Not Quite a White Knight Bk. 02 Pt. 01

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The City Of Angels, Spring 2008


When she woke up Thursday, Sam showered and then took some time working lube and a variety of butt plugs into her tightest hole. She was expecting her Master to drop by and no doubt he had enjoyed one or more women last night. If she was fortunate, he would have enough left to put his cock into her ass. But he was not a patient man so she had to be ready.

Once she was done she crawled back into bed, where she could present her charms most effectively.

At the same time, her Master Paulo Zero, woke to find his cock in Belen’s very skilled mouth. When he was ready she promptly mounted him and gave him a ride they both enjoyed. Belen was a mother of Paulo’s most recent conquest, and had enjoyed the pleasure of Paulo’s cock twice so far since sundown. Before bed she and her husband saw Paulo take her daughter’s virgin ass, and Belen had been inspired to arrange an overnight trade.

For both Sam and Paulo, breakfast could wait.

Chapter 00. A Brief Review and Preview

This is the second book of the series that started with “Not Quite a White Knight.” If you have not read Book 1 (parts 1 through 7, chapters 1 through 51, published 7-7-18 to 11-9-18) of “Not Quite a White Knight” you may be missing too much background to get much benefit from this.

This continues from the end of both “Not Quite a White Knight” and “Not Quite a White Witch Ch. 01.”

Following his victory at the law firm our hero (AKA the Prince or Eric Grey or Paulo Zero or Jefe of the 49 street gang) hosted a celebratory dinner party at his mansion, known as Casa Grey, with two adult couples (Belen and Ernie, his aunt Sophia and uncle Martin), plus some younger guests (Cynthia, Pammie, and Tonto). After a wonderful dinner the adult guests enjoyed a evening of adult theater on the sex machines, some more traditional nighttime pleasures, and a very delightful morning wake-up from Belen.

At the same time, his new CEO Sam (AKA The White Witch) was hard at work. She had sell their services to David Barnes of the law firm, repair all the computers at the firm, and then consummate the deal between the two firms before she could rest.

This book will pick up our hero going to meat Sam at the motel in appreciation of the work she did for him, and then enjoying a wonderful breakfast. Chapters 2, 4 and 5 contain sex.

Chapter 01: Meating Sam For Breakfast

The City Of The Angeles

Leaving Casa Grey – the Mansion

Thursday May 22, 2008

I left the Casa without breakfast, Zar is a wonderful cook but I expected something special later and did not want to fill up. In consideration of the day’s schedule I drove the new C-1500 which worked anywhere. I was headed for The Blank Hotel where I was going to see Sam about how her time with Barnes went. I actually felt sorry for her, she made a pile of cash but had to get naked with the old lizard and let him slobber on and in her body.

You could not pay me to do that.

Well, Sam was inventive, I’m sure she figured out a way to squeeze some fun out of his balls. Often I wondered at the strength of women, to allow such things to be done to them with a convincing smile. Obviously, Sam was motivated, mainly by her feelings for me and her general disassociation with life. Life to her was a video game.

Note to self: Strength of women – would any of the service girls make a great assassin?

Thirty hours ago Sam was an underemployed hacker and part-time tech for the law firm’s computer service company. She worked the night shift nobody wanted. At her home she was essentially raped in her own bed on a daily basis, she made that work for her. Now she was my front as CEO of BHS Security and her first official action was consummating the first two contracts with law firm senior partner and chief asshole David Barnes. Her cut was $100,000 for the first 30 days, paid up front.

I think I was paying her exactly the right amount for her labors. But now I had to look in on her, as it was my pleasure to “supervise” my employee. I knew she hoped to get “a hard time” from me.

The fact was that Sam appreciated my attention and my cock more than she appreciated the money.

My meeting with Sam was set for 9, roughly eight hours after Barnes left the hotel. But I arrived at the hotel Blank a little early, I had one other stop to make in the hotel before I got to her room. I spent 15 minutes in a courtesy booth, reviewing the recording of last night’s encounter between Sam and Barnes; cameras were in the ceiling over all three parts of the room (business desk, dining table and bed). It was a special service the hotel provided, the law firm paid for the DVD but would not know about. I would get the disk, but I doubted it would ever be useful. The performance was too boring to hold anybody’s attention

I paid little attention to the contract and the meal, I really wanted to see how my pet CEO abused Barnes with his obvious blunt desires. I had canlı bahis şirketleri left some of the drug “pink” in quick-drying liquid form for that purpose. It dried colorless and tasteless, but dissolved quickly in alcohol. Barnes could not resist scotch. With fast-forward I saw how it helped her manage my boss.

What transpired was very satisfactory, the tape showed they met to sign the papers with a room service dinner, and consummated the deal with extended foreplay in the plush bed the hotel provided. Barnes eventually got what he wanted, but it was not in any way “his” way, Sam made sure he provided private service to her satisfaction in front and in back before he got what he wanted. She could call the shots because Barnes thought he needed and wanted her. It set their pattern for the future.

In less than 30 days that feeling of “need her” would change to “can’t survive without her.” He would get a second dose of pink with her body. Then we could all rest easier.

Sam would do what I wanted her to, including prostitute herself to lower forms of life on my command, because she liked me (maybe she loved me once, and could again if I let her) plus she was addicted to a custom drug (called “pink”) my Patron’s pet German refuges cooked up. Pink was so rare and so new it was not against the law yet. Nobody else in the world could supply it. (With a good sample, a mass-spectrometer, and at least 6 moths burning through a couple dozen subjects for insanity tests a good biochemistry staff might. Hmm, you know, that sounds like the CIA.) Sam was addicted so she needed one pill a day, just like the vitamins. But sometimes an extra half-dose made things seem much better.

(A double-dose was not advised, it has a very steep delta and not everybody came back from that rabbit hole to wonder-wonderland. It was sort of like a record that got stuck in a very nice groove. I was one of the few who knew that round trip first-hand. I was once young and foolish, but I survived it. Also, the effect was subtle, nothing like a street drug, it was more a variation on “mellow” instead of a hit-in-the-brain high. Low lethal dose plus subtle effect meant it had no value in the general market; it could not be cut and would kill off your stupidest customers, and really, in terms of their customer base, who does your average drug dealer count on day in and day out? But for my half-dozen users, all selected for their positions or their knowledge, it was a steel leash that was undetectable.)

At 30 Sam is not, objectively, that attractive. The least of the service girls, and 90% of the wife-exchange women were more attractive. Clothes can help, but when the clothes came off the tattoos, piercings, burns and knife scars would have given Barnes second thoughts without the pink. Those taboo thoughts would have scared him stupid, and we could not have that. Once he was under the pink, I could see how things that normally would repulse him now fascinated him; like the hotel they were so different, and so alien, to all he knew.

Sam had experienced a rough LA life, and she made each bad phase, as well as the best experiences, part of her flesh avatar.

I saw how, with his pink-tinted eyes, Barnes saw Sam as a beautiful woman. Life has given Sam a very well-trained pussy to go with her genius-level dirty mind, and she knew what buttons to push, so Barnes quickly got comfortable in his pink meta-collar for a time. That led him to do things he would never do in his normal mind. Things he considered disgusting. Still, I had to say, Sam’s performance at that point held my eyes.

I did not need to dwell on the DVD, I wanted to enjoy my breakfast. Blank has some great choices on the menu.

Chapter 02. Giving Sam What Sam Wants

I knocked on Sam’s hotel room door and then went right in. My CEO whore was in a very good mood when she greeted me, she thought she would get lucky. She was probably right.

Sam was luxuriating in the wonderful oversized, very comfortable bedding the hotel provided. She figured I might have a treat for her. In fact, she sort of demanded it with her first words.

“Are you going to fuck me now please? Fuck your good little candy-slut kitten C – E – Okay? Pretty kitty pink please?” she asked me as she lewdly spread herself. She was still in the pink.

Significantly, this was before I gave her the weekly package of medicine she was expecting. Well, I took that as a sign the night had not been too rough for her.

“From the looks of things I’m guessing Barnes treated you right,” I said. “You look a lot better than okay.”

“Oh, I would not go that far. The old bastard was a scarecrow, certainly nothing to look at, but then, for a kitten, neither is a ball of yarn. Still it was fun to bend him. At the office yesterday I did a mind-fuck to show him who the boss was. Here I made him satisfy me, on his knees with harsh words in a harsh tone, and he was scared enough so he did an passable job.” She covered her mouth in shock at what canlı kaçak iddaa she did. I mimicked her, like I could see it in my mind. Actually, I had watched it on the screen. She had called the bitch out, bringing righteous fury when it was called for. “I made him do something else, something very naughty. After my pleasure came his humiliation when I gave him a better rubber and let him get to his jollies. That was no good for me but did not last too long… it was long enough to get him addicted to the feel of my very naughty pussy muscles. He will want more of me. I gave a good performance, so he wants more of the naughty, forbidden candy, and he will crawl to me to pay the price, I just know it. Then he was useless so he left me here, the bad side of ‘so excited’, the selfish jerk. You know how I hate to wake up horny, alone, and with a dry pussy. I prefer my crash-pad rapists, at least they leave me with a cum-filled puss to finger as I jill off in my pink haze. But we both know I want you more than anybody. Pet the kitty, make me smile? Pretty kitty please?”

“You know I’m not a fan of going second.” I knew where this was going, but I played her little game.

“Oh, I do know that… you make an exception for yummy tall indians but otherwise you have your very strict rules.” She did a great imitation of a snake wiggled to her belly and then stuck her butt in the air, showing me that both holes were very open, and back was all shiny with lube. She knew the buttons to push, the monkey brain buried in my gray matter knew what that suggested and went crazy to get in on the action. Woodie seconded the motion.

Seeing Sam from behind, with her butt in the air and both holes played-with and inviting was very attractive. I mean, it was almost “can’t resist” attractive. Barnes had been just the start of her night; after he left she had entertained and exhausted many naughty toys to feed the feelings he started.

Sam continued her litany of enticement. “He used a rubber in my naughty pussy, but I figured you would want to fuck my… oh so tight… little… asshole… instead with your… OHHHH… big… wonderful… cock… Yum. Kitty-please? Old Barns-weenie didn’t even touch me there, the prig. Well, except for his tongue. I made him tongue me inside. I was so bad!”

So I had seen. My goodness, her breathy voice was a turn-on by itself, she could make a fortune doing sex calls if she was so inclined.

She had prepared with lube and a butt-plug and more lube, I was aware the hotel supplied the best. I also knew that, when she was really into it, an improper ass-fuck with extras from her own hand and just a touch of brutality from me was better than any guy could give her in her pussy; after the indians trained her this whore is just wired that way.

“Are you sure you don’t want breakfast instead?” I teased. We know I have many appetites. Blank does serve a superior breakfast, I am very fond of their bacon waffle with fruit salad. The thing they do with fresh apricots and a touch of brandy… to die for.

“I’d rather feel you cum in me, oh… so good,” was her answer, then she tried a little girl voice, “that way I get good stuff in both ends.” Next she tried to sound nasty, like a street slut in a mansion bedroom. “Please master, destroy my slut ass and leave me sobbing in beautiful pain. I’ll suck your dirty cock after and consider myself well fed.”

I waved off that offer. I never really saw the point of the ass-to-mouth thing. If I come in a messy ass because it feels or looks good to do so, the next thing I want is a shower, not a filthy suck spreading the yuck. If the ass is clean enough to eat, which this slut was capable of, then ATM is an empty gesture. In any event it is too much bother, plus it is almost impossible to get hard again on oral sex immediately after an ass-fuck. So what is the point?

Maybe the point is that I only like to fuck folks that I would want to kiss afterward. Kissing after ATM sort of defeats the whole exercise and is messed up. Okay, I know some guys get off on the ATM-thing as an ego-boost because they can MAKE a crack whore do it, but to me making a woman do anything is demeaning to the guy unless there is some alternate agenda, like revenge or information extraction. Even then it goes in the category of “wet work is work,” not pleasure.

I really wanted some bacon from the Blank kitchens. Waffles and bacon with a first-class fruit salad of ripe berries and perfect melons, plus those naked fresh apricots, peeled and filled with… YUM! That sounded like just the thing. Well, Sam’s ass was tempting.

When faced with a difficult choice like this I have a simple philosophy… “Well, they both look good, so I guess I’d rather settle for both.” I typed in a very generous breakfast order on the room’s terminal, then took off my clothes and after she had some fun sucking on my cock for a bit just to be friendly, I eased my naked cock into Sam’s wonderful welcoming slick tight ass. She had enough good lube for both canlı kaçak bahis of us, so she opened wide and I smiled as I slid in.

I go bareback in selected friends and employees.

She wiggled for me in with pure pink delight. After the events of last 18 hours in my own house (Cythia’s ass, then Belen’s pussy thrice! Yum.) I can’t say I was in championship form, but from the back Sam is not exactly a hardship to look at, plus her pussy muscles are not the only ones Marta’s indians trained to olympic skill levels. It was important to keep her happy even if I owned her completely. Attitude informs good judgement which is part of what I trusted her to have when she was on duty. Finally, I admit, there is something special about seeing my name tattooed on her body in letters she could not even read as she moaned in pleasure while I fucked her talented ass. Let us say her signed ass inspired me. Good kitty.

I slipped into her body easily because her tight little sphincter is well trained in the art of “open wide and the swallow with a smile.” She knows that we both like to feel her climax, so as soon as I was in she started strumming a tune, one hand strumming on her clit and the other doing “the twist” on a nipple. Sam is one of the strongest women I fuck, and I really like it when she is deep into the fuck and starts cumming so the involuntary muscle moves take over. I knew she was still pink-buzzed on the effects of the extra half-pill she took last night, they do enhance sexual feelings so the bottle warning label recommends taking the medication with sex toys handy. Or at least it would if we had a warning label. Or a bottle.

Basically, once I was in her eager ass I just moved in her enough to enjoy myself as she did all the fucking work. She loved it because she had 100% control. I loved it because she really looked and felt wonderful. I would have liked breakfast first, but she was not going to wait, she wanted me too much. So why ruin a good meal with her whimpering and begging? She would giggle adorably after. She might even give me her apricots.

Well, maybe that was too much to hope for. Damn, they are wonderful! Perfect ripeness.

(I asked about the apricots once, I really pushed a guy. He did not know where they came from but it seems the hotel got one box a day. He showed me the box, it was like a picnic cooler with individual holders like a carton of eggs. The box itself was sealed and insulated. It said “Antares” in greek. They are supposed to come with the seeds removed, but every so often one gets through. I paid plenty for those half-dozen seeds.)

Once she got off with my cock the first time, I started to work her, throwing in the extra goodies she likes. Sharp spanks on the butt are always good, then I added pulling and twisting her nipples harder than I did with anybody else, even reaching around and giving her shy clit a little excessively hard attention, which gets her crazy, all while stroking in and out of her tight ass, where she was doing everything she could to squeeze my cock to a climax.

She was about to get off the second time – this time with sound effects that are remarkably like an alley-cat at the loudest part of a good time – when room service walked in with our meal.

We did not let the audience bother us. They performed professionally. It really is a great hotel.

I had placed the order with a note to come right in after knocking once. They were to set up the table without disturbing whatever we were doing in the bed; it really is a great LA hotel. She began to make her prelude “really happy” noises, a panting sigh with a giggle and low moan added, before they were done setting down the plates. The indians taught Sam to make simple noises, they considered discussion a distraction.

With a hand signal I gave permission for the room service guys to stay if they wanted to watch. They gathered in the shadows around the bed until she was finished. It was LA, live porno performances don’t get turned down very often. I threw her a few more hard spanks and lifted her on one side giving her a chance to show how slutty her flopping tits looked for her audience. Seeing people watching her pain and pleasure got her racing towards, over, and past, the tipping point. At the heights she yowled and sputtered and howled at full volume; it was a symphony of super-pleasured indignity combined with a mountain lioness orgasm. She delivered great drama and ball-grabbing exaltations for everybody. Especially me.

The audience liked the show. From the looks on their faces, more than half of the room service folks were not going to make it back to the kitchen before they put their naughty parts together in unusual combinations. Good show! I know the hotel had staff rooms for that very purpose on every floor; it was a great hotel to work for.

When her climax had run its course the room service folks (Guys? Girls? Undefined? I would not hazard a guess on any of them) gave us smiles of appreciation. I am sure they would have applauded except most of them had a handful of somebody’s genitals. Their appreciation just tickled Sam with delight. Showing off restored the energy she had spent. I aped a bow while staying in the saddle, I still had to finish. They left without a word.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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