My Wife Shares Me W/Family Ch. 11

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The morning after Cara and I’s group sex with Melissa and Brandon had my girlfriend Jessica almost constantly saying “I cannot believe my sister did that” followed closely by “I don’t know where she gets off thinking she can share my cock with another woman.” And my response ever time was “Well, your sister got off a lot of times.” Jessica always chuckled softly while she gave me a stern look.

“At least someone can get her off,” Jessica said during the mid afternoon while we sat and watched TV. “We all know she hasn’t had an orgasm by her husband.”

My beautiful girlfriend sat snuggled up against me with one of her 34D’s pressed against my ribcage. After she’d asked how my night had been, I had quickly shown her the pictures I had taken of her sister. Shocked and impressed with her sister for taking a strange man’s cock in her ass, I could sense Jessica’s jealousy. Not because of her own boyfriend had been with two other women, but because her big sister had gotten double penetrated by what must have been two wonderful cocks.

Extremely turned on, Jess had demanded I eat her out while she continued to scroll through the pictures of her sister’s worn out pussy and stretched out asshole.

Hitting her in the spots that I knew would send her through the roof; I felt the cramped quarters inside of my pajama pants as my thick 7″ began to swell. My currently unused left hand, as my right was stroking her clit as my tongue assaulted her labia, began to rub and pressed against my hardening wood.

“Are you getting hard baby?” Jessica purred.

I didn’t take my mouth off her pussy, instead electing to hum my “ah huh” into her heating up box.

She let a shiver course through her body before she spoke again. Panting deeply but softly, she said “Are you as hard as when you entered into my sister’s pussy last night?”

I wanted to tell her that listening to her talk was getting me even harder, but I answered the same as before while I continued my work. Jess’ legs were beginning to shake and spasm as they got dangerously close to slapping shut against my head.

With very little skill and a ton of effort, I started trying to free myself as my cock begged for more room.

Jess must have sensed what I was trying to accomplish because she said, “Have you cum eating my pussy like you always do with my other sister?”

I shook my head viciously side to side while my tongue was inside of her, causing it to pinball from one side to the other. This caused Jess’ hips to buck and thrust against my tongue.

“Good,” Jessica suddenly said while raising herself up from the kitchen’s island counter. She took my head in her two hands, bringing her lips down to mine and giving me a tongue lashing kiss that only seemed to turn her on even more as she tasted herself.

And like that we were done.

“I need you fully loaded for our guest that’s coming over later.”

She looked down at my cock that I had failed to free. The material of my pants was extremely pitched as Jess handed back my phone with the pictures of Cara still open.

“I wonder how she hid those gaping holes from Damon, lucky girl,” Jessica said before she kissed the top of my head. “Good boy, don’t even think about getting yourself off. Thumper needs to be punished.”

Punished!? I thought to myself as I sat with a raging hard-on with no apparent quick fix. The word punish could mean so many different things with Jess. On a scale of 1 to 10, any punishment from her was always worth the crime.

So there we sat watching TV into the early afternoon. Jessica had gotten dressed right after I’d had my breakfast. It took a long while for the blood to leave my cock as I continued to think about Jessica and Cara. But with enough distraction left me only to wonder what my wonderful girlfriend had in store for the day.

I knew we were having dinner that night with Jess’ other sister Lois and her husband Sean. The sister that I had impregnated and a woman that wasn’t being satisfied by her daffy husband whom thought he’d poke his unborn with his cock if he entered his wife.

And if there was only one thing that I knew well about the three sisters, the twin’s Lois and Cara along with Jessica, it was that their sexual need needed to be itched or anything was possible.

So I sat watching harmless television with my hot big breasted girlfriend who liked to share me with her family, thinking that I wanted/needed to propose and to marry this woman. It was one thing for Jess to share me with her sister Cara because Cara couldn’t have an orgasm and Jess thought I had the tool for the job, but it was everyone else that she had shared me with to not only quench her sexual thirst, but mine as well.

I craved sex every day and for the most part Jessica had been able to keep up with me. Her sexual desires matched mine totally. But because of my cock’s girth, she got worn out and was often unable to go on more than back-to-back-to-back nights. When her pussy was too sore to take me, we’d have a night of strictly bostancı escort anal but that obviously wasn’t sustainable. She was always generous and loving enough to give me head with strict rules that Thumper wasn’t going to end up in any other of her holes and that I needed to promise and agree. Of course I said absolutely and would lay back to enjoy her fantastic blow job. But as my arousal got quenched, it only provoked her arousal more. More often than not, she’d end up straddling me and regretting it in the morning.

It had taken us two years of tremendously awesome sex for her to command we get another pussy.

Enter Cara, her massive breasted sister.

Then it was her cousin Nikki, illegally at first but now a favorite of Jess’ for a threesome.

Nikki was accidently followed by her mom, Jessica’s Aunt Janet. Aunt Janet had the experience of an older woman, but the naiveté of a long time married woman. This birthed my first male-male-female threesome with her husband Anderson.

After that, Jessica had loaned me out to her other sister Lois because she’d never had oral sex before. By some freak of nature, because no one understands why, I cum every time I eat her pussy. My cock doesn’t need to be stroked, sucked, or fucked for me to have an orgasm when I’m between her legs.

Lois had never taken me inside of her before the night that I had put a baby inside of her. It had occurred accidentally of course while both our brains had been cloudy with lust. She’d made me wear a condom the first time we’d fucked, but because she wanted more and I was able to get it up, she took me unprotected.

And now I sat with my girlfriend, unbeknownst to her, that the baby her sister was carrying was actually mine.

Jessica was rubbing the inside of my left thigh as I daydreamed about the past 16 months or so. When her hand pressed and rubbed against my ball sack, I flinched and ground back into her.

Her phone suddenly vibrated, stopping her movements while she checked it. When her hand moved over top and began rubbing my cock, she looked up at me and smiled.

“Is Thumper ready for his first punishment?”

I barely nodded when the doorbell rang.

Jessica practically leaped off the couch in all of her excitement. As I watched her run to the door, she smiled and giggled back at me as I watched her perfect ass bounce and move away from me.

With a slight bulge in the front of my shorts, I decided to join her at the front door. Whomever it was had come over for sex, so seeing my pitched front wouldn’t be much of a surprise.

When Jess opened the door, Lois stood on the other side with a big smile on her face. She looked lovingly at her sister as they hugged and lustily at me as their hug broke off. I watched her eyes as they traveled down my body and suddenly stopped at my crotch.

A pregnant Lois looked marvelous. She wore a brown maternity skirt that stopped just above her knees with a zipper that ran most of the length down the front. Her maroon colored top clung tightly to her growing belly while her swollen breasts added two more lovely mounds to her body. Both Jessica and I couldn’t help but to stare at Lois’ chest. Though very tasteful and delicately dressed, Lois sported some mouthwatering cleavage that had me begging for more.

“You are absolutely glowing!” Jessica exclaimed. She smiled at her sister and looked back at me, my mouth gapping. “Don’t mind my ape of a boyfriend, you know him. Show him some boobs and he goes fuzzy.”

Lois laughed easily as she closed the distance between us. I spread my arms and received her in a hug. Her belly hit first, so I leant over enough to clutch her firmly to me.

“Hello daddy,” Lois purred into my ear. I felt her lower half try to move tighter to me as she remembered my growing cock, but her belly got into our way. Her words had only gotten me harder and Jessica noticed.

“It looks like Thumper wants to say hello too,” she smiled.

My hands slid down her shoulders and down her side as we both pulled away enough to see each other. I moved half way in to see if Lois wanted to kiss, my current arousal state forced me to not just throw this pregnant woman down and take her like an animal.

To further stoke my flame, Lois met me and pushed even further. Her tongue leapt into my mouth as she parted my lips. Her hands flew up to my head and pulled me tighter; her fingers began playing in my hair. Lois began to pant softly as her mouth continued to work against mine. My hands had never left the sides of her breasts as my brain and eyes wanted to see them freed from their constriction.

“Lois, we need to punish Thumper first,” Jessica said softly. “He’s been a very bad boy.”

She broke away, though that wasn’t what she desired. “I haven’t had sex since he put a baby in my belly. A girl’s gotta eat right?”

When Lois said “he” Jessica probably took it as her husband Sean. But I knew Lois really had meant when I had put that baby inside büyükçekmece escort of her. And then I felt sad for her because that meant she hadn’t had sex in like three months. It’s no wonder that she wanted to jump me, a willing cock that wanted to be inside of her.

Jessica took Lois’ hand who in turn took mine as we were led into the living room.

“God she is beautiful isn’t she Tony?” Jessica asked as she looked over her sister.

“Indeed,” I agreed with a nod.

She let go of Lois’ hand and began to examine her sister’s body. “Lo still has wonderful legs, don’t she?” Jess crouched down beside Lo as she slid her hand down her sister’s leg. “Her ankles aren’t swollen yet.” Jess ran her hand back up, her fingers on the inside as they made their way up. When she slowed up above Lois’ knee, my breath caught as I watched, wondering how far she was going to go. When Jess’ hand disappeared up her skirt, Lois gasped and her body shivered from her sister’s touch.

“God I can feel her heat from her thigh,” Jessica purred as her hand returned and she began to stand back up. “She must really want Thumper.”

“I do! Badly,” Lois whimpered.

“Look at her cute little belly Tony,” Jessica said moving behind her taller sister. She peaked around Lois’ shoulder as she wrapped her arms around so that both hands sat on Lois’ belly. She moved them in soft, slow circles, which wouldn’t have been taken as sexual unless you looked into Jessica’s eyes and seen the fire burning inside them. Jessica knew what she was doing teasing me ruthlessly as she was. She knew how badly I wanted her sister at this moment the same amount that I knew that she wanted to take two cocks on at the same time. And I had made that happen for Cara before I had for her.

I really was being punished. And I loved it.

Lois purred into Jess’ ear as she got felt up by her sister. Jess had moved on and up to Lois’ breasts as she gently rubbed and caressed them.

“God you’re going to love these big knockers, baby. Filling up with milk for the baby,” Jessica said. “Tony wants to latch on to these long before the baby does. Look at him Lo, I think he’s drooling. Or he’s jealous that my hands are on you instead of his. Or he’s gonna blow a load in his shorts watching me play with my sister’s tits.”

“God, I don’t want him to do that,” Lois whimpered. “I need him.”

“He’ll cum when he’s between your legs anyways Lo Lo, sucking on that big clit of yours,” Jessica said huskily. “He’s got enough stamina to give you what you need, baby. He always does.”

Jessica started unbuttoning Lois’ shirt, starting from the top. I looked on desperately at the sight in front of me. It only took two buttons before Lois’ breasts, supported by a black lace bra, were exposed to the room. One more button below that and Jessica had her hands on her sister’s flesh, cupping and carefully squeezing at her sister’s orbs.

“Take off your shorts Tony, let’s see what we’re dealing with,” Jessica purred with a smile. She continued to fondle Lois as Lois’ head swayed and fell against her sister’s shoulder. Both eyes were intently on me as I pulled down my shorts. I had to pull the front away from my body before I pulled down to get them over my growing bulge.

Lois gave an audible gasp as my cock was only one layer away from being free. My boxer briefs strained containment of my wood. Lois licked her lips while Jessica continued to undo her shirt buttons until it was completely open.

I got my first look at her bare belly, and what I saw drove me crazy. I had put that into her belly and I wanted to go to her now and put it in her again. I made to take a step towards her but Jessica halted that.

“Down boy, you’re being punished!” Jessica said smiling as she gently removed Lois from her shirt.

Lois’ raven black hair was done up in a high ponytail. Normally with its length, it would have fallen just past her shoulders. But because it was up, it gave me an unrestricted view of her chest. Her 38D’s heaved and fell with her quicken breaths. Jessica’s hands were all over them, like I wanted mine to be, stroking the breasts’ smooth skin. Her fingers slipped into the crevice between the massive orbs as she looked back at me devilishly.

I started to play with my cockhead through my underwear, running my finger tips around the crown. I watched as two sets of eyes stared down at my actions. My legs quivered when I took my cock and pressed it down as I pushed my hips forward.

“What did Tony do that he needs to be punished?” Lois asked. Jessica was pressing her chest into her sister’s back as she was pulled into Jessica.

“He was inside of Cara,” Jessica started to pull down Lois’ bra straps off her shoulders. The back fasteners strained as they tried to hold their position. Jessica ran her right hand from Lois’ breasts up to her neck before climbing up to her shoulders.

“Well, that’s nothing new,” replied Lois a little surprised by what she was hearing. “I need him çapa escort inside of me.”

“Take off your boxer briefs,” Jessica commanded. Her hands had abandoned Lois’ chest and fallen down to her belly. Jess rubbed it lovingly in tiny circles as she kissed her sister’s shoulders.

Two can play this game, I thought to myself. Though I knew I was in a very weak position having two very beautiful women in front of me sort of playing with each other. I decide I was going to ever so slowly obey Jess’ order.

I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my underwear and pulled it away from my body. I looked down and I was able to see my blood engorged cock. “You girls wanna see it too?”

Lois nodded emphatically while Jessica just smiled back at me. “Show us yours and we’ll show you ours.”

“Ladies first, of course,” I smiled as I very carefully exposed the very tip of my fat cockhead to the girls. Lois stood drooling as Jess hooked her skirt and began removing it down Lois’ round butt until her matching black lace bikini panty was exposed. Lois carefully stepped out of her skirt with the help of Jessica who knelt beside her.

The sight before me was mesmerizing. Lois’ pale complexion with her black hair and matching lingerie went so well together. Her curves were in all the right spots with her ass being a little thicker than I had remembered it.

As a thank you, I dropped my boxer briefs. My ram rod straight pipe pointed at the sisters. I very much wanted to join them.

Jess’ hand ran down Lois’ backside as Lois’ hand playfully ran through her sister’s hair. “She smells amazing Tony, wait until you get a whiff.”

“God he’s huge!” Lois exclaimed.

“Be strong dear sister, you’re mine before I unleash him unto you,” Jessica said smiling. “Go sit over there naughty boy. We girls want to play.”

Lois’ look she gave Jessica told me she had no idea what her sister was about to do. Her eyes were locked onto my cock and I guessed if it weren’t for Jessica holding her back, I would be in one hole or another of hers.

I watched admiringly as my girlfriend pulled off her shirt, showing off her tan, and fit 34D’s. I watched intently as Jessica hugged her sister tightly from behind as they both looked at me. Jessica had a devilish grin on her face while Lois looked sex drunk.

Sitting on a recliner, I got myself in a relaxed position and began fondling myself. I cradled my balls and alternated rubbing and tugging on them. I imagined how soft Lois’ skin was that my girlfriend was stroking. Jess’ breasts were snuggly pressed up against her sister’s back and it looked to me like Lois didn’t really mind it.

In our earlier adventures together both girls had watched me eat the other one out. That had happened during Lois’ rehearsal dinner before she’d gotten married when Jess had offered my services to her sister. Neither of them had touched the other that time.

But my birthday sex had been totally different. Once again taking ownership of my cock, Jessica had made Lois eat her out to return the favor. Just like she’d done with Nikki when we were camping, those memories came rushing back. Even then, I remembered Lois not having a problem with eating a little pussy. She had been hesitant at first; I’d seen her eyes grow big after Jess had told her what to do. But after she got into it, literally her tongue inside of her sister, she lapped it like a pro.

Now it looked like the one sister was going to turn the table.

Jessica slowly pulled Lois’ panty down off her hips. Jess stared at me as she worked with a smile. She had Lois turn her back towards me to give me a great view of her ass. When it was bare, Jess gave it a petite kiss that made Lo giggle.

When Lois stepped out of them, she slowly turned back towards me so that I could see her from the front. Her large clit was unmistakably apparent below a nicely trimmed small patch of fuzz. I licked my lips as my left hand wrapped itself around my thick shaft.

Jessica slowly ran her hand up Lois’ right leg and continued up until her hand brushed against Lois’ labia before stopping and playing in her pussy hair.

I had no choice but to start stoking my cock. What I was seeing in front of me was too hot not to. I quickly imagined what it must have been like when Jessica and her other sister Cara had made the sex tape for me. What I was beginning to witness in front of me was two sisters who loved each other, one of which wanted to very much pleasure the other.

“Who are we supposed to be punishing again, us or him?” Lois said giggling as she watched me masturbate. “I think us because I really want to be over there riding Thumper.”

“NO! He needs to watch me lick where Thumper wants to be,” Jessica said standing back up. She quickly unsnapped her bra, freeing her beautiful tits as Lois looked on. “He’s been a bad boy.”

I smiled and sighed as I teased my cockhead. “You should tell Lo why Cara got to use me however she wanted to.”

Jessica smiled while unhooking Lois’ bra, her swollen breasts hung tight with her young age as I imagined how big they would get and then ultimately sag after she breast fed our baby. But for now, her pink nipples inside slightly darker areolas beckoned me to them. Jessica rolled and pulled gently at her sister’s nipples as they stood facing each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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