My Slutty Cousin, Julia

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If you read “Confessions of a Breast Addict” you know that part of my senior year of high school was spent sucking on Diane’s luscious 36C breasts and getting blow jobs from her every Friday night while she was babysitting my baby brother.

You may also remember me mentioning that I lost my virginity to my first cousin Julia and her older sister Deanna was my second. Diane also happened to be good friends with Julia and Deanna. The following happened between January and August of 1987.

Notice: There is no underage sex in this story; I just mention a few things about my childhood for point of reference and background.

My mom has always been best friends with her older sister. Therefore, as a kid I spent a lot of time at my aunt and uncles and stayed overnight countless times. They only lived about 5 miles away so I saw them at least once a week. Julia was my age and Deanna was 4 years older.

On the weekend of January 17th of my senior year there was a small birthday party for my aunt. I had my own car and I was working part time so I told my parents that I would stop into my aunt and uncles house to join the party once I got out of work.

The party was the usual family get together and by early evening people were headed home. Julia’s boyfriend called and said that he had to work late at the local gas station and that he would see her the next day. Julia and I drove into town to rent a few movies and then we went back to my aunt’s place.

At the time, my aunt and uncles house was a big tri-level home and one of the rooms on the bottom floor was part recreational room and part bedroom for Deanna. Deanna was away at college, but she slept here whenever she came home. Julia and I watched movies and talked and I eventually got tired so I went to lie on the bed and watch TV from there.

I fell asleep and when I woke up the TV was off and Julia was sleeping next to me on the bed. Now, I had heard from a few guys at school that Julia was pretty wild in bed. Julia was fickle and often dated a guy for just a few weeks or months before moving on to her next victim. However, if even half the rumors that I had heard were true, she was putting out to everyone that she dated and was even letting her ex’s make return deposits.

Since I had just gotten blown a few times by Diane the night before, I decided not to press my luck, but at the same time my horny teenage body was excited at the thought of being with Julia. Besides, though Julia and I had always been close there had never been any “improper” conduct between us, so I wasn’t sure how she would react even if I did try something.

Julia had a nice body with an average face. She had shoulder length brown hair and green eyes. She was about 5’6, 125 lbs and from what I could tell – very nice tits. As I thought about Julia being wild in bed (and me being a virgin) I instantly got hard and it wasn’t long before I fell asleep again.

Let me pause a minute. Every man knows from his teenage years that you basically have NO control of your cock in your teens and early 20’s. You can be doing the most mundane and completely un-sexual thing and get “wood” and not even know why. And, as Bill Cosby once described it, teenage boys get visited by the “fairy of good dreams”.

Well, on this particular night the fairy had visited and I woke up in the middle of the night with my hot blood boiling with lust. As the hazy line between sleep and alert began to dissipate I realized that Julia şişli üniversiteli escort and I were both sleeping on our left side and I had my right leg swung over her so that my hard cock was pressed against her ass and my right arm/hand was around her waist.

I was sleeping in my blue jeans, but she had on boxer shorts and an oversize t-shirt, so I wasn’t sure if she could feel my cock through my jeans. My heart began to pound with excitement. My body was screaming to have her, but my mind was saying “get your leg off her before she wakes up, stupid.” Me being the shy boy that I was, I started to take my leg off her when suddenly her right hand shot down and grabbed my leg and pulled it back onto her.

I let my leg go back to where it was and I let my right arm press on her tummy to pull her closer and she responded by wiggling her back into my chest and her ass into my crotch. The silence was deafening. I thought that I could hear my heart pounding like a kettle drum and my breathing began to get very deep.

I was so nervous not knowing what would happen next. I wanted to reach up with my right hand and cup one of her breasts but I was scared. My experiences with Diane had helped me to overcome some of my shyness, so I slowly started to move my hand up her body. It seemed like it took an hour for me to get enough nerve to move my hand from her tummy to her tits. When my hand finally touched her breasts she turned slightly to give me better access.

I started to massage her breasts through her shirt and realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Within a few minutes she turned on her back, wrapped her right hand around my neck and pulled my lips to hers. I felt her lips part and I instinctively opened my mouth and our tongues began to dance.

I started to pull her shirt up as we kissed. My mouth was absolutely watering by this point in anticipation of getting to suck on her tits! The second that her breasts were exposed to me I broke our French kissing and immediately started sucking on her tits with so much passion that I thought my pounding heart would explode.

Although I had been extremely excited about sucking on Diane’s breasts for the first time; the taboo of having Julia’s succulent and forbidden fruits in my mouth caused my wanton desires to soar into the heavens. For a moment I understood what Adam must have felt when Eve offered him the apple.

I suckled and massaged her breasts for nearly 15 minutes, alternating between her tits. At that time I decided to let my fingers wander south and I slid my hand down her body and under her shorts. She was soaking wet and I slipped two fingers into her with no effort at all.

I pumped my fingers in and out of her while sucking on her breasts. By this time her breathing had become very labored. The finger nails on her left hand were lightly digging into my shoulder and her right hand was on the back of my head pulling me into her breasts. She very quietly whispered “take off your pants.”

I didn’t need to be told twice! I practically leaped off the bed and shed my clothes faster than Clark Kent turning into Superman. Julia finished pulling her shirt off and then stripped off her shorts and panties. I jumped back on the bed and took my place between her legs. My entire body was shaking in anticipation.

Julia reached down and guided my man meat into her hot dripping love box. I was only half way inside her when I started taksim anal yapan escort to orgasm the first time. By the time her pussy had completely engulfed my manhood I was firing my white hot juices into her lithe body and my virginity was gone.

Julia wrapped her legs around me while I came. She giggled and softly told me to “calm down and just enjoy yourself”. As soon as my first orgasm finished I started to soften ever so slightly but as I started to fuck her I was hard again within seconds.

My thoughts raced through my mind. Not only was I fucking my first cousin, but I wasn’t wearing a condom and she didn’t even know that she had taken my virginity. I let instinct take over. Up until this point in my life I could masturbate and cum 4 times before I went soft, so I was sure that I could stay inside Julia for awhile.

Even when Diane was sucking me off on Friday nights I was good for 2 or 3 orgasms without the need for re-tool time. If anything my cock felt even harder now that I was inside of Julia and I pumped in and out of her at a steady pace. Julia softly moaned and gave me words of encouragement.

I came a second time and emptied my seed into my cousin. Just as my orgasm finished I felt Julia start to shake. She stopped breathing and her finger nails dug deep into my back. The look of complete and total ecstasy on her face was the most erotic thing I had ever seen up to that point in my life. Seeing and feeling her get so much pleasure intensified the flames of my desire that much more; I wanted to make her cum forever!

As Julia came down from her first orgasm she opened her eyes and started to breathe again. She said “stand up, I want it from behind”. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do, so I just followed her lead. I stood next to the side of the bed as Julia got on her hands and knees. She positioned herself with her knees on the edge of the bed and her ass pointed towards me. I walked up behind her and grabbed her hips while she reached between her legs and guided me into her.

I pushed my full seven inches completely into her and slowly pulled out so that just the head of my cock was inside her and then I rammed my cock back in to the hilt. Within seconds I found a good rhythm and I was fucking her deep, hard, and at a brisk pace. Minutes clicked by on the clock as Julia’s whimpering grew increasingly louder and we fucked faster.

As I watched Julia’s shapely ass bouncing on my cock I noticed that she was leaning on her left arm while her right arm was between her legs. Every few minutes I would see her bring her right hand up to her mouth and lick juice off her fingers. As my balls slapped against her flood pussy I occasionally felt her finger nails brush my balls and the shaft of my cock; I realized at that point that she was furiously rubbing her clit while I plunged in and out of her hot body.

Moans of pleasure began to accompany Julia’s whimpering and heavy breathing. As she gasped for air she blurted out, “fuck me as fast as you can now”. My hands clamped down hard on her hips and I started to pound Julia as hard and fast as I could.

My cock was a blur of furious movement. I was practically lifting Julia off the bed; with every thrust into her I pulled her body towards mine and each time that I pulled out I pushed her away. It seemed as if my pretty petite cousin was nothing more than a living fuck toy that I was using to jack off with while standing up.

Both taksim bdsm escort Julia and the bed where making so much noise now that I was sure my aunt and uncle would come running into the room any second. Julia thrust her arms out above her head and she grabbed onto the sheets with her fists. I saw the body of my little sex machine start to shake with passion as her second orgasm ripped through her trembling body.

I was already at my limits when Julia had told me to fuck her as fast as I could. Seeing her cum again was more than I could handle. I buried my cock as deep as I could and shot jets of jism into this my slutty cousin. My entire body wracked with orgasm. My legs suddenly felt like rubber bands and I had to fight to keep from falling down.

As the pulsing sensations of my cock began to slow I took several deep breaths. Julia had gone completely limp on the bed in front of me. If my strong hands were not holding up her ass my cock would have easily slipped out of her cream filled pussy. I just stood there holding her hips. It didn’t seem like my cock was getting any softer, but then again, it felt completely numb. I had cum so hard that my dick could have fallen off and I wouldn’t have known it.

Julia let out a long deep purr and said “that was fantastic.” She pulled the sheets up to her soaked love canal and moved forward just enough to let my cock slip out of her. She turned around and slid off the bed onto her knees in front of me. She looked up at me smiling and said, “Holy shit, I feel like a freight train just plowed through me.”

I stood there looking down at the little vixen in front of me. Reaching up with her left hand Julia took the base of my cock into her hand; her palm pressed against my balls as her thumb and index finger wrapped around my shaft. As she turned my cock slightly to the side she said “wow, you’ve got a thick cock; I can’t even get my fingers half way around it.”

Julia leaned forward and began licking our combined juices off my cock. Her talented tongue cleaned my shaft and then she wrapped her mouth around the head and sucked the remaining cum off. Since Julia was only the second girl to see my cock, I had no idea how I compared to other guys, so I asked her (I figured that a slut would know better than anyone).

Julia told me that I was longer than average, but the impressive thing was my thickness. She claimed that I was at least twice as thick as any other guy she had been with. When I asked her how many guys she had been with, she just smiled and said “that’s none of your business, but enough to know what I’m talking about”.

Julia and I never did go back to sleep that night. I spent a considerable amount of time sucking on her awesome tits. Once she helped me find her clit and showed me how to massage her, I fingering her to orgasm several times while I sucked on her breasts, in between fucking her.

We eventually heard people walking around upstairs in the morning. Julia’s pussy was completely saturated with my cum and her juices. She used the sheets to clean up well enough to get dressed and run upstairs to the bathroom.

Julia and I fucked on a regular basis until I eventually went off to college in September. She kept dating different guys the entire time. Julia told me that she had a high sex drive and she felt that she needed it every day, she also admitted that she absolutely loved having me bend her over and power-fuck her hard and fast.

After going to college I never hooked up with Julia again. We would see each other at family functions and over the holidays, but neither of us ever even hinted about that hot eight months of steamy sex. It was as if that chapter in our lives had come to a close and it was time to move on. I have no regrets about losing my virginity through incest, just great memories.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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