My Professor

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I should probably give you a bit of background information on me first. I am a 21 year old college student. I am a Jr. in our University’s pre-med program. I’m 5’8” with dark brown hair and brown eyes. I have a medium build, with my 2 best characteristics being my long slender legs and my more than adequate bosom. At a 34 DD, they tend to get some attention.

Since I left home to embark in the excitement of college life, I must tell you my leading fantasy has been to sleep with one of my professors. It’s not like I needed help with my grades or anything like that, it is just a situation I’ve found most arousing. Alas, even with my best efforts, revealing clothing, several afternoon “help” sessions, I had yet to snag a professor. Sure there were several professors from other departments interested, but that is not what I wanted. I wanted one of my professors to take the bait. One that would have to see me every week in class. One that I could make blush when I sat in the front row, with my little skirts on and my legs spread open.

I was nearing the end of my third year, midterms had been handed in, and still nothing. I feared that my little fantasy would never be realized. Then, from one of my least likely sources, I noticed I might just have a candidate.

He was a younger professor, perhaps not even thirty. One of those genius types who finished high school at 12, you know the type. He was cute though, not by any means the “pocket protector type.” He came to our university from Ireland, quite evident from his cute little Irish accent. He was a sweet and innocent kind of guy. He’d tell us in class about his drinking adventures over the weekend, or how this or that TA had turned him down for a date, again.

I hadn’t really noticed his interest in me until after I began realizing I was receiving better grades on tests, quizzes, and homework than I knew I deserved. After that I began noticing him glancing at me during lecture. Then he would start arriving early to class to chat, because I was forever early. I realized this fantasy had dominated my thoughts all this time, but I had no plan of action. Little did I know, I didn’t really need one.

So it was a normal Friday night. My friends and I were hanging out at a local bar. That is one good thing about my college at least, its in a town and not in the middle of nowhere. So my girls and I are hanging out at the bar, each working on our second free drink from the bartender. What can I say, when you’re good you’re good. So we are discussing the guys around the bar, trying to scope out any possibilities for the evening, if you know what I mean, when from across the bar I catch the eye of someone familiar. Well what do you know, its Paul, my professor.

There he was standing on the other side of the bar, checking me out whenever he didn’t think I was looking. He was standing with two dark haired attractive men, his French roommates he is always talking about I’d imagine. It was easy to tell, even through the smoke filled bar, that his friends had noticed him watching me and asked him something about it. Probably the typical “so who you looking at,” or “do you know her,” type of thing. Surely he tried to come up with some explanation. From his body language you could tell he was trying to be all macho, probably making up some story about sleeping with me or the like. Who knows. I notice his friends nudging him and motioning him to go over by me. I see him give a reluctant and nervous kind of nod to his friends. Perfect.

I turned to face the bar and chatted a bit with my friends. I told them a I found one for the night. They nodded, knowing exactly what I meant. So I stood there all innocently like, “lalala I don’t know you are coming over to talk to me, lalala.” I am sure you know what I mean. When all of a sudden someone taps me on the shoulder, oh what a surprise. I turn around and what do you know, its Paul.

“Oh wow Paul, hi. I didn’t know you came down here on weekends.” That was a lie. I did know it, he had mentioned it once or twice that he comes down here sometimes. I just had never run into him while I was at that particular bar before.

“Yeah my friends and I come down here sometimes.” He like nods his head in the direction of his roommate friends I was talking about. It was odd though how he did it, like he was nervous that they might notice.

I glanced over, and sure as hell they were watching the two of us like hawks, so I discretely looked away. I am good at not being seen. Them watching us like that made me wonder what had been said over there. “Are those your French roommates you talk about in class sometimes?” I just needed to throw in that class bit. It would have been too easy on him if he could just disconnect me from school and think of me as any random girl in a bar.

“Yeah, yeah that’s them. I dunno, they just had this silly idea that, well that…” His voice drifted off. He looked down at the ground, he was blushing a little. He recovered quickly and entered back to the conversation. “You look about done with marmaris escort your drink, can I buy you another one?”

Not bad for a blushful teacher. “Sure, how sweet. Lord knows I am nothing but a broke college student.” Another hit for the professor bit. I realized eventually that he was looking at me uneasy like because I forgot to tell him what I was drinking… “Oh, um it’s a Long Island Ice Tea.”

He leaned over the bar and got one for me. Left the bartender a pretty good tip too. Do you think he was just trying to impress me? So anyway he hands me my drink and I say thanks of course. “You better watch out with those,” he says. “They are a pretty strong drink.”

“Yeah I know. This will be my…. My fourth I think. But what can I say, I can’t stand that weak shit.”

“I’m impressed. I don’t know too many people who can drink 3 of those things and still seem sober.”

“Well my entire family are a bunch of alcoholics. I guess you could say I was blessed with an incredible tolerance.” Uneasy silence…. “So what’s going on Paul? I mean you are over here making small talk, buying your student drinks. It’s a good thing I suppose that I am over 21 or you might really be in trouble. And I am getting a bit of an uneasy feeling here with your friends watching us like they are. What’s all this about?”

“I’m sorry, I mean you are absolutely right… I don’t….”

I interrupt. “Don’t be sorry. I don’t mind the drink, and hanging out with you. I just have the funniest suspicion that something is going on, I was just curious what.”

“Well you see my friends over there?” I nod. “You know they are always talking about all these girls they get and all. And are always wanting to fix me up with some of their sloppy seconds, you know. There was some girl in the bar they pointed out before, and well you know. They make me feel like an idiot. So you know, I saw you over here… and well I just, I just…”

“You just what? Told them you knew me? Told them I was one of your students with some little crush on you? Told them you’ve had me? Something like that?”

“Yeah pretty much something like that.”

“I see. So they are watching waiting for a show is that it?” He nodded, looking a bit embarrassed. I downed the rest of my drink and put it on the bar. “Buy me another drink.” He looked at me a little shocked. I giggled seductively. I put my hand on his arm and said, “Well Paul, so long as they are watching you want to make this look good don’t you. So buy me another drink.”

He smiled and eased up a bit. He went back to the bar and got me another drink. He handed it to me and whispered, “I’m sorry about this. You really don’t have to do this though.”

“Don’t be silly. I wouldn’t want you to look bad in front of your friends. Don’t worry Paul, everything is going to be ok. I promise. You are going to have to do some more talking though. They will notice eventually if I am doing all the talking. So come on, entertain me while I finish my drink.”

We talked as I worked on my drink. Every once and a while I would throw in a giggle, or anything looking seductive. Like I was being drawn in by his infectious flirting. I could see why he didn’t get dates though. He was far too nervous. But it was cute. I finished my drink and put it down on the bar. Well here goes nothing.

I grabbed his arm and pulled him close to me. I put my face next to his and began whispering in his ear. “Now don’t let your face let your friends know that anything’s wrong, so keep a straight face. I hope you realize I am not just some stupid little girl. I do not appreciate what I am sure you told your friends about me. I know it was probably something like I hang all over you during class, or that I fucked you in your office.” I leaned my body against him. “But we both know its not me with the crush. That you are the one who stares at me, your student, during class. That you can’t even make it through a single lecture without losing your train of thought because you are too busy staring at my breasts. That you have probably jerked off thinking of my body being pressed against yours like it is now. And now here we are, making small talk so that your friends think you’ve fucked me. And all for what, two drinks. What kind of whore does that make me? Huh?” I leaned back. I assessed the damage. I’m surprised that he kept a straight face fairly well, his cheeks were a bit red but I am sure his friends couldn’t notice.

He went to turn away, and I grabbed his arm to stop him. “You know it’s a little too smoky in here, why don’t we go outside for a minute?” He nodded, a bit confused. So we walked out, with my hand on his arm. I could see his friends grins as we walked out, impressed with their friend. Good, I had done a good job.

As soon as we got to the sidewalk his face dropped. I swear it looked like the poor guy was going to cry. He started again with the apologies, and “I swear I hadn’t said anything like that it was just…”

“Stop. I don’t want to hear it. Come on we are going for a walk.” We walked in silence for a couple marmaris escort bayan of blocks. He mostly shook his head, knowing he had fucked up.

“You know I am really s….”

“Stop. I don’t want to have to say it again.”

By now he was fairly confused. Here he was walking down the dark streets with an attractive girl who was quite obviously pissed off at him. I would imagine he was wondering what I was thinking, where we were going, what was I going to do. But he dared not ask. I turned down a darkened alley that lead to the back entrances to some of the shops on the main road.

“Where are we….”

I put my finger up and he instantly shut up. Well this is working well, no? So a block or two into the alleyway we are far away from the main road where there is likely to be any people walking by. I stopped and leaned up against a near by building. I put my head down and put my hand up to my forehead. It looked like I was really upset, or sick maybe. He stood back for a minute. Trying to figure out what to do. I did just yell at him every time he tried to talk after all.

Finally he grabbed my shoulder and asked if I was ok. I didn’t answer. He asked again. I said nothing. He grabbed my other shoulder, hoping to get some response. I stood there, lifeless except for my breathing.

Then I grabbed him. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him so close to me. I pouted and began to cry, at least he thought I was crying. He held me tighter and apologized over and over for saying what he said about me. I pressed myself against his body. I breathed in deeply and rubbed my breasts against his chest. He stopped apologizing, and just held me uneasily as I rubbed up against his body. My head rested on his shoulder close to his ear. My whimpers slowly changed to moans. He held me tighter and began to breathe heavy. I continued rubbing myself against him and moaning in his ear and breathing on his neck. He was breathing so heavy, and he thought I didn’t notice the moans occasionally slipping out. But I heard.

I began biting at his neck. He went to pull away, mostly in shock I would imagine, but I dug my nails deep into his neck and held him there. I could feel his hard cock against my leg as I pressed myself against his body. I reached my hand up the back of his shirt and violently scratched down his back. He moaned loudly. I did it again, louder, and again, louder. I could feel the slightly moist feeling on his back, blood. I had broken the skin, but he loved it. You could tell he wanted more. He would have to wait.

I felt his lips brush against my neck. Yes. He finally got the point. I let out a gentle moan. He began kissing and sucking on my neck. He was sweet and gentle, but very sensual. I wanted more. Sweet and gentle is for the bedroom, not for a dark alleyway at 2:00 am. I grabbed his hair and tugged on it, then pushed his head back into my neck. He moaned again.

He began to bite at my neck, soft at first and then harder. He guided his movements by my moans, the louder I was the harder he bit into my neck. His hands drifted off my shoulders, and slowly made their way to my breasts. He massaged them gently at first, then harder and harder… tugging and gripping them harder and harder.

He pushed me off of him. I just stood there stunned. He pushed me, roughly, up against the building wall. He took his hand and held it across my throat, not quite tight enough to actually choke me, but tight enough for me to get the picture. He pressed his lips against mine. He kissed my violently and harshly, his teeth brushing against my lips, a little biting here and there, but it was ever so arousing.

His hands returned to my breasts. He groped at them again through my shirt, and then with a grunt of frustration he ripped the material of my thin shirt right down the middle, revealing my bra underneath. He moved the material from my bra away from my breasts. He grabbed and squeezed my breasts, so strong. It felt as though he would leave bruises. He pinched my nipples between his fingers. It made me scream in both pain and pleasure.

He bent over slightly, just enough to reach my breasts and suck on them. He kissed and sucked on them all over. He then took my nipple in his mouth. He gently sucked on it, and then all of a sudden sunk his teeth into my nipple. I again screamed out.

I knew we would probably be caught if we kept up like this, but I didn’t care. Who would have known under that shy exterior lived this animal? All he needed was a little coaxing to come out of his shell.

He continued ravaging my breasts. I placed my hands on the back of his head. He halted instantly. He grabbed my hands and flung them away. Not expecting it, they slammed against the brick building I was leaning against. I winced in pain. He just glared at me, just I had done not even an hour ago when I told him to stop apologizing. I understood, this was his show now.

He stood back up and went back to sucking and biting at my neck. One hand slid down my waist, down onto my thigh, and slowly up escort marmaris my skirt. His hand crept up my thigh until it found my pantyless cunt. He gasped slightly. Then he grabbed my hair and pulled my head until my ear was near his lips.

“You little slut!” he whispered in my ear.

I just groaned. His fingers toyed with my cunt, teasing my clit. He rubbed me gently. He sometimes let his fingers slowly slide inside me, but he would pull them out. Everything he did, he did to tease me, and torment me. He made me squirm. God did I want him more than ever right now.

All of a sudden he stopped again, and pulled away. I looked at him anxiously, waiting for him to continue this game. He just stared at me, looking me up and down. He placed his hand under my chin and lifted my face up a little.

“Now what is a girl like you doing out this late? Hmm young lady? Don’t you have a test in my class on Monday you should be studying for? Or perhaps you forgot?”

“No of course I didn’t forget. I am going to study. Really I am.”

“Well not tonight your not going to, now are you?” I just looked shamefully down toward my feet. He again placed his hand under my chin and lifted my face so my eyes met his. “Now open my pants, Bitch!”

I let out a bit of a giddy moan and felt my cunt start aching all over again. I obeyed. I reached down and undid his belt buckle, slowly. I unbuttoned his pants and carefully lowered the zipper. I rubbed my hand against his hard cock. I reached in his pants and wrapped my hand around his cock. God it felt so big. I slowly pulled it from out of his boxer shorts.

He pushed me back up against the wall. He pushed against my shoulder with his arm and held me pinned against the wall. He lifted up my right leg with his other hand and wrapped it around his back. Then he grabbed his cock and started to rub it back and forth against my hot wet cunt. I just moaned.

“Is this what you wanted?”


“All of that act you did. The flirting in the bar, then turning and making me feel so bad about it. The walk, ordering me around. This is what you wanted the whole time isn’t it?”


“You trying to make me feel bad. Trying to make me feel like the schmuck for wanting to fuck my student all these months. But you coming to class in those slutty outfits all this time was no accident was it. You tried to make my gawking at you during class into such a crime, but all the time you were asking for it. This is all you have wanted since you got to my class. Right? You have wanted to fuck me since day one, and all this charade, that’s what this was all about. You just wanted my cock, and you did all this, and went to all this trouble just to get it didn’t you?”


“What’s the matter. Am I teasing you. I bet you want me to shove my cock in you, don’t you. This is just killing you right? Its right there, but all you want is it in you. What will you do to have it?”

“Anything… please…”

“Anything, eh? Well I want you to tell me how sorry you are for playing these games with me all night. And I want you to beg for it. Beg me to fuck you or this is the closest you will ever get to having my cock in you.”

“I’m sorry. I am so sorry. I didn’t mean it all. I just wanted to fuck you. That is all I want. Please… please Paul just fuck me. Groan. Please all I want is your cock in me. Please… Oh God I have never wanted anything as much as I want your cock right now. Please. PLEASE!!”

“Aaaaahhhhhh!!” I scream as he shoves his huge cock inside my tight little cunt. He slams his cock in and out of me… my back pounding against the brick wall.

“Oh God yes Paul! Harder please!”

And he does. Harder and harder he pounds me. His cock ripping apart my tight wet cunt. He grasps my hair and pulls hardly, jerking my head up. He holds me there while he bites at my neck. All the while he never skips a beat. Pounding me with his cock, harder…. Harder.

It is like everything around me just stopped. Time stood still. I could feel myself screaming from the bottom of my toes, but I couldn’t hear it… There was nothing but pleasure.

I gripped my hands tightly to his back, digging my nails deep into his flesh as I orgasmed… once…. Oh my God twice…. Holy Shit Three times!

I screamed… People three blocks away could have heard me.

“Oh God yes…. Oh Paul…. Fuck me!!!”

I could feel myself starting on my fourth orgasm… God this was amazing. I could tell he was getting close too. He moaned and grunted in my ear as he fucked me, pounding faster and faster…. I came one last time as I felt him orgasm deep inside of me. He moaned loudly in my ear and pulled hard on my hair as he came. I nearly collapsed. I would have fallen to the ground had he not been holding me up.

“That was the most amazing…. I mean it was…. There’s just no way to describe… I mean…. Groan,” was all I could manage to say. He just smiled.

He held me up with one arm while he buttoned his pants, and closed his belt. He ducked his head under my arm, so that my arm rested around his shoulders. He helped me to stand up and straighten out my clothes. With one arm around him for support, and the other holding my torn shirt closed, we slowly made our way out of the alley.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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