Nothing Like Friendship

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Chris and I had been friends for years, I had never thought of him as anything more until three weeks ago. When a group of us had hit the clubs in town, most of the group had found someone for the night except Chris and me, so whilst the others were grinding against people on the dance floor, we spent the night propping up the bar getting very hammered.

In the taxi on the way home, Chris was rambling the way people do when they’re drunk, but through the ramblings one or two things started to make sense.

“God I need sex tonight! I don’t know why I didn’t pull I usually have no problem.”

This was true, he never went home from a club alone, he may not be the most stunning man on the planet but there is something in his emerald eyes that makes woman weak at the knees, he is one of the most egotistical men I know but woman love him.

“Tell me about it. Do you know how long I’ve been without a bloke?” is said as I tried to keep his blurry face in focus.

“Yes I know you keep going on about it. I know what happened tonight. It was you, they thought we were together.”

“More then likely.”

The taxi outside his place, he paid the driver and instead of telling him to take me back to my place, he grabbed my hand and dragged me out before I could protest he smiled at me, I saw the glint in his eye which told me all I needed to know. As soon as he got me into his bedroom he pulled me close to him and lent down to kissed me, although the booze flowed though our bodies neither of us was in a rush. Our mouths explored each others passionately his tongue pushed past my lips exploring inside. With our lips locked together Chris’s hand let go of my body as he moved it up to the soft spot on my neck applying just enough pressure to send a wave of delight through me, making my nipples stiffen with need. Instead of going to the zip of my dress like most men would have done, he moved his hand slowly over my collarbone thrilling my skin with every caress to my covered breast where he’s skilled hands squeezed them powerfully making the sensation course down to between by legs. Making me wish he would hurry down there. I could feel his cock strain in his trousers against my stomach. My hand moved intuitively to free it from its imprisonment but he took my hand in his holding it between us. I pulled istanbul escort my lips from his. Why didn’t he want me to touch him? He seemed to read my thoughts and answered my quizzical eyes with two words “not yet”.

Chris put his hand onto the back of my head pulling my lips back to his. Instead of returning to my breast just his fingers brushed over them as he finally went to my back and my zip. Pulling the spaghetti straps over my shoulders, my black cotton dress fell over my body on to the floor releasing my heavy breasts, both of my nipples now a dark pink and erect waiting for him to touch them again. Before he did he undressed himself letting his black shirt full next to his feet then he started to undo his belt and trousers taking one step closer to me as he stepped out of them. We just stood staring at each other for only a second or two but it was two long to be away from his arms. His body was a surprise with his close on he looked tall and lanky but now in front of me I could see a toned defined body with a fully hard cock in his boxers.

Chris put his hands on my round cotton covered arse and pulled me back toward him and for the first time I could feel his skin on mine. He kneaded my arse with his hands and as we kissed every known and then he would slip a finger between my legs along the gusset of my knickers which were not doing a very good job of holding back my juices.

After a while I was so worked up by his teasing I couldn’t take anymore, I pushed him onto his bed and saw him watch as I pulled my black knickers revealing a dark strip of hair. If he wasn’t going to let me touch him I would have to touch myself. Slowly I placed my hand on to my neck and ran it down over my breasts, pulling and circling

My nipples, then I moved them down over my stomach making a shiver run up my spine as I brushed over a very sensitive spot, down to my dark hair. I lifted one leg onto the end of his bed all the time watching him watching me. My fingers soon found their regular rhythm as they ran over my clit, rubbing it, and then pulling it and then rubbing it again. Before long I had worked myself close to cuming, I slid one finger inside my wet, warm pussy. By then I had almost forgotten about him and I started to sway avcılar escort then tense as waves of pleasure past through me. When I had relaxed he sat up and put my cum coved fingers in his mouth and sucked my juices of them.

With both hands on his strong chest I pushed him back on his back, kneeling next to him now I took hold of his waist band and pull at his boxers until I had freed his cock, longer and thicker then I had expected but not the biggest I had, had, but consider the amount of beer he had drunk was very hard.

I moved up his body until I reached his lips, I shoved my tongue roughly in his mouth kissing him hard and urgently. I felt his cock against my body as I moved my lips over his body, nibbling his nipples as I pasted, soon I had moved over his stomach to his cock, pre-cum shining in the light. I liked it off his head then licked his cock from balls to head, taking as much of him into my mouth as I could I swirled my tongue around it, not wanting to neglect any of it, I wrapped my hand around it moving it next to my lips as I drew it back inside my mouth. He took my other hand and started to suck on my fingers again, I felt his cock stiffen in my mouth.

“Oh god I’m going to cum” he let my fingers fall. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and started to pump his shaft and message his balls as his cum spurted out over my body.

He rolled me onto my back as he started to kiss me violently. His lips moved much as mine had done over my neck down onto my breasts, one after the other he sucked, bit and pulled my darkened nipples. Without warning he plunged his hand between my legs, they sprung open instantly his fingers worked my clit and my lips, I was so wet his fingers slide from my clit to inside my pussy effetely, he pushed them deep inside me massaging my g-spot until my walls clamped tight around them I was going to cum again, he knew this and took his mouth away from my nipples, Chris looked up at be an smiled for a second before going between my legs, his tongue replaced his fingers swirling around my clit, his hands holding my thighs open so when he was ready he stiffened his tongue and pushed inside me licking me from the inside. One of his hands moved to beneath my arse and a finger ran around the edge of my hole. It made me jump, no şirinevler escort one I had every been with had done this, he must have felt me jump because he pulled his face up to mine and ask if it was ok. I was so close to orgasm that I just smiled at him.

Taken that as an ok he disappeared one more between my legs. He lubed up his fingers with my now flowing juices, while his tongue was inside his fingers once again ringed my hole and before I knew it he had started to push one into my arse slowly at first one knuckle at a time until his whole finger was in my arse it was uncomfortable but soon my body became use to it being there and relaxed. He started to finger fuck m arse soon another finger was introduced. That sent me over the edge, my hands pushed his head tight into my pussy as he licked and finger fucked me, my body stiffened as the power of what he was doing pulsed through me.

“Oh fuck yes, Chris, I’m ooh I’m cuming oh god.” Through each wave he kept me cuming, final sensing it had past, Chris pulled his face up to mine and I grabbed it I had cum all over his face, I kissed and licked all my own juices off.

My scent and the power of my orgasm had mad his cock hard again, I saw the reaction I had on him and I wanted him in me. ” I want you in me now”

This was the only incentive he needed as he reached for a condom, I took it from him and unfurled it down his length my touch seemed to make it even harder.

He laid on top of me his body against mine; I reach between our legs and guided him in to me. Slowly he pushed inside me, I was so wet it slide out at first then once it was in me again I clamped down on it, inch by inch he pushed until it was all the way in. he drove his cock into me with such swiftness I had to hold onto him tight. After pounding me hard and fast for awhile he slowed his rhythm pushing in deep then withdrawing nearly all the way and then pushing in deep again.

His room smelt of sweat and sex, our grunts and moans must have woken the neighbours but I thought of none of that as he kept up his relentless pace of fast and slow, shallow and deep.

“Oh god Chris I’m cuming again” he didn’t slow down he just kept pushing harder and harder “Chris fuck I ARHHH” I screamed as I exploded wave after wave shot through me. With my walls clamped around his cock he fast pace meant he couldn’t last much longer, he grunted as he drained his balls into the condom.

He pulled out of me and we lay on his sweat and cum soaked bed looking at each other. When we had recovered I looked at him “why had we never done that before?”

He smiled and kissed me “I have no idea.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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