My Swim Mate

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Everyday I see you, I see you looking at me. You watching me, you watch me as I swim. You are the reason that I still come to the Health Club. You are the reason I still get up every morning that early and swim in the cold water. You are always here swimming with me when most people are still in bed. We have the pool to ourselves. I don’t know your name, but I know your body. I know that look in your eyes as you watch me get out of the pool. As you watch me as I dry off. As I rub the towel over my shoulders and arms. As the towel travels down past my breast, my nipples rise; they feel you looking, you watching wishing that your hands were rubbing me in place of the towel. As I continue down my body I let the towel linger on my waist, hips and butt, taking my time, letting you watch. Then I wrap the towel around me and walk into the locker room. Knowing your eyes are following me, I allow my hips to sway causing the towel to flip as I walk.

I know this because I’m watching you. I look down the hall, as I make the turn at every lap, waiting for you to come into the pool. I watch you as you walk over to you lane, stretching as you go. What a body your have, I dream of your arms around me, your lips kissing mine, my head against your chest. All I can think of as you slid into the pool is how you look and how you must look when you are showering.

I marmaris escort watch you swim, counting the laps until you get out. I watch you as you slip out of the pool and grab your towel. I watch you as quickly dry off walking to the locker room. I see the look in your eyes. I know that look because I feel the same way. The difference is today. Today as you walk into the looker room, I will follow. Today I am going to fulfill my fantasy of seeing you, being with you.

At first you don’t notice me as I stand at the door, watching you. I watch you take off your suit. I watch you head to the shower. I lick my lips knowing what will happen next. I hear the shower running, I walk into the shower and pull back the curtain. At first you are startled, but as you see it is me your mouth curls into a slight smile. I drop to my knees and take your cock into my hand, holding it, stroking it, admiring it in all its beauty. I cup your balls and roll them in my hand feeling their weight. I lean over and trace the trail of water with my tongue as it runs over your cock. With each stroke of my tongue, your cock rises, getting harder. I love the look of it as the water runs over it. I start at the tip and run my tongue in little up and down strokes to the base. I then take your balls into my mouth sucking gently at one then both while I stroke your marmaris escort bayan cock with my hand. I hear you moan as your weight shifts.

You lean back against the wall, letting me continue to make love to your cock. I lean back; look at your cock standing proud in front of me. Then I take a long lingering look up your body enjoying every inch of your tan skin and beautifully sculptured muscles, stopping at the most sensual green eyes I have ever seen. I see the longing in you gaze, telling to me finish, that you have been wanting this as much as I have. I look into your eyes and slowly softly stroke your cock with the tips of my fingernails. This sends you cock twitching with excitement. I reach up to your chest and as I bring my eyes back down your body I rack my nails over your chest leaving long light red lines. One last longing look and take you cock in my mouth pushing it deep, all the way to the back of my throat, causing you to gasp with pleasure.

I stop, just for a moment, waiting for you to relax. I place my hands on either side of your hips massaging your lower abs at the same time stroking your cock with my tongue and moaning. I start to slowly pull off sucking the whole way. I grab the base of your cock with one hand and your balls with the other. When I get to the top I tickle your slit with my tongue causing pre-cum escort marmaris to ooze out. I lick it off and savor the sweet flavor. I then run my tongue down the pulsating vein sliding my mouth over the engorged head as I reach the base. I start pumping up and down sucking the whole time…stroking with my hand and gently squeezing your balls.

You grab my head, you can’t take it any longer and you start fuck my mouth, pushing with your hips pulling my hair with your hands… I reach around grab your ass pulling you in further down my throat…cum baby cum for me cum in my mouth down my throat…gives me your load…give it to me… I hear you growling and feel you shoot… pulse after pulse shoots down my throat… I take it all… holding you deep in my mouth. Mmmm… I look up into your eyes seeing the pleasure I have given you. I release your ass and grab your cock, slowly and tenderly I licking it clean, kissing the tip.

Your hands reach for my shoulders as I lick you, still holding on to your cock, you lift me. Slowly you pull me off my knees, I run my hands up your body as you lift me, placing them on your chest. I gaze into your eyes, knowing, seeing the pleasure I have just given you. You pull me up to your waiting mouth and give me the most intense kiss, tracing the inside of my mouth with your tongue, stroking my back. My knees weaken; I move my arms around your neck to hold on. My head is spinning; I don’t want this kiss to end. You are sending me to a heaven I never knew existed. As you break the kiss, you whisper in my ear…your turn…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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