My Panties Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 Jakkies Turn

My sister Jakkie, 18, built like a brick shit house and pure as the driven snow, or so she would have me believe. Karen said I would enjoy the results of her talk with Jakkie, and I guess the pretty pink satin and lace panties Jakkie left on the end of my bed are proof of that.

I wasted no time stripping down and sliding my new sexy panties on, wow!! what a feeling as always, and my big erect throbbing cock was looking pretty in pink. I admired myself in the mirror for a minute before I started to rub my aching cock through the soft lace, getting it as hard as possible.

My balls start to tighten as I rub harder and faster, I can feel the cum travelling up my cock now, I close my eyes and think about when I fucked my sister Karens hot pussy, having my hard cock deep inside her for the first time. I can’t hold back any more and my cock erupts in my pink satin panties. Hot sticky cum shooting from my throbbing cock, filling my soft panties, leaking out from the lace front, fucking awesome feeling

From behind me I hear, ” holy shit Kevin, our big sister Karen was not kidding about how fucking wet I would get watching you cum in my panties.” I turned around and there was my sister Jakkie standing behind me, wearing nothing but a blue thong, her one hand busy rubbing her pussy, her other hand busy pulling and rubbing her long hard nipples

She told me to come sit on my bed and get a real close look at her thong covered pussy as she makes it cum for me.

I quickly moved over to my bed and sat on the edge, Jakkie stood just inches away from me, moaning and sighing as she rubbed her hot wet pussy fast and hard. I breathed in her scent, my mouth watered, my cock grew hard again and Jakkie noticed it right away. “Make that big cock of yours cum for me brother,” she cried out to me.

Then she came hard in her thong, her sweet hot pussy juice running down her legs, she was moaning loud as she pulled hard on her nipples and rubbed fast and furiously on her pussy. I was going insane watching, hearing, smelling my sisters pussy as she came hard for me.

I start rubbing my aching cock like no tomorrow, Jakkie kept cumming and cumming and moaning and sighing and yelling for me to cum for her. I lasted another 30 seconds and exploded into my panties shooting a huge amount of hot cum out of my throbbing pulsing cock. Jakkie came one more time as she watched my cum soak into my panties and then she dropped down onto the floor saying, ” holy shit, that was so fucking awesome brother.”

I was exhausted and could not sit up straight after cumming so hard so I stretched out on the bed, breathing fast, head spinning, what an amazing feeling. Jakkie and I are going to have so much fun together.

Jakkie got up off the floor and smiled at me, she took her thong off and leaned over and told me to open my mouth. I did as she asked and she put her pussy scented, cum soaked thong inside my mouth and said, ” just a little taste of what’s to come brother,” then she put on some sweet blue panties, climbed into her bed and said good-night and went to sleep.

I lay there sucking on Jakkies thong for 10 minutes, savouring the taste of her pussy, knowing that soon I would be licking and sucking on that hot sweet little pussy of hers and making her cum in my mouth.

My cock was getting hard again but I was too tired to do anything about it except enjoy the feeling of it covered in pink satin and lace. I took Jakkies thong out of my mouth and put it under my pillow so I could breathe in her scent as I slept, I never even bothered to change out of my cum soaked panties as I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up with my usual hard on straining my pink panties to the limit. Jakkie was still sleeping in her bed covered from the waist down, her big tits out in the open. I couldn’t resist myself as I walked istanbul escort over to her bed and took off my pink panties and started to stroke my hard cock.

I was looking at them gorgeous tits with them big erect nipples thinking how great it would feel to put my cock between them and fuck them. My balls tightened up really quick and I knew in a matter of seconds I was going to shoot my load so I just aimed my cock down at them big tits and started cumming. Stream after stream of hot cum shot out of my cock and all over my sisters tits, what a lovely sight it was as I covered them completely.

Jakkie had of course woke up as the hot sticky cum started to land on her tits and she waited for me to finish before she started to rub my cum into them big luscious tits of hers. “I enjoy having cum on my tits Kevin,” she said, “but in future, you need to ask me about doing anything sexual with me before you do it okay?”

I smiled and nodded and said to her, ” no problem, I just got carried away this morning, it won’t happen again.”

Jakkie smiled and said, “good, now put some panties on so I can feel that big cock of yours in them.”

I picked out a new pair that Karen bought for me at Victoria’s Secret, ruby red silk, my cock was standing at attention again long before I even started to pull them up. Jakkie stared intensely at my hard cock as I wiggled into my panties and they formed a tight outline over my bulging meat.

I walked over to my sister and stood just inches away and asked her how she liked it. Jakkie licked her lips and reached out and put one hand on my ass and her other hand on my throbbing cock. It felt like I was struck by lightning as the electric feeling of my sisters hands on my panty covered cock and ass took hold of me. “I fucking love it,” she said.

Jakkie started to rub my cock and my ass at the same time, she was in her own little world, telling me how great it felt to touch me this way. I was in heaven, waves of sensual erotic sensations running up my body as Jakkie squeezed and rubbed my cock and my balls and ass.

I looked down at her with her mouth open and her tongue sticking out, I so wanted to pull my panties down and shove my cock into her mouth, but I decided to just let her do what she wanted.

Then to my surprise Jakkie leaned forward and started to lick my big throbbing cock through my silk panties, holy shit that was all I could handle as I erupted big time shooting huge amounts of hot cum into my panties. Jakkie went crazy, sucking hard on my cock head as the cum started to soak through my panties, she sucked my cock and squeezed my balls hard trying to get even more cum from them.

I got all weak in the knees from the extreme pleasure I was feeling and finally had to pull my sisters head away from my crotch and sit down on the bed.

Jakkie was breathing hard now and started rubbing the hell out her pussy, she stood up and yanked her panties off and jumped up on the bed and straddled my face. “Eat my pussy Kevin, lick it, suck it, bite it, stick your tongue deep inside it, make me fucking cum hard,” she yelled.

I reached up and grabbed hold of her ass and pulled her soaking wet hot pussy down tight onto my face, my tongue sliding all over her sweet pussy lips as she ground herself down onto my mouth. “That’s it brother, lick my pussy, suck my clit, oh god yes that’s what I like.”

I sucked hard on her erect clit, Jakkie shuddered and clamped her thighs tight around my head as she flooded my mouth with her hot sweet pussy juice. I started to swallow it but she just kept cumming and cumming, I thought I was going to drown, but what a way to go. Finally she stopped cumming and eased up her grip on my head, I stuck my tongue up inside her pussy and made her scream with pleasure and she started to cum again.

Jakkie kabataş escort reached back and grabbed hold of my now rock hard pantie covered cock and started to squeeze it and rub it, then very quickly she lifted herself up off my face and turned around and then slammed her pussy back down onto my face.

She pulled my panties off and shoved my aching cock into her mouth sucking it all the way in, right down to my balls. Holy shit I’ve never had my cock swallowed before, in fact this was actually the first time my cock had been in a girls mouth this deep for this long.

I sucked Jakkies clit and stuck 3 fingers into her pussy and fucked her hard, she returned the pleasure by sucking harder and faster on my throbbing cock. It was all too quick for me as I suddenly started shooting wads of cum down Jakkies throat making her choke, but also making her cum and cum and cum.

Jakkie rolled off me onto her back panting and saying over and over, “best fucking sex ever,” I couldn’t agree with her more as I lay there trying to catch my breath, my cock still twitching and sending little shock waves up my spine. We both drifted off to sleep, naked and very very satisfied.

I woke up about an hour later to find Jakkie had left the bedroom, she left my royal purple panties out for me and a short note saying to meet her down at the lake and to make sure I was wearing my panties.

I had a quick shower and slid my panties on and some jean shorts and a t-shirt and jumped into my car and drove off to the lake. I found Jakkie sunbathing wearing nothing but a very tight pair of yellow bikini panties. What a lovely sight seeing her pussy on display for me that way, my cock was instantly straining to get out and play.

Jakkie looked over at me and said, “well don’t just stand there, let me see them panties.” I quickly took off my shirt and shorts and stood over Jakkie, my rock hard cock putting a strain on my purple panties.

Jakkie reached up with both hands and started rubbing my balls and cock, ” fucking awesome Kevin, your cock feels incredible wrapped up in silk panties.”

She rubbed harder and faster and I knew I wouldn’t last very long so I just closed my eyes and let her make me feel so fucking good. It only took another 45 seconds before I started shooting huge amounts of cum into my panties.

Jakkie rubbed even harder as I came, saying she wanted every last drop out of my balls. When I finally stopped cumming she pulled me down so I was on my knees with my crotch right at her mouth, she started to suck the cum through my panties and into her mouth. I looked at her and asked if I could touch her pussy and she stopped sucking on my crotch long enough to say, ” hell yes brother rub my pussy, make me cum.”

I reached back and started rubbing her hot pussy through her tight panties, I pushed the soft silky material between her swollen lips until it all but vanished. I found her erect clit and rubbed hard on it and Jakkie let out a scream as she started cumming, squirting out huge quantities of sweet hot pussy juice.

Jakkie then suddenly pulled my panties down and swallowed my hard cock, she started sucking the hell out of it, her head bobbing back and forth so fast it was almost a blur. I stopped rubbing her clit long enough to pull her panties down and shove 2 fingers deep into her pussy and started finger fucking her hard and fast.

I was ready to make her choke on another full load when she stopped sucking my cock and told me to let her up. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and stood up. Jakkie then turned around and got on all fours and said,” shove that big cock of yours into my pussy and fuck my brains out brother.”

I slammed my hard cock into her wet pussy all the way, in one hard stroke. What a sensation having my cock buried balls deep in my sisters pussy. kadıköy escort I pulled it out and slammed it back home again and again and again, each time Jakkie screamed out in pleasurable pain.

I fucked her hard and fast for a good 20 minutes, making her cum over and over until she finally begged me to stop fucking her and told me to fill her pussy with my cum.

That’s all I needed to hear, I let out a very loud howl and shoved my cock as deep into her pussy as it would go and shot load after load of hot cum into her.

Jakkie’s pussy contracted tighter than ever around my throbbing cock as she felt me filling her up with my hot sperm. She started cumming with me. She squirted and squirted hard, her hot pussy juice ran all over my cock and down my balls, just so fucking incredible, nothing else in the world feels like that.

Jakkie fell forward and I fell on top of her, my cock still firmly lodged in her pussy, both of us spent, all I could do was lay there, it was then I noticed all the people standing around us, most of them naked, all of them smiling as they gazed down at my sister and I.

Another first for me, public sex, I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the little after shocks going through my body as Jakkies pussy kept contracting on my cock.

The small crowd finally left after a few minutes, many of them saying how much they enjoyed watching us fuck, as they walked away. I’m not sure how I felt about having people watch me fuck my sister, I think had I known there was a crowd there I probably would not have been so enthusiastic about it, but what the hell, it happened and I certainly enjoyed fucking Jakkie.

We eventually made our way into the cool water and had a quick swim and cleaned ourselves up and then lay naked on the shore and let the sun dry us off. We didn’t talk much nor did we touch each other, we just smiled and got dressed and went our separate ways. “see you at home later brother,” Jakkie said as she waved good-bye. I headed off to my car, my cock already hard again and pushing against my very sexy purple panties.

I stayed hard all the way home, my brain going over the events of the day kept a big smile on my face and the urgent need to make myself cum again very soon.

I was desperately ready to bust a nut by the time I walked hurriedly through the front door but I was stopped in my tracks by my mom who was standing in the front hall with my 19 year old cousin David. Mom told me Dave was going to stay with us for the week. I told her that was cool, Dave started talking to me but I was in such a hurry to get up-stairs that I never really payed much attention to what he said, I just half ass answered him, ” yeah yeah no problem Dave, I have to take care of something right quick.”

I ran off up the stairs and into my room, thinking I had closed the door behind me, yanked off my shorts, faced the mirror so I could see myself in my panties and started rubbing the hell out of my throbbing cock.

It felt so fucking good feeling my hot cock through my silky panties, my mind was reliving fucking Jakkie at the lake as I rubbed my cock with one hand and my balls with my other hand.

It only took 2 or 3 minutes before that awesome feeling I get before shooting a load arrived. I put my head back and closed my eyes as I exploded into my panties, load after load of hot cum filling my silk panties, yes, yes, yes, I love the way that feels. My cock bathed in my hot cum and covered in tight, soft silk panties, who could ask for more.

I slowly opened my eyes and moved over to my bed, and as I turned around to sit down I see my cousin Dave standing 5 feet away with his cock in his hand beating away at it as he stared right at me in my cum filled pink panties.

He suddenly moaned loud and started to cum, shooting huge ropes of sperm up into the air. I watched him cum, it was another first for me, seeing another guy cum right in front of me.

I looked over at Davids hard cock and then looked down a bit further and to my surprise I see a pair of black lace panties around his ankles. My cock instantly got hard again, things just got really interesting.

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