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The outward appearance of a forty year old divorcee (of one year) should not differ from any other woman — provided she does not let herself go, but inwardly there are many physical and mental factors that do make her different.

With a 16 y/o daughter to keep, it was necessary to find a more lucrative job, which I have done, and more personal needs have been taken care of on my own.

I am not a great socialite and anyway, finding another man can be hard — and risky!!

Life took a change for the better some months ago when daughter (Millie) arrived home to tell me that her Sports Master wanted to visit me for a chat. Millie is an exceptional 200 metre athlete and apparently written parental approval was needed to allow her to travel to the County sports for possible selection.

It had to be an evening visit, due to my work, and on the day I rushed home to make myself look as presentable as possible; I’m no model but at 5’8″, a brunette, and tipping the scales at about 130, I can look quite attractive – men have even been known to admire my 36C bust!

I had seen Mr. Benson at school but never met him, and was greeted at the door by a tall man in a track suit, with a charming smile. Millie had said he was “old” but I guess he was about 35.

We sat for a cup of coffee and he explained the detail of the new rules about parental permission. I signed the form and he said he would call again when the paperwork had been completed. Millie stated that he was “OK” and I agreed he was extremely pleasant and rather attractive — at which she said “Ugh”

The second visit occurred when Millie was out and I suggested that “Mrs. Stanton” was too formal, so we exchanged “Wendy” for “Don” and the coffee took much longer to drink as we chatted about all sorts of things. Don knew I was divorced and I found out that he was single. I had changed into a silky blouse & knee length skirt for his visit and I did notice him eyeing my legs once or twice.

It was three weeks later that he telephoned me to ask if I would like to join the team for the visit to Bristol (some 50 miles away) and after checking my diary for “wrong time” dates (I do suffer then), I agreed — provided I could escape work for two days.

Millie brought home a programme for the events and I realised I would have to spend a night away, so booked into a cheapish Travel motel.

The first day was a great success and Don came to find me & tell me that Millie was selected for the finals on Day Two. He suggested that after he had finished a few bits of paperwork he would happily drive me back to my Motel, and I accepted his offer.

We arrived at the Motel at about 6.30 p.m. and I thought it would be nice to offer Don a drink for his kindness — plus the fact that I was looking forward to being seen in the Bar with a handsome younger man!!

One drink turned into two and I realised that as I hadn’t had any lunch, it was beginning to affect me more than usual. I was finding Don more attractive at each sip of Bacardi and I think I giggled a little. I told Don he probably wasn’t fit to drive by then and suggested making him a coffee in my room if he wanted one.

He thought this an excellent idea and we slipped discretely into the lift and up to my room. He sat on the bed as I made the coffee and then said quietly “You’re a very attractive woman, Wendy”

Not only did I realise I was blushing, but a funny little shiver had suddenly run all down my tummy and nestled between my thighs.

I took the coffee mug to him and he put it straight onto the bedside esenyurt escort table, turning back to face me and placing his hands on my hips as I stood in front of him.

He reached for my coffee, took it out of my hand and put it next to his, before putting both hands back on my hips — but moved them low enough to just touch the bare skin of my thighs.

The reaction inside me was like a little electric shock and I felt myself move closer to Don as he started to stroke my thighs — all the while looking deep into my eyes.

My sudden jerk as he caressed me must have shocked him and he removed his hands, lifting them to cup the curve of my breasts. The lacy bra and silky blouse did not conceal my enlarged nipples and at his touch I gasped and wriggled.

“Nice?” he queried quietly.

I nodded, unable to think what to say, and put a hand on each of his shoulders, squeezing gently.

“Should I stop?” he added, looking up at me.

“Probably” I whispered, “But please don’t. Do you realise that I nearly didn’t accept your offer to come with the team — I checked my diary to see if Id be fit enough and found I’m not due for another week “

“Thank goodness” he grinned and started to rub right on the tip of each nipple before putting his hands back on my thighs and stroking higher.

I knew what could happen, but the sensations were so lovely that I wanted it to last, and reached behind to unclip my bra before unbuttoning my blouse.

I think it was his nose that nudged my loose bra upwards, but the main feeling was his warm damp lips on my nipples, making me involuntarily part my feet slightly and arch my hips towards him.

His hands were now making little feathery strokes all along my inner thighs and I knew I was wet. I had the usual woman’s momentary worry — “what panties had I put on” I remembered they were my white lacy ones to match the bra, and stopped being concerned.

“I think you would be comfier if you weren’t standing up” Don suggested, and helped me onto the bed, gently pushing me back into a relaxed position with my head on the pillow. He reached down and slipped off my shoes, then his own light jacket, before sitting along side me and bending his head to my mouth.

His kisses were soft at first — so gentle, then his tongue started to explore my mouth.

I pushed him away briefly.

“D’you realise you are the first man to touch me for nearly a year?”

“I find that hard to believe”

“But it’s totally honest” I assured him.

“At least Millie proves you’re not a virgin as well” he chuckled as his mouth moved down to my erect nipples.

My mind was in a complete whirl — my brain shooting from thoughts about contraception to worries that Don might have some horrible disease, but above all the wonderfully sensual feelings that never felt like this when I masturbated.

Don’s hands were now reaching the “parting of the ways” at the top of my thighs and I wondered if wetness would offend him. He cupped my warm wet mound outside my panties — “Oh my” he exclaimed, “You are a damp girl”

“I wasn’t damp when you drove me here!!” I smiled.

“Maybe I should just help you with removing these uncomfortable undies” he suggested, and I lifted my bum so he could ease them off.

As he moved I could see that he wasn’t the only one in the room who was rather aroused.

“It seems very unfair that you stay dressed whilst I am half- naked”

“I could slip off these track bottoms”

“Yes please” I gasped, as his hand roamed around avrupa yakası escort my soaking mound.

His other hand moved to my head and he stroked my hair and forehead as he explored my further.

“Not only do I love furry peaches, but this one has a hard stone in the middle” he whispered in my ear. (I hadn’t shaved myself since my divorce).

Between my breathless gasps, I uttered a throaty moan when he found my engorged clitoris, and let my fingers move over to trace the shape of his athletic support, worn under his track suit. He was definitely aroused now, and felt very large.

“It’s a while since I’ve tasted a peach” he muttered, “May I?”

“Oh my god – y-ee-es — please!”

Don gently lifted my knees and stood up to take off his tight “jock strap” before kneeling between my parted legs.

I looked up and saw his magnificent erection — circumcised and SO stiff.

“May I hold him?”

“He likes being held” As I reached for him, it was Don’s turn to moan now.

I saw the top of his head lower and then felt the wonderful light touch of his tongue licking my swollen lips and then flicking the tip of my rigid clitoris.

“Oh Don, oh, oh YES”

“You taste divine,Wendy”

I could feel the tremors deep inside me as he built me up further – and closer to that ultimate heavenly climax — only experienced with my fingers for so long now.

Don looked up with a serious expression “I can’t risk what may happen quite soon — not down there — no protection – but I could decorate your tummy white”

“Anything Don — anything — because I’m going to be in heaven any minute now”

“Don’t hold back” he whispered, sucking me hard.

“I can’t hold ANYTHING back — I’m losing control”

I arched upwards and with a loud uncontrolled throaty moan, I climaxed.

“DON – oh DON — now – now, NOW”

I could feel myself flooding as I writhed with the intense spasms and felt Don sucking as he took me to another world.

Don looked up, his mouth glistening with my juices.

“Now point him over your tummy” he demanded, almost savagely.

I did what he wanted and felt the monster throb and surge as he started to ejaculate.

Jet after jet shot onto my heaving stomach until he collapsed on top of me.

“Oh Wendy, oh you lovely sexy woman” he gasped, “I’m sorry it had to be this way but the “necessary equipment” is in my jacket — in my wallet”

“So you came prepared?” I asked him.

“A man should always be prepared — I was a Boy Scout too!” he grinned.

He eased himself off me and went to the bathroom, returning with a hand towel to clean me up.

“Thank you Don — that’s so considerate”

He wiped all his creamy semen from me and then reached into his jacket.

“Now I feel safer” he said, tearing open a familiar little packet and rolling it onto his still hard erection.

He moved onto the bed with me and cuddled me to him as he kissed my face and neck. I could feel his erection slipping between my thighs and heaved a sigh of relief knowing it was covered now.

We lay silent for some minutes, slowly calming down, until his hand started to caress my breasts again.

“Don, you know what this will do, don’t you?”

“No” he said innocently, “Tell me”

“Despite what I’ve just experienced, I can still feel lovely sensations inside me, and it might even make me want you again”

“Surely you aren’t a greedy girl, Wendy?”

“Not usually, but my body is anadolu yakası escort still somewhere high in the sky — in a sensual orbit”

“D’you want to come back down to earth?”

“I think you could join me up here — if you want to!!”

“Silly question!!! Doesn’t it feel like I want to?”

I reached down and his erection hardened again and twitched as I touched him.

“I’ve just realised what you could do now he has a coat on!!!”

“Would you like to entertain a visitor, Madam?”

“I’d love to, Sir, but despite the fact that it’s warm inside, I’m afraid you will have to keep your coat on. Would you like me to move at all?”

“Do you like being on all fours?”

“I haven’t EVER been taken like that before — you mean with you behind me?”

“Yes — if you want to try”

“Can you repeat what you’ve just done — so soon after?”

“Probably — we’ll see, shall we?”

I turned over and kissed him, holding his head in my hands. I looked at him seriously.



“I’ve heard of men wanting to –well, you know — when a lady kneels down like that — but you wouldn’t, would you?”

“Of course not, my sweet — I’m not into that anyway!!”

Relieved, I knelt down and stretched my knees apart, my head buried in the pillow, and felt him come close behind me.

His erection slipped easily between my thighs and he held my cheeks apart to make entry easier.

“You can deal with that hard peach stone, and I’ll do the rest” he said as he held his stiff member against my slippery lips.

I put one hand under me and knew my clitoris was still very sensitive.

Slowly I felt him push gently into me — deeper and deeper until his hips were against my cheeks. He stopped and asked if it was hurting at all.

“Nooooo — just let me enjoy the feelings for a moment, then move in and out so I can really enjoy you stretching me so beautifully — and you touch different places this way”

Don started to thrust slowly, then faster and I had no doubt that he was going to take me there again.

He stroked my cheeks and I found I was quite sensitive there too.

“Ummmmmm – this isn’t going to take long, Don!!”

Gradually the sensations started again, getting stronger every time he pushed inside hard.

“I think I’m going to be able to deliver again too” he muttered.

This time, the uncontrollable explosion gave me so little warning and I thrust back against him with a muffled scream.

I climaxed and collapsed with him still inside me “Don, I feel so wanton but so wonderfully sensual and complete”

I heard a long groan behind me and could feel his erection shudder as he climaxed almost at the same time.

He pulled out quite quickly and took off the condom, knotting it to ensure there were no leaks. I turned onto my back and sat up.

“Oh Don”

“That was rather special — a FIRST for me — but may I return the “tasting favour”?”

He knelt beside me and I licked my lips before holding him to my mouth.

He was still just oozing some semen and I took most of him in as I sucked him dry.

Don looked at me quizzically, “Nice?”

“Ummm yes, but I couldn’t take it all — and certainly couldn’t swallow”

“My dear sweet Wendy, you don’t need to worry about that. You have given me an evening I shan’t forget for a long time — it may surprise you to know that it’s been quite a while for me too”

“Well, I knew I was here to WATCH athletics, but I wasn’t expecting to take part. Is this event a recognised one for meetings?”

Don grinned “It can be — but only if you want it to be”

“If you can wait a week until I’m all OK again and finished with my period, I think you will have to come round one evening when Millie is out and give me some more training!!”


(And he STILL hasn’t finished training me, although I’m improving!!)


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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