My Submissive Little Sister Ch. 04

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As we hugged, I felt Alison’s heartbeat against my chest. It felt good to hold my little sister’s nearly naked body against me, not only because of the new sexual connection between the two of us, but, because she had become so distant while I was away in the Navy for eight years.

Before today, it had been a long time since Alison and I had hugged at all, but, as a result of her email mistake and my discovery of her urgent need to be a sexual submissive, we’d not only hugged a lot today, but, we had kissed the way lovers kiss. I’d almost stripped her completely naked; I’d touched her breasts and her shaved pussy through her panties, and, she’d sucked my cock and made me cum in her mouth.

Alison’s claim that she wanted to be a sexual submissive was turning out to be the honest truth. I’d done so much to her in the last three hours since our parents left the house for Dad’s award banquet, and each step of the way, I fully expected her to change her mind. But each time I thought she’d turn and run, she proved me wrong. And as I held my cute little sister in my arms, I realized how much her sexual submissiveness would change our lives at my parent’s house, and, maybe well beyond that.

My thoughts were interrupted as my cell phone rang. Fortunately, the phone was lying next to my keyboard and it was easily within reach of where we were standing. Alison was still wearing her panties and the blindfold I put over her eyes, so I kept one hand on her shoulder and leaned over to pick up my cell phone.

Looking at the display, I could see it was my Mom, calling me from her cell phone. I panicked momentarily, wondering if they were on their way home already, but, it was actually very good news. Apparently, Dad’s buddies did a good job helping him celebrate his award, and as a result, Dad wasn’t in a condition to drive and they were just going to stay at the hotel so he could have fun with his friends tonight and then come home tomorrow.

When I hung up, I told my sister the good news about Mom and Dad not coming home tonight. Personally, I was relieved because we wouldn’t have to rush anything now, and I could take my time with Alison’s submissive orientation. My little sister, though, was enthusiastically elated, almost jumping up and down to know we’d have the house to ourselves all night, and she immediately asked if we could sleep together tonight.

“I don’t see why not.” I answered with a smile on my face. “It’ll give us a chance to be together for a few more hours and we’ll have the time we need for me to make love to you slowly and gently. That might not mean a lot to you now, but it will later.”

“But after you take my cherry you’re gonna to fuck me long and hard, right? You promised, you would. Remember?” Alison asked urgently. Then she added, “And, without the blindfold. Okay?”

“Yeah, no problem.” I replied. “You won’t be wearing the blindfold much longer, anyway.”

Knowing I had plenty of time now, I put my arms around Alison and rubbed my hands up and down her back lovingly. It was so nice to put my arms around my little sister and just hold her next to me without having to worry about the time. She had been so distant and we’d lost the closeness we used to have as kids, but, this was really nice…… just holding her against me and feeling the warmth of her almost naked body in my arms. IT felt like we were making up for a lot of lost time.

Now that we weren’t under any time constraints, I decided to take a different path in removing my little sister’s panties. I reached for her arms and brought her hands between us, holding them against my now soft cock.

“Are you ready for me to lower your panties now?” I asked, softly.

“Uh huh.” She answered.

I was about to move her to the bed and lay her down when she spoke, saying, “Brett, you’ve got some kind of panty thing going on, don’t you? Some kind of attraction or fetish with panties?”

“Why do you ask?” I replied, smirking.

“I think most guys would have already had my panties off.” She answered. “But you’ve spent a lot of time just touching and looking at them. Plus,” she added, “you told me you were going to take these panties, and probably make me change my panties several times each day.”

“Okay.” I answered. “I guess I’d have to confess to having a panty fetish.”

“I think that’s kind of cool, actually.” Alison said. “I don’t mind giving you my panties, Big Brother. I’ll wear which ever ones you want me to wear and I’ll give them to you whenever you want them.”

“It’s more than that.” I said, almost embarrassed to admit it to her. “I want to see you wearing them, too. Like around the house, whenever it’s possible. And, I’d like you to touch yourself while you wear them so they have your pussy smell, and then let me have them.”

“That’s fine with me.” She replied, grinning. “Anything you want me to do, I’ll be happy to do. All you have to do is tell me. You can just consider me your full time panty fetish girl.”

I was starting to get hard again, and Alison noticed taksim elit escort it as she held my hardening member in her hand. “Just talking about panties gets you hard?” She asked.

“It’s hard to explain.” I said. “But hearing you say you’d be my panty girl is like music to my ears.”

“Brett,” she said, “I promise you’ll have more wet, juicy panties action than you can handle.”

“I’ll hold you to that.” I said, laughing. Then, I guided her to the edge of the bed and told her to sit down. After she sat, I reached down and tenderly rolled both of her nipples between my fingers, pulling on them lightly, until she took a deep breath and moaned.

“I love the way that feels.” She moaned as she sat up straight and thrust her tiny breasts into my hands. “You can do this anytime you want.” Allison whispered. “It feels so good and it really makes me wet down there.”

I had to chuckle to myself as I continued to fondle her cute nipples. Little did she realize how much I was going to be enjoying her nipples from now on, and how infrequently she’d be wearing a bra. But, as I looked down at her, a new passion swept through me — a passion to finally see what her virgin pussy looked like.

Releasing her nipples, I told her to lie back and pull her knees up. Obviously, her idea of pulling her knees up wasn’t the same as my idea of pulling her knees up.

“What I meant,” I explained, “was for you to pull your knees all the way back to your chest and then spread them open.”

Watching my little sister pull her legs back and then spread her knees open caused my semi-hard cock to blossom into a full fledged hard-on. She was laid out in front of me in a way that made me want to bypass the rest of the formalities and just fuck her. Her tiny breasts had all but disappeared as she lay on her back — nothing but her nipples poking up from her chest.

Her crotch was wide open, and I mean it was wide open. Her wet thong was pulled across her mound, and except for a crease in her panties that ran up and down between her lips, the view I had was sheer perfection and flawless. I did notice one thing I didn’t like, and I felt it was the right time to tell her, especially in light of her promise to be my panty girl.

“Alison, we’re going to have to change your style of panties.” I said as I looked down at her crotch.

I told her I preferred panties that had a full gusset crotch, and that meant no more thongs. “Bikinis or boyshorts are fine.” I said. “I’d like to see your cute butt nestled in something I can fantasize about removing. And,” I continued, “I prefer either white or pastel colors, and definitely something very soft and silky. We’ll go through your underwear drawer and I’ll pick out what I like.”

“I’ll wear whatever you want me to wear. ” She said. “And, I have some really nice silky, bikini panties. I only put this thong on because that’s what I was going to wear tonight when I went out. But, I’ll do whatever I need to do to please you.”

I beamed at her answer. Knowingly or not, she just said two things that made me very happy. 1) She’d wear what ever I wanted. And, 2) She’d do whatever she needed to do to please me. Hearing those two things told me she was already in an accepting submission role, realizing it was her job to please me.

I was happy we’d gotten that settled. And as I got down on one knee at the edge of the bed between her upturned legs, I leaned my face down to her crotch and studied her closely. The thong covered her pussy completely, and I was happy to discover that just past the point where the thong turned into a string to go up between her butt cheeks, I could clearly see her anus peeking up at me. I wondered what she’d say if she could see the way she was displayed for me. The wet thong wasn’t hiding that much anymore, although it was definitely covering her lips, but, I could easily make out the shape of her mound, the crease between her lips and even the color of her skin under the wet fabric of her panty.

I couldn’t help reaching down to stroke my cock as I looked at her. I didn’t get this chance very often — the chance to look at a girl displaying her panties to me so openly. Somehow, Alison must have figured out I was stroking my cock, because she asked me if I wanted her to suck me again.

I told her, “No”, adding the next time I ejaculated, it was going to be inside her.

“I’m on birth control, just so you know.” She offered. “The doctor put me on the pill because I have such bad cramps when I have my period.”

“Yes, I know.” I replied, chuckling. “Dad told me all about it. He’s afraid you’re going to be screwing every boy in town.”

“There’s just one boy I want.” Alison said, reaching her hand down toward me and wiggling her fingers straight at me.

I reached up and grasped her hand, and as our fingers tangled together, a smile came to her face. But, that smile was replaced by a look of surprise when I stopped jacking my cock and laid my hand exactly in the middle of her upturned taksim escort and outstretched thighs — directly on top of her pussy. Then, unable to hold myself back anymore, I leaned my head down and gently ran my nose up and down the crease in her thong, right between the lips of her pussy.

I felt her fingernails dig into the back of my hand she was holding, and I smiled to myself knowing this was probably a new feeling for my little sister. I doubted she’d ever had anyone’s face this close to her pussy before — but, it wouldn’t be the last time tonight, I was sure of it. Not only would I give her a licking once I took her panties off, but, I just might want to lick her pussy after I made love to her, too.

I continued to run my nose up and down the crease of her thong, and then finally opened my mouth and started to lick and suck her wet panties. Again, Alison squeezed my hand and this time, she started to moan in time with the gentle sucking I was giving her. Her pelvis started to move as I licked her panties, and I thought about telling her to remain still, but, I’m pretty sure that would have been impossible for her. I think it’s just too much to ask for a girl that excited to remain totally motionless when someone’s mouth is that close to her vagina.

So, as she held my hand in hers, I continued my attention to her panties, making long broad strokes with my tongue up and down between her legs. I stopped for a few seconds and sucked her clit through the wet material of her thong, and when I did that, she let go of my hand and began touching her nipples.

I kept sucking her clit — increasing the pressure and amount of vacuum, as if I was trying to get it to pop through the fabric of her thong. As I did, I was treated to a flood of fresh, warm pussy juice seeping out of her vagina. I began to suck at the cloth covering her pussy hole, and then alternating between there and her clit. It wasn’t my intention to make her cum, but, as I enjoyed myself sucking and licking her crotch, I think it was probably inevitable.

I didn’t realize she was starting to cum until I felt her fingers wrapping themselves around in my hair. I was so involved in my own pleasure — the smell and taste of her pussy, that I completely disregarded what my sucking and licking would be doing to her. But when I felt her pulling my hair, I knew what was happening. Actually, knowing she was going to cum, I doubled my effort on her clitoris. She obviously liked it because she started to moan loudly, calling my name and saying, “That’s it, right there!”

And when she finally exploded, it was just as awesome as the other orgasms I’d witnessed tonight, with one exception. And that was — this time, my face was less than two inches from her pussy when she started to cum. I stopped sucking her clit and started sucking and licking at the fabric covering her pussy hole. My face was literally saturated with a flood of fresh, warm pussy juice — so much so that there were drops of her juice running down my chin.

I sat back and watched my little sister as her orgasm faded. Her legs were still drawn up and her panty covered crotch was completely open. My cock was hard again and I had to fight against my desire to pull her thong aside and slip my cock into her virgin hole, but, in the end, I didn’t want her first time to be like that. I wanted it to be sift, gentle and beautiful, and I wanted her to enjoy it so much she’d yearn for my cock to be inside her several times a day.

“You got pretty wet down there.” I mused softly as she started to calm down. “Does that happen all the time?”

I saw a smile appear on her face as she rested after her orgasm. “I used to think there was something wrong with me.” Alison replied. “But, yeah, I can get really, really wet down there. And, sometimes I gush.”

I wasn’t sure if she was warning me, or teasing me about her gushing vagina. Either way, it was fine with me. I hadn’t been with a woman that ever used the word ‘gush’ in describing her pussy, but the prospect of her being able to squirt or gush pleased me a lot. In my mind, her wetness was a blessing, and as far as I was concerned, she could gush all she wanted to and the more she did it, the more I’d like it.

I’d successfully resisted the urge to peel back her panties and uncover the prize of her virgin pussy up to now. Even thought she was lying blindfolded on the bed with her legs pulled up, I could have pulled her thong to the side anytime, but, I didn’t. I wanted my first view of her innocent vagina to be something wonderful and something I would remember for a long, long time.

“Give me your hand.” I said, as I stood up and looked down at her. Alison reached up with her right hand and I pulled her up so she was standing next to me. Then, I sat down and pulled her in front of me. Her cute little breasts jiggled as she stood, and as I looked up at her, I realized it would only be another few minutes before she was finally completely naked and utterly exposed to me.

For a second, taksim eve gelen escort I wondered what she was thinking at this exact instant. She had to know I was about to pull her panties down, and I couldn’t help but ponder what she thought about me doing it. I mean, it’s not every day a brother undresses his little sister, and I’m sure she had some feelings about being completely naked in front of me. But, given the fact I’d already taken off most of her clothes, touched her and licked her through her panties, I guessed she was just as ready as I was.

“Alison, I’m going to take your panties down now.” I said. “You know what I expect of you, right?”

My little sister nodded her head and answered with a simple, “Yes.”

Lowering her panties was considerably easier than when I pulled down her shorts. It was just a matter of hooking my fingers in the thin sides of her thong and pulling them down. I didn’t want to pull too fast, though. Actually, I hoped she would be terribly embarrassed and humiliated to have her big brother pull her underwear down and expose her sex, but, from what I could see, the exact opposite was true – she was in breathless anticipation of me finally doing it.

At first, I lowered her panties just a few inches — just to the very top of her slit and let them sit there. Reaching behind her, I ran my hand softly between her butt cheeks and stopped with my fingers resting against the loose material of her panties between her legs. Slowly, I pressed one finger toward her pussy hole, pushing her panties up between her lips and right up against her opening.

I felt her shudder as I touched her there. A soft moan escaped her mouth, and once she became quiet again, I said, “Ask me to lower your panties, Alison.”

“Show me what a good, submissive little sister you’re going to be.” I added. “Tell me you want me to take your panties down and look at your vagina.”

I saw Alison’s face turn red and the same pink blush that spread across her chest earlier returned. I couldn’t have been happier to see response, knowing full well she was probably experiencing a plethora of feelings: embarrassment, humiliation, excitement, submission, arousal, shame, indignity, and hopefully something brand new to her – a sense of duty.

Alison cleared her throat and raised her hands up to feel for my chest. Once she found me and rested her hands against my skin, she spoke with amazing clarity and confidence saying, “Please, Brett, you’ve been teasing me and making me wait for a long time. We’re so close now, and I can’t stand the thought of waiting much longer. So, please take my panties off and look at my vagina.”

I was happy she used the word, ‘Vagina’ and not ‘Pussy’. For me, it’s too easy to say the word pussy since it’s used so much in our language today. However, when she used the word ‘Vagina’, we both knew it could mean only one thing…… her sweet, virgin sex.

I bent forward and kissed her lightly on her cheek as I reached out for her hips. “Very nice, Alison.” I said. “And as a reward, I am definitely going to pull your panties down now and give you a thorough examination.”

Rubbing her hips just a bit before I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her panties, I made her wait just another fifteen or twenty seconds before I started to pull her panties down, very slowly. There was no way on earth I could simply whisk them down, that would ruin all the anticipation and anxiety I’d worked so hard to build. But, it didn’t take me that long to settle the wet thong at the top of her thighs, and I took a minute just to stare at the outward appearance of my little sister’s sex.

She was immaculately and perfectly hairless — not a trace of a hair anywhere on her mound or her lips. On top of that, there were no irritated red bumps or any indication of a shaving burn what so ever — just perfect ivory white lips. But, that’s not what blew me away.

What took my breath away was the sheer beauty of her entire pudendal and labial region. Her lips weren’t to thin, and they weren’t too thick. They were just plump enough to poof out and give her a perfect mound below her trim tummy. Her lips separated at the top by a good quarter inch, completely exposing her clitoral hood and the little pink button of her clit at the top of her slit. I could also see a small sliver of her pink, inner labia lips poking out at the me between her bigger, puffy lips. So, as she stood there — now completely exposed to me, I realized what an astonishing, adorable body my little sister possessed.

Her breasts were incredibly cute — exactly what I’d pick if I were designing her body, myself. And, her pussy was more than any man would pray for, and well beyond what any man deserved. Simply stated, my little sister was beautiful and she was hot, and I mean that as a sincere compliment. Her body was a dream, and this dreamlike body was going to be mine soon.

I didn’t say anything as I lowered her panties all the way down her legs and asked her to step out of them. I held her saturated thong to my face and breathed in her female scent deeply, holding her panties against my nose and enjoying her aroma for a minute before I carefully folded her worn panty and sat them on the bed beside me. Then turning back to her, I tapped the insides of her knees and she spread her feet a little wider.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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