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Chapter One–Sisters

Although I’d been warned about moving to Luna Vista, one of the seediest suburbs in Las Vegas, I wasn’t going to let a few rumors keep me from passing up a sweet deal like this. Six-hundred and fifty bucks for a two bedroom house with a bath and a half, a garage and plenty of space between my neighbors and myself. Now I could finally play my guitar as loud and obnoxious as I damn well please.

After getting the basics situated, a few cooking items, something to sleep on and most importantly, my music and guitar, I couldn’t help but to christen my new abode with some kick-ass riffs to find my neighbors tolerance zone.

No sooner than I found myself immersed in my latest original piece inspired by a certain nameless, faceless woman, I was startled by this dainty little voice straining to overcome the volume of my screaming solo,

“Wow, I could listen to music like that all day!”

My eyes looked up to find not a teenager, but a compact package of natural beauty whose lace tank-top barely kept her impressive bust in check. Indeed, though there was definitely something about her that gave her an air of maturity, I somehow thought flirting was out of the question. At least for now.

“Are you always so friendly to strangers?”

A cute, pouty smile emerged as she lightly bit a plump, cherry red lip.

“Are you always so inhospitable? I was just curious as to whether or not another asshole would be moving in.”

Her demeanor had a disarming way of making me feel like I was the one being an asshole.

“I’m sorry, it’s just I’m not used to people who aren’t up to anything but to check out what I’ve got to rip off. Name’s William, but you can just call me Bradley, my middle name. And whom may I ask, would you be? Miss, Missy or just Ms.?”

“Well, my name is Jasmine, not Jazzy and definitely not J.C., got it?”

I laughed, “Okay, Miss Yasmine.”

“Don’t be a jerk, Bratley, it doesn’t suit you very well. I saw the expression on your face while playing your guitar. It’s almost like you’re having an orgasm. Is it true?”

Jasmine’s question caught me off guard. “You girls are even worse than we are, but yes, some say so. Do I really look like that when I’m ripping out a solo?”

Eyes wide, Jasmine sat on the tailgate and said, “Yup, but if you ripped off that sweaty güvenilir bahis t-shirt, you could be my real rock star.”

“If you’re trying to get me naked, then don’t act so innocent. It doesn’t suit you very well.”

Truth be told, I needed to get this dirty rag of a shirt off, so up and over it went as I brought a rhythm up into a steadily growing fusion solo, blending blues with sweet nuances a la` Bruce Becvar. The likes of which I’m sure Miss Blondie hadn’t yet heard.

The gyrating motion of Jasmine’s hips swaying ’round was causing my manhood to swell. I was literally undressing her in my mind, feasting upon her delightfully petite frame and aqualine eyes. Her succulent orbs of firm, unbelieveably pearlescent breasts were so tempting, I wanted to taste them.

“You really liked that? I mean it’s just a rough idea I’ve been working on since high school, I’ve even written some lyrics too.”

Jasmine opened up a six-pack cooler and offered me an ice cold bottled water. Her delicate fingers wrapped around it, gently brushing against my open palm. Her nearness revealed a faint aroma of freshness, a scent of something deliciously clean.

“Are you blushing, Bradley? You know, I bet you’re thinking I’m a teenager, aren’t you? Well, I just turned twenty-one last week. I’d like to help, but I’ll get us some extra muscle for the the bigger stuff. Don’t underestimate this little country gal from Texas, though, I can hold my own.”

Well, that seems to put a damper on things, but I could use another big pair of guns if I want to sleep in my own bed tonight. “When can your friend get here?”

“Oh, we live together. I just know you’re going to like her, she’s actually the prettier sister, but I got the brains. Be right back, Bra-a-dley.”

Yes, I can definitely feel a song in the making. If Jasmine’s sister is even half as tasty as she says, I’d best not get involved with either. Been there, done that, nobody ever wins that game even with the best laid plans. Freakin’ sisters. Sheesh.

Before I even had my dresser and weight set lined up, Jasmine and who I presumed was her sister were already back.

“Hey, Bradley. Meet Jeri, my big sis.”

Jeri’s tall, slender shape belied the raw strength she exuded. Her Amazon-like presence overcame me. I’d never seen a woman of such irresistible qualities as did türkçe bahis this strikingly beautiful sister of Jasmine.

“Hello, Earth to Bradley.”

“Oh, yeah. Pleased to meet you, Jeri. Jasmine says you’re just the right person to help out with these last few pieces. They’re kind of heavy. I probably would’ve been nearly done if I weren’t playing rock star for someone.”

Rather than getting all flushed, Jeri’s ‘lil sis started telling her all about my supposedly hot, ripped abs and the sensual, sexual facial expressions my guitar and I made together.

“Jazzy, you’re acting your age again. I’m much more into seeing the sweat dripping off a man’s furrowed brow. You’d better stop your teasin’ or no one will ever take you seriously. I do hope you don’t scare our new neighbor away. He’s obviously not your type anyway.

Aren’t you still going to the Boardwalk or something tonight? Here’s fifty bucks, go buy yourself a bra that actually fits, okay?”

When Jasmine shot a steely-eyed gaze back at her elder, I knew then that trouble was afoot. I had to say something,

“Jasmine, when my new place is ready, we can go over some lyrics. We’ll see if your voice is as perfect as your body. Tomorrow night all right?”

Jazzy sulked off, leaving me feeling like crap. Until Jeri spoke,

“Don’t let those crocodile tears fool you, she’s not the picture of innocence she may have you believe. C’ mon, this stuff isn’t going to stow itself, I’m actually in the mood for a cold beer. You?”

I’m not sure when it happened, but suddenly brown eyes were becoming much more enticing than blue. Maybe I never really gave them a second look before getting lost in Jeri’s. “Yeah, let’s do this.”


After a six-pack of Sam Adams Summer Ale and some of the best shrimp Pad Thai ever, Jeri began massaging my aching body from head to toe. “Mmm.. yes, you have no idea how badly I’ve needed this. Have you ever considered being a massage therapist?”

“Shh…just close your eyes and relax. This is what I do. But today, I’m doing it for you. Besides, your body is like a sack lunch but with caviar and lobster inside.”

“A sack lunch?”

“Yeah, you act and dress like a pop-tart, but this one’s got a rich, creamy filling.”

“Do you always speak in metaphors? You’re like a silent jaguar, but with zebra güvenilir bahis siteleri stripes.”

Jeri got up, put her hands on her hips and said,

“Is that what you think I am? A predatory female? I never wear any other face but my own. My comment about your body was meant to be a compliment, a sincere one.”

I leaned in close to Jeri’s ear with my hands around her succulent waist, then whispered, “I thought I was a blue eyes man until today.”

Our lips touched with mouths barely parted, yearning to kiss, our bodies melding as one. “You’re beautiful, like no other.” Jeri’s breath quickened as I blew softly upon the wet trail of kisses I laid down the nape of her slender neck. Gently, I traced the front of my hand across the warm, silky smooth skin of Jeri’s cheek as goosebumps rose with her heartbeat. She eagerly assisted me in removing her faded t-shirt, revealing ivory toned breasts and tight nipples of ripe, plum colored flesh.

Jeri pulled me down and into her arms, stroking my proudly standing manhood while wearing a luscious, evil smile. “Mmm…yes, Bradley, you’ve such a lovely cock. I’m going to enjoy this more so much than you.”

“Oh, god yes.” I whimpered, as Jeri’s hungry mouth devoured my hardened root, her plush tongue savoring the slippery, seeping pre-cum. Then I felt her nimble fingers cradle my tightening sac. The feeling was so intense, I damn near came. “No! Ladies first.”

When I saw Jeri’s traditional white panties crowned by a neatly trimmed bunny-patch, my eyes widened in appreciation as my tongue slithered deep into her delicious sweet spot. I eagerly lapped up it’s contents while thumbing her tiny, hooded pearl, sending a wrenching tremor throughout her lithe body.

“Ah, oww … yes! That’s it, that’s it, there…mmm.”

Jeri’s body trembled with each successive, steadily intensifying orgasm until she screamed out in ecstasy, “I-I can’t wait any longer, Bradley, I’m about to f-f-fucking climax!”

I really wanted to have Jeri cum as she’d never came before, so I flipped her over and gently, yet forcefully thrust every inch of my stiff rod deep into her warmth. Hitting bottom, I slowly cycled my hips, anticipating every quivering orgasm with increasing ferocity. I felt a wave of pleasure coursing throughout my loins. Jeri’s amazing pussy clenched, sensing my impending release. I came, reaching a plateau of serendipitous euphoria, sharing our moment of bliss. Together, we collapsed into a tangle of sexual exhaustion, our bodies satiated.

I looked up at Jeri, smiled and said, “What about Jasmine?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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