My Twenty First Birthday

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To understand my life we have to go back to my grandparents, a time we became a very different branch of the family. Our branch of this family began after our Pop’s family was rejected. Grandpa was rather well of, he bought and sold horses and bred some very fine ones of his own stud. Even in his choice of partners he chose more to create a different blood line, than to satisfy his parents or their other siblings.

His brothers and sister could not understand why he chose to marry the twin sister of one of the travellers. Travellers he had allowed to stay on his property, after one of his stallions had serviced their mare. A property in the country not that far from Antwerp, nearly on the border where our countries language was more Dutch than French. Pop’s had asked her father for her hand in marriage. She had insisted to see him naked and would be in charge of her new family, before accepting his proposal. The whispers that are still going around are that Pops did work for a day naked to satisfy his chosen wife to be. With a promise that her father and sister could stay on Pops property when they were in their neighborhood. When he was finally accepted, our grandmother would wash him down daily after his chores were done. She liked to be attended by a clean male / Stallion as she liked horses as much as her human partner.

No matter if there was family or not, Pops was washed on the concrete porch from had to toe before he was allowed in, to have his dinner.

How she had made Pops to accept that she could use her horse whip on him? stayed a mystery. We all know that took place, if she believed his eyes had wandered or he had drunk to much. Punishment was always on his bare ass. He was not whipped often but when he had been he had known it for many of the following days while the marks on his skin would be healing. As his grandchild I learned all this from the warnings my father had received from our mother.

Something like “if you think using the paddle on your naked behind is not why you married me, we can always use Nana’s whip, your choice.”

My mother had inherited her mothers light tinted skin if she stayed out of the sun that is, became very dark in just hours at our local sun-club. While what she called her mane “like the hair on the horses necks”, which was an abundance of nearly blue black hair, most of us, even my sister inherited. You would not have believed that travellers females would like nudism, however both our Nan and mother had insisted we became part of nude living when possible. Both made sure their families did join their local clubs.

Whether I was an unexpected late comer, or just a quirk in our families DNA. I was born with nearly black hair only by the time I was a toddler it turned out to be dirty blond looking. I never liked the looks of my own self, all the other women since my grandma had developed well and seemed to have the same black for some nearly blue black hair. All were D-cups at eighteen and after having had a baby their size needed home made bra’s. Mine boobs never grew past the sunny-side up stage of fried eggs. It could also be because mother had married a Dutchman, possibly because he did not know the rules our women controlled their partners by.

One thing that came to my advantage my high-school exam results were mostly A or the highest outcome possible of most subjects.

I took up accountancy and found a well paying job at age 19. This was also the year that I dated for the first and last time, James had been one of my colleagues. On the second date his hands had wandered over my breasts which had never developed past the sunny-side up fried-egg stages when I became eighteen. I had objected to his hands touching my crotch the end of us dating, followed in less than the two weeks that followed.

Mum and dad were a lot like my grandparents, mother was in charge only did not use a riding-crop but there was a paddle hanging in their bedroom. türbanlı escort Its use had become quiet apparent after my eighteenth, when mother found it necessary to paddle my fathers bare behind when I was present too. Her motto was when you are the right age you should learn how to control your man.

Before that time he was paddled in their bedroom when their children were below adult age. Later when I was not present or in their master bedroom. Some of us children might have guessed earlier what was going on, when our dad found it difficult to sit down on one of the wooden kitchen chairs. But we were kept in the dark in every other way before our eighteenth birthday, I was the last one, to be introduced to house rules and learned to inspect the male cock for any indications of out of turn arousals. The first time I pulled his foreskin back to cheque the small slit for any pre-cum, made me feel as small as a ten year old while being a confirmed adult.

All took place the first time I saw my dads bare ass smacked by mother, making sure it did not cause him arousal, if it did! another ten of the best were administered. It was at the time that our older brother was given the choice to get paddled like our dad living in our family, or move out. Willem stayed and soon either my sister or I the youngest got the task examining his cock regularly about his arousal or not. When the other was detected I or my sister would give him the required number of extra slaps. Our privates were not deemed that privately special in our family. If he had show any form unwanted arousal, another ten hits would follow.

Over the years it had become more common for one of mothers girlfriends to stay over when we were teenagers, noticing this rather common occurrence as adults seeing the three of them using the master bedroom. My older sister asked mum why dad slept in the master bedroom with two women. They could have had threesomes only knowing my mother better now I don’t believe so. It was not our business so none of the other children had ever got an answer.

My daughter was mostly alone, even her venture of a date seemed to have come to nought. She had just been settled in her first job earning more than any of the other siblings. Apart from Theresa with whom she had been best friends until Theresa had decided to earn a living as a worker in our local woolen mills, that friend of old seemed to have many friends meeting her in town. One weekend I invited her to our place when Carina was in Antwerp where there was a function or something like, it that would improve her status in accountancy.

Theresa seemed to enjoy her life and did rather like my more hands on approach greeting her. Even just a greeting kiss turned out more warmly than expected. When I asked her why their friendship with Carina seemed to have died down, while Carina seemed to be mostly alone. Theresa asked me are you familiar with the German trend of One where young people that understood how precarious their future looks had joined in droves too. Many of the boys that joined did understand their places as submissive gave them a greater chance to be let in. I was shown on our computer how more than 70 percent of the women that joined did not need men at all. While their fears of the future were mostly forgotten when their sexual highs which were usually daily, starting in the morning and continuing after their working day had come to an end. Theresa invited me to come and see for myself if I felt brave enough. The following Monday afternoon more evening I had rang her doorbell hearing one of her friends yell out just come in if you are brave enough.

I don’t know what to expect, but seeing six nude female friends most of them oiled up, and one naked man with a collar round his neck was not what I had expected. Carina called out high Everdina join us if you like, you are somewhat overdressed. I was way in my ümraniye escort forties while none of her female friends were more than twenty two some had been classmates of Carina. With a lot of anticipation I stripped for the good of my daughter, while as soon as my dress-code was the same as the other women they oiled me up, or in depending how you describe being sexually titillated my half a dozen youths. Even my rectum via my anus was lubricated as their still only single male present, while more women had followed me in, was free to use the newcomers backside if she did not object. I was there to learn wasn’t I so I found myself soon on my hands and knees while a thick cock was pumping in my anus while Theresa had made herself available to be eaten out by me.

It was strange, gloriously stupid, you name it, but my orgasm had brought me to heights I seldom enjoyed. Even when my backside was tongue-fucked and the semen sucked out while one of the other women had managed herself under my vagina, while Theresa’s crotch had been replaced by one of the newcomers which did bring on a similar orgasm than the first one.

I must have fallen asleep at some time, when Theresa woke me with a kiss demanded an oral orgasm before we talked. After Theresa had cum it was her who did most of the talking. She began most of us believe that by the time we reach sixty this world won’t be fit to live in any more. Some of us will have children only their lives could be very short lived. Our world is changing on such a rapid rate, only two things could count, get rid of politicians that don’t attack the dangers head on it might still be to late already. While enjoying life anyway possible that does not add to that of our polluting parents.

When I answered her I had come for my daughter to make her life better in friendship Carina. Theresa told me she had been in love more like having a crush on my daughter well before she had left school but their lives had grown in different directions never knowing if Carina was approachable in just sex.

That is when we concocted a plan to make Carina’s life more like that of Theresa with the need like most others, for her to allow herself to feel whole and well.

These steps had to be cautious but firm we both agreed upon.

My life changed in a way I had never believed possible, the day I became twenty one. Mother had suggested on the Friday night to come to the master bedroom for my present after Dad had gone for breakfast or to the stables, yes we were still horse traders, and ran our own stud.

One of the reasons I enjoyed riding my horse bareback was that it had given me a pleasant feeling in my crotch. Before my morning shower, most weekends. I must have been rather backward because the word masturbation had not found its way in my mind or dictionary research or any other way. By the time I had reached the age of twelve instead of sleeping nude I took it on myself to wear unlike the others a tee-shirt and shorts at night. That was after the day my first menstruation took place, with all the explanations given by Everdina “our mothers name” being a descendant of a female traveller. To make me understand it was normal for any girl to become more woman this way, even when it was rather awkward.

Having had a pleasant stretch it was my birthday which made the day special for me. I wandered over to the master bedroom and found mother still snoozing so I just entered her bed, cuddled with my mum till she had truly woken up. Later I wondered if it had been a pretend sleep to make me feel more comfortable. Mother was nude which was normal for her, and suggested I sit in between her legs. That is when my massage began. She started with a hair brush using long strokes that turned into a pleasant feelings like being groomed to go out.

Followed up with her hands administrating feather light touches over my blond hair, while I was feeling her acıbadem escort kissing me there in between her hands-on stroking my scalp there. This took more that ten-minutes. Mother took her time. While the warmish feeling in temperature and touchy feely had me dozing of when the same feather light strokes were applied to my arms and the kisses had come down to my neck. I did enjoy all the attention given, as part of my birthday only she slowly went to more private places where my hardly existing breast were placed. The two of us had settled in a real loving mother encompassing loveable feeling.

I had never had the need of a bra, this allowed my nipples to harden pushing against the tee-shirt I wore. While mothers massaging feather like strokes never stopped. You would think as I should have done than, I must admit I did not knowing where it had led me too. I Carina should have put a stop to that, even if she was my mother. You might call me green but I was enjoying mothers caresses. When she had me turn around to face her while she had lifted my tee-shirt of me I nearly did move away, only Everdina gave me an open-mouthed kiss. It was as if our relationship of mother daughter somehow did not mean the same any-more. Our tongues found one and other as if they were an end to both of our beings. They circled and tasted each other even the exchange of spittle was pleasant, something I would have never accepted before it happened.

My nude male like breast were aching in their nipples, Everdina pulled on them with more and more force. While her tongue never stopped, my shorts had become, as wet as!!. As if I had been wetting myself but I knew I had not pissed myself. Even my birthday or wherever my mind was, all had become a dreamlike zone. Normally I would have objected but when my shorts were removed it felt like a new freedom. Mother shifted her mouth to my nipples using her teeth to hold onto them and suck on the one at the same time. One of her hands had begun like before but now on my vagina lips when wonder of wonders my clitoris stood up. One of Everdina’s fingers had entered my vagina while her thumb was stroking that little nub of mine. Followed by her face her tongue even blowing on my little nub was a part of her attack on my virginity. I had become like a paper doll without a will when the first orgasm in my life struck me, it was like falling in a pool of pleasure. I was now pulling on my own nipples so this would never stop. It did and I must have yelled oh mum, so she stopped my yelling out with kissing me as before. She never mentioned that she did not wanted to be interrupted understanding that mother enjoyed the sexual part as much or more than I at first did.

Than my unanswered question was asked are you a lesbian mum? She did not answer only intensified her lovemaking which I could not stop even if I might have wanted too. It pays to be truthful!

There I was at twenty one naked me, in my mothers bed, having sex with the woman who birthed me. If any one would have suggested this yesterday I would have looked at them and asked ” are you crazy” only I did not want to stop now. Found my face in the same vagina I had come out of 21 years ago and was sucking licking and doing it all over again as if mum was an ice-cream cake. I must have done something right as Everdina could no longer control her own body as if her hips were jerking her vagina up and down. I was hanging onto her clitoris with my mouth when most of my left-hands fingers were held vice like by the inner muscles of her vagina.

Like before my birth mother and I were as one. I received a ring that day, the usual gift on one’s twenty-firsts birthday. The day continue when mother introduced me to an old friend with whom primary school together and the first classes of High school. Her name was Theresa, who was gay. We had not seen one and other for years. That night the two of us made up for the sex that had been missing from my life so far. We had been friends for years previously, to learn that there could be more between the two of us if we let it. We slept most of the Sunday after we had been copulating for most of the previous night. Finally I felt like I was a real adult, while my flat chest was a plus for Theresa.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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