My Perversions Pt. 03

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This is a continuation from ‘My Perversions Part 2’. I would recommend reading part 1 before starting.

The sound of a car horn outside signalled that Danny, my childhood friend had arrived and was ready to take us to my Mum’s house where we would get a taxi to the airport together ready for the last minute one week holiday we’d been invited to by my aunty Yvonne.

I loaded my case into the car, not even sure if everything I needed was in there that I would need and hopped into the passenger seat.

Me and Danny done our usual fist bump and talked shit about how excited we were and how many girls we could try and sleep with in a week in Cyprus. Lad stuff.

My Mum’s house isn’t far from my own so we arrived in no time. We grabbed the suitcases from the car and went in. My aunty Yvonne was there and Jan came floundering through the door behind us.

Yvonne looked a lot like my Mum they had the same blonde hair, she was a little older so there were a couple more wrinkles but she had similar sized tits and a nice curvy body which I’d always noticed. Her tits seemed to sit the same as my Mum’s too which I loved! Unfortunately I’d never had a chance to see them.

Jan was a good friend of both my Mum and Aunty so we’d met quite a few times at different events. She was short and slim with smaller tits, maybe a 32 C, certainly enough to hold on to. But not the handful and more which my Mum’s were.

We went through the usual pre-flight checks at home making sure everyone had their passports and toothbrushes. I couldn’t help but notice Yvonne catching eyes with Danny a few times while we were at my Mum’s house and I wondered what she was thinking. He’s a good looking lad, a couple of inches taller than me but we’ve got a similar build. Broad shoulders and big, but not Hulk like chests. So I wouldn’t blame her if she was thinking about him, she is divorced and still single after all.

Our taxi arrived and we made our way to the airport, which thankfully was only around 30 minutes away from our town. Me and Danny went wandering on our own in the airport looking for new shoes and had a couple of beers before joining back up with the rest of them.

The flight itself was quite uneventful too, me and Danny drank more and you could tell my Mum, Yvonne and Jan were starting to get a little drunk too. The airhostess must’ve been sick of bringing them little bottles of Rosé every 20 minutes.

When we finally arrived at the villa which was relatively secluded, there were neighbours either side but not so close that you could ever hear each other. The villa was a nice size, there would be enough room for me and Danny to have a bed each in a shared room, surprisingly Yvonne surrendered her master bedroom to my Mum and Jan so that they would have a little more room to share the king sized bed (good for them!) This left my aunty with the last bedroom which was just off the large sitting area.

By the time we’d all got settled in we were all so tired from the travelling and drinking that we decided to just call it a night. The next day we would chill round the pool and think of plans for the week.

We were up quite early to head out, my Mum wore a nice pink bikini which showed off her tits quite nicely. Yvonne had a black bikini on which sadly didn’t show her tits off enough but barely contained her pussy I could clearly see the fabric holding the lips in. Before I had too much time to think about it Jan came into the room. She had a bright yellow bikini and when I say it barely covered her tits as she bounced down the stairs I mean it.

Me and Danny were playing around in the pool doing the usual trying to fake drown each other which seems to be the go to game in swimming pools when out of nowhere a cannonball in the form of Jan landed next to us.

She came back up from the water struggling to clear her eyes she hadn’t noticed that one of her tits had fallen out of her bikini. Me and Danny were looking at each other excitedly as though we’d never seen a tit before. Her small brown nipple was hard and the sight of it had sent a little shock to my balls before it could go any further my view was blocked by her hand and she popped her tit back into the bikini.

“Sorry you had to see that boys” she said laughing.

My Mum and Yvonne soon jumped in too. I was hoping when they both came up their tits would be hanging out too. I know Danny was thinking the same, but sadly we were disappointed. Although the view was still great looking at their soaked tits before they had chance to catch us, it wasn’t the full view we were hoping for.

We were all fooling around in the pool splashing each other when my Mum jumped at me to try and dunk my. Grabbing my head she went to put me under water but slipped and pushed my face straight into her cleavage.

I made no attempt to get out of her cleavage and she didn’t seem to make any attempt to get me out of there. I didn’t want to push my luck given the crowd, but I couldn’t help but put my hands on kağıthane escort her hips under the water moving them round to her ass and squeezing before quickly lifting her from the water and tossing her away, continuing the battle.

Before my Mum resurfaced I looked over to see Yvonne jumping on top of Danny to try and dunk him, in an attempt to try and defend himself he put his hands out and accidentally grabbed hold of both of her tits. This didn’t help him much as my aunty’s weight on top of him still forced him under the water.

He resurfaced the same time as my Mum, everyone laughing it was like nothing had happened with the tits and the ass squeezing. The women all got out of the pool and I knew Danny was looking at their asses with me as they climbed out.

Danny jumped on my back and I could feel a hardness pressing into my back which had to be his cock, I can only assume it was from feeling my aunty’s tits, not that he would tell me that. There was no way I was going to tell him that I had the same hardness in my shorts from feeling my Mum’s ass, a hardness which got a little harder from the feel of Danny’s cock against me which was surprising!

We all decided to go out for dinner except for Danny. He was staying back to FaceTime his Mum to explain why he’d left unannounced for the millionth time. He was always taking last minute trips without telling anyone.

We walked around the local town and grabbed some food in a little restaurant and started having some drinks.

“I’m going to head back to the villa, I feel really tired, I don’t think this drink is doing it for me today.” Yvonne said standing up from the table.

“Do you want us to come with you Yvonne?” my Mum asked downing the last of her drink.

“No no, you guys stay and drink some more I just need to lay down.”

We didn’t need to be talked into it really, we did love a drink so me my Mum and Jan all stayed and Yvonne walked off in the distance. I watched her ass sway as she headed off. This set my drunken imagination off.

We had a few more drinks and I couldn’t help but start to imagine that Danny would be back at the villa, Yvonne would walk in and catch him wanking in the sitting room. I thought about how my Mum caught me wanking at home and pictured Yvonne doing the same to Danny. Sitting next to him and asking him to suck his own cock. I pictured her fingering herself while my best friend sucked himself dry.

The thoughts became too much and I had to make up my own excuse to leave. It was the perfect time to leave because the karaoke was about to start so Mum and Jan were never going to leave.

“I’m going to head off and see what Danny is up to, see if I can get him to come out. I’ll see you both later.”

“Ok Son, check on Yvonne when you get there too, make sure she’s okay.”

“I will Mum, enjoy the karaoke!”

I stood up from the table quickly adjusting my hard on in my shorts, I’m pretty sure Jan noticed. I headed off up the street, my imagination carrying me home.

As I approached the villa I could see that there was only one light on and it was in Yvonne’s room. I very briefly saw two silhouettes pass the window.

There was only Danny and Yvonne in the villa. Why are they in the same room? My imagination set off again, I moved quietly into the villa and through the living area when I started to hear moans. My cock instantly started to harden, surely the thoughts I was having at the bar weren’t happening, surely this is a daydream?

I got closer to the door of my aunty’s room and could hear the clapping sound of sex in rythm with the moans which I assumed had to be Yvonne.

My heart felt like it was going to pump out of my chest when I put my hand on the door handle and very gently twisted it. The moaning grew louder through the gap in the door. My heart started to beat faster and faster.

I slowly opened the door until I could see into the room, and there she was. My aunty was bent over facing away from the door with Danny behind her fucking her rythmically.

“Fuck me Danny, that feels good. I want you to eat my ass!”

With that my hand found its way into my shorts, slowly tugging my hard cock. I watched as Danny got down on all fours and started to lick my aunty’s ass, it was so hot! I couldn’t help but start to tug my cock faster.

Danny brought his face out of Yvonne’s ass to catch a breath. Only he turned his head enough to see me standing there, wanking at the scene in front of me.

He didn’t stop though, he planted both hands on her ass and started to lick Yvonne’s hole again. Then he lifted one hand off her ass and waved me into the room. I was so shocked, but so glad he hadn’t jumped and caused a scene.

Yvonne was completely oblivious, her face buried into the bedding moaning as she rubbed her clit enjoying his tongue buried deep into her ass.

My dick had completely taken control of my legs again and I was slowly stepping towards them in a kartal escort daze. I didn’t know what was going to happen, if I join in, Yvonne might not be as understanding as my Mum was that day she caught me. But I was too far gone and there was no way I was backing out now. I had to get involved!

I reached the bed and Danny looked at me with a cheeky grin and gestured silently at me for me to lick her ass. I slowly got down on my knees next to the bed and my face was right there. Right next to her sexy round ass, her pussy was clean shaved and soaked from her own juices and from Danny’s spit running down from her ass.

I didn’t even hesitate as Danny moved out of the way I stuck my tongue out and went straight for her pussy. I licked from her clit up to her pussyhole and darted my tongue around. It tasted glorious, just like the taste from my Mum’s vibrator and her squirt juices.

“Danny it feels so good when you lick my pussy, don’t stop!” she was still totally oblivious that it was me her darling nephew darting my tongue around inside her. Danny was sitting next to me stroking his cock taking in the incestuous scene.

Hearing my aunty talk dirty like this made me so horny. I spanked her ass cheek, not too hard but firm enough to show intent.

“Ooh spank me again Danny, I like that!” she said in a quiet and anticipating voice.

I spanked her again this time a little harder, rubbing her clit with my thumb, she gripped onto the bed sheets.

“Don’t stop!”

I spanked her again a couple of times and then out of nowhere Danny landed a harder slap on her ass cheek.

She cried out in pleasure turning back to look at him wickedly but she looked me straight in the eye and then saw Danny standing next to me, cock in hand.

“Oh my God, Brian is that you?” she said with a little look of horror on her face.

I think fear tried to kick in with me, but I’d only been this horny once before and my Mum was squirting over me then. So before she had chance to do anything else I spanked her ass again and followed it by going straight back to licking her clit, she moaned and planted her face straight back into the sheets.

Danny made his way around to the other side of the bed.

“You like it don’t you Yvonne? You like your nephew eating your pussy.”

There was no reply, just moaning. Danny grabbed a handful of hair and lifted her face from the bed looking her in the eye.

“You like that don’t you?”

“I love it, I love feeling my nephews tongue on my clit.” Biting her lip and moaning as my tongue found her ass again.

Danny tugged his cock a little more and then pulled her head towards him, she took his cock into her mouth and started to suck.

The sight of my aunty sucking my best friend off took me to a new level. I had to fuck her. Getting up off my now slightly painful knees from kneeling on the cold tiled floor, I dropped my shorts and stepped out of them. Spitting on my hand I rubbed it over my cock to lube it up a little. Not that I would really need it given how wet Yvonne’s pussy was now.

I pressed the head of my cock against her waiting pussy when my aunty stopped sucking and turned to me.

“I don’t think we should be doi…”

I spanked her again before she had chance to finish and she moaned. Danny grabbed her hair again and filled her open mouth with his cock.

I took the chance to slide my cock into her pussy. It was perfectly warm and wet and I could feel the muscles tightening around my cock begging it to go deeper.

Yvonne pushed her ass back against me sliding my cock all the way into her pussy. I knew she didn’t want me to stop now.

I started to slowly fuck her, sliding my cock back out so it was just the tip barely left inside her pussy, and then went right back to being balls deep inside her again.

I felt her hand reach back between her legs grabbing my balls and rolling them in her hand and then moving back to rubbing her clit.

The moans were growing louder around Danny’s cock and I started to fuck faster, now pounding against her pussy.

She took Danny’s cock out of her mouth for a second.

“Fuck me Brian, that feels so good keep fucking me!”

She took Danny’s cock back into her mouth, his eyes rolled back. She was obviously very good at what she was doing.

I felt her pussy get even tighter around my cock.

“Fuck me Brian you’re going to make me cum!”

I kept the rhythm I was at and spanked her ass again, she let out a scream.

“Oh I’m cumming” she was shaking and started to moan loudly around Danny’s cock.

The feel of her pussy getting even wetter and tighter around my cock tipped me over the edge. I started to cum inside my aunty’s.

“Fuck me I’m cumming too!” I blew load after load inside her, pulling out when it got a little too sensitive my cum started to run down on to her clit.

“That’s so fucking hot” Danny said pulling his cock out of Yvonne’s mouth he blew küçükçekmece escort his load all over her face. She stuck her tongue out to catch what she could but streams of cum were landing all over her cheeks and chin.

We collapsed onto the bed, my aunty laid between me and Danny. I was in the spoon position with Yvonne who had her head on Danny’s chest and hand across his stomach. My softening cock pressed against her ass cheek.

“I can’t believe I just got spit roasted by my nephew.” She didn’t sound upset, she actually sounded happy, like when someone jumps out of a plane.

I shifted my legs slightly as it was getting quite warm in the room now and the sweat on my legs was making me uncomfortable.

When I shifted my legs Yvonne shifted her ass a little too, pressing it against my cock more. Was this a hint like girls usually give when you’re in the spoon position? Did she want more?

As a boy it’s obvious I thought it meant exactly that so my cock started to stiffen again between us and I thrust a little against her. She grind her ass against me again in response, she did want more!

I reached around with my free hand and took one of her tits in my hand squeezing it, she let out a little moan and grinded her ass against me again.

My cock was now hard again, pressed against her back. I took a nipple between my fingers and started to twist it a little. I looked over to see Danny’s cock had started to get hard again too and Yvonne’s hand made its way down his body before taking his cock and stroking it slowly.

I moved my cock so that was wedged between her ass cheeks, the tip reaching round to her pussy.

Yvonne started to grind slowly back and forth against my cock, I could feel her wet pussy and my own cum now soaking my cock. She was moaning quietly enjoying the feel of my cock just running over her clit and pussyhole.

She looked back at me, still with Danny’s cum around her mouth and on her face.

“Fuck me again Brian, I want to feel you inside me again.”

She lifted her leg, grabbed my cock and moved the tip to her pussy again. I didn’t hesitate, I pushed my cock all the way into her pussy feeling my cum ooze out of the sides from the pressure.

Yvonne moved her hand down and took some of cum on her fingers and raised it to her mouth, sucking it off and swallowing it.

“Dirty bitch.” I thought out loud.

“You think I’m dirty? Watch this.”

Yvonne took some of Danny’s cum off her face and put her fingers too his mouth, he looked at me and hesitated, then let her fingers enter his mouth. He licked all of his cum off her fingers.

“I’d made Danny cum in my mouth once already before he started to eat my ass, he jumped straight in to kiss me after. Turns out he likes his cum just as much as I do.” Yvonne was now taking control a little, she moved her hand back to her pussy which I was slowly fucking and took more of my cum and brought it up to me face.

“…and from what I’ve heard, you like the taste of your cum too.”

Lost in the moment I didn’t give myself chance to process what she said, I just licked my cum from her fingers.

“Your Mum told me all about how you like to blow your load into your own mouth, dirty boy.” She was speaking with a wicked tone again.

I started to fuck her faster, I daren’t respond to what she was saying.

Yvonne started to fuck back against me, Danny moved up the bed and she took his cock into her mouth again.

We fucked like this for 20 minutes, the heat in the room was insane and we were all dripping with sweat but it was just too sexy to stop!

“I want to see what her mouth feels like Danny lets swap.”

Me and Danny got off the bed to switch sides and fist bumped as we passed each other. I caught him taking a long hard look at my cock as he went by which excited me.

I climbed onto the bed and started to kiss Yvonne who was pinching her nipples with both hands, forgetting her face was still covered in my bestfriends cum I kissed her. I got that familiar salty taste but his load seemed to be sweeter than mine. I licked up a good mouthful and spat it into Yvonne’s mouth which had grown wider as she let out a silent moan from the feel of Danny’s cock entering her waiting pussy.

“Do you want to fuck your aunty’s mouth Brian?” she said as she licked the shaft of my cock.

“Yes, open that mouth for me.”

She happily obliged, sliding her tongue right up to the tip of my rock hard cock and taking it into her mouth. I could tell straight away she did know what she was doing. She twisted her hand around my cock as she sucked up and down covering it in spit. It felt amazing!

“Fuck me that feels good Yvonne!”

I started to thrust my cock in and out of her mouth causing her to gag and spit more on my cock. I would pull out and watch the strands of spit fall from between my cock and her lips onto her tits which were bouncing from the fucking Danny was giving her.

Her next line shocked me but it was exactly what I was hoping for.

“I want you to fuck my ass. I want to feel you cum inside my ass. I want you both to fuck me at the same time.”

Danny was as shocked as I was, spit roasting was one thing but double penetration was another. Something you only ever see on the internet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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