Naughty Grandma! Pt. 02: Mrs. Dyde

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Two days after my seduction by Grandma we were watching TV in the evening. In reality, we’d had a problem with concentrating, so after ten minutes she switched it off. We sat side by side on the sofa, each of us seated on a bath towel. Nan was partially lying on my chest, my left arm draped around her shoulders with my hand inside her nightie as I caressed her breast and played with the nipple. The towels were to protect the upholstery as we pleasured one another. My fingers – all of them – were inside her pussy while my thumb teased her clit. Nan’s hand was doing all sorts of wonderful things to my cock, wanking me for a while, then sliding her fingers with tender care over the head, massaging the dribble of pre-cum into it. She was an expert, regularly taking me within seconds of jettisoning, but always being careful not to over excite me so I didn’t climax. I wore a t-shirt and nothing else.

I’d been in this state of blissful stimulation for an hour or more, Nan had persuaded me to experience constant arousal instead of being in a rush to climax and I’d soon understood why. The feeling of a continual hard on was incredible.

Nan had managed to keep me from coming, whereas she had lost count of her orgasms. I’d discovered her G spot. Didn’t know what it was at the time, but knew what it did for her. She cried out each time she had one of her multi orgasms and yet another gush of cum spilled onto my fingers. I would have been happy to work my fingers into her sopping wet hole all evening, but she stopped me.

‘Enough, Bobby. You’ve exhausted your gran. Let me rest for a few minutes.

‘Ok, Nan. I have to rest myself.’ My cock was so hard through her continual attention it was a little painful. I needed relief. ‘Why don’t I cum into your pussy … or even better, your mouth.

Nan had no time to respond as there was an interruption. We were in the lounge which led to the back garden. It was a wonderful warm evening, the French windows were open and we enjoyed the soothing background of Summer sounds as we played. It was then Nan’s next door neighbor arrived.

Mrs Dyde stood on the threshold. ‘Oh my!’ she said.

‘Connie,’ said Nan. ‘Come in.’

Mrs Dyde entered the room with a horrified expression. ‘I’m sorry, Ethel. I didn’t mean to disturb you while you were …’

Nan was unfazed as though the tableau her neighbor witnessed was normal. ‘Can I help you, Connie?’

Mrs Dyde was finding it difficult to concentrate her words as her concentration was fixed on my erection. ‘I heard you … groaning and thought you were … unwell.’

Nan laughed. ‘On the contrary. Thanks to my grandson’s expert fingers, I’m extremely well.’

That was when I came to my senses and jumped up to leave the room.

Nan pulled on my hand. ‘Stay where you are sweetie. Connie’s seen a prick before.’

I sat down. Would never dare argue with Nan. I looked at Mrs Dyde. She was older than Nan, but more attractive. Normally, she dressed formally, regal would be accurate, but it was hot, so she wore a dress with a floral pattern which buttoned from top to bottom. The skin between the V of her dress was flushed with passion. It was a giveaway I’d noticed around Nan’s neck when she was on heat.

‘Move over, Bobby. Make room for Connie.’

‘I ought not, really I didn’t mean to disturb you.’ Despite that, she squeezed between us and sighed. ‘Ethel, how many times have I told you my name’s Constance. Anyway, be that as it may, you well know I was married, so of course I’ve seen a … seen a penis.’

‘It was a few years ago that Albert died, ‘Nan told me. ‘And she couldn’t have seen it that often since Connie always wanted şirinevler escort the light out.’

‘Ethel! I do wish you’d keep such information to yourself.’

‘Connie, to make amends for my indiscretion I’ll share my grandson with you.’ As she spoke, she picked up Mrs Dyde’s hand and used it to stroke my cock. ‘Bobby’s prick is so soft and smooth, yet hard at the same time. Don’t you agree?’

Mrs Dyde’s first reaction was to pull her hand away, but two seconds later she overcame her initial impulse and put both hands on the base of my dick. She started to stroke it, one hand at the front and the other slid up the back, but then she abruptly stopped. Since her arrival, her eyes had fixed on my erection, but now she ceased fondling me and raised her eyes to my face. She didn’t speak, however I detected what I surmised to be a pleading expression. I suspected she hadn’t had the joy of fondling a penis since Albert died.

I placed my hand over hers as a gesture of understanding and she gave me a broad smile. Her gaze returned to my erection and her delicate hands continued to play with it. ‘You’re wet, oh, so wet,’ she sighed.

‘He is. Never known a man with so much pre-cum. Kiss him, Connie. He loves to be French kissed.’

Our mouths met, hers already open as her tongue shot between my lips. Mmm, this woman had so much passion. Our tongues were happily tasting one another when she pulled away. ‘No, Ethel, no. I’ve told you before I don’t want you molesting me.’ Nan had unbuttoned the front of her dress before Mrs Dyde realized it was her, not me undressing her.

Nan shrugged and winked at me.

‘May I undress you Mrs Dyde?’

‘Please Bobby.’ She took a deep breath and blushed. ‘That would be lovely.’

It seemed unusual calling her Mrs Dyde when I was about to strip her naked, but ever since I’d known her she’d been formal and stand offish. I pulled the two halves of her dress apart and feasted on her body. I looked up to her face. She was trembling, maybe it was anticipation, or perhaps she couldn’t believe this young guy was about to take control of her body. Mrs Dyde looked vulnerable and that only increased my lust for this old lady.

I knew she was a few years older than Nan. She was slimmer, but not skinny and I immediately fell in love with the shape of her boobs. She wore a pink, light fitting bra, even so the tops of her breasts swelled. The outlines of her nipples were visible through the thin material, but when the tips of my finger lightly brushed over them they became a tad larger. My right hand cupped and squeezed her breast before it entered her bra and captured her nipple. She gave a small gasp at my touch and another when I undid the clasp and her bra released both boobs into my possession.

Mrs Dyde’s nipples were like pencil rubbers, except larger and so much softer and pliable as I took hold of them. I pulled and squeezed them while she watched every move I made. It was great to hear her groaning. ‘Oh, so good, so very good,’ she sighed.

I looked down at her sexy knickers. She wore loose fitting cami-knickers which were probably fashionable when she was a young woman. They were elasticated at the top, but open at each leg. On such a warm evening they would keep her cooler than snug panties, but to my mind the major benefit was it allowed me easy access to the prize between her thighs. My right hand abandoned her left breast and travelled slowly down her body. She tensed and held her breath as my fingers caressed her skin, down over her midriff, her tummy and over the silk of her camis. At their opening my hand reversed direction and crept up her inner şişli escort thigh stroking her softness as it moved upwards. My fingers met a thick mass of damp hair which I entered as I searched for her outer lips.

To find her pussy I could have used the heat it was dissipating. I used the backs of my fingers to smooth up and down her lips, but only for a minute as my patience insisted I invade her pussy. Despite Mrs Dyde being soaked, I didn’t want to risk hurting her, so used only my middle finger to access her hole. I needn’t have worried as she took it without resistance. I withdrew it and, with ease, she took two fingers into her, deep into her. I pulled back and slowly pushed back in. I began to finger fuck Mrs Dyde, both of us loving every second. My other hand was needed. I left her breast and entered the top of her camis, destined for her clitoris. Her swollen nub was easy to find and I gently pulled on it. She squealed like a child.

Meanwhile, the tender touch of her fingers over every inch of my cock took me to the point of no return. ‘Will you wank me, Mrs Dyde,’ I begged, ‘… please?’ She didn’t answer, but simply responded by pumping her closed hands up and down my erection.

Now that Mrs Dyde’s boobs were available, Nan took advantage and grasped them, holding them tight and suckling on the enlarged nipples.

‘No, Ethel, no. I’ve told you so many times …’ Her voice drifted into silence as the lust took over her senses. I suspect that was the time she realized she was lost and her will power was forced to surrender to Nan’s insistence.

It was also the time that the firm grip of Mrs Dyde’s hands on my cock caused it to erupt. Cum showered the three of us as spasms of semen flew everywhere. Mrs Dyde looked at the cum dripping down the backs of her fingers and I’m sure what she’d done to me was a trigger, because that’s when her body shuddered, her eyes closed and she cried out loud as the orgasm claimed her. It was wonderful to see this lady lose years of built up inhibitions and allow herself to be overtaken by her most basis need. Even after reaching her climax she made no attempt to cover her naked boobs and even allowed Nan to continue her assault on them.

The towels we’d been so careful to use had not saved the upholstery from my violent ejaculation. I left the ladies to find fresh towels to clean up.

Five minutes later, I stopped dead as I entered the room. Mrs Dyde hadn’t moved, however Nan had managed to remove her cami-knickers. Not only was Nan’s neighbour naked, but Nan was now kneeling on the floor forcing her fingers and thumb into her wide open hole. Mrs Dyde was whimpering as her pussy was being stretched, however there was no doubt she was enjoying every moment.

Nan called me over. ‘Bobby, help me to get into position.’ She explained what she needed and a minute later she was doggie fashion on the sofa and straddling Mrs Dyde’s thighs. With my assistance she’s been able to keep her fist in-situ as she repositioned herself.

Nan kept slow pressure on forcing her fist into her. I’m not sure Mrs Dyde was fully aware why Nan was straddling her as she was in a world of her own. However, she came to her senses when Nan lifted her leg up as though she was a dog about to pee on her neighbor. Nan’s legs were apart so her hole was at its widest. She rested her lower leg on the back of the sofa. ‘Connie,’ she whispered.

‘Yes, Ethel.’

‘I need you to reciprocate.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Slide your hand into my pussy, but make it slow, just as I’m doing to you.’

Mrs Dyde’s voice was firm as she protested. ‘I couldn’t possibly. I’ve told taksim escort you …’

‘Yes, I know, but it’s simple, unless you want me to take my hand out of your cunt, you’re going to fuck me in the same way as I’m fucking you.’

‘But Ethel, my hand’s far too big.’

‘Connie, I’ve had a milk bottle inside my cunt every morning for years, so your hand will be easy. Now, do it!’

There was little delay as she considered the proposal. She placed her hand on Nan’s ass and moved her around so her hole was visible. She licked her lips in anticipation and a tentative finger touched Nan’s pussy. She pushed it in up to her second joint and extracted it. There was a trace of Nan’s juice on her finger. I could tell from her face this pleased Mrs Dyde, so next time she placed all of her fingers on Nan’s entrance and carefully slid them in. She smiled, pulled her sodden fingers out of Nan’s hole and manoeuvred her face so her mouth was inches from Nan’s pussy. She licked it. Nan groaned and Mrs Dyde began to lap her as though she was a kitten with a bowl of milk.

Nan was loving the attention her neighbour was giving her, but she loved it even more when she felt a tongue exploring inside her. ‘Oh, you darling lady.’ Nan continued to sigh and groan as her pussy hole was licked.

After a while, Mrs Dyde finished her exploration. ‘Oh, my dear, I can’t believe what I’ve missed all these years. This is so exciting. Is it exciting for you, Ethel?’

‘Oh, yes, Constance. Be a darling and fuck me.’

Mrs Dyde formed her hand into a point and positioned her weapon at Nan’s expectant entrance. The three of us groaned with pleasure as her hand began its naughty journey into my gran.

Watching these two old ladies being so bad was making my cock drip. Fortunately, the sofa wasn’t against a wall, so I was able to stand behind it and offer myself to Mrs Dyde. I hoped she would welcome a cock in her mouth. ‘Would you suck me, please?’

She opened her mouth and put out her tongue to lick the thin stream of pre-cum that trailed from my cock. I slipped my erection over her wet tongue and between her lipstick red lips. I didn’t know how much of my length she would be able to ‘handle’ so tentatively pushed inside as her lips closed around me. With around half of my length in her succulent mouth I began to slide in and out.

The ladies were whimpering with the sheer ecstasy of being stretched and filled by the other. When Nan corkscrewed her fist in Mrs Dyde’s cunt, she gasped and began to do the same to Nan.

Mrs Dyde was creating the most intense pleasure to my shaft as her mouth allowed it to slide in and out and it wasn’t long before my body trembled and my knees went weak. I was about to explode. I should have warned Mrs Dyde, but the thought of splashing my seed into the mouth of such a prim lady was just too much temptation and I let it fly. As the deluge hit her, her eyes widened and I thought, ‘Shit! She’s going to be so cross’ Then, just as I expected her to push me out, her eyes closed, she groaned and sucked harder. Somehow she was able to take each spasm of hot cum in her mouth and swallow. I’d assumed she would never have allowed Albert to shoot his load into her sweet mouth, but maybe this was not a new thrill for her.

I looked down at my ancient playmates and realized I should leave them to it. They seemed content to fuck one another at a slow pace, so had no need of me. I whispered ‘Goodnight’ and went to bed.


I was asleep when Nan’s hands woke me as they caressed my cock outside my pajamas. I started to undo the buttons on her nightdress. ‘No, darling,’ she whispered, ‘I’m tired and need a full night’s sleep. I’m going to make you cum now, but it’ll have to get you through the night. I know how naughty you are with your gran’s body.’

For the next few minutes I lay back as Nan’s gentle touch brought me to an amazing climax. My cum shot out inside my pajamas. She kissed me and we fell asleep.

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