New Roomie Pt. 02

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This is a multi-part story of how my girlfriend’s friend (Rachel) turns out to be an anal slut and our numerous adventures together as she becomes our roomie for six weeks. This story contains anal play, ass fucking and cheating.

You can go from here or read the first one to get the plot a bit better (New Roomie Part 1) In the first chapter, Rachel moves into our apartment and I spy on her doing nasty anal and blowjob things to herself.

If you’re under 18, please close this site and leave. Note: This is my (second) story ever written and English is not my first language so please excuse any mistakes and let me know if you’ve enjoyed it and whether I should continue.


So, after that eventful evening where I spied on Rachel through the keyhole to our bedroom and saw her doing nasty things to herself, we met in the kitchen the next morning. Rachel acted normal, so I assumed she didn’t know I had spied on her.

I offered her a cup of coffee which she gladly accepted. We were standing in the kitchen and had a chat, me having a hard on the whole time thinking about what she’d been doing last night. I couldn’t believe this nice ‘next door’ girl was such a slut, sucking a dildo and fucking her ass with it to get herself off.

After she showered, she told me she had to go back to her place to get a few things and we’d meet again in the afternoon.

As soon as she left the house, my curiousness took over and I snuck into her bedroom, curious about what other toys she brought with her.

I found a rather insignificant cardboard box that seemed the right size to store her pleasure utensils and opened it.

What I found was quite the selection. In the box were five butt plugs, including the one she’s worn yesterday, two suction dildos, again the one I saw yesterday and a vastly larger one.

And to my surprise, I found what looked like black latex panties in which a dildo and a butt plug were placed on the inside. My mind again started to imagine dirty things, like her wearing her plugs in public or wearing the latex panties to work.

I left the room, trying to leave everything behind as I found it. Once back in the guest room I started stroking myself to the one picture I took the other night and came very quickly.

The remaining time I spent preparing my stuff for the military and just hung out on the balcony.

Around 4 P.M. Rachel came back and we enjoyed a glass of wine on the terrace as the weather was so nice.

At some point, I couldn’t bear with it anymore and excused myself to the bathroom, leaving her alone upstairs on the terrace.

But the bathroom was not where I was going. Instead, I tiptoed again into Rachel’s room, making sure she was still on the upper floor outside and opened her naughty girls’ box again.

That’s what I thought, I thought to myself.

Her collection of five butt plugs was suddenly reduced to four, missing the one of average size.

My dick grew immediately in my pants as I was thinking that this slutty girl was hanging out with me on the balcony, chit-chatting away as if nothing was happening, wearing her butt plug.

It drove me insane. I just had to find out whether she really was wearing it.

I went back upstairs, refilled our glasses and relaxed back on the lounge when I saw that my erection was clearly visible that way.

I caught Rachel glimpsing at my bulge, quickly rearranging myself trying to hide it.

How on earth was it at all possible to get to see her wearing it? I had a rather simple idea, and wondered whether this would work.

I took the plastic bowl from the lounge table which previously was filled with peanuts and pretended that it slipped from my fingers. It fell under the lounge, just were Rachel was sitting and she immediately wanted to help get it, and got on her knees.

The bowl must have gone far underneath as she now was kneeling in front of me, arching her back to get to the bowl, exposing her ass in her white short shorts to me.

And there it was, I saw a slight bulge showing on the snow-white shorts, clearly exposing the plug through them. My erection was now fully grown, and I lightly massaged it while watching her. Once she got back up, we remained bakırköy escort seated for a while, finished our wines until the sun was setting and moved back downstairs to the kitchen.

I started to prepare dinner, while she was sitting on the barstool across the kitchen watching me. I noticed that she started to move her ass around a bit on the stool, finding a reason to reach for something now and then which should have masked her moves.

But it didn’t. I could see on her face how she was getting hornier with the plug being moved inside her ass, her cheeks turning a bit redder and her eyes and mind being more distracted as we spoke.

Some minutes later, she excused herself to the bathroom. I knew what was going on and tiptoed behind her. Through the bathroom door, I was able to hear what seemed to be moans. They got louder and louder until she kind of snapped and had an orgasm. I quickly vanished back into the kitchen and once she came back, she looked rather relieved, with a constant grin on her cheeky face.

After dinner, we did the washing up together, where she would occasionally ‘bump’ into me or her hand would somehow find its way to my crotch area, gently pressing on it, pretending to stow something away.

This, of course, didn’t help my hard dick at all, and I had to really focus on the washing trying to hide my erection from her.

However, my concerns about that were totally arbitrary. As Rachel was stowing away the salad bowl on the bottom shelf, she got on her knees in front of me, looking deeply into my eyes, her face a few centimeters away from my crotch. Our eyes were locked into each other and she shyly put her tongue out and ran it over my trousers, touching my shaft through the fabric.

I was totally perplexed by the situation and said:

“Rachel, what are you doing?”

She sheepishly replied:

“Oh, I noticed your ‘issue’ here and think I’m able to help with it.” while having a huge smile on her face.

“I noticed you staring at my ass all the time btw, but I don’t mind” she added to that.

My head was turning, I didn’t know what to say or what to do.

Then, she slowly started to unbutton my shorts while keeping deep eye contact with a horny look on her face. Once she freed my erection from shorts and boxers, she took it with her full hand, staring at it and lightly stroking it.

I immediately closed my eyes and let out a deep groan which made her smile and say:

“You need that don’t you, you’ve been fantasizing about this the whole time…” and slowly licked the whole length of my member from the bottom to the tip, curling her tongue around on the tip. This made me go crazy, we shouldn’t be doing this…

“Rachel, what the hell are you doing, we shouldn’t be doing this!”

I said, secretly wishing for this to never end.

“Come on baby, we both want that, I want that, I need to suck your cock so badly, it’s been on my mind since yesterday… I need to suck you off, I need your cum… mhhh!”

That’s when she took my cock in her mouth, slowly starting to bob her had on my shaft. I was in heaven, this beautiful girl on her knees in my kitchen, sucking my cock, her, only being hidden by the kitchen cupboards, people being able to see me in standing in kitchen through the windows.

She started to become eager, trying to take my cock as deep as she could, gagging on it and producing a lot of saliva. This was so hot! And wrong!

“Rachel, please, we need to stop…ahhhh shit!”

I moaned. She quickly stopped, giving me a deep horny look and simply said:

“It’s not cheating if it’s oral or anal!” she simply stated and continued to give me head.

What a dirty slut, I thought to myself. To my surprise, she removed her hands from my back and started to unbutton her shorts, not leaving my cock out of her mouth, still looking deep in my eyes.

“What are you doing?” I asked, when she pulled her shorts and panties down to her knees.

“It’s my blowjob etiquette, I think a girl should not wear panties while giving head” she smirked and continued to blow me.

She got eager with time, deepthroating almost the whole length, bobbing up and down and caressing the tip of my beşiktaş escort cock sensually.

This went on for a few minutes when she reached back to her ass with one hand, starting to pull on her plug.

She started to moan while sucking on my dick:

“mhmm, mhmm, ughh, ughh!”

This was such a hot sight. A girl on her knees in the kitchen, panties, and shorts pulled to her knees, sucking eagerly on my shaft and pulling on her little secret in her butt.

I was so close to cumming when she suddenly stopped, pulled her butt plug completely out of her ass and showed it to me while slowly putting it in her mouth, licking on it and then said:

“I believe you’ve spotted my little gem earlier this afternoon?” with a cheeky grin on her face and continued to lick it, putting more saliva on it.

Then, she reached back again, putting it back in her ass, slightly turning herself away from me and showing it to my face spreading her ass cheeks apart.

Oh my god, this girl is crazy, I thought.

She turned herself back to me, impaled her mouth back on my cock and again started to bob her head on it. It took only a few seconds when I shouted:

“Rachel, I’m going to cum! Shit, ahhhh!” I groaned when unloading myself into Rachel’s mouth.

Immediately, she closed her lips tightly around my shaft, taking the full load into her mouth. Once I finished, she started to play with the cum in her mouth, taking about half the load on her hand, the other half she swallowed appreciatively.

With her hand with my cum on it, she reached to her pussy and ass and rubbed it all over her and then licked the remainings off her hand.

Quickly, she pulled up her panties, rubbing her pussy and ass through the fabric so the cum soaked into the fabric and finally pulled her snow-white short shorts up as well. She stood up, leaned over, gave me a deep kiss and whispered:

“Thanks for that, I needed this badly!” and walked away to the living room couch.

I was still standing in the kitchen, asking myself what just happened. Did she really just swallowed half my load and rubbed half of it into her panties and was now sitting on the couch, her butt plug deep inside her ass, crotch smeared with my cum and her saliva, watching the tv as if nothing happened?

I couldn’t believe it and didn’t know what to do now when she suddenly said:

“Hey, that’s a good show on the tv, let’s watch that!” as if that just didn’t happen.

She tapped on the place on the couch beside her, indicating for me to sit next to her.

Okay, whatever, I thought and went to sit next to her.

We watched the program for a while, chatting about it casually when she bent away from me a bit, exposing her ass in her shorts to me and started to gently press on her plug.

I tried not to look and acted as if I didn’t notice it, but she caught me glimpsing at her ass a few times.

She then reached back and grabbed my hand, pulling it to her ass and pressing her hand on mine so now I was pressing the plug into her asshole.

Oh my god, what am I doing here, my sense said I should stop that immediately, but my penis thought otherwise.

I started to press more, releasing it and pressing down on it again. She started to slightly moan very quietly which encouraged me even more.

I then tried to grab the head of the plug through her shorts and pulled the plug out as much as I could, stretching her ass with it. This continued a few minutes, she was getting really hot now, her eyes closed, moaning sexily.

She reached under her shirt and bra and started to caress her nipple, switching breasts now and then. Then, she again unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down to her knees, leaving on the Brazilian cut velvet panties, covering the butt plug but exposing her bare cheeks to me.

What a sight, this girl had an amazing ass. And with this sexy Brazilian cut panties, that was a sight I’d never wanted to leave my brain.

I caressed her ass a bit, feeling the strong and firm buttocks on my bare hands and then I got my attention back to her plug.

I started pressing, pulling, pressing and pulling again, leaving her a horny mess, Rachel now pushing her ass against beylikdüzü escort my hands back and forth.

I knew she was getting desperate, so I slowly pulled down her panties too, exposing her plugged ass to me. This was too much for me and I took the plug again in my fingers and pulled slowly but steadily, until it popped out of her sphincter, causing her to let out a deep moan from deep within.

I then again pushed it back until her tight ass enclosed it completely. This continued a while and she was now really eager, not trying to hide her moans at all.

Then, out of nowhere, she said:

“Give me the plug!”

I removed it once again from her butt and handed it to her. She immediately took it and put it in her mouth, swallowing on it until only the diamond end was visible on her lips.

She kept licking on it a bit more when she finally said:

“I need you to help me out here… you ow me now!” she added sheepishly.

I was past any hesitancy now, not giving a fuck and just enjoying the moment, so I said:


“Put your tongue on my ass and lick me!” she instructed.

Did she just say that?

“Are, are you sure?” I asked. “Yes, I need your tongue back there, common!”

Wow I thought, I’m the luckiest bastard to walk the face of the earth.

I slowly leaned closer to Rachel’s ass, her basically on all fours now in front of me, presenting her bare ass to my face. I reached closer to her butt and took a glimpse of her still cum covered panties. My dick was so hard now, it started to ache.

Slowly, my tongue found its way to her ass, licking around her most intimate parts. But she didn’t want that, she wanted it straight and positioned her asshole directly on my tongue and let out a moan when my tongue touched her anus. I started to slowly lick up and down on her puckered hole, her letting out groans of relief, muffled by the butt plug still in her mouth.

“Go deeper!” she instructed me.

By now, her wish was my command, so I plunged my tongue into her ass, trying to fuck her with my tongue.

“Yeshh, mhhm, ooooh, gmpf, ugh!” was all I could hear coming from her. “Jesus, yes! Don’t stop, go deeper, yes, yes, yes, oh my…” she was crying, now in a clear voice her plug lying beside her.

I was on full go now, fucking her ass with my tongue, licking it, retracting myself from her, only to see her push her back to me.

“Oh my god, oh my god, don’t stop, I’m close…” she panted.

Then, in one short go, she leaned back so hard that my upper body was thrown on the couch, laying back on it. She raised herself a bit and lowered her ass directly onto my face.

Wow, was that happening? I always fantasized about face sitting and now Rachel with her perfect butt was sitting directly on my face, my tongue pinpointed to her anus.

“Stretch your tongue, make it hard!” she commanded and as I did, she started to fuck her ass on my tongue.

“Oh yes, yes, yes, yes! Oh my god, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, ohhhhhh ahhhhhh!” she shouted as she had an orgasm on my face, pushing her ass hard on me.

After a few seconds, she relaxed, got off me and deeply exhaled satisfied, a grin on her face.

Then she took her butt plug, comes close to me and gives me a deep kiss, licking on my lips which a few seconds ago were making out with her ass.

Then, she pulls up the plug and pushes it slowly into my mouth. Her ‘fuck-me eyes’ looking deep into mine, she whispers:

“That was awesome, thanks baby!” and gives me a little kiss on my cheek.

Me, now perplexed sitting on the couch with her butt plug in my mouth, almost coming in my pants from the past sensations, she bends forward on the couch on all fours, looks back at me and says:

“Now, put that thing back where it belongs” and smirks sexily again.

I put the plug out of my mouth, smack both her ass cheeks which causes her to inhale quickly. I then give her two more licks on her asshole and spit a large amount of saliva on her sphincter.

Slowly, I start to push the plug back in her butt. Once in, I pull her cum-drenched panties up, give her a few more presses through them on the plug and finally also pull up the shorty shorts.

She stands up, buttons up her shorts and bends down to me:

“I’m getting us a beer now, and afterward, I’m going to take care of your blood issue in your pants” she smirks and leaves for the kitchen.

Oh my, what have I gotten myself into with this dirty slut friend of mine?

To be continued…

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