My Sister, The Nerd

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My sister was a geek. There was no other way to put it. She wasn’t ugly, don’t get me wrong. In fact, she had the potential to be smoking hot, but she never wore make-up or did her hair. She always had her face buried in a book, and hid her eyes behind huge glasses. She had recently gotten her braces taken off and now had a fantastic smile that she hardly ever showed. I never knew how big her tits were, since she always wore ugly sweaters. The same applied for her ass, which I only got to see once, when our parents dragged us to the beach for a family vacation. She adjusted her towel and I caught a glimpse of her round, nicely shaped backside. Her brown hair was always a knotted mess, sometimes tied back in a ponytail.

I, on the other hand, capitalized on my good looks and had my way with just about every popular girl in school. My brown hair was always spiked to perfection and I showed off my sparkling smile at every opportunity. After working out for all of my high school years, I had developed a toned body, and my skin was a solid bronze due to my frequent visits to the tanning salon. The girls loved me, and I loved them, but the whole routine was getting old. Every weekend, I’d hook up with the same type of girl, it’d seem. Lots of make-up, slutty clothes, easy to take home…

It was getting rather boring. I needed a girl that would be a challenge. A girl that didn’t want anything to do with me. A girl I’d have to work at.

My birthday came early in the year, so I was beginning my senior year of high school already 18. My sister and I were twins, so she was 18 as well. It was about two weeks after our birthday that my fantasy about hooking up with a challenging girl came to life in a way that I couldn’t have predicted.

I was sprawled out on the couch, watching some TV after dinner. My parents had gone out to eat, and it was just my sister and I at home. The phone rang, it was my sister’s friend, Dana. She was fat and ugly, but maltepe escort I flirted with her a bit to make her feel good. She seemed nervous talking to me. I went up the stairs to my sister’s room and opened the door without knocking. She was reading on her bed and I tossed the phone to her. She shot me a dirty look and shooed me away.

I didn’t listen and snooped around her dresser as she talked.

“Dana, I’ll talk to you tomorrow. My brother’s being an idiot. Yeah, see you.”

She hung up.

“Get out of here, Ben.”

I smiled and dug through her drawers.

“Or what?”

“Get out of there, you jackass!” she yelled. “Why? Do you have something dirty in here?”

I answered my own question as I pulled out something I would never expect to find. A g-string, the sexiest I had ever seen.

“Put that back, now!” she screamed, her face reddening.

This was too good to pass up. I stretched it out and looked it over.

“Well, well, well… which cheerleader did you swipe this sexy little number from? Was it Ashley? Erika? I think I remember Erika wearing something like this…”

“It’s mine, now put it back in the drawer and get out of here.”

I raised an eyebrow.

“This is yours? Yeah, okay.”

She jumped up and tried to take it from me. I laughed and held it above her head.

“Give it back or I’ll tell Mom!”

“Oh, believe me, Lauren, I’m sure she’ll be happy to see this.”

She knew I had her trapped. My parents thought that my sister was an angel. They were counting on her becoming a surgeon and paying for their retirement.

“OK, what do you want from me?”

“I want you to prove that this is actually yours.”

She narrowed her eyes angrily.


She snatched it from my hand and sighed, staring at it.

“Go on,” I taunted, “let’s see.”

She insisted that I turn around as she changed into it. I obeyed mecidiyeköy escort and waited there until she tapped my shoulder. I faced her and smiled.

To call Lauren’s ass a masterpiece would be an understatement. Everything about it was perfect. The g-string fit it so well that it was scary. Her legs were amazing, too. Everything about her lower body just shocked me. I couldn’t believe it was her. I finally dragged my eyes to her face, which didn’t look very happy.

“Do you believe me now?” she questioned.

I smirked, but didn’t answer.

“Who do you wear this for?”

“My boyfriend, for your information.” she said defiantly.

“Yeah, right.”

“I have a boyfriend. You just don’t know him.”

“Lauren, you’ve never even kissed a guy and you know it.”

“Believe me, I’ve done things with guys that would make you sick.”

“Oh! We’ve got a little whore over here!”

She obviously didn’t like that, but continued to build on her story.

“Just ask the chess club. I’ve sucked all of their dicks.”

“The chess club? That’s the best you can do?”

“I’ve fucked the entire baseball team.”

“Shut the fuck up.”

“If I saw a cock right now, it would be in mouth in five seconds.”

“Oh, really?”

Without thinking twice, I ripped down my shorts and my eight-incher flopped out. It bounced around in the air for a second and then came to rest in its erect position.

“Five… four…”

I looked up at my sister, who was eyeing my dick with great curiosity. The feeling seemed to leave her quite suddenly and she shook her head.

“No. Are you crazy? What if Mom and Da-…No! Just no!”

I didn’t respond but rather walked over and grabbed her right tit through her thin, cotton top. She tried to force my hand off of her chest, but eventually gave in as I worked the soft flesh and gently pinched her nipples. She closed her eyes and nişantaşı escort threw her head back.

“Ben… no, we can’t…”

I still paid no attention and proceeded to slowly remove her top and toss it aside. I sucked on her naked tits and flicked her nipples with my tongue. My throbbing cock was resting against her knee and her left hand had found it. She slowly jerked my meat as my mouth had its way with her surprisingly bountiful rack. With her free hand, she gripped my shoulder and continued to jerk me off with her left. Occasionally, she would stop and think twice about continuing, but I would force her hand back onto my member and she would start again.

After about five minutes of this, I finally wanted that blowjob. I stopped sucking on her breasts and forced her on her knees. She didn’t go down easy and tried to push away, but I persisted.

“Ben… please, I don’t want to do this… oh, but it looks so good… no…”

I slapped my dick against her face and she finally opened her mouth. I beat my cock against her wet tongue and forced it in her mouth. She tried to talk, but couldn’t get any words out with a mouthful of penis. She slowly sucked me, her eyes closed and shut tight. I knew she was enjoying it, but didn’t want me to see it. Her hand wandered down into her panties.

Oh, how good this felt. The girls at school did it fine, but they were too afraid to stick it in past the head. Lauren sucked almost six inches easily. When she would lose her grip, she would take a break and lick, kiss, and suck my balls. That felt especially nice.

I was nearing my climax when we heard our parents’ van pull up in the driveway. Frantically, I grabbed the sides of her head and pumped it in and out of my lap. She didn’t gag but grabbed my legs and braced herself for my load. I gritted my teeth and shot my seed down her throat. She quickly swallowed it and began to put on my pants in the process. I pulled my cock from her lips and stuffed it in my pants just as the door opened downstairs. Sprinting down the hall with my belt flapping all over the place, I beat my parents to the living room.

My mom greeted me with a cheery smile.

“Up to no good, I suppose?”

I returned the smile.

“You have no idea.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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