Not Quite Forty Pt. 05

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Alicia awoke with Marcy’s finger splitting the crevice of her throbbing mound, not moving, just resting there, as she lay on her side looking intently with those piercing green eyes.

“Morning, sleepy head,” Marcy murmured and leaned over to kiss Alicia tenderly on the lips.

As the kiss continued and their tongues began lashing together in each others mouths, Alicia reached down and just held Marcy’s hand against her throbbing cunt. Marcy scratched her finger through Alicia’s moistening slit then slipped it inside her, immediately finding Alicia’s rough, sensitive g-spot.

Another orgasm surged from Alicia’s groin to engulf her body. Marcy fingered her faster and harder then also sucked one nipple into her mouth. Alicia shuddered and moaned as her orgasm consumed her, pussy juices squirting all over Marcy’s hand. Marcy kissed her passionately until Alicia’s body stopped trembling and they hugged each other tightly.

“That’s so fucking sexy…when you squirt like that. I wish I could do that,” Marcy murmured into Alicia’s ear.

“There’s no reason you can’t,” Alicia responded propping herself on an elbow to face Marcy, “you just have to learn how.”

“Learn? What do you mean…learn?”

“Answer me this. Right before you cum, do you feel like you are about to pee?”

“Yeah, most times.”

“And you hold it in, keep yourself from peeing, don’t you.”

“Of course!”

“Well, it’s not pee.”


“A life time of training tells you to not pee. Next time you cum, when you get that feeling, I want you to push instead of holding back…like right now actually.”

With that, Alicia reached over, pushed Marcy down on her back and crawled up between her legs. She ran a finger up through Marcy’s wet pussy slit and slid a finger inside her. After rotating that finger around a few times, she slipped in a second finger and pulled back hard against Marcy’s spongy g-spot.

Marcy gasped and started to pinch her own nipples as Alicia leaned forward, sucked Marcy’s clit into her mouth and roughly pumped her fingers against Marcy’s swelling g-spot.

“Yeah, baby, that’s it. Start to cum for me and push,” Alicia groaned as Marcy trembled and squirmed.

“OH GOD…OH…YES…YES…OH GAAAWWWDDD!” Marcy screamed her orgasm thrashing on Alicia’s hand.

“Now, baby, now…push…cum on me…squirt on me!”

Marcy shrieked again and arched her back, a small amount of her pussy juices gushing out over Alicia’s hand. She flailed her hips for a few more moments until finally collapsing back, her eyes wide in wonder.

“That was unbelievable,” she gasped, “I’ve never felt like that when I’ve cum before.”

“It only gets better every time you cum and squirt,” Alicia grinned, licking her sticky fingers clean before kissing Marcy again. “With practice, you can squirt just playing with your clit as well as your g-spot.”

“Then we better get…practicing!” Marcy exclaimed and pulled Alicia down on top of her.

And practice they did. For the next hour or so, they tried every combination of fingers and tongues, as well as every toy in Alicia’s collection…in their mouths and pussies and asses…as they could imagine. Alice again found herself most aroused with her g-spot stimulated by fingers in her ass and pussy at the same time. Marcy, it turned out, really liked her pussy stretched until Alicia slid four fingers inside the younger woman’s gaping hole while sucking her clit.

Inevitably, they needed a break. Covered in their own sweat and pussy juices in a bed soaked with the same, Alicia and Marcy clung together, too satiated to even want to move.

“I’ve never cum that hard or that much,” Marcy cooed.

“Me, either,” Alicia agreed idly swirling a finger around one of Marcy’s small pink nipples. She kissed Marcy again before swinging her legs off the bed.

“Strip the bed while I make some coffee,” Alicia said softly, pausing long enough to appreciate Marcy’s tender touch on her left tit.

As the coffee brewed, Alicia thought about the wonderful, erotic time with Marcy. Even though her pussy and ass ached from all their fucking, it was a good ache, one she wouldn’t give up for anything. Then Marcy walked into the kitchen, still naked of course like Alicia, her pert tits with their bright pink nipples swaying slightly, the flaming red hair on her head and between her legs contrasting perfectly with her pale, freckled skin.

And her eyes…those piercing green eyes…filled with playfulness and lust.

Alicia swept her up in her arms, pressing her back against the kitchen counter. She kissed Marcy passionately and rammed three fingers into her sticky, dripping pussy. Marcy gladly returned the kiss, spreading her thighs to welcome Alicia’s fingers once more inside her, cumming so fast and hard and wet they were both surprised.

“If bahçelievler escort you treat me like this every morning over coffee, I may never leave,” Marcy cooed into Alicia’s ear after her orgasm receded.

That’s when Alicia glanced at the clock and realized Jorge and his daughter Steph were due to arrive in less than an hour.

“Something wrong?” Marcy asked noting the sudden concern on Alicia’s face.

“No…it’s just that I…forgot about something,” Alicia responded before a sudden realization dawned on her.

“Do you also fuck men?” she asked Marcy bluntly.

“Well, it’s been a while,” Marcy answered cautiously. “I haven’t had a cock cum inside my pussy or my mouth since I broke up with a guy my second year in college. Why do you ask?

“I have a proposition for you…a very illicit proposition…if you are up for the adventure.”

“if you want me to do it, I’ll agree before I even hear all the details,” Marcy instantly replied.

Alicia hugged her close. Then they sat drinking coffee as Alicia explained the impending visit with Jorge and Steph.

When Alicia heard the soft knock, she tightened the belt on her short silky robe, took a deep breath and opened the door. Steph again stood in front of her father, this time her dress already completely unbuttoned, flashing her bare tits and smooth shaved pussy at Alicia. She took the few steps forward to unclasp the belt holding Alicia’s robe closed, her dress falling backwards into her father’s hand. Steph cupped Alicia’s tits in her hands and leaned forward to give her a tongue lashing kiss.

“She’s has been so very excited in anticipation of seeing you again,” Jorge said softly, closing the door behind him, dropping his daughter’s dress to the floor and starting to strip himself. “Ever since you sent us that picture, she can’t keep her hands off me…or herself.”

“Are you going to fuck me with that thing?” Steph cooed softly grinding her pussy against Alicia’s thigh. “And then are you going to fuck my Daddy too?”


Steph looked up at Alicia, confusion written all over her face. Alicia stepped to the side to give her and her father an unobstructed view as Marcy walked out of the bedroom with the eight inch strap-on dangling in front of her pussy…topped by just a hint of her flaming red cunt hair.

“The only question is who will be first,” Marcy continued as she approached Steph and snaked a hand up between the eighteen year old girl’s legs to finger her pussy.

Behind her, Jorge’s cock was rock hard standing straight out beneath his trimmed pubic hair.

“And who have we here?” Jorge asked brightly, stepping up next to Steph and unabashedly admiring Marcy’s perky tits.

“This is my friend Marcy,” Alicia sad softly, walking up behind Jorge and Steph, placing a hand on each of their asses and drawing a finger up between their ass cheeks. “We’ve been…um…practicing.”

“And Alicia’s told me so much about you…both of you,” Marcy added with a bright smile, taking Jorge’s stiff cock in one hand and sliding a finger inside his daughter’s clearly wet pussy with the other.

Then Marcy backed up slowly, gently pulling them toward the bedroom. Alicia dropped her robe to the floor and followed, her hands never leaving either of their asses.

“So, who’s first?” Marcy repeated huskily, stroking the fake cock like a teenage boy jerking off in front of a mirror.

Jorge and Steph looked at each other and grinned.

“Fuck her first and I’ll sit on her face to get a really nice close up look while you watch my little girl suck my cock and balls,” Jorge finally said.

“Oh goodie!” was all Steph said as she threw herself on the bed and spread her legs wide.

Marcy stepped between the young woman’s thighs, licking her lips as she drank in the arousing sight of Steph’s bright pink pussy gash contrasted against the deep tan of her skin. Steph fingered herself, droplets of her juices seeping down her crotch and over the tight sphincter of her asshole.

Alicia crawled up on the bed and leaned back against the headboard, positioning herself for a clear view of the action to come. Jorge climbed up behind his daughter’s head and flicked his rigid cock head across Steph’s face a couple of times until she grinned, took it in her hand and slowly sucked him into her mouth.

With her other hand, Steph kneaded her large soft tits as Marcy used two fingers to further spread the young woman’s pussy lips and stretched her gaping hole. Steph took her father’s cock out of her mouth long enough to say one thing to Marcy.

“Fuck me hard and don’t stop…until I stop screaming!”

Marcy rammed the strap-on into Steph as deep as it would go with a single hard push. After the third deep thrust, Marcy bahçeşehir escort reached down and switched on the vibration. Steph screamed, flailing wildly as one orgasm after another coursed through her body.

Alicia’s first climax came almost as soon as Steph’s, fingering her throbbing clit watching the eighteen year old get fucked while sucking her father’s dick. Jorge pulled his cock out of Steph’s mouth after her first scream, probably concerned she might bite down.

He turned to Alicia and buried his face in her pussy, fingering her ass and pussy holes together as he sucked and nibbled her clit. Alicia climaxed again, squirting her pussy juices into his eagerly awaiting mouth and over his face.

After what seemed a very long time, Steph stopped screaming as she gasped for breath. Marcy pulled the still vibrating fake cock out of her and stood looking down at the eighteen year old with a bright smile. Pussy juices from them both coated the inside of Marcy’s thighs when she loosened the straps and let the toy fall around her feet.

Jorge lifted his face out of Alicia’s pussy and crawled over to Marcy, pulling her down on top of him and drawing her down for a deep kiss.

“Watching you fuck my daughter was so hot…now I’m going to fuck you…hard and deep,” Jorge growled into her mouth.

Marcy was more than willing, reaching down to rub his cock head back and forth in her dripping slit a few times before holding it up so she could lower herself down on his entire length. Jorge pinched her nipples as she both rotated her hips and rode him up and down.

While Marcy fucked Jorge, and Steph looked on playing with herself, Alicia picked up the strap-on and attached the belts after sliding the curvy part up inside herself. She didn’t bother turning off the vibration, luxuriating in the growing tingling filling her groin and spreading down her legs. She looked over at Steph with a raise eyebrow.

“Ready for some more?” Alicia asked the teenager as she stroked the plastic cock as if it were really her own.

“Fuck my Daddy first,” Steph groaned and fingered her clit a little faster, “I’ve never seen a cock in his ass…real or otherwise.”

Marcy looked up when she heard Steph’s words, grinned wickedly and rolled to her back, taking Jorge along with her, his cock still inside her pussy. He looked back over his shoulder and smiled at Alicia as Marcy reached behind him and spread his ass cheeks with both her hands. Steph got on her knees and squirted some lube over her father’s asshole, rubbing it in well and stretching his sphincter open with two fingers.

“Oh god…fuck me…please…hurry…fuck me!” Jorge pleaded.

Alicia positioned the fake cock head against his tight asshole, letting it vibrate there for a moment before ramming it in.

Jorge howled.

Steph rubbed her clit furiously, cumming on her hand.

Marcy thrashed her hips and climaxed against Jorge’s cumming cock.

Alicia squirted another orgasm, soaking Jorge’s ass and Marcy’s pussy.

By the time Alicia returned with some cold drinks, Steph had put on the strap-on and was gleefully fucking Marcy from behind while Marcy was sucking Jorge’s dick. Alicia just stood and watched for a few moments, another tide of arousal building in her pussy. She put the drinks down, stepped to the bed and played with herself, starting to cum again when Marcy spurted an orgasm on the fake cock.

Steph pulled the strap-on out of Marcy’s pussy and turned to Alicia.

“Are you next or should I fuck my Daddy first?” the eighteen year old asked with a wide grin.

It took only a heartbeat for Alicia to answer with a sly grin.

“Fuck him next…but let me get underneath him so I can suck his cock and watch the strap-on going in and out of his ass.”

And so it went for several more hours. Each of the women took turns, fucking each other and Jorge with the strap-on. Jorge did as well as he could but the intervals between his cumming and getting hard again grew longer each time. He did mange to cum at least once in each of their pussies and once each in Alicia’s mouth and Marcy’s ass before he was completely done.

During those intervals. Alicia and Marcy and Steph fingered and licked and fucked each other in every way and every combination they could imagine, losing track of the number of their individual orgasms long before they were entirely spent.

At last, Jorge and Steph climbed out of the bed to find their clothes. Marcy and Alicia just lay in the soaked sheets, idly fondling each others nipples.

“We can let ourselves out,” Jorge murmured, kissing each of them tenderly and drawing a finger up between their dripping and swollen pussy lips.

“I can hardly wait to do it again,” his eighteen year old daughter added, kissing and bakırköy escort fondling them both as well.

Marcy and Alicia just hugged each other watching them walk out of the bedroom a moment before the apartment door closed with a soft bang.

Alicia blinked awake in almost total darkness, taking a moment to realize where she was. The scent of sex and the clammy dampness of the sheets reminded her she was in her own bed, with Marcy peacefully sleeping next to her. As she moved her legs over the side of the bed to get up, Marcy stirred and blinked up at her.

“Where are you going?” Marcy asked sleepily.

“Well, I need to pee and I’m starving,” Alicia responded.

Marcy got up and followed her, watching as Alicia sat on the toilet and loosed her warm stream into the waiting water. After Alicia wiped herself, Marcy sat down to pee as well.

“What are we going to do about some food?” she asked as she stepped into the shower to join Alicia to rinse off the aroma and stickiness of all the sex they enjoyed earlier.

“There’s a sports bar around the corner that serves a decent burger,” Alicia answered, “and I think their kitchen stays open to 11:00.” It was 10:40.

Alicia threw on some jeans and a sweatshirt without a bra while Marcy put on some sweat pants and a hoodie she brought in her bag the night before. She hadn’t brought any panties. No matter, they weren’t looking for anything more than a fast, filling meal.

They made it with five minutes to spare. Despite some grumbling, the kitchen took their order and they sat sipping some local craft beers as they waited.

The sports bar was still fairly busy despite most events being over for the night, the numerous TV screens tuned to replays or commentary shows. More than half of the tables were occupied, a good number of men and women mingled around the bar and a few guys shot pool off to one side.

By the time they were half way through their beers, the waitress brought the food order and two fresh beers.

“We didn’t order these,” Alicia said.

“From the two guys over there,” the waitress replied, nodding with her head toward two athletic looking guys standing near the pool table.

Alicia and Marcy raised their glasses in salute toward the guys and dug into the food.

“Mind if we join you?” a deep male voice said from behind Alicia a few minutes later.

The two guys who bought them the beers stood smiling down at them. They looked to be a lot closer to Marcy’s age than Alicia’s and muscular enough to be athletes, perhaps football players.

They introduced themselves as David and Marcus. David was white, about six feet tall with bushy blonde hair. Marcus was black, a few inches shorter and stockier with closely cropped black hair. Alicia glanced at Marcy who simply shrugged.

“Please do and thanks for the beers,” Alicia said.

It turned out they were graduate students and rugby players visiting the nearby university. In fact a good number of the guys in the bar were from several of the teams that competed in a tournament earlier in the day. They were also clearly interested in much different games for the rest of the night.

After finishing the second beer, Alicia and Marcy excused themselves and went to the ladies room.

“So what do you think?” Marcy asked. “Want to take them home?”

“A bit young for me, don’t you think? Besides, I’m pretty much fucked out after today.”

Marcy just laughed.

Twenty minutes later, Alicia walked arm in arm with David, and Marcy with Marcus, heading for her apartment. Once inside, David pulled Alicia into his arms, holding her close while they shared a deep passionate kiss. From the corner of her eye, she could see Marcy and Marcus groping each other as they tore off each others clothes.

The fact there was only one bed in the apartment dd not deter the guys. Both of them had decent if not unduly large cocks. Alicia lay on her back with her legs wrapped around David’s waist as he slid his dick into her while next to her Marcy was sucking Marcus enthusiastically.

Another orgasm surged through Alicia’s groin as she pulled David as deep inside her as he could manage while kissing him passionately. She started to cum as soon as she felt his body tense followed by his sticky warm sperm spurting inside her pussy.

Marcus was fucking Marcy from behind, holding her hips in his hands as he furiously thrashed in and out. Marcy shrieked her orgasm as his cum began oozing down the inside of her thighs.

They switched partners after a short rest and a round of cold beers, with Marcy sucking David and Alicia doing the same with Marcus until both of the guys were hard again. This time they fucked at a bit more leisurely pace. Marcus’ somewhat thicker cock rubbed her g-spot in a way that quickly brought Alicia to another orgasm that went on and on until his cum filled her pussy and his deflating cock slipped out of her.

They all kissed one last time at the door after exchanging numbers none of them really expected to use. Marcy and Alicia just grinned at each other before climbing into bed, quickly drifting off to sleep cuddled together.

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