Not Quite a White Knight Bk. 03 Pt. 01

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Gifts go round, Li shows appreciation the way Mother taught.

The Rings And The Wheels. Round and round, with lots of pleasure and a little pain, Eric gives Li his love, and she enjoys giving her love to him in return.

This ties into Book 2 Part 4 (chapters 16, 17, and 18), the 24-hour date with Li. Here Our Hero buys Li a diamond and some rings and something else more impressive. Li shows her great appreciation the way her Mother taught her.

This starts the third book of the series that started with “Not Quite a White Knight.” If you have not read the prior books (Book 1 published 7-7-18 to 11-9-18, and Book 2 published 2-19-20 to 10-7-20) you may be missing some background to get the full benefit from this.

If you read the stand-alone “To Seduce A Whore,” this story will be modified as part 2 of that story.

“Not Quite a White Witch 01 and 02” and “Gina’s Wedding Night Choice” are set in the same universe.

This continues from the end of “Not Quite a White Knight book 2,” when two cars exploded in the law firm parking lot, eliminating four senior partners while a fifth was seriously injured. The female assassins (Sicaria) who looked like poor underaged illegals, had been hired to place the bombs by Darnel, but his targeting information was corrupted by the target, our hero.

In anticipation of police and press involvement after the explosion, our hero (AKA the Prince or Eric Grey or Paulo Zero or Jefe of the 49 street gang) had to take 2 of the law firm’s service girls (Li and Resha) into his home for the weekend. Cynthia and Abril also heard of the explosion and rushed to comfort him, with Abril making a big change in their relationship. As a proper host the Prince entertained all of the women until the law firm’s building opened again and he had to get back to work. We start a few days after that.

Chapters 1 and 2 are short and advance the story. Li picks her diamond and ring.

Chapter 3 shows sex in a new venue. Li gets the first ride.

Chapter 4 moves the affection to a bed.

Chapter 5 introduces a new sex device invented by our hero. Li gets the first ride.

Chapter 6 has Li taking the new sex device in a “back-door” way for the first time.

Chapter 1. Something I Want

Wednesday July 2, 2008

Li was mine, there was no doubt of it. But I really did not have her in my bed, and on my cock, often enough on average. I had been working on changing that, and today was the day for a real advance in my plans.

It was over a month ago when we had a 24-hour date and I proposed for her to be my concubine. So many females would have shared the news with their friends and work, but Li, with my permission, shared only with her mother. Resha, in particular, did not have a clue, not even after last weekend when the girls talked and played together so often. Loyalty is critical to me, so I had made a good choice.

Li was scheduled to spend every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at work, and she needed one or two nights a week at home with her mother, but she really wanted some regular time with me. However, with one thing and another, for the month of June, we basically had no overnights between the 24-hour date and the bombing. That did not work for Li, her mother, or me.

When were were together, the weekend after the explosion, she was one of five women who shared my attentions. Li was great about it, but I said to myself that I needed to get some regular one-on-one time with Li (women need attention) as well as a diamond. In this case a ring on her finger would be a problem at work, so I had agreed to her request for a labial ring. Actually, she had something a bit more interesting planned, but the basic idea of displaying her devotion and my control by putting her pussy in proud subservience fit her self-image. I was not going to change that.

Li and her mother both said a diamond was too much for a concubine, but I insisted. She was special to me, of that there was no doubt. With a diamond there would be no question.

With that much decided Li and Sam went pre-shopping together, Sam knew the market and the people. We all talked about what Li wanted and who would do the piercing. We decided on Monday July 7, after her shift at work, for the piercing. I would leave for South America a few days later. That would allow Li some time to heal before I reclaimed her body.


The general idea came to me 4 months ago, on March 3, 2008. Things were different then. Cynthia was still a virgin, albeit a slightly confused one who played with herself frequently while saying my name. Her sister Pammie, who shared her bed, was amused that she aimed so high. I had not met Gracie or become acquainted with Darnel. Corum was managing my household. Resha was just another service girl. Abril flirted as my date at the law firm socials, but was privately stand-offish and gave no thought to closing the deal.

I was in bed that night and I wondered why I did not have sarıyer escort some warm, eager woman in bed with me, to put my cock into, so I could keep it warm and enjoy some fun when it pleased me. Most drug lords had such arrangements in their standard benefits package. Admittedly, most drug lords had addicts or broken captives in their beds, and I had no interest in either of those. But still, it seemed unfair to me and the lucky willing woman I could be with.

I knew that if I made a call some super hot, barely legal, hispanic female would be pleased to pleasure my cock in twenty minutes. A lot of girls in 49 would consider it a privilege. But I wanted somebody closer, somebody I could talk to safely, somebody who was committed to me long term. Zar and Marta fit the bill, but they were serving me in other ways. Plus, as nice as they were, at a basic level I wanted somebody younger than me. Don’t most drug lords?

I was not looking for a wife, I knew that was coming my way without my consideration and before I was ready. I just wanted a girl or three to sleep with at night if I wanted, to talk to if I wanted, and then leave me alone when I was done with either fucking or talking. I am told wives don’t do that. I know some think that last part is a lot to ask.

I had just enjoyed a very erotic dream involving Li, the service girl at work who was my trusted spy and a regular fuckdate once or twice a month. She was a skilled all-around whore, but her very skilled and surprisingly tight pussy and ass had only known my cock during the last three years. We had a bond, a trust, and I kept thinking she was the sweet pussy I really wanted. She was eagerly willing for anything I cared to do to her body, both pleasure and pain simulated her. Also, she knew I was a monster, but she still embraced me. I admit she was confused, she thought I was a regular lawyer-type monster, when in fact I am more the druglord/warlord-type monster, but that really was a detail.

I had to wonder, what was keeping Li out of my bed? There were two factors: her mother and her lack of wheels. Both understandable, but maybe I could overcome them.

As a dutiful loving daughter Li would care for her mother until she had a lifetime commitment from somebody, or enough money to do without. In her mind the former seemed unlikely for a mouth whore who claimed she was unworthy, and the latter was a gamble centering on aging and spending habits; Li’s inclination was to minimize the gamble by working for the foreseeable future, until she was finally kicked to the very cheap clients. A diamond from me with the appropriate promises attached would change that, she would stop working the day I said she should. That would be the day I no longer needed her as a spy and in all likelihood, the firm would no longer need either of us, because I intended to leave them broken. I would have to implicitly agree to help support her mother. But I knew Li had a good portfolio so the support angle was really more perception and insurance than the reality of a monthly check.

Li’s lack of wheels was actually a much bigger issue. The fact was that Li had chosen to have no wheels despite living in LA, and she was not inclined to change that choice. For starters, she felt she really had no pressing need, her house was on a bus route that took her to work, and she rode a bike to get groceries. Bus routes and taxi cabs took care of her few other routine needs. The second issue was economic paranoia.

Getting to and from my house was an issue. (Note: this was pre-Uber.) Driving from my house to hers took 17 minutes using my Porsche (without Noz) when the streets are empty, and 90 minutes during rush hour when somebody has an accident forcing a detour. Riding her bike was suicide and bus routes didn’t work. We could not rely on taxis because of my security needs.

What Li needed were her own wheels. She could afford them, most of the other girls did. But that was where the economic paranoia set in. The issue was complicated by her lack of confidence. Li could drive, in their independent whoring days she and her mother used “Rent-A-Wreck.” When the rental had a problem it was somebody else’s problem. The larger problem was that she had no way to cope with the fickle and uncertain economics of buying, maintaining and repairing a car. She was convinced of this, and was justifiably paranoid about buying a “money trap” vehicle in this land where screwing others is the lifestyle of choice for so many wannabe vampires disguised as car salesdroids or auto repair liars.

Also, she was so short she was not a good fit in most vehicles, either she couldn’t see out or she could not climb in. It did not make sense to pay for either aggravation.

So I asked myself if I could fix these little problems. Actually, I could. In a moment I had the solution that would open her heart, which would, in turn open her legs in my bed much more frequently. The esenyurt escort rest was all details.

I made a quick phone call to Carlo, one of the 49 auto shop managers, gave him my requirements (it had to fit her 4 foot 8 body, had to be either a truck, SUV or car with a frame, and had to be either a new vehicle or a used vehicle with “snap”). Then I went back to that really nice dream. This time I dreamed that Li drove over with a friend for me to meat repeatedly. It was that new service girl with the hot body and the dark skin. In my dream they were both special friends and great fun for all.

Carlo called me back the next day. Let me say that Carlo really is a very sharp guy, for example he plays multiple chess games at the same time while blindfolded.

“Boss, we have a problem with the specs you gave me. You said this person is female, 4 foot 8 and 80 pounds, and she has to be able to see? Also get into the vehicle easily?”

I try to be nice to the guys, even if I know they are working an angle, like Carlo was. Angles were in his blood and made him valuable. “Yes, those both seems like good ideas.”

“Oh, I agree on that. The problem is that I have no idea what type of vehicle would fit such a person. Every trucks is too tall to get into with a purse. Cars put her too low to see out of. Mini-vans are deathtraps. A real hot rod, or like a ’55 Chevy would do great, but that would cost and be high maintenance besides. Also high profile. We could do hydraulics…”

Carlo made a lot of money with cars that jumped or changed heights and sometimes picked a wheel up off the ground; it was all stuff Li did not need to mess with.

“That is not an option, I need a factory suspension. I thought I mentioned that.”

“Yes, you did.”

“Also, forget anything pre-1980. Or Pre-1990, the eighties were pretty much wasted. I agree that a ’55 Chevy can fit the bill, but the vehicle has to look to her like in blends in. I want ‘snap’ not a neon sign.”

“Well then, what would be a big help is for her to try on a few specific vehicles for size, so we could talk and get some ideas.”

That comment tickled my brain. Carlo could recite the complete parts list for any Chevy engine, every nut and bolt, so he had to remember what I said about this being a surprise. What was his angle? Then the true purpose of this call came to me. Angle solved. Carlo is a smart guy who knew what I would say next. It was quicker if I brought it up, so I said what he expected me to say.

“No can do. This has to be a complete surprise.” There was silence as we both pretended to think about it for a minute. I made him wait. Finally I said what he wanted to hear. “What about Skinny Tina? Is she about the right size?” Because of our history Carlo really needed me to make the suggestion.

Skinny Tina was close to an orphan who is now about 12 or 14 years old. Her birth and childhood was a sad story thanks to the lying slut she had for a mother, but she got over it. Since Tina was 8 or 9 she hung around the gearheads during the daytime and was kind of a mascot for them. It kept her out of trouble – the guys kept her in school, she had to get good grades to hang out. They posted her report cards and if she dropped to a “B” in anything they ragged on her with no mercy. But I worried that she was trouble looking for a chance, and it could go bad when she grew tits on those skinny ribs, or got an itch in a certain place. Her genes (both parents were sluts) suggested she might get some urges before she was close to legal, and 49 has a “no tolerance” policy with real teeth regarding underage girls.

“Uh… boss? I thought you wanted us to discourage Tina.”

Discourage? No. Actually, I ordered him to chase her out. But she was persistent, the guys liked her. Carlo, who had the fastest the 100-yard dash in LA one spring in high school, did not chase very hard. “You know, I seem to recall that I gave that order when she was 8. Also when she was 10. And again at 12. But I noticed that hasn’t worked, has it?”

The guys tried to hide her from me, I don’t spend much time in the shop but there are video cameras all over. She talked with the guys as they worked, helped them in tight places, fetched tools for them and everybody liked her. She could also do half the jobs that came through the shop. I had to admit she was a positive influence. She stayed out of my direct sight, there were some pretty amusing situations when I almost had her cornered but she squeezed out safely or I noticed and changed direction at the last second when I caught her reflection on a tool. I gave up not noticing.

“Boss, I’m sorry but…”

“Save it. As long as she stays out of trouble, keeps her grades up and gets home on time, I’m okay… I know she sees the R-rated pin-up calenders and posters,” Gearheads always have pin-up posters around. They also have life size laminated XXX nudes in the showers for the real dirty jobs. “Just keep her avrupa yakası escort out of the showers and make sure nobody outside sees her… call her a customer’s kid as a cover story. School her and the guys in that. Clear it with the family, make it official with paperwork. Also, have some of the professional girls with small tits talk to her about how sexy they can be, you know all those Double D-Cup pictures can warp a young mind…”

“Oh, we have some skinny tits girls up too these days,” Carlo said it like he deserved praise.

“Not what I needed to hear, she doesn’t need the ‘yes I can’ mindset. she needs self respect to say no!” Carlo could have a meaningful conversation with a Chevy engine, but he was a long way from understanding teenage girls raised in LA. “Now, will she fit?”

“Yeah, she will actually, I measured…” Just like that he gave himself away. We both knew it. He may play chess blindfolded, but I won this chess game.

I let it pass. “Go on.”

“… sorry boss. She is an inch short, but that will work.”

“If she is working on this she gets paid the usual starting rate. But she doesn’t get paid for chatting with Rico or or holding Bobo’s wrench. Keep the hours short and make sure the family is informed. Also, I want Manny hired for a few hours a week changing tires and stuff, heavy duty muscle things, to remind the guys of consequences.” Manny was big and not so smart. When Tina’s psycho-slut of a mother discovered she was preggers with Tina, she and her pimp/slut/wannabe-dealer/lover cooked up a scheme on Manny. Tina slept with Manny once, then told him he got her pregnant so he had go to work, to earn money for the baby, that was what a man did. The next day the bitch mentioned that she heard about a guy who was looking to hire some muscle. I sounded like good pay… for the baby of course. So for a time, Manny thought he was Tina’s father, and he got attached to her. Toad put him straight, but Manny liked being Tina’s father figure, so they all worked it out.

Toad ran the mother out of town, last I heard she had a short, hard life as a coyote’s mule. Her wannabe-dealer boyfriend, who was Tina’s actual father, got a hard fail in Dealing 101 when he met a supplier with money, but no backup. So they both bought themselves unmarked graves.

“Sure thing Boss. Thanks!”

We both knew that Tina had been in the shop, and would continue to be in the shop, I had just given Carlo cover with the family (a retired LA cop and his wife adopted the girl without the bothering our state bureaucracy and their paper-pushing minions) to do what he and Tina were going to do anyways. Still, despite the pictures of hot nearly naked ladies on some walls in the shop, Tina would be safe there with Manny around and things would work out. The gearheads were a tight crew and they understood what was forbidden.

As it happened Tina worked out better than either of us thought she would. My quest for regular pussy in my bed turned into a life-changer for little underaged Skinny Tina, because of it she was accepted to a top school before she was legal.

Within a week Carlo had a specific suggestion with some pictures where Tina showed how it would work. The pictures were clever, he had not modified the vehicle yet but the pictures showed the sight-lines we wanted. There was a clear winner.

Normally, in just about any regular car, Li can get in easily, but her seating position puts her head very low. So for instance, if she is making a right turn at a corner, the fender of another car next to her in the left lane means she can’t see the oncoming traffic and therefore can’t safely turn. We all know that is a crime in Cali. Now, everybody has this problem with semis and dump trucks, etc. but Li had the problem if there is a Chrysler 300 next to her. Also, most cars have blind spots, and for her they are all much worse.

Most people can climb into a big SUV or pickup truck, which gives better visibility. But not Li. They are so tall that short Li has a hard time climbing in, plus as a woman she is always holding her purse, making it even more difficult. Getting in or out becomes a chore.

The solution Carlo came up with fixed both problems using a vehicle we had in inventory which had a few bonus features. It was a 2005 but it was never sold so I picked them up cheap from GM in 2007. Since we acquired the batch of similar vehicles as a dealer, not a customer, we were allowed to title them as a “new.” The design was great for dealing with parking lots and tight spaces, and some factory parts made it easy for Li to get in. Bonus, with some very clever modifications it would make a great vehicle for Li and I to have sex in. That was really the point of the exercise.

Once we settled on the vehicle we talked about modifications – how far did I want to take it? The chassis and drivetrain stuff was easy, but the interior took a lot of time and thought. One of the things I wanted seemed impossible, but Tina came up with a solution that worked like magic, it made the vehicle special and was not too expensive.

The guys trucked the vehicle to my mansion on Tuesday July 1. I would surprise Li with it the next day and when she saw it she would be very, very grateful to me. I’m a lucky guy, because I underestimated just how very grateful Li would be.

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