My Stepdad, Jerry!

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I made my first sound as Jerry slid his big fat cock into me. I had waited a long time to be fucked by him, and from the first feel of his swollen head opening the lips of my pussy, I knew it was worth the wait. He was much larger than any of the boys that I had fucked before and I was a bit afraid that he would be too big for me. But he had assured me that he would be slow and gentle.

“Damn baby! Your pussy is much tighter than I thought you would be. I hope it’s not hurting you too much.”

I smiled a nervous smile as I looked up into his face. I wouldn’t have cared if he were tearing my pussy open. I knew that I wanted him more than I wanted to breath. “It’s ok Jerry! Just go slow until I get used to your size. You’re much bigger than the boys that I fucked.”

He had only slid the head of his dick in, but he was also the first circumcised cock I had. I knew that I was wet enough to take him in. Fuck! Jerry had already licked and sucked my cunt and clit until I had thought I was gonna pee I had cum so much already.

As I felt him slide a bit more into me, I closed my eyes and my mind went back to how this all started.

I am not a bad looking girl if I have to say so myself. At 5′ 6″ and 185lbs, I have long blond hair, green eyes, 38C tits and a nice round ass. My skin is the color of very light creamed coffee. At least that is how Jerry describes it. My dad was from Spain, and even though I am considered white I look almost mulatto in color.

My mom and dad divorced when I was 10. Mom met Jerry when I was 12. He had become my step-dad at 13. My mom had skin much fairer than mine. She was a white woman with long flowing blond hair. And with Jerry’s dark brown skin, they made a nice contrast. Yes! Jerry is Black. But don’t think that he was the kind of man that just wanted my mom cause she was a white woman. He truly loved her, and he treated me with more love and caring than my own dad ever did.

When I turned 16, mom left. I knew that things had started to go down hill between them. Mom started going out more and more and would stay out longer and longer. After awhile she wouldn’t come home until the next day. They would fight and shout but I never saw Jerry hit her. Then one day when I came in from school, mom was at the door with her bags packed. She told me that she had fallen in love with some guy she had met. That she was leaving. She said that I would be better off living with Jerry. Just like that!

I cried and told her that they could work things out but she only laughed. Then she said something that made me turn cold. “Baby! It was hard enough living with that Black bastard. I should have never married him. I have to make a life, where I’m not looked at like some kind of trash. Where I can go places with people more like us. I’m gonna make a new start and when I can, I will come back for you. I love you baby! I know that Jerry will take good care of you. He thinks of you as his daughter.”

I looked at my mom like she had lost her mind. “Nobody ever took care of us the way Jerry has. He gives you everything you could ever want. He never treated us with anything but love. How could you do this to us?” But mom only gave me a peck on the cheek and turned to leave.

I grew mad. “Leave bitch! He’s too good for you anyway. I don’t care if he’s Black! I don’t care if you ever come back.” I turned and ran to my room slamming the door so hard that some of my pictures jumped off the wall. I lay on my bed crying until I feel asleep. When Jerry came home from work, he found the letter she had left for him. When he came into my room he was crying. We held each other and he promised me that things would be ok. That we would be ok! And we were.

Jerry was the perfect step-dad. He attended every function that took place in school. Many of the moms knew that he and I lived alone and they tried to match him up with other women both white and black. But Jerry would always tell them that he had a hard enough time being a single dad to a teenager, and didn’t want to mess things up by being torn between two jealous women. They didn’t think anything of it, I was too young and too naïve to have displayed anything but affection for my dad.

But things changed after I turned 18. Suddenly, for some dumb reason, I burst into dad’s room one night. I normally knock but I wanted to rush and show him something that was on TV. Jerry was lying in bed watching TV all right. But he was watching a porno film and stroking his dick. That was the first time I really got a good look at him. He had always been very careful to be covered up around me.

He was laying on the bed, looking intently at the screen, his hand wrapped around his hard dick and slowly stroking it. “Dad you…” I stopped dead in my tracks. Jerry looked at me and grabbed the cover. In his haste to cover himself, he had sent the remote flying off the bed. I turned and looked at the screen.

There was a young girl on her hands and knees with an older man behind her. He was shoving his şişhane escort hard dick in and out of her dripping pussy. That was not so shocking, but the words that were coming out her mouth almost made me loose it.

“Oh Daddy! Fuck my pussy like you used to fuck mom’s cunt. That’s it! Oh your cock is so big! Fuck me Daddy! Fuck your little girl.”

I looked from the screen back to Jerry. Then I turned and ran to my room. I was so embarrassed. I sat on the bed rocking back and forth trying to think. Was that how he thought about me? Did my step-dad have fantasies about fucking me? Was that why he looked at porno films about dads fucking their daughters?

There was a soft knock and my doorknob turned. Jerry came in and sat down next to me. He didn’t say a word at first just sat there. Then he turned to me. “Emily, I’m sorry that you saw that. I have been very careful to hide things like that from you.”

I looked at him. He was my dad, but suddenly, I was seeing him as someone else. Dad never made any kind of sexual advances to me. He never even joked about sex with me. I didn’t know what to say to him. I could only look at him and ask “Why”.

Jerry took a deep breath. “Em,” He called me Em sometimes. “Em, it’s been hard at times around you. I have watched you grow from a skinny little kid to a beautiful woman. I didn’t try to go out much cause you always seemed to get upset whenever I did.”

That was true. Every time he went out on a date, things were real tight between us for days later. Then he just stopped going out. I tried to act grownup about him going out, but I was afraid that he would find someone that didn’t like me or didn’t want me around so I acted like a kid whenever he went out.

“So instead of going out with women, I watch films and masturbate to ease my tension. Only when you are off spending a night with someone will I even go out. You always get so jealous whenever I’m around other women. Anyway, I found this porno and it seemed harmless enough, but after watching one, I kept watching more and more of them. Most are about family members doing each other. It just seemed to get me off so nice that it helped out a lot. You know what I mean baby? But I never thought about doing anything like that to you. They are just films I like to watch.”

I looked at him. “Dad. Have you ever thought about me when you watch those movies?”

I looked intently at his face. I needed to know if that was what he thought about when he lay in bed watching a dad ducking his daughter. I wanted to know if I was the thought that brought him to Cumming.

“Em…” He looked at me and then he dropped his head. “A few times I thought about you. Sometimes I can see when you come in from a date that your clothes are a bit mussed. Your hair will be mussed and your tits are hard and poking out. Those times you just rush off to your room and close the door. But I hear you. I hear you getting off and it makes me think about you.”

I looked at him. “You hear me?”

Jerry looked up at me. He opened his mouth to say something then shook his head and looked back at the floor. “Baby. I’m sorry.” That was all he said. Then he got up and walked to his room. He shut the door and I heard the lock click. I sat in my room, my head spinning with thoughts.

My own dad, well at least the man I knew as dad, thought of me sexually. I used to hear their muffled voices when mom was still there. I could tell when they were having sex cause the door was always locked. When I would knock on it I would hear them scrambling around a bit then they would open it. But I could hear mom’s moans and cries as they went at it at times.

That night, my mind kept going back to the words he said. “He could hear me going at it.” That thought started to get me wet. I started to fantasize that Jerry did hear me. I pulled out my trusty vibrator and started to rub my pussy. Normally, I think about some hunk at school or the way one of my boyfriends would fuck me. But this time I thought about what I had seen on Jerry’s TV.

I couldn’t believe how wet I got. I closed my eyes as I thought about the girl on her knees. But in my mind, I was that girl, and the man behind me was Jerry. He was fucking me just like the girl was being fucked. I almost came it got so intense.

I was getting so turned on thinking about jerry fucking me that I lost track of everything around me. I didn’t even think about the fact that my door wasn’t completely closed. Maybe in my mind, I wanted him to hear me. The thought, of him knowing that I was in my room getting off, made me even hotter and wetter.

It didn’t take me long to cum. And when I did, it was fuckin’ awesome! I think that I cried out his name as I came. I lay in bed, breathing hard like I had just run the race of my life. That was when I heard the soft click of his bedroom door closing. He had heard me! Had he crept to my door to listen?

I crept out of bed and softly opened my door. The hallway şişli anal yapan escort is carpeted, so he couldn’t hear my steps. I stopped at his door and listened. At first I didn’t hear a sound. But then I heard it, a soft moan. I could barely hear the TV in the background, but the sounds were unmistakable. Jerry was watching another porn film.

My pussy pulsed at the thought that he had heard me and was now beating off thinking about me. Then I heard his voice. “Yes Em! Lick it just like that. Oh baby! That feels so good. I had made up my mind that I would do something about this. And hearing him moan my name gave me the courage to do it.

My hand trembled as I grasped the doorknob. I tried to turn it as gentle as I could. I eased the door open and looked in at Jerry lying on the bed. His eyes were closed, and his hand was wrapped around his hard cock. He was slowly stroking his dick.

I guess he must have felt my presence, cause he opened his eyes and looked at me. I was standing before him in only an oversized t-shirt. That was what I slept in. And having played with my pussy, I didn’t have on any panties.

Taking a deep breath, I walked closer to the bed. I guess Jerry was in shock at being caught jerking off. Or maybe our talk earlier had him at the point he didn’t care if I saw. But he never took his hand off his big throbbing cock.

I walked to the bed and when he opened his mouth to talk, I placed my finger over his lips. I looked down at his dick. The head was swollen and pre-cum was oozing from it dripping around his hand. I placed my hand over his and eased his hand off his cock.

I bent my head and slowly licked the tip of his dick. When the taste of his pre-cum hit my lips, it was the sweetest tasting juice I had ever had. I heard his soft protest, but I had gone too far to be stopped.

I felt his hand on my head as my mouth closed softly over the head of his cock. I was afraid that he was going to pull me off, but instead, I felt him stroke my hair. Knowing now that I wasn’t going to be stopped, I slid my mouth down further over his throbbing cock.

I heard his moan. “Oh Em, this is so wrong.”

The feel of his hard black cock sliding in and out of my mouth, as I slowly moved my head up and down, told me that this wasn’t wrong at all. I have always loved sucking cock. But none of the boys whom I had sucked felt like Jerry’s cock felt in my mouth.

I moaned as I slid my head down until I felt the gag reflex kick in. then I pulled back until I had only the tip in my mouth. Up and down, in and out of my mouth his swollen cock slid. And I could feel myself growing hotter and wetter.

By the time I lifted my head up, I was so close to Cumming it wasn’t funny. I looked up at him, having been standing, and bent over along the side of the bed. I knew that I had his pre-cum and my saliva covering my lips. He watched as I licked my lips and smiled as I looked at him.

“No Jerry, it’s not wrong. Being in your room alone, stroking your cock while you think about me, that’s wrong. It’s wrong because I lay in my room fingering and playing with my pussy thinking about you. We should be together Jerry. You know it and so do I!”

Jerry held his hand out to me; I took it and allowed him to slowly pull me up onto the bed with him. “Emily! Are you sure about this? Once we start, we can’t go back and fix this.”

I smiled at him as I rose up and straddled his chest. I bent my head and felt him kiss me. Oh Jerry had kissed me before, but it was always the kiss a dad gives his daughter. This kiss was the kind that a man gives his woman. Soft! Gentle! Sensuous!

As I felt his tongue slip between my lips, I moaned and sucked it into my mouth. Just like I had sucked his cock, I sucked his tongue. I felt his hands slide beneath my shirt and he cupped my tits. Most young guys maul my tits when they play with them. Jerry’s hands were slow and sure.

I sighed as his hands caressed my mounds. Then I felt him gently molding his hands around my globes. Then he began to softly tweak my nipples. His gentleness grew as I pressed my chest into his hands. I bent down and kissed him again. Only this time it was with urgency.

I was pushing my hips down toward his hard cock. I wanted to feel him sliding up into me. But Jerry had other ideas. He rolled me over onto my back. As he kissed me, Jerry pushed my shirt up over my tits. I gasped as I felt his tongue circle my nipple.

If anything, Jerry was not in a hurry. I gasped and moaned as his tongue and lips made my tits tingle. Most guys would suck my tits hard to make me moan. Jerry made slow love to my tits and I wanted more.

As Jerry slowly worked his tongue and lips lower I was gasping for breath. No boy had ever made me feel like this. But then, Jerry was no mere boy. I opened my legs as he slid lower. His kisses peppered my stomach, until he kissed right above cunt.

I lifted myself up on my elbows, so I could şişli bdsm escort look down at him. He looked up at me and smiled. Then he lowered his head. His hot breath blew directly on the lips of my cunt. They were swollen and tingled. But it was my clit that he concentrated upon.

I love when a guy goes down on me and licks my cunt. Some are better at it than others. But no one was as good as Jerry was. The tip of his tongue grazed first one lip then the other. The feeling was so soft I wanted more. I lifted my hips to feel his tongue pressing harder against me. But he was so gentle.

By the time the tip of his tongue touched my clit I felt my pussy explode. I cried out his name. I was humping my hips up to his lips, but even then he was not in a hurry.

I felt Jerry press my thighs back even more. It was almost painful, but he held me tight. I felt his fingers spread my lips open. He had his arms wrapped around my thighs. From what I could see, he had my pussy open wide.

Jerry licked and sucked my clit until I had cum twice more. Slowly, I felt his mouth cover my cunt. Then I felt his tongue pushing in and out. Jerry was fucking my pussy with his tongue. And with him holding my legs back, open and wide, he was fucking my cunt deep with his tongue. I could hear his slurping as he sucked the juice that was flowing from my cunt.

I couldn’t take much more. “Fuck me Jerry! Please! Fuck me now! I want to feel your cock! Fuck me hard! Make me scream!”

Jerry eased up until I could feel the tip of his cock pressed against my cunt. Oh how I wanted to feel him fill me! But if Jerry was anything, he was a considerate lover. He must have known that he was bigger than the boys I had fucked. He pushed in slow and I was gulping air in my excitement.

“Damn baby! Your pussy is much tighter than I thought you would be. I hope it’s not hurting you too much.”

I smiled a nervous smile as I looked up into his face. I wouldn’t have cared if he were tearing my pussy open. I knew that I wanted him more than I wanted to breath. “It’s ok Jerry! Just go slow until I get used to your size. You’re much bigger than the boys that I fucked.”

Jerry pushed in until about half his cock was inside me. Then he smiled. It felt like my cunt was stretched. Damn but he was fat.

“Hmmm! Maybe I’ll let you tell me all about that when we finish.” He was slowly rocking his hips, driving half his cock in and out of my cunt. He reached down and I felt his fingers rubbing my cunt lips. Jerry smeared thick white goop that had to have come from my cunt on my tits. Then he bent his head down and licked and sucked them clean. The whole thing was erotic and nasty at the same time.

I felt him push until I could feel that I had every inch of his thick cock buried in my cunt. Then he began to fuck me slowly. Damn! It felt fuckin’ fantastic! I was moaning and pushing my hips up to meet his gentle thrust.

I grabbed his face between my hands and began to kiss him hard. “Oh Jerry! Oh Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck your little girl! I’ve wanted you to fuck me for so long!”

It must have been the word “Daddy”. Jerry stopped cold. I opened my eyes and looked at him. I was still working my hips up and down. “Please don’t stop! Please don’t ever stop! I want you to fuck me! I want you to fuck me forever!”

But jerry didn’t move. “Is that what you want to call me Emily? Is that how you want this to be? Daddy fucking his little girl?”

My pussy was throbbing and I could feel his hard cock throbbing inside me. I looked up into his eyes. “Yes! I want to call you Daddy while you fuck me! I want to be your little girl. I want Daddy to teach his little girl to satisfy him even better than mom used to.”

Holding my breath, afraid that I had pushed too far, I waited. Then I felt his hips begin to move. “Ok baby! Daddy is gonna make his little girl his new wife. Daddy will teach you to please him! And just like mom used to do, you will please him with every hole in your body. Have you let a boy fuck your ass?”

Jerry was stroking me slow but deep. I could feel his dickhead pushing like he wanted to push into my stomach. “No Daddy!” I answered. “But if you want me to, I’ll let you fuck me there. But you’re so big! I don’t know if you will fit.”

Jerry laughed. “Don’t worry little girl. By the time Daddy’s ready, he will have gotten you used to having something up your ass. Now fuck those hips, make Daddy cum. I know you’re on the pill so I can shoot my load deep in your cunt.”

Suddenly, Jerry pulled out of me. I groaned thinking that he intended to stop. But he had no such intention. Instead, Jerry pulled me over until I was on my hands and knees at the edge of the bed. Thinking that he was gonna fuck my ass, I began to tell him that I wasn’t ready for him there yet. But then I felt the tip of his cock pressing back into my cunt.

“Oh yes Daddy! Fuck your little girl some more. Is this how you used to fuck mom?” I felt Jerry grab my hips, then my world exploded in pain. Jerry slapped my ass hard, and then shoved his hard fat cock so deep I screamed into the pillow my head rested on.

Jerry pulled back and slammed his cock into me again and again. I thought he was gonna rip me open and have me bleed to death. But even as I screamed I could hear him talking to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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