My Sister, Kelly Ch. 09

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“How long have you and your brother been lovers,” Jenny asked Kelly as they drove toward Harriet’s home.

“Let’s see…it’s been six glorious days now, but we’ve been in love with each other for ages.”

Jenny laughed. “My, you are open-minded. You’re into only the sixth day of the love affair of your life, and already you’re willing to share.”

Kelly blushed. “Well, a few things have happened.”

“Whatever that means. I didn’t mean to pry, Kelly, and I’m not being critical. Frankly, I agree with what you said about the more love you experience the larger your capacity for love, and I also believe a person can be in love with more than one person at the same time. But I have a problem with your willingness to share John with me using the theory as your rationale. John doesn’t love me, and I don’t love him. We don’t know each other well enough to love each other, so how does your theory apply?”

Kelly grimaced. “I don’t know. I guess it’s the chicken and the egg syndrome. I know John is eminently loveable, and I know Mother loves you, and I trust her instincts, so you must be loveable, too. Let me explain. When I watched you and John interact with each other, jealousy hit me like a Mack truck, nearly knocked the miserly wind out of me.” She chuckled. “I was green!”

“I didn’t notice,” Jenny said.

“You were too busy batting your gorgeous eyes at my man to notice anything once John walked in the door.”

Jenny chuckled, but her expression looked guilty, like she’d been caught with her hand in the proverbial cookie jar. “Probably, but if you were so jealous, what made you make the offer?”

“Mother dragged me from the room and verbally slapped me around a bit. What she said made sense. To be jealous is to be insecure; in my case the insecurity was neurotic.” She laughed and turned to Jenny. “Jenny, I know John loves me. He loved me yesterday, and he’ll love me tomorrow, even if he makes love with you in the interim. I know this is true. It’s not a function of faith. It just is. So, if you want John, and he wants you, I’ll share, and he’ll love me more for sharing.” She hesitated. “Besides, I want you, too.” Kelly glanced furtively at Jenny, whose jaw dropped. Kelly chuckled. “You didn’t think I’d let you take him to your bed, leaving me alone in mine, did you?”

Jenny stared straight ahead and remained silent.

“I shocked you, I guess. Sorry,” Kelly muttered.

Jenny turned to her. “I’ve never been with another woman, Kelly. I’ve shared a boyfriend with another woman, but…”

“No problem. I assumed more than I should. If the thought of sex with another woman turns you off, I understand.”

“Ah, I didn’t say the thought turned me off. I said I’ve never been with another woman.” Jenny hesitated and then smiled. “With you, I might…damn, let’s ah…”

“Let’s just wait and see. You’ll be staying with Mom tonight, and tomorrow night you have a date with Bob. By the way, he’s yummy.”

“Yeah, he is, isn’t he? Kelly, I’m going to be candid with you. I’m in serious need. It’s been a while, and I’m ripe. If Bob wants me tomorrow night, I think he’ll get lucky.”

“Go for it, Girl!” Kelly exclaimed as she pulled into her mother’s driveway. “As you’ve probably guessed, Mother knows about John and me, but Daddy doesn’t. John and I will tell him when the time is right. Also, Dad doesn’t know about the video on the Internet featuring his eldest daughter playing with herself, so he’s also unaware of our plan to get even with Jim.”

Jenny grinned. “Mums the word. No problem.”


Paul Hunt invited Chuck and John into his office. Photographs lined the walls. He’s pretty good, John thought. With John’s training in the arts and as a fair amateur photographer himself, John recognized real talent when he saw it.

Fifteen minutes later, Hunt refused the assignment.

“This isn’t my area of expertise, Chuck. I do still photography and couldn’t guarantee good results with video. Besides, you’ll be breaking a few laws – a situation I always avoid. Don’t misunderstand. I think those cretins deserve what you plan for them, so I’ll refer you to a man I know who does x-rated videos. For five hundred bucks, or maybe a little more, you’ll get quality work, and he’ll turn a blind eye to the less than legal elements in your plan.” Paul chuckled as he flipped through his Rolodex. “Here he is.” He jotted a name, address and phone number on a small piece of paper. “Tell him I referred you to him, or he might not talk to you.”

Chuck pulled out his cell phone and made the call immediately. A few minutes later, Chuck smiled and gave John a thumb’s up. “He’ll see us now. Thanks a lot, Paul.”

“Good luck,” Hunt said as they exited his office.

Outside, Chuck said, “John, the photographer’s address is close-by. Ride with me so we can talk. I’ll drop you back at your car after we meet with him.”

John agreed and climbed into the passenger seat of Chuck’s Lexus. “Nice car,” John commented.

“Thanks.” Chuck backed out of the parking stall. “John, if this man agrees to be our photographer, kağıthane escort what pieces of the plan are still open?”

“We still need a lure for Peter, and I haven’t come up with an idea to lure both men the same night to the same hotel. In our original plan, Kelly was to call Jim and have him meet her at the bar in the hotel where we rented a room as the setting for the video. We planned that Kelly would pick a fight with Jim, stomp out of the bar, and leave Jim alone and vulnerable to Jennifer’s charms. Then Jennifer would do her thing and a little later invite Jim up to her room. Even with another lure for Peter, we won’t know his whereabouts to lure him to an adjoining room just before or just after Jennifer lures Jim.”

“So besides a beautiful, young woman to lure Peter, we also need a method to make certain he’s available to take our lure the same evening we take Jim. Correct?”

“Uh-huh. To accomplish this, Peter needs to be out and on the prowl, searching for the company of a woman – almost impossible to predict, so we need to make certain… Wait! If Peter’s lure met him before the night of the shoot and made a date to meet him, the problem would be solved. The woman could call him and invite him to the room. Unfortunately with this approach, the risk to the lure is increased because she’d be exposed to Peter more than once, but the risk would be worth it so we could take them both down the same night.”

“Ah, John, why can’t Jennifer be the lure for both men? I mean…”

“Of course!” John exclaimed and struck his head with his palm. “I was stuck with the need for two lures, but under this scenario only one is needed! I’ll talk with Jennifer today. If she’s willing and the photographer we’re meeting agrees, the plan can move forward with all the pieces in place – well almost. The drugs still need to be purchased. Supposedly, they’re available on the street, but as a non-drug user, I don’t have a clue about how to acquire them.”

Chuck laughed. “I know a man who will do that chore for us. Leave the drugs to me.”

“Great! How’s Mary holding up? She didn’t look very happy at Bob’s office?”

Chuck groaned. “She was fine until I opened my big mouth. We had a fight just before we arrived. My first wife fucked around on me, John. She was – is a real slut. Mary and I were trying to come up with a name of a woman to act as the lure for Peter, and I suggested Barbara, my first wife. Well, that went over like a pregnant pole-vaulter.

“‘So you think Barbara is drop-dead gorgeous, do you?’ Mary remarked with a sneer, and I knew I was in trouble. Then, instead of shutting my trap, I told her my ex was good enough for the likes of Peter.

“‘Yeah, like me – mediocre,’ Mary said. ‘She’s good enough to play the part of a slut for the world to see.’ Then Mary turned as sour as ten-day-old milk in the sun.”

John chuckled. “Oh.”

“Yeah. After we meet with the photographer, I’ve some fences to mend with Mary. I can’t seem to make her understand I don’t hold what happened against her. They raped her, John, pure and simple, but still she feels guilty.”

“Perhaps she should consider therapy.”

“We’ve talked about therapy, and she’s agreed but only after the plan is executed.”

“If you want, I’ll talk with her as an interested outsider. I like Mary. From the little time I’ve spent with her, I think she’s a good person, and accordingly has some serious personal issues to resolve. She should get some help with them now, not next week or the week after.”

“I agree, but… Yes, John, if an opportunity pops up, please talk with her. When I tried, she took the suggestion personally. Right now, Mary is much too sensitive about how I feel about my ex-wife and fears I’ll associate what happened to her with Barbara’s slutty behavior – an unfounded fear, by the way.”

Chuck pulled into a parking lot. “Here we are. Do you want to lead the conversation, or…”

“Go ahead,” John said. “I’ll jump in if needed.”


Janice answered the door.

“Hi, Jennifer,” she said after greeting Kelly. “I’m Janice, Kelly’s sister. I’ve heard so much about you, and I’d love to stay and get to know you, but I’m late for my algebra class already.” She smiled and rushed out the door.

“Janice is taking some courses at the community college,” Kelly explained guiding Jennifer into the house where they found Kelly’s parents sitting at the kitchen table.

Her father rose and hugged Jennifer. “You get more beautiful every time I see you, Jennifer,” he said when he stepped back from the embrace.

“Why thank you, Mel. Now I know where John inherited his charming manner.”

“We’re having iced tea. Would you like something to drink? Eat?” Harriet asked.

“I’d love an iced tea, but first I’d like to change into more comfortable clothes.”

“I had Mel put your bags in the guest room, Jennifer.” Harriet rose and guided Jennifer away.

Kelly poured herself an iced tea and sat with her father. “Why are you home, Daddy? Are you ill, or something?” Kelly kartal escort knew why he was home. According to her mother, he had spent the morning in Janice’s bed, and from the relaxed look in his eyes, Janice was successful in her attempt to lure the man between her lovely legs.

“No, I’m fine. I just took the morning off.”

“Oh. To greet Jennifer?” Kelly suspected her eyes gleamed wickedly as she teased the man. The images of her father and sister dancing in her mind aroused her. She had considered sex with her father to force his acceptance of her incestuous relationship with her brother, but when she thought about her dad and sister joyfully making love with each other, she knew she, too, wanted the man. She wanted him to take her in his arms and kiss her, touch her like he did when she was a girl. She wanted to fuck her daddy! She smiled inwardly. She had fucked her sister, her mother and her brother. Only her father remained, and not too long in the future, Kelly knew she would have her sexual moments with the man, and the anticipation made her feel deliciously wicked.

He blushed and chuckled. “Yeah, I guess.” He glanced up at the clock. “In fact, I need to get in my office duds and leave for work.” He rose and walked from the room, leaving Kelly alone.

She picked up her iced tea and wandered toward the guest room. The door was partially open so she entered. Jennifer had stripped down to her panties and was informing Harriet about her upcoming date with John’s attorney.

Harriet turned to her daughter. “We need to tell your father what’s going on, Kelly.”

Kelly grimaced. “I guess. I hate to have him know his daughter is naked and nasty in a video available as jack-off fodder on the Internet, but you’re right. He needs to know.”

“Do you want to tell him, or would you rather I do the telling?” her mother asked.

“You tell him, please.” She blushed. “He’s getting dressed for work right now.”

“Then there’s no time like the present,” Harriet said and walked from the room.

Jennifer had pulled on a pair of shorts that showed off her long, tanned legs, but had yet to cover her breasts, and though Kelly tried not to stare, she couldn’t help taking in the sight. Long nipples rode high, almost pointing upwards, and had become hard, probably from being exposed to the air conditioning, Kelly assumed.

“You have beautiful breasts, Jenny. I wish mine were larger. No, I take that back. John thinks mine are perfect. He calls them ‘perky.'” She laughed nervously.

Jenny pulled a half t-shirt over her head and straightened her hair.

“Thanks.” Her eyes bore into Kelly’s eyes. “Does seeing my breasts excite you?”

Kelly grinned. “Yep. Do you mind?”

Jennifer’s eyes rolled upward when she considered Kelly’s question. “Surprisingly, no. I’ve been thinking about your comment about wanting me, and I’ve decided I’d love to join you and John, and to be candid, my desire for you is as strong as my desire for John, although I think my interest in you is probably curiosity about sex with a woman, as opposed to something more, like love.”

“Sex and love are two different things, Jenny. At least, I look at them differently. I adore sex with John, but more importantly, I’m head over heels in love with him. I realized my feelings for him equated to love when I was twelve, but I loved him before that age without labeling the emotion, and my love for him has never been merely brotherly love, either. John is the only man I have ever truly loved. I want to be with him as much as possible, sexually and otherwise. Sex with him is icing on the cake. If he demanded – no, that’s too strong a word. If he even hinted he wanted me to be faithful, I’d be faithful. I’d never touch another man or woman again. On the other hand, if he wants you or any other woman, I’ll share him, and because I enjoy sex with women as well as men, I’ll benefit, too.”

“John seemed surprised when you offered to share him with me. Have you had this discussion with him?”

“Sort of.” She blushed. “Let me put it this way. I’ve already shared John with another woman. The experience was – ah, exciting, I guess is the word, for both of us.”

“Oh. How does John feel about sharing you with another man?”

Kelly grimaced. “I don’t know. The subject hasn’t come up.” But it will, she thought. When it’s time for Daddy and me, John must approve.

Jennifer laughed. “What do you think his reaction will be?”

“I’d like to think he’d have the same attitude as mine, but his reaction will dictate what I do or don’t do. I love him. I want him to be happy. I believed for a few hours I had destroyed his love for me, and those few hours were the saddest of my life.”

Suddenly Kelly remembered the time in the shower when John told her to pretend he was her father, and Kelly knew without a doubt John’s reaction would be positive if she wanted to have sex with her dad. Soon, she thought and smiled.

Chuckling, Jennifer said, “Now I understand what you meant when you said a few things have happened. Let’s küçükçekmece escort go get that iced tea.”


Gary Tidwell destroyed John’s concept of what a pornographer should look like. He certainly didn’t look sleazy. He looked more like a kindly grandfather. Mostly bald with just a line of scruffy gray hair above his ears, the man was overweight, soft looking, and smiled easily with what appeared to be a perpetual twinkle in his eyes as if he considered life a huge joke. Laugh lines permanently etched in his darkly tanned face emphasized his bulbous nose and small mouth. Chuck told their story and outlined their plan. Throughout Chuck’s discourse, Tidwell let him speak without commenting or interrupting. Finally finished, Chuck sat back and sighed.

“Well, will you help us?” John asked.

Tidwell grinned and nodded. “$500 for each man. Half now; the rest when I deliver the videos. When and where will this all take place?”

“The where will be in a hotel room. When is still open. We’ve a few things to complete before a definite time and day can be set, but tentatively let’s plan for Saturday night,” John replied.

“Okay. You’ll need a third room for my equipment.”

“Whatever you need, but if we rent adjoining rooms, wouldn’t it would be easier to use one room for the equipment until Jim is drugged, then move the equipment out of the adjoining room and set it up. Then we’ll lure Peter into the other room and administer the drug to him.”

“Yes, that’ll work.”

The three of them discussed the details of the shoot; John paid Tidwell a deposit, and ten minutes later Chuck dropped John off at his car.

“I’ll let you know if Jenny agrees to be the lure for both men, Chuck, and you let me know as soon as the drug buy goes down. With the date-rape drugs in hand, and if Jenny agrees to act as our lure for Peter and can meet the man tonight or tomorrow to set up a date, we’ll be good to go Saturday night.”

“Great. I’ll set up the drug buy for tonight.”

In his car, John dialed his cell phone. His mother answered his call. He outlined his success with the photographer and Chuck’s commitment to obtain the drugs, and then quickly outlined his idea for Jenny to act as a lure for Peter as well as Jim.

“So, Mom, I need to talk with Jenny, but…well, I don’t think I should…here’s my problem. Jenny knows about Kelly and me. She picked up on it almost immediately. Dad will, too, as soon as he sees Kelly and me together.”

“That should no longer be a problem, Son,” his mother said.

“You mean Dad and Janice…?”

“Yes, this morning. Also, your father knows about Jim and Peter. I told him everything, and he wants to help. He called in and took the rest of the week off.”

“Everything? Did you tell him about Kelly and me?”

“No, but I will as soon as I get off the phone. How soon can you be here?”

“Forty-five minutes, maybe a little less. I’m on the other side of the city.”

“Perfect. See you soon.”

“Are you sure Dad will be alright with…”


“Good, thanks, Mom. I love you.”

“Yeah, I love you, too.”


Mel’s jaw hung open. Harriet had pulled him from the kitchen to their bedroom and had just told him his son and daughter were in love and were lovers.

His mouth slammed shut and anger filled his eyes. “First I’m the last to learn my oldest daughter is in a porn video on the Internet, and now this. Do you have any other bombs to drop on me, Harriet?”

“Well, yes. Kelly and Janice have also been lovers for years.”


The poor man looks like he’s been slapped silly, Harriet thought. “Sit down, Mel, before you fall down.” She took his hand and guided him to the bed. She sat next to him and continued to hold his hand.

“How long? How long have you known about all of this, Harriet?”

“I found out everything yesterday.” She then proceeded to tell her husband what she had witnessed when she visited Kelly the previous morning. She told him everything, including how she had exploded and attacked John. While she spoke, Harriet watched her husband’s expressions carefully.

“Good for you,” Mel said without humor. “I’d have torn off his arm and beat him over the head with the bloody end of it.”

“Which would have accomplished exactly the same as my tirade – nothing. John and Kelly love each other, Honey. They’re really in love. They love each other like you and I love each other. We can do nothing to change how they feel, which leaves us only two choices. Accept the situation and continue to love them regardless, or expel them from our lives. Remember, though, even if we reject them, they won’t stop loving each other. They’ll merely avoid us.”

Harriet watched him think and his expression became angrier.

“You manipulated me, didn’t you? This morning with Janice was a setup. You wanted me to have sex with her so I would accept the incestuous situation our children have fashioned.”

Lying would be futile and destructive, Harriet thought. “Yes. After I calmed down yesterday morning, I…” Harriet then outlined her plan to keep the family together. “I knew you wanted Janice, and from what you told me, she felt the same way. If I had not caught you playing with her pussy when she was a girl, eventually you would have succumbed to her efforts to trip you. Am I right or wrong?”

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