My Summer with Cindy

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I was already sporting a boner when I stepped out onto the mat to wrestle my sister. It was at my grandparents house at our regular family dinner, where once a month my extended family get together to not only share in a big dinner but spend most of the afternoon having sexfights-it’s a tradition dating back since well before I was born.

My older sister Cindy had come back home from college on summer break and just happened to be in my age range to wrestle. I was eighteen but real slender; I damn near looked like I was still fifteen, being 5’09” and probably 130 pounds soaking wet. With my scruffy dark brown hair I felt lanky and goofy, wearing my family’s team color of a royal blue speedo, my woody pitching a tent as my stood there while my sister stripped off her tank top and shorts, revealing a royal blue bikini. She’s petite, like 5’2″, with dark brown hair same as mine that’s just short of shoulder length-but long enough to grab. She’s got small C cup but they look big on her skinny frame, but she’s not a slouch like me; I can see the outline of abs forming plus her little arms show the bulge of tiny biceps. Point is she’s way more fit than me and she’s not shy about pointing out my hard-on when we get close to lock up on the mat.

“Damn lil bro, when did you grow that big thing?” she giggles and bites her lip, this just teases me more and I nervously adjust myself-I swear she giggles when I do this.

Grandma comes over, acting as our referee, wearing a navy blue one piece with baby blue hibiscus flowers all over it. She leaned me down, so Cindy and I were in a collar and elbow tie up, she rubbed her hand along my back and shoulder, as she did to my big sister, making sure we were ready then blew the whistle that dangled around her neck.

I tried getting a handful of Cindy’s hair but she did some kinda judo throw; slamming her hip into my thigh and flipping me over onto the mat. It felt like charlie brown having the football pulled out from under him by Lucy; I went flying through the air screaming “ARRGGHHHH!!”

Yes, the family all got a good laugh out of that as my sister even had time to do a cursory karate bow as I lie there feeling like I had been thrown off the back of a truck.

Cindy caually taksim grup yapan escort untied the strings on the side of her bikini bottoms and pulled it away, getting a nice wolf whistle from our uncle as my sister had her junk shaved baby smooth. This was for my benefit as Cindy pulled my limp arm up off the mat as I kinda lay there, groaning, and did a little spin, like a pirouette, wrapping my arm painfully around her leg, as she dropped her crotch down directly on my mouth just as I had opened up to cry out “AHH You’re breaking my wrist!” Of course my protest was muffled by her muff as she giggled and started grinding herself against my lips. My arm was bent at such a painful angle I couldn’t even try bucking her little ass off me, but she had situated my elbow in such a way so she could pull my open palm against her breast, cupping it over her bikini top.

“Mmm I love when you play with my tits, little bro, you were always staring at them, you perv,” she giggled and it felt more like she was doing the “quit hitting yourself” thing since I was powerless to even try to bend my arm as she leaned her head back to dig her pussy deeper into my face.

“Use your tongue more,” she moaned and I felt that lightning bolt of pain as she jerked my wrist tigher and I was squealing in pain but she moaned as though I were enjoying this one sided domination. This wasn’t the first time my sister used me like a human vibrator but it was never such a complete washout victory in her favor. I had no choice but to oblige my older sister the use of my tongue and when I presented it between my opened lips she really started gasping and moaning as she bucked forwards and back for four minutes before she finally shuddered a deep sigh a contentment. Grandma thankfully made her get up, signaling my sister as winner of the first round.

I asked for some ice for my wrist while I rested but grandma thought I was just being dramatic but that shit really fucking hurt. Cindy scooped her bikini bottoms up off the floor and winked at me before skipping her heart shaped ass over to her stool. I had taken a real face pounding, not to mention it felt like she had dislocated my arm so I was favoring it gently when taksim masöz escort the next round started.

Grandma started us again in the collar and elbow position and despite the pain I was still sporting wood while my sister still held her rosy glow from her earlier orgasm. When she blew her whistle to begin, I didn’t want Cindy trying another flip thing on me again so I rushed her back, using the little bit of weight advantage I had to keep her back peddaling and off balance. It worked for a bit too but she was kinda strong and I wasn’t just easily walking her but fighting her for every step so when I lunged my right foot forward to press the advantage some more, she hookedher leg under the back of mine and I sailed through the air, landing on my back with a loud “oomph” but of course I had let go of my sister stupidly and she lunged forward, driving her knee into my abdomen with the force of a cannonball.

I curled up in a fetal position, the queasy feeling I was going to throw up breakfast rushed through me as I tried to keep it down but Cindy was all over me like an anaconda. She wrapped her toned legs around my skull and locked in a figure four headscissors, I groaned initially but found my air supply was cut short as she had been facing my feet so when she cinched her legs tight, my nose was pulled into her pussy. My every breath tickled her clit and when I after a few moments when I was finally able to get my hands up I tried-like an idiot-to separate her legs from around my head but when that failed I thought maybe I could grab her hair or something.

Any other idea I had went out the window when my sister grabbed my cock through my speedos. I froze and moaned into my big sister’s twat as she controlled me with this one handed grip, while her other hand pulled my hair so my face was buried deeper in her pussy.

My hand slid around her delicate wrist, at first to try and pull it free, but eventually it just lingered there, as if urging her to keep the tempo with which she jacked me. She would speed up and slow down as if keeping me on this tightrope between bliss and agony, pausing to hump her ass back against my face, all the while giggling at my predicament. I guess she taksim otele gelen escort ended up taking pity on me-because I’ve never lost this bad-because I heard her order me to fuck her fist if I wanted it to be over. I hesitated for a few seconds but I felt her start wanking my dick really fast and I groaned; the desire to cum greater than trying to win, and I started bucking my hips up off the floor as I was made to fuck the hole in her fist until I shuddered and screamed into her pussy as the dark stain of my surrendered colored the front of my speedos.

Grandma blew her whistle and Cindy stood up, hand raised in the air while I was gasping and sweating, lying on the mat, like I had just run a marathon. They gave me a few seconds to recover until I had endure the additional embarrassment of my punishment. I stripped off my soaked briefs, handing them to my sister who promptly stood on her tippy toes and placed my speedos over my head, making me wear them like a mask with the cum-stained part right across my mouth and nose.

“Hope they taste good, lil bro,” Cindy laughed and flicked my still half-hard cock, making me shudder since it was so fucking sensitive. After that I was made to get on all fours on the mat, with my ass facing my family who had been sitting in a semi circle of couches and folding chairs as grandpa came out of his den holding The Old Horse. That was the name that had been etched into the paddle, also dating back to well before I was born, it was just straight wood but made of some kinda vibranium since in the many decades it’s seen action it has never once chipped or splintered. My sister, who had wiped her cummy hand off on my bare ass, giving it a playful slap as if to warm me up, spit into her palms and wrapped them around The Old Horse as she wound up several “practice” swings, though none making actual combat. I was face down in the mat, digging my nails into my palms, as she swung back and cracked me hard across my left cheek. I tried not to scream the first one but my entire body shook with pain; I think knowing the rest were to come was what filled my body with adrenaline as my sister took her time giving me all ten whacks. This was the family tradition, you could either fuck the loser-which you had to have their permission-or take the paddling; which was always the winners age divided in half. In the big picture I got off light but I still looked over at my sister during dinner later and as she watched me twitch and wiggle uncomfortably in my seat, she giggled every time knowing all that practice in the batting cages had really paid off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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