My Niece Eva Ch. 6

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We eventually rolled over on our sides and lay still and exhausted for quite a while. As my cock shriveled up in abject satisfaction her pussy pushed me out into the cold air outside her body. How sad. Cruel, even.

I was running my hands all over her body as she lay beside me when she said, “Why can’t younger guys make love like that?”

“Eva, you know exactly how to make an old man feel like a king.”

“‘Old man’ my ass!”

“Bless you, my child.”

“What say we take a shower and have a snack before you begin doing unmentionable things to me again.” Okay, so say she kills me! Do I look like I care?

She washed me, I washed her. She dried me, I dried her with a lot of licking of critical areas. I was fascinated by her bush. Most pubic hair is sparse, even when it’s long and “appears” etiler eve gelen escort bushy. But Eva had hair as tightly spaced as that on her head. So she really had a bush. She must have taken great pains to keep it trimmed both to shape and length. It was a nice looking, natural seeming triangle that went down both outer labia to her perineum. How she accomplished a hairless asshole was beyond me, but she did. Maybe laser removal. In any event, it was such a nice pussy to nuzzle and from which to drink. Lunch was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; always one of my favorites and she said it sounded good to her. We ate slowly and talked. Some of the talk was about sex and some about life. Looking past my shoulder at the microwave clock she said, “We only have about etiler grup yapan escort two hours before Stacy gets off of work. We have to be done, cleaned up, the house aired out, and us gone by then.”

It was starting again. The ride of my life. For those of you who will know what I mean, my lovely niece was an “F” ticket ride. No “E” ticket ride was sufficient to describe sex with her.

She moved the plates and glasses out of her way on the table, moved so that she was sitting on the edge of the table in front of me, opened her robe, lay back on the table and asked me, “What would you like for desert, Tim?” Duh!

While I was feasting on her proffered cunt cake, which I truly enjoyed, and massaging her breasts and nipples, which I really enjoyed, Eva etiler masöz escort asked me if I remembered what we had left to do, the remembering of which I really enjoyed. I wasn’t sure at all that I could get it up again, but she had promised me she would get it up. I’d already found out that I didn’t want to argue with this little lady. Especially since she was profusely lubricating again right on my very face.

“If you’re going to invade my poor pucker with your pulsating prick, let’s please get this totally indecent act of sodomy against my person on the road, Jack!”

I backed away from the table and my pleasing feast as Eva sat up and slid off of the table. Looking back at the table, it was plain for both of us to see the smear of her cunt juice at the edge where she slid off. Eva turned back and rubbed her right breast in the smear. Turning back to me she said, “Any takers?”

I raised my hand and said, “Me, me.” Then I licked her breast and sucked her nipple while she reached into my robe and began jacking on my cock. There wasn’t much to jack on at the moment, but I felt an increasing level of interest as I thought of butt-fucking her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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