New Life, Here We Come Ch. 06

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[This story involves adults from family and neighbors of age 18 years or more. To enhance your reading pleasure, it is suggested but not required that you read Part 1 through 5 of this series. Opening part of this story refers to the events in Part 5]

When John awoke the next morning Cathy was sitting up on one elbow looking at John sweetly.

When he opened his eyes she chimed in a cooing voice, “Honey, I love you.”

“I love you to Cathy, more than you can imagine.”

“John honey I love it that you are so secure and don’t mind other guys fucking me. I really enjoyed last night and can hardly wait until tonight. I want it all. … But tell me about your walk home with Susan. I just know she is a sexpot. The way you were looking at her great little body I knew it wouldn’t be long until you tried to fuck her. Did you?”

“Yes, on our front porch. It was great but there is lot more I learned. She is a great fuck and sucks cock like a pro and Matt taught her. He fucks her frequently and Susan joins in the sex parties regularly.”

“Oh that is hot, Oh John honey, I love that you fucked Susan. Especially on our front porch. Now every time I go out the door I will think of you fucking her there…. Matt fucks his own daughter?… Wow, I love it. I want to watch him fuck Susan. Will Susan be here tonight? I want to eat her pussy too.”

“Possibly, if we arrange for some entertainment for Carolyn.”

“Yeah, can you believe Susan and Carolyn are from the same age group? What would you do if Carolyn were more like Susan?”

“Well darling, they may be more alike than you know. Susan has been tutoring Carolyn. I hope you are ready for all of what has happened. While I fucked Susan I thought I tasted pussy on her lips. I did. Afterwards I asked her and she openly admitted she and Carolyn ate each other last night and played around and talked about şirinevler escort it all. While Maggie was eating your cunt, Susan was eating Carolyn’s.”

“Oh John, I don’t know what to say but I love it. Maybe Carolyn is more like Susan than we thought. Did Carolyn enjoy having her pussy eaten and eating Susan?”

“Yes, a lot. I think she is taking after her Mom.”

There was a long pause then, “John honey, have you ever thought of having sex with Carolyn?”


“Me too, she is so beautiful and her body is so sexy. Does Carolyn know that Susan fucks her Daddy.”


“Oh shit John, I am getting hot as hell just over this conversation. My pussy is dripping wet. Would you like to fuck Carolyn?”


“So would I.”

“I have more to tell you. I … actually … fucked our daughter last night shortly after I fucked Susan.” John winked while working his cock up deep into Cathy’s dripping pussy.

And he related his experience with Carolyn the previous night while Cathy slept.

“Oh shit John. You pervert old bastard. Oh yes, that has me so fucking hot. I want to watch while you fuck our daughter. I want to eat her sweet cunt. Oh and have her eat me. I have wanted this for some time. I have wanted you to fuck Carolyn for at least a year. Oh shit this is hot. I think I will go wake our daughter.”

Cathy ran down the hall still nude and John followed also nude. Carolyn was laying on her bed still nude and her legs spread out wide as she sprawled openly on her back. Cathy sat on the bed on one side and John on the other. Cathy started stroking Carolyn’s pussy lightly with a feather touch and soon it was opening for her finger. As Cathy slipped one finger in Carolyn’s tight little pussy she said to John, “Her little pussy is so tight I can’t believe you got your big cock in here.”

Cathy şişli escort had this look of unadulterated lust in her eyes as she slowly stroked two fingers up and down between the now wet outer labia of her gorgeous daughter. Carolyn had started to stir and moan as, even in her sleep, she enjoyed the way her Mom was playing with her young and very wet cunt.

John, Carolyn’s Dad, answered Cathy’s earlier question, “She is nice and tight.. but she took my cock like a trooper and loved it. Look at her hump your fingers in her sleep. She already loves to fuck and she sucks cock like a veteran. Susan told me she loves to eat pussy too. Must take after her Mom huh


Cathy now slipped two fingers into Carolyn’s wet pussy an inch. To her surprise Carolyn humped up into her hand and took her fingers deep into her young cunt. Then she opened her eyes sleepily and

looked from her Mom to her Dad and back. Then she smiled, sighed and said,

“Hmmmm Mom that feels nice.”

“Your Dad told me how the two of you fucked earlier tonight and how you and Susan enjoyed 69 together. I couldn’t wait baby … I have wanted to do this to you for a long time. Now spread your pretty legs so Mommy can get at your hot little pussy with her mouth.”

Carolyn shifted to accommodate her Mom as Cat lowered her head to Carolyn’s open cunt. Carolyn groaned loudly as Cat’s tongue bathed her clit, her labia, her asshole. Then she felt her Mom slip one

finger in her ass and she gasped and came with a full body shudder. Cat did not slow down but took Carolyn’s cumming as a signal to do even more…to go faster, deeper. Carolyn was mumbling incoherently and then she saw her Dad’s hard cock and pulled it to her hungry mouth. It was a couple of hours before the three of them crashed finally in Carolyn’s bed and slept, exhausted.

They taksim escort awoke slowly the next morning in a naked tangle of body parts. Kisses were tenderly and lovingly implanted as they sleepily headed for the shower together. The shower awakened them and Cat and Carolyn could not keep their hands or mouths off each other. It ended in Cathy lying on the floor of the shower under the spray with Carolyn’s face buried in her pussy while John knelt behind Carolyn’s cute ass pounding his cock into her tight pussy dog style. Later, somewhat sated for the moment the three

of them headed for the kitchen with enormous appetites. All that fucking works up an appetite for sure.

As they ate they laughed and joked and teased each other like the new lovers they were. They continually told each other how good they were as sex partners. Then Carolyn asked, “Are the Smiths coming over here tonight?”

“I think so Carolyn, we want them to but I have to call them in a minute.” Her Dad replied.

“Can I join in with all of you tonight?”

Cathy and John looked at each other and smiled and Cathy said, “I think that would be great. Matt is a very good lover, almost as good as your Dad. So is Maggie and you know about Susan.”

The night finally came. Carolyn thought it would never happen she was so eager but it was worth the wait. The six of them spent all Saturday evening and night exploring each other every way they could dream up.

All the women were fucked by both the males available. All the women sucked each other. Both the girls double penetrated, while their moms applauded. And the cum was sprayed over the bodies of the four females on their knees.

There were rounds of food, drinks, teasing between the breaks. Cathy missed his son Carter who was out in Iraq on his army duty. She thought of completing the full family circle once he is back.

It was mid-morning, the next day when Matt, Maggie and Susan finally and reluctantly bid the farewell, at least for a little while. The days and nights were thereafter frequently filed with a variety of combinations of the six people and every one of them walked around with a big smile on their face.

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