My Sisters and I Ch. 01

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Here’s my first try at incest writing, hope you guys like it!


“Fuck!Fuck!Fuck!” I panted as I pedalled on my bike as fast I could.

I had spent the afternoon at Jesse’s. My mom made me promise to be back for 7pm but I didn’t realise what time it was until I left. I quickly took a hand off the handlebars and checked my watch. 7:30. FUCK! I started pedalling harder, zooming through the traffic, nearly hitting a car as I skipped a red traffic light. Going so fast I hardly heard the driver screaming; “You little shit, come back here!”

After a couple more minutes of intense biking I finally reached our house. A beautiful house just outside the city. Not to boast but it was a big house, plenty of room for the 5 of us and more. And if we had visitors the house still wouldn’t be cramped. My father was a famous musician ( a pianist if you must know) and my mother had been a model, she was remarkably attractive which explained my two sisters.

I got off my bike as it was still moving and guided it to front facade of the house. I pushed the front door as I wiped the pearls of sweat on my forehead. I kicked off my shoes and tried to go upstairs to my room as quietly as possible. I was already planning my way to get out of trouble.

“Thomas?” Said a sweet voice from downstairs.

“Yeh, it’s me mom.”

“Come down here will you.”

Shit… “She’s gonna kill me,” were the first thoughts that ran through my head as I walked down to find her sitting on a stool by the bar-like counter between the living room and the kitchen.

“Hey mom, what is it?” I asked trying to sound innocent.

“You know you’re late right? Well, whatever I’m more concerned by Chloe right now… She’s just broken up with Todd. She’s in her bedroom, I’d like you to go and see if she’s alright…Maybe it’s nothing but you never know. Mary isn’t back yet so if you could? Please?”

“Of course mom, I’ll go see how she’s doing.” I assured my mother as I went off to check on Chloe.

As I climbed the last few steps of the stairs I heard quite sobbing noises coming from Chloe’s room. I stopped just outside her door and stuck my ear against the door to try make out how bad it was. It seemed ok, a few sobs but nothing major. I pushed open the door and saw Chloe lying on her bed on her front with her blond hair done up in a bun. I sat next to her on the bed awkwardly.

“Hey Chloe… Are you ok? I heard about Todd…” I had no idea what to say.

She sat up and suddenly hugged me. Her hold on me was tight and warm. I could see her face, I could see that she’d cried; her eye makeup was smudged and there was a long thin smear running down her cheeks from where tears had rolled. However, she was smiling as she held me in her arms.

I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed tight. I didn’t really want an explanation as to why her relationship had ended, it would only upset her to think about it and it really wouldn’t change anything.

“Just forget about him.” I told her as I rested my chin on top of her head.

“mmm I’ll try,” she mumbled. “Do you think us three could do stuff like we used to?”

“You mean with Mary?”

“Yeh, I’d like that. Maybe we could go out and do things we used to do.”

“What like go walk in the forest behind the house again? Or go take the dogs for a walk all day and go to the beach and stuff? Haha remember when we were completely lost and mom and dad had to come find us in the middle of the night? Oh God that was brilliant!”

Memories were flooding back and I can’t deny I was starting to miss times like these.

“Hehe oh yeh!” Chloe started. “Pleeeease Tom, can we please do things like that again?”

“Sure, we’ll talk with Mary when she comes back and we’ll find stuff to do,” I said with an affectionate smile on my face.”

She let go of her embrace on me and shifted a little to sit next to me. I looked over at her and suddenly my heart skipped a bit.

I had never even thought about my sisters in a sexual way whatsoever but as I looked over at my sister something clicked inside my head. As I looked over something caught my line of sight. Chloe was wearing a low cut top and underneath was the cutest little bra. My height allowed me to look down on her chest and şişli rus escort so I could see the black bra with the bright baby pink inside that was just showing along the seems. Inside the bra were two round and full contained breasts, I guessed they were a high C or low D. There was a slight hint of cleavage in between and above her breasts. (I don’t know I’ve made this clear enough but they were divine.)

As I stared, for what seemed an eternity, at her breasts, I felt a stiffness grow in my pants and that brought me back to reality. I suddenly looked up, scared she might have seen me eyeing her chest, luckily though she was staring at the field behind the house through a window. My heart was beating fast and thoughts were rushing through my head. How could I have possibly never realised her gorgeous physique went further than just her face? How could I have been turned on by my own sister’s body? In fact how the hell did I get a boner from checking out my own sister? I realised this was going to be an issue.

Then another thought hit me; is Mary just as attractive as Chloe? I knew this was wrong but my stiffness would not soften. I had to think of a plan to get out of this situation before Chloe noticed the bulge running down the side of my thigh. I put my hand on it to try and hide it.

“Should we go see what’s for dinner?” I asked in a miserable attempt to get out of this situation.

“Hmmm I dunno… Can we just lie down for a bit and cuddle or something?

“Oh dear,” were my thoughts. “Yeh sure,” was what I said.

Chloe shifted a little and lied down on her side and asked me to lie behind her and hold her. So I did. As I reached my arm over her she grabbed it and pressed it tight against her. It just had to be against her chest didn’t it. My arm was pressed hard against her breast which were squished underneath it. This was not helping my erection.

I tried to get my mind of it by looking around me. What I saw next just made it worse, first I looked down and saw her legs, I hadn’t even realised she was wearing short shorts. Her legs were beautifully tanned, smooth and slightly athletic. I felt my erection twitch so I immediately looked away, settling my eyes on what looked like a crumpled up piece of clothing. I looked harder to try and define what it was. I shouldn’t have. I was a lacy thong, the rear end was fabric-less except for four thin strands connected to the waistband. This meant you could see the ass of the person wearing it, and if they bent over, you could see a little more if you get my drift.

My erection was definitely not going to die down now. I settled my gaze to the window and desperately tried to fill my head with thoughts other than my sister’s sweet body or her lustful lingerie. Needless to say, this was all in vain.

A few minutes later my sister proposed we go head down and I agreed. We went down the stairs and just as we crossed the last few steps and started heading for the kitchen, my sister turned around and whispered to my ear, “I know you’re hard,” grabbed my bulge and walked away giggling. I stood frozen and dumbfounded for a little while. What is she going to think of me? Is this going to change our relationship? Were just a few of the thoughts that ran through my head.

I walked over to the kitchen slowly and it must have shown something had happened because my mother immediately asked if I was feeling alright.

“Erm… Yeh mom, I’m fine I just stood up too quickly,” Not a bad cover up I thought.

“Ok, well dinner is almost ready,” my mother started, “I’ve made us some duck and some green beans to go with it. Is that ok?”

“Yay! I can’t wait mom I love when you make duck!” Cheered Chloe as if nothing had just happened.

Almost exactly at that moment there was the sound of a key turning in the front door and locks coming out of place. I looked over the kitchen doorway to see the front door open and reveal Mary.

Wow, she was looking stunning. She was wearing the exact same outfit when she left the house this morning but now that my head seemed to have adjusted to living in a house full of angelically beautiful women, she was just as beautiful as Chloe. She was wearing all black besides her pastel green scarf. Long black şişli türbanlı escort leather boots, a short black skirt and a long black trench coat. B-e-a-utiful I thought.

I went over and greeted her with a hug. She hugged me back and whispered,

“How is Chloe doing? I heard she broke up with Todd?”

“Oh don’t worry she’s fine, better than I thought actually,” I answered in a whisper. ” She wants the three of us to spend more time together though. I think she misses us hanging out as much as we used to.”

“Oh… Well yeh ok sure we can do that, I’d love to!” She added with a smile.

We settled down to the table where the food had now been served and ate our meal. The conversations were fuelled by what we had all done today, my father had played for a local jazz concert and mom had stayed home. Our routines weren’t as surprising since we’d all come back from school. No word of what happened between me and Chloe was mentioned, which was a relief.

That night I went to bed early leaving my two sisters to watch one of those chick flicks they somehow find so interesting. It took me a few hours to fall asleep as I kept playing what happened between me and Chloe over and over in my head. Was she trying to tell me something? But even if she was, this would be so completely wrong… Then again, do I feel the same way? And if I do, what does this mean? Does Mary feel the same way? Probably not… But what if she did?

Damn it, brain! They probably don’t even feel that way, Chloe was probably just playing a prank. After taking a long while to convince myself it meant nothing, I fell asleep.

Next thing I knew, Chloe was shoving me on a bed and started crawling on all fours above me. I saw Mary standing in the corner of the room watching as Chloe started undoing the zip in my trousers and struggle to undo my belt. Chloe tugged my pants off once she removed the belt and grabbed my growing bulge.

“Mmmm… I think he likes this,” moaned Mary.

“Hehe, I think that I would have to agree with you,” replied Chloe as she slowly peeled off my boxers.

She kept on removing them and then my erection sprung out right under Chloe’s face. She giggled, stuck her tongue out, Mary started walking towards us.

What is happening?! I was so confused as to what caused all this, yet this was so incredibly hot and I didn’t want it to stop.

Then Chloe touched the tip with her tongue.

My eyes opened wide, my bedroom was dark. It was all just a dream. I felt a strain down there; this dream had gotten me very hard. I checked my alarm clock, it was only 6:30 in the morning. I had to find a way to get rid of this boner.

I sneaked out of bed, got my laptop, plugged some earphones in and went on a porn site to help with my predicament.

The next day went by without anything out of the ordinary happening. In fact, it seemed as though nothing happened between Chloe and me; she didn’t talk about it and I didn’t want to bring it up if she wasn’t going to. Mary, Chloe and I went to the beach for the better part of the day.

It was summer and as we all know, beach and summer means bikinis… And, well, my sisters in bikinis meant I was gonna have to concentrate on the flow of the waves rather than their sumptuous curves… It was tougher than I thought, my sisters were stunning and they almost seemed to show off their assets.

I went to bed early that evening because my head was still crammed with thoughts about my sisters. I was waken up when I felt something shift under my covers. I sat up suddenly and my eyes adjusted to the darkness, it was Mary.

“Hey, you okay?” I asked her.

“Yeh, yeh… I was just having trouble sleeping… You don’t mind if I sleep in here do you?”

I couldn’t refuse her when she was making puppy eyes like that

“Sure, why not,” I tried to hide my excitement.

“Thank you so much Tom, I really hope I’m not annoying you!”

“Haha its no bother, don’t worry about it, you can come in whenever you want.”

“Aww, thanks Tom.” She thanked me as she hugged me.

“You’re welcome.”

I was lying down and turning on my side away from her to go to sleep when I felt her hand grab my bulge. My eyes şişli ucuz escort widened in shock and I sat straight up.

What the fuck! What was up with my sisters lately?

“Ermm, Mary…”

“Shhh,” she stopped me seductively.

She gently pushed me back down on the back, this time lying on my back. She squeezed by growing bulge. I felt so ashamed yet so ecstatic at the same time. I was getting hard from my sister but this was amazing.

“Just let me do this,” she added.

She stroked it up and down slowly before slipping her hand inside my boxers. She grabbed my balls and played around with them in her hand. I felt my erection pulsing with blood.

“Look, Mary why are you doing this?”

“Tom, I want this, you want this… What’s the big deal? And don’t pretend you don’t want this, I saw you staring at me at the beach today… And I can’t deny that I was sorta checking you out too… You’ve gotten so much better looking over the past year.”

I was flattered.

“Yeh, but Mary…” I started.

“Okay look,” She sighed as she pulled my boxers off. She lay down in between my legs with her head resting on my thigh. “You want this, don’t you?”

I couldn’t resist her, she said this last sentence in the most seductive voice I had ever heard.

“Well, yeh…” I admitted shamefully.

“In that case Tom, just lean back and enjoy while I suck your cock.”

My eyes almost came out of their orbit. I never thought I’d hear my sister say this kinda thing, let alone to me!

“Holy shit Mary, is this really you?” I wandered.

“Oh, shut up,” she added with a wink.

She grabbed my boner and slowly started jerking it off, my balls tightened. She stuck her thumb out and licked it to make it wet, then she rubbed the tip of my cock with her thumb, I felt a spasm go through my body as she did so.

Soon after that she stuck her tongue out and licked my shaft just where it meets my balls. She then continued up the way leaving a trail of saliva. She was moving so slowly and it was driving me crazy; I just wanted to grab her hair and pound her throat until I came. However, I was not willing to ruin this moment and certainly not risk her being put off doing anything more with me.

Finally, her full lips enveloped the head of my cock. I leant to my bedside table to turn on the dim, bedside lamp to see what she was doing even more clearly.

She started bobbing her head up and down slowly, leaving a trail of saliva which was shining from the reflection of the light. She kept on doing so and slowly got faster and deeper with each back and forth motion. At one point she thrust her head down as far as she could and I felt my cock hit the back of her mouth, then suddenly break through and slip into her throat. The sensation was amazing, she was trying to swallow to massage the head and it worked divinely. Soon enough saliva was pouring out of her mouth and dripping down on my balls. I couldn’t believe my sister was doing this to me.

There was a loud pop as she took my cock out of her mouth, she had a little trail of tear from putting me in so deep.

“Grab my hair,” she said as she took my hands and put them on her head.

So I kept hold of her long brown hair as she went to town on my cock. She was making repetitive “gack” noises as the tip hit her throat. I found those noises along with the slurping so attractive. I was over the edge in no time.

“Mary, careful, I’m gonna cum. You might wanna… You know.” I warned her.

She set my cock free again.

“Don’t you want to cum inside my mouth?”

“No I’d love to, I just didn’t think you’d want it… Do you want it?” I asked tentatively

“Of course I fucking want it.”

With that being said, she dove her head back onto my crotch and kept on sucking me off. When I felt my balls tighten and the tip felt like it was going to explode, I grabbed her head and pushed her down as I sent hot jets of cum inside her mouth while she moaned in pleasure at being rewarded with my cum. The vibrations made the tip of my cock feel like it was in heaven as I orgasmed.

“Oh… My… God…” I panted.

“Did you like that?” She asked with another of her seductive winks, licking a little bit of cum which had come out of her mouth somehow.

“Holy shit yes.”

As I leaned back and put my hands behind my neck I heard a voice come from the doorway.

“What the fuck just happened here.” It was Chloe.


So I hope you enjoyed this! 🙂

I’ll be making this a series as you can probably guess!

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