My Sister’s Keeper Ch. 11

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Note: All characters are over 18

“Alright, so what you’ll want to do is make sure the knots are hidden and the ties don’t show up if someone looks,” Kaitlyn said.

Kaitlyn had been ungagged and untied so that she could get a little feeling back in her arms and legs and to stretch them properly. After she felt it was long enough, Sasha had her put her arms in front of her. The temporary domme had been doing well so far and Kaitlyn was very curious as to how she would top the previous orgasm.

Sasha had decided to take a slightly upped approach to the second orgasm, presenting the items she planned to use on Kaitlyn.

“I want your hands, Kaitlyn,” She said, trying to sound commanding, but ending up sounding a bit silly. Kaitlyn laughed a little, causing her to blush as she presented her hands.

Sasha took her latex covered hands, slipping them into the latex bondage mitts she had chosen. Kaitlyn’s hands were gently forced into the shape of fists. Sasha slowly buckled them, letting Kaitlyn feel her lust building as her freedom slowly was taken with each buckle tightened and each loop passed over by the buckle. Kaitlyn was astounded and very aroused by how well Sasha had seemed to be doing in this endeavor.

“Now, put them behind your back once again,” Sasha said, Kaitlyn immediately obeying. Sasha tied a rope at her elbows, forcing the arms together. Kaitlyn’s breath hitched once as she felt it tightly on her shoulders, her arousal seeping through.

Sasha then pulled her wrists together, tying another rope around them. With her arms pulled taut, Kaitlyn felt her desires increase again as she had been taken into submission by her younger sister.

“You are sure enjoying this,” Sasha said. “It’s as if you know what I want to do.”

“I’m letting it surprise me,” Kaitlyn said.

“Me too,” Sasha nodded. “It’s been so much fun and tantalizing doing this with you. I’m so glad you took me under your wing.”

“Me too,” Kaitlyn said as Sasha moved further on to the tying. She wrapped a cord around Kaitlyn’s body, under her breasts with three loops around the latex covered body. Along the way, she made sure to brush her arm sensually across Kaitlyn’s breasts. She connected this to the rope cinching her elbows off, fastening the current submissive’s arms in place.

Sasha then wrapped a cord around Kaitlyn’s body above her breasts, following her pattern of three loops, simply wrapping this cord around Kaitlyn’s arms rather than connecting the rope to it. While this was a method that Kaitlyn had taught her early on, Sasha felt a small swell of pride flow through her as she finished her work on Kaitlyn’s upper body.

She could see Kaitlyn’s hard nipples in the latex, which caused her to give in to her desires and gently nibble on her left one as Kaitlyn had done to her on an occasion. Kaitlyn’s moans were orgasmic, both to the domme and the sub.

“It’s nice that we share some similar kinks,” Sasha said, her teeth still gently nestling Kaitlyn’s nipple between them. “It helps me know just how to please you.”

“Yeaahhh,” Kaitlyn moaned out. She watched as Sasha moved her teeth gently over the nipple, almost as if grinding her teeth, but far gentler. Her tongue swished over the nipple as she released her teeth from it, lying Kaitlyn back as she flicked her nipple with her tongue. Kaitlyn let out a moan of pleasure that would have been heard across the house, causing Sasha to giggle as she continued.

The temporary dominant relaxed at this point, loosening up and ready to deliver the orgasm when she desired to. She felt natural, the similarities between her and Kaitlyn enough to allow her to simply do what she would do to herself. She cupped Kaitlyn’s right breast in her hand, kneading and squeezing it. She began to become enthralled in her ministrations, not focusing on anything but the feeling of licking Kaitlyn’s nipple and cupping her breast. Even Kaitlyn’s moans weren’t enough to distract her from her pleasuring.

Kaitlyn’s legs wrapped around her, startling her out of it. She jolted, looking at her current submissive with shock. Kaitlyn’s face was one of ecstasy, though she had clearly not orgasmed yet.

“D-Don’t scare me like that,” Sasha chastised Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn giggled a little once she’d regained her own sense of self.

“You’re the one who got too distracted,” She said teasingly.

“D-Don’t talk back to your mistress,” Sasha said, trying to sound stern. “I’ll just have to punish you.”

“Oh, please don’t mistress,” Kaitlyn fake begged, her sly grin creeping up her cheeks.

“You will not be able to beg for mercy this time,” Sasha said, feeling herself get very into her role as she stood up, leaving Kaitlyn on the ground. She walked over to Kaitlyn’s closet, searching through the various items within the neatly organized bdsm toys. She picked out several and walked over to her captive sister.

“Open your mouth, submissive,” She said. Kaitlyn obeyed, Sasha reaching down and grabbed fulya escort the panties that Kaitlyn had been wearing earlier. She wadded them up into as small of a ball as she could and gingerly pushed the ball into Kaitlyn’s mouth. The ball, despite how well Sasha had tried to pack it down, still pushed Kaitlyn’s cheeks out slightly, making her seem almost like a chipmunk. Kaitlyn made no complaints, feeling a small twinge of arousal as she saw Sasha grab a wide strip of white tape.

“I figured you would need something to chew on,” Sasha said, placing the tape over Kaitlyn’s mouth and smoothing it out. The tape was a stark contrast to the red latex and Kaitlyn’s own fair skin, but it looked oh so fitting. Sasha saw the small ball that was Kaitlyn’s panties bulging slightly from behind the tape.

“I think this is kinda gross,” Sasha said. “But I wanted to try it at least once to see what it was like. And, since you’re in no position to complain about it, I figured now would be the perfect time.”

Kaitlyn moaned softly behind the undergarments gagging her.

“Are you okay with this?” Sasha asked. Kaitlyn nodded in a dazed, yet very enthusiastic fashion.

“Good. If you want to do it to me, you’re more than welcome to later,” Sasha said, lightly smacking Kaitlyn’s breasts. “But, for now, let me get to what I’m going to do while you’re all trussed up and unable to resist me. A-As long as you’re okay with that.”

Kaitlyn nodded, her arousal becoming more and more apparent as Sasha went on. She was glad Sasha was becoming more confident and asking her if she was okay less and less. She smiled slightly behind the gag, glad that caring and cuddly was one of her personality traits when being a dominant.

The temporary dominant fully unzipped the zipper hiding Kaitlyn’s crotch and rear from exposure and the prying fingers of her decently skilled hands. Sasha looked at Kaitlyn’s dripping wet pussy and reached over for a dildo she had picked out. The particular dildo was a moderate six inches and Sasha lustily attached it to the chastity belt, following it up with a much smaller three inch dildo for the rear portion.

Kaitlyn wasn’t moving, her training and arousal making her very ready for what she was about to receive from her sister. Sasha slipped the chastity belt onto her temporary submissive and locked it with the tiny padlock that came with it.

“Now to give you a bit more difficulty,” Sasha said, holding Kaitlyn’s legs together as she began to wrap a cord of rope around them, fastening her legs together. She bound her knees together, a rope above and below them. A small loop in between the ropes cinched them together, making sure Kaitlyn would have trouble moving them.

“Now stand,” Sasha commanded. “I-If you can, I mean.”

Kaitlyn stood up within thirty seconds, actually shocking Sasha. Once she’d gotten her slightly lost and amazed composure together, she cleared her throat.

“How did you do that?” Sasha asked. “I mean, I don’t think I could do that.”

“Yrsh uff prfftff (years of practice),” Kaitlyn said as she gave a muffled giggle at Sasha’s slight blush.

“I hope I get that good,” Sasha said, sighing a little as she looked down. Kaitlyn leaned over and began to rub her head on Sasha’s in the only way she knew how to comfort her. Sasha giggled slightly and stood up.

“Right,” She said, understanding the meaning Kaitlyn must have had. “I’ll just have to practice myself and someday I may be as good as you.”

Kaitlyn nodded with enthusiasm, fully confident in her sister’s ability. Sasha took this encouragement and hugged the bound Kaitlyn from behind, enjoying the feeling of Kaitlyn’s body pressed against hers. It was always a comforting feeling no matter the circumstances. She looked back at the times she’d experienced it and smiled.

“As much as I like this feeling,” She said in as seductive a tone as she could muster. “I still have to punish you. I have just the punishment planned out and you’ll experience it to my sexual delight.”

Kaitlyn moaned as she felt her legs moisten around the chastity belt. Sasha left her standing and retrieved high heeled ballet boots for her submissive. The particular heels she had picked had six inch heels on them. Kaitlyn obediently picked up her left foot to allow Sasha to place it in one of the boots and lace it up tightly. Sasha was still very amazed at the balance her sister displayed with this feat. She repeated the action with the other foot, Kaitlyn swaying slightly, but still keeping her balance.

“No wonder you didn’t use these with me yet,” Sasha said, blinking at the ballet boots. “I don’t have that kind of balance.”

Kaitlyn nodded, her eyes lustily staring at Sasha.

“We’re not done yet,” Sasha said. “You’re coming with me.”

Kaitlyn became a little confused at this, still following the domme in training over to the door. Kaitlyn followed Sasha out the door and too the stairs. Sasha, thinking of the gebze escort predicament they faced, carefully helped Kaitlyn down the stairs. To show her gratitude and impressed nature to Sasha, Kaitlyn leaned her head on Sasha’s and nuzzled it a bit.

“Th-Thanks,” Sahsa blushed slightly at the affection. “Now I’m curious how you’d act if we did pet play like you told me about.”

Kaitlyn shrugged and gave a seductive wink, causing Sasha to immediately become flustered, aroused, and curious at the same time. She coughed, regaining her composure as she led her sister out to her car. Careful to avoid them being seen, she got Kaitlyn in her car, laying the seat back so as to avoid most people seeing her. Once she’d buckled her in, she drove off down the road, making extra sure to obey any and all traffic laws, Kaitlyn’s words of “nothing makes bdsm more of an awkward situation than a cop who’s just doing their job”.

Once Sasha had driven to her destination, she stopped the car. From her laid back position, Kaitlyn could just make out the roof of the building.

“I decided to enlist a little help,” Sasha said, exiting the car and walking over to Kaitlyn’s side. Opening the door, she helped her sister out, Kaitlyn’s lust and arousal growing further as she realized the house they were stopped outside of was Rebecca’s.

“I thought I saw a familiar car,” Rebecca stepping out, holding the door open. “And, to my delight, you’ve got my fiancée all tied up for me to play with.”

“Y-Yeah,” Sasha said with a blush. “I-Is Meredith here?”

“Of course,” Rebecca said with a slight snicker in her voice. “Meredith, get down here! Someone’s here to see you and she’s really looking forward to seeing that pretty face.”

Sasha blushed hard and buried her face in the bound Kaitlyn’s shoulder. Kaitlyn, on the other hand, was curious to see the reaction Sasha had towards Rebecca’s submissive.

Meredith stepped out of the house, clad in a maid’s outfit. While Kaitlyn was aware of Rebecca’s preferences also including more realistic looks, she was definitely shocked by how she looked. Her hair was tied in a bun and Kaitlyn herself had to admit that she was certainly a sight to behold.

When Meredith emerged, Sasha’s entire demeanor changed. She stood there, almost like a child, staring at the beauty that was Meredith. Kaitlyn was quite surprised at how Sasha was looking at her, noticing the desire she had to be held by her. Her jealousy returned full force for a full two minutes before she calmed herself.

“H-Hello, Meredith,” Sasha stuttered abashedly, her face becoming the same shade of red as the catsuit that Kaitlyn wore.

“Hello, Miss Sasha,” Meredith said, bowing in a slight curtsey that caused Sasha to squirm. Kaitlyn studied Sasha’s demeanor, but had to admit she could find no sign of lust in her eyes. Kaitlyn then felt a slight giggle emerge from behind her gag. At this point, she just had to admit that seeing Sasha have a crush like this in person was quite cute.

“Are you taking a turn at binding your sister?” Meredith asked, Sasha nodding timidly. “I must admit, you look quite the part of a domme.”

Sasha’s face heated up as she looked down, words failing to come to her throat.

“So, what brings you here?” Rebecca asked.

“W-Well…” Sasha began before she became too focused on Meredith. Kaitlyn sighed, explaining through muffled speech.

“Wait, she actually did the panty gag,” Rebecca laughed, pulling her fiancée close. “Looks like I have some new respect for her. I love how hot it makes you.”

Kaitlyn rolled her eyes as Rebecca groped her ass.

“So, you want my help for the last two?” Rebecca asked. “Gotta say, that takes guts.”

“R-Really?” Sasha turned to the redhead.

“Of course,” Rebecca said. “Asking someone for help is definitely a show of guts because it shows you know you can’t do it alone.”

“I-I see,” Sasha said.

“Well, you two follow me and I’ll help you out,” Rebecca said as she hoisted Kaitlyn over her shoulder to carry her into the house. “I suppose I have to teach you lessons as well.”

Once inside, Rebecca carried Kaitlyn over to a set of two hooks she had set up. Placing one between each of Kaitlyn’s shoulders, she forced her to stand in her position and to be on her tiptoes with the ballet boots.

“I set these up for a situation similar to this,” Rebecca said. “Fitting I use it on her.”

“Yes it is, mistress,” Meredith nodded.

“Now, one thing you need to learn is the proper way to cause an orgasm,” Rebecca said. “Meredith, you can learn this too because it also can be used by subs.”

“Yes, mistress,” Meredith said with a nod. “I will obey.”

“Good,” Rebecca said.

“Perhaps now would be a good time to ask if Sasha and I can have private sessions together,” Meredith said. “For both our learning experiences.”

“Yeah, sure, whatever,” Rebecca said. “You cool with it, babe?”

Kaitlyn gültepe escort was about to shake her head before she realized just how jealous she was being. She sighed and nodded, Meredith smiling.

“I will not let you down, mistress,” Meredith said. “I promise we will be the best we can be.”

“Just don’t get too crazy,” Rebecca chuckled. “Now, how about I show you just how to provide the right kind of orgasm?”

“Sure,” Sasha nodded curiously.

“Now, the first thing you need to know is how your target reacts,” Rebecca said, gesturing to Kaitlyn’s partially suspended body. “For example, Kaitlyn here is a prime example of a slow, but satisfying ejaculator.”

“It sounds gross when you say it that way,” Sasha said.

“Women do it too, subbie girl,” Rebecca said, rolling her eyes. “What do you want me to say, ejillulator? That sounds fucking ridiculous.”

“Please continue with the lesson, mistress,” Meredith said, trying to diffuse the argument.

“Right,” Rebecca said, unlocking the chastity belt and letting it drop to the floor after she pulled it from between Kaitlyn’s legs. “Now, one lesson to note is how a target responds to certain stimuli. For example, Kaitlyn is a huge fan of breast play.”

Rebecca grabbed Kaitlyn’s breasts squeezing them and eliciting a moan from the platinum blonde.

“Now, a simple way to bring her to orgasm would be to just run a vibrator on high until she cums,” Rebecca said. “But, we’re not for that. That’s classless. What you need to do is properly use your skills to dominate her and make her cum blissfully and only when you want it.”

“But, isn’t that a little cruel?” Meredith asked.

“Well, no,” Rebecca said. “It’s cruel to edge them for a month without cumming. But, if you keep teasing them for an hour and then give them sweet release it’s not. The aim of the game is to make it satisfying and memorable.”

“What about toys?” Sasha asked. “How do I make those work well? Kaitlyn taught me a little about them, but she didn’t teach me how they work in their most effective ways yet.”

“Well, obviously, we have vibrators,” Rebecca said. “But, you can use dildos to aid you in your quest for pussy.”

“I suppose I could try that,” Sasha said. “But, how about a good way to use my second orgasm?”

“Try this,” Rebecca said, kneeling down and gently tracing the area around Kaitlyn’s pussy with her tongue. Kaitlyn’s body shuddered as the redhead continued her ministrations. Rebecca’s fingers snaked around Kaitlyn’s ass, beginning to slip in between the cheeks. Kaitlyn struggled slightly as Rebecca made a slight show of fingering her a little. The captive Kaitlyn huffed behind the gag, attempting and failing to kick Rebecca.

“Sorry babe,” Rebecca snickered. “Had to try it at least once while you were all tied up.”

Kaitlyn sent her a little glare that got Sasha a little nervous. Rebecca shrugged it off and continued her demonstration by running her hands over Kaitlyn’s body and feeling the ropes with her hands.

“Get a good feel for your sub’s body before you get going,” Rebecca stated. “It will help in the long run.”

“But, I know her body well,” Sasha said.

“Then show me,” Rebecca said, stepping aside. “Show me that you can properly make my fiancée cum and I will believe it.”

Sasha nodded, walking over to her mistress. She ran her hands up and down Kaitlyn’s body, the bound dominant moaning softly at the gentle ministrations Sasha gave. As she did so, Sasha felt an odd sense of understanding. Despite having seen and felt Kaitlyn’s naked or latex clothed body before, she now began to feel it in a whole new understanding. She saw it as intimate areas that should be focused on individually to bring about the ultimate goal of a climax. But, they were also a treasure that should be treated with respect. That was how Kaitlyn saw her, despite any of her perceived flaws.

Sasha walked behind Kaitlyn, grabbing her breasts with one hand and slowly and sensually slipping a finger into her pussy with the other. Kaitlyn moaned as Sasha began to moderately use her fingers to bring Kaitlyn closer and closer to the goal, the moans increasing in volume with every second.

“Allow me to contribute.” Rebecca said, swiftly taping a small egg vibrator to Kaitlyn’s stomach just over her clitoris. Kaitlyn’s moans reached their height as Sasha’s excellent fingers worked their magic. Kaitlyn gave one final moan before she shuddered in orgasm. Sasha felt Kaitlyn’s cum coat her fingers, leaving the sticky trail over her hand. The older sister slumped as far as the hooks would allow her, panting softly behind the gag.

Sasha, with aid from Rebecca, pulled the orgasmed Kaitlyn down, Sasha coddling her to her chest as she ungagged her. Kaitlyn weakly spit out the panties, leaning on Sasha.

“You were excellent,” She whispered before closing her eyes and breathing softly.

“I don’t think she got much sleep last night,” Rebecca raised in eyebrow in amusement. “She’ll be fine. In the meantime, how about you two go out together and spend some time. If you want, you can even play kinky games. I’ll stay with her and let her rest before we go on to some more lessons.”

“Yes, mistress,” Meredith bowed, leaving the room.

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