intensifying as it moved outward. The aftershocks just kept coming. I could see him watching me, intently, but I couldn’t speak. I was lost in my own pleasure. Totally lost. A pleasure heightened by the knowledge that I had just masturbated, finger-fucked myself, in front of my nephew and loved every second of it. A pleasure heightened by the knowledge that I had just made his fantasy come true.

I shifted, quickly, down to his end of the bed.

We kissed.

I could still feel lingering aftershocks as our lips met, our bodies touched.

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