Never Fail Again

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Picture, the room of a just barely 20 year old, colorful and dark. Clothing strewn, books piled, a coating of dust on the dresser and the girl sitting quietly on a twin size bed. Stress falling on her red head, louse pajamas wrap her form, and a small lap top computer hums’ warmly on her thighs.

Not alone in the apartment but alone in her bed. Tired of surfing the net and bored of reading. She thinks of her last relationship and bites her lip.

“You don’t even try,” he said.

Who tried more then she? Let him do all he wanted, got worked up and close, even came slightly by rubbing her own clit while he fucked her. No good.

Could it be her? Could she be unable? She has thought this before. The feeling of failure settles over her. Failure to come for him. Deciding to stop thinking she stares blankly at the wall.

Focusing on the small imperfection in the paint she tries to push it away. The problems, the mistakes, the false starts, the bad endings.

It’s a sad day when one gives up on canlı bahis an orgasm and didn’t she deserve it?


She needed it.

Slipping the old men’s workout shorts down her legs she gets a shiver of excitement. Letting her panties pool to the floor she starts to hope.

No lights.

No outside sounds.

Just her and good porn.

She sits on her bed, back propped up by a pillow, thighs spread, knees bent.

With her computer set up to her left she considers her options.

No, too much story. No, she’d never fuck him. No, she’d never fuck her. Then, there it was. A little story and she’d fuck them both.

Now the real test.

She plugged in her good headphones; sound quality was key. Starting the clip on full screen she put a little lube on her right fingers.

Slowly she dabbed the cool lube on her clit. It sent a small spark across her nerves. Continuing she lightly ran a finger up and down her slit, only stopping to flick her clit with a nail. Nothing bahis siteleri much was happening, but the show had only begun.

The man disrobed and his muscles came into focus. She never much cared for all that in her sexual partners but for a fantasy she enjoyed the view. Then there was the girl.

No fake parts just a well-proportioned blond, black thong and all, perfect.

The disrobing was slow but the sound of the blond deep throating him was starting her up. She could feel the arousal starting and began slipping her finger inside her self slowly then with more vigor.

The sounds and visuals were getting her wet and she was almost ready to start her clitoral assault.

She started to trace her slit again as he went down on the blond. She had always found speech unnecessary. She enjoyed moaning so much more, but as the blond told him to eat that pussy she started to focus all her attention on her now electrified clit.

She flicked it up and down, up and down, and her breathing got heavier. bahis şirketleri Thoughts of all the times she had gotten this far and not finished started to surface but the blonds’ gruff moans brought her juices flowing faster.

The blond bucked and ground his face in her pussy. Circling her clit the girl started to tremble, every slick pass almost drawing a moan from her.

She had to be quiet though. Fighting to keep it in and release it she watched him lap at the blonds’ shaved vulva. It was so slick.

She started to imagine that tongue lapping at her engorged pussy lips. The girls hips moved of their own accord and her mouth opened to shape the moans she wasn’t giving voice.

The blond was begging for his dick and the girl was seconds away from her climax. Head swiveling, body arching, legs spreading wider, hips thrusting, she almost yelled.

Using two fingers she ground it faster and faster. Almost lifting her body off the bed. Her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth wide open. Everything released.

She thrust her finger into her vagina and felt the tightness and juice. Bringing her finger to her mouth she lapped up her own cum.

Victory was sweet and tangy.

No one could call her failure again

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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