Oak Street Sunrise

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Note: This is part of a series of stories that take place on Oak Street. To enjoy this episode it may be helpful to read the first two installments “Oak Street Secrets” in the incest section and the second episode “Oak Street Summer” in the Exhibitionist/Voyeur section as well as the preview in “Oak Street Beginnings” in the Incest section as this story is based on happenings in those submissions. However, I believe this chapter can still be enjoyed without having read those three selections. But, my hope is that by the end of the series we will all get to know the neighbors very well before the neighborhood Christmas Party in the final episode.

It was a glorious morning on Oak Street. The sun was shining brightly into the windows of the Nelson and Goldman homes. Linda Goldman had successfully seduced Bill Peterson the night before after breaking up with her boyfriend. She still couldn’t believe how her mom had fucked the hell out of her boyfriend, Paul right after she herself had fucked him and then broke up with him.

But, she knew, for sure, it had happened as Bill and her watched them while looking out the window of his house back into her house while Bill fucked Linda for the first time Meanwhile, . At the Nelson’s Roger and Jerry were being awakened in the most pleasant way possible. Maggie had her mouth firmly on, Jerry, her son’s prick and her husband, Roger was already moaning from their daughter, Janice’s sucking.

“Janice, have you ever had a big cock like this up your ass?” As she asked this she continued to stroke her son’s cock while showing her daughter a tube of lubricant.

“No, mom I haven’t after all I just lost my cherry a few weeks ago and Jerry and I have been making out for about a week. Is it fun?” As she stroked her dad one of her fingers had found his prostate sending him into a state of bliss moaning even louder than before.

“Oh shit yes, butt fucking is absolutely fucking wonderful. Not only do you have that great big cock in your tiny hole but they can play with your clit and boobs at the same time. Then, of course, when the guy looks down at you all they can see is that big round ass and they can’t help but give it a sexy spanking. Here take this and smear it all over daddy’s big erotic prick.” Maggie squeezed a hunk into her hand and began applying it to her son’s cock as Janice watched her mother smear Jerry’s cock with the lube. Then, copying her mother she gave the tube a squeeze and thoroughly coated her dad’s cock with the greasy cream. She was surprised when her father moaned as she applied the stuff to his prick. As Maggie got on her knees Roger took the lube from Janice and motioned for her to kneel beside her mother. Maggie made sure that her ass cheeks were touching Janice’s.

The guys were drooling over the four pillows of pleasure lined up in front of their eyes. Eagerly Roger stuck a fingerful of lubricant into his daughter’s asshole causing her to squeal slightly. Knowing what Roger was doing his wife urged their son, “Jerry stick that big fucking cock in my ass. I don’t need anymore lube than what you’ve got right there as I am used to big cocks back there and love the shit out of butt fucking!”

Timidly Jerry lined up his cock with his mom’s rosebud. But, she would have none of that as she pushed her rectum hard against his erection. He felt her entrance give way as his cock head popped in. Soon his mother’s bowels seemed to be swallowing his whole cock. The entire time he had an eye on his dad’s penis and sister’s ass as Roger was preparing Janice to loose her anal virginity.

To Janice her daddy’s fingers felt so big in her shit hole that she couldn’t understand how his monstrous cock could possibly make it inside her hole. She was encouraged by her mom’s moans of obvious pleasure as Jerry’s cock was now buried deep inside of Maggie’s back door. Feeling Janice’s muscles relax slightly Roger decided it was time to proceed.

Holding his daughter’s butt cheeks apart with one hand he lined his member up with her greasy hole with the other hand. Gently he pushed his soft circumcised head against the opening. Janice sighed as it popped in. She thought that it didn’t feel too big. But, then he pushed in again and Janice let out a scream of pain.

Roger backed off and let her rear end adjust to the massive invader. After calming down she wiggled her hips at her dad signaling him to try again. Gritting her teeth she felt the enormous sword slice into her. To her surprise in a matter of seconds her bowels seemed to adjust and the pain was almost instantly replaced with indescribable pleasure.

She wanted more and she wanted it right now. She wanted to be totally filled up with her daddy’s cock meat. Noticing the change in her daughter Maggie smiled over at her and patted her hand as both gals were being pounded hard and deep up their assholes. Soon, Roger and Jerry were stroking in and out of the ladies in perfect rhythm and Roger couldn’t help himself and used the hand closest to Jerry to begin caressing the boy’s türbanlı escort ass.

Jerry wasn’t concerned with his dad’s caressing as he was so into ramming his mother’s butt. His father’s caress only seemed to add to his own pleasure However; he jumped when his dad stuck a finger inside his own shit hole. He said nothing and continued to pound on his mother’s butt. Both ladies were moaning as Roger advised his son, “Do You know what a hot bitch really likes when you fuck them up their ass?”

“No what dad?” Jerry asked his dad with his balls tightening in anticipation of his impending orgasm.

“I haven’t seen one yet that didn’t love this,” Roger smirked as he used his free hand to give his daughter’s ass a smack. Janice said nothing so Roger smacked her ass again. This time she cooed in pleasure. Emboldened by his father’s actions Jerry gave his mom’s ass a hard slap. Soon the room was filled with the sounds of the ladies receiving a spanking while the men’s cock’s banged into their rumps over and over and over again.

Jerry had never felt so fucking good as his dad had snuck another finger inside his back door. All four of them were panting in excitement. The men had to stop spanking the ladies as they held onto the girl’s tits hard as they poured their spunk deep into their shitty caverns while the girl’s honey poured down everyone’s legs. Exhausted the four of them fell apart and fell back asleep.

Meanwhile down the street Peggy had just kissed John, her husband goodbye and was looking for something to do. Even though her daughter, Linda, was a teenager she usually didn’t sleep in even during the summer. She decided to go in and check on her. But, just then the phone rang and she wondered who it could be this early.

“Hello, is Mrs. Goldman in?”

“This is her, what can I do for you?” The voice sounded very familiar to her.

“Uh, this is Paul Allen, you know from last night. And, you told me, uh, that whenever, you know I felt like doing more of what we did last night to give you a call. Well, I do really want to do more of that with you if you want me too.”

“Oh, so I gather you liked fucking me you little cunt lapper even though I am old enough to be your mommy. You can’t come over right now I have some things I need to take care of around here. Be here promptly at 12:30 and I’ll give you another experience you’ll never forget. Your cock had better be hard for me, though.”

As she slammed down the phone she felt the tingle of lust for the young man in her twat. Then she remembered that she was headed to wake her daughter when the phone rang. Gently she pushed open Linda’s door. Her daughter looked almost like an angel laying there on top of the covers; she was so peaceful.

Peggy was drawn to the bedside and carefully sat on the edge of the bed. At first she was just going to shake her little girl’s shoulder but then she noticed the black silky panties covering the girl’s ass. They were the pair that Peggy had given her daughter and were a size or two too small and outlined her pillowy mounds perfectly.

Suddenly she found her hand cupping her daughter’s butt and soon she was gently caressing it. Linda woke up feeling a hand on her ass. At first, she thought it might somehow be Bill or Paul and was hoping it was her daddy. Peeking out from her eyelids she noticed her mom’s long sexy leg beside her face and wondered if this could really be her chance to see what it would be like to make love with her mother.

Pretending to still be asleep Linda continued to lay there as her mom’s hand made bigger and deeper circles on her ass. Peggy’s hands worked down to Linda’s crotch and found a big wet spot and wondered who her daughter was dreaming of. Just then Linda pretended to roll over in her sleep. Her mom quickly withdrew her hand.

Conveniently, Linda’s hand Landed right on her mom’s upper thigh. Once Peggy thought the girl was back asleep she began stroking her massive tits through the nightie. The girl’s breathing became deeper as both of her mother’s hands attentions got rougher and rougher. Gradually Linda lifted her hand to her mom’s crotch until she felt the heat and moisture of another woman’s cunt for the first time.

Linda knew her mom was really into it so she slipped her free hand onto her own shoulder and gradually began pulling the gown’s strap free of the shoulder until her huge breast came into view. Peggy gasped when she saw her daughter’s boobie that was topped off by the largest nipple she had ever seen as it was the size of a large cherry. Opening her eyes almost shyly Linda cooed, “Good morning mommy.”

“Good morning, sweetheart,” Peggy answered barely able to get the words out as her mouth suddenly felt as dry as the Sahara desert. Grabbing her mother’s shoulder Linda was anxious to jump into this new adventure and pulled her mother into her arms and down to kiss her. It was a very tentative kiss at first growing in passion.

Their lips and tongues explored one ümraniye escort another’s mouths ravenously. For the first time in her life Linda’s hand freely caressed all over another woman’s body. First she ran her fingertips down her mom’s back to her large ass. Then, as her mom started to nibble on her ear Linda squeezed Peggy’s boob which seemed to shoot a bolt of sexual electricity through the young girl’s body.

Her thrill was elevated even higher when she felt her mom’s hand on her panties cupping her hot cunt. Peggy used her other hand to pull the other strap of the nightie off of her baby girl’s shoulder. Lust had now fully consumed Peggy as Linda’s boobs seemed to be looking at her. Hungrily she grabbed both tits in her hands and licked and kissed all over them as she roughly toyed with the biggest pair of jugs she had ever touched.

Excitedly Linda grabbed both of her mom’s jugs in her hands and tugged and squeezed on them just as her mom was doing to her. The girl’s legs were spread as she was rubbing her crotch against her mother’s stomach. Passion had totally consumed both of them as Linda called out, “Mom, I want to kiss your fucking boobies, too.”

Peggy repositioned them on the bed swiftly so that they were now looking at each other’s melons. Sensually the older woman pulled her own shoulder straps down showing her daughter the full glory of her boobs. As Linda approached the treat before her Peggy cooed, “Here they are, but I hope you don’t plan on stopping there little one as my pussy is on fucking fire.”

“I want to try everything with you,” Linda whispered as she gave her mother’s tit a small kiss. Soon the two ladies were sucking and playing wildly with one another’s boobies. The sounds of slurping could be heard far outside the bedroom. From across the street bill had just gotten up and peered out through his window just in time to see them kissing down each other’s bodies. Lustfully the girls pushed off the nighties and then the panties.

“Oh my God, Linda, you have such a beautiful bush and it smells so fucking sweet.” Peggy whispered this to her daughter as if admiring some great work of art and then flicked her tongue against the girl’s protruding clit. Bill had his cock in hand feverishly pumping it as the girl’s got into their sixty nine lapping and sucking on each other’s twats. This was the best pussy eating Linda had ever experienced.

Peggy thought that her baby was a natural at this as Linda’s tongue and lips worked masterfully on her mother’s cunt. Both of them lost track of how many times they came as they poured what seemed like gallons of honey into each other’s mouths covering their faces with glistening fluids. As the girls across the street fell apart Bill shot a wad of his spunk right in the middle of his desktop.

Meanwhile, as Paul hung up the phone a bit dejected he noticed the note from his mother and his heart sank even further. He might not be able to visit Mrs. Goldman even at 12:30. The note read, “Paul, old lady Fiskin wants you to call her when you get up as she needs you to do some chores for her today. 555-3825.”

He liked Mrs. Fiskin well enough and even though she was about sixty years old she was very easy on the eyes. Her husband had died a couple of years back and so many of the teenage boys would help her out from time to time. Paul didn’t mind but he would usually be there all day but right now his cock was hard and he needed a hole to stick it in. Reluctantly he dialed the number and they agreed that he could come right over.

He finished getting dressed and flew out the door as maybe he would be lucky and finish in time for his rendezvous. His eyes popped out of their sockets as Inga Fiskin answered the door wearing a sheer silky robe. Inga wasn’t ready for a serious relationship with any man yet but loved sex so much that she had made a game of seducing the neighborhood men one by one starting with John Goldman.

Looking at the erection in Paul’s pants she knew that he was already hers. Paul followed her into the house wondering if the rumors were true that she had been in the Miss America pageant forty years ago. He was in a daze when she asked, “I called your mom to see if you could come over because I need a man with big strong hands. So, are you that man?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Paul responded in a dry raspy tone. He couldn’t help himself as he stared at her D cup boobs that didn’t show the slightest sign of sagging and her large firm round ass. Thoughts of Peggy Goldman had left his mind.

“Good then follow me young man the task awaits you back here.” She still talked like an English teacher even though it had been her husband who had been the one teaching.

“Just show me where to go and what to do, Mrs. Fiskin.” The next thing he knew they had turned into the master bedroom. This made him nervous as she had never had him do anything back here before. He just stood there looking at the king size bed.

“You are a man now so you can call me acıbadem escort Inga from now on. But, now let’s see how much of a man you really are. I need those strong hands because I pulled a couple of muscles in my back yesterday and need a pair of strong hands to massage my back and work the kinks out.” Not giving the young man a chance to answer she let the robe slip off of her shoulders floating gently to the floor revealing her slender back and a pair bright red silky bikini panties.

Quickly Inga climbed onto the bed not letting Paul see her breasts.

He was almost in a state of shock as he robotically walked toward the hot red target. Sitting on the edge of the bed he reached out worried that this might be a dream and that this sexy old lady might disappear. But, to his relief his hand came down on the soft velvety skin of her spine. All he could think of to say was, “You sure are pretty Mrs. Fiskin, and I mean Inga.”

“Thank you, Paul; now how about straddling my legs and really give my entire backside a workout with your strong hands.” She peeked at the boy’s crotch and knew he must be in pain as his prick appeared to be struggling for freedom. Her goal was to get his member inside of her twat in 90 seconds or less.

If this sexy old lady wanted a massage that is what Paul would give her. Firmly he rubbed his palms into her shoulder blades and she moaned in pleasure. The silk of her panties was rubbing against his thighs driving him nuts. After about ten seconds Paul was just getting into rubbing her back when she surprised him with her next move.

Suddenly she lifted her arm from her side and grabbed his crotch squeezing his balls through his clothing. Then, quickly she grabbed his pecker and began stroking it. This caused Paul to let his hands drop to his side thereby allowing Inga to put her other hand on his zipper and pull it right open. In no time she had his cock out of his undershorts and was pumping it hard.

“Fuck boy, you have a monster cock there. You have thirty seconds to get your clothes off and get that weapon in my twat.” she purred as she ran her fingernail along the underside of his erection. Once she let go Paul hopped up and his clothing flew all over the room. Meanwhile, he didn’t take his eyes off of Inga.

She rolled over and pushed the crotch of her panties to the side exposing her moist womanhood to him. While holding the undies to the side with one hand she used her other fingers to rapidly frig herself. Now nude Paul reached down to pull off her panties but Inga simply spread her legs wider signaling that the garment was to stay on.

Clumsily Paul fell on top of her showing his lack of long term experience as Inga was only the third woman he had ever been with. His seductress grunted at nearly having the breath knocked out of her but recovered quickly. As Paul got up onto his elbows he admired her large breasts topped with tiny dark brown nipples. Inga didn’t want any foreplay an didn’t care that he was staring at her tits as she grabbed a hold of his prick and dragged it to her vaginal opening.

“I don’t believe this is happening,” Paul gasped then plunged his member into her deep cavern. The widow wrapped her legs around the boy’s thighs and raked her fingernails up his back as she thrust her cunt up to meet his wildly powerful thrusts. He had never experienced anything quite like this before.

Inga was clawing his back, throwing her head from side to side, kicking and screaming, while at the same time masterfully working her cunt on his cock. Each time she thrust upward to meet his prick she squeezed his erection unbelievably tight. Inga was so into the fuck she didn’t notice the boy had cum for the first time.

Animal lust had taken over and Paul kept ramming into her hot cunny and soon came again this time Inga came along with him in a forceful orgasm that seemed to rip through her entire body as she dug her nails deep into his back. The boy fell into her chest and gave each boob a tender kiss while still panting trying to recover from the workout.

Now do you believe it?” the old lady asked as she ran her fingers through his hair. Her panties fell back into place as Paul’s cock fell out of her while she repositioned her chest so that he could nurse on her giant globes. The two improbable lovers laid there stroking and caressing each other until Inga broke the news to Paul that she had some other things to do. Paul was disappointed as he hadn’t even gotten to eat her pussy much less even take off her panties. She smiled and assured him that there would be another time.

Even as her young lover was getting dressed Inga was plotting how to get another cock inside her. Her sexual desire was heightened as it had been two whole days since her last fuck before Paul. She thought about the next door neighbor boy Jerry Nelson. After all, she had seen him fucking some girl out by their pool just a couple of days earlier.

As for Paul he kissed his new lover goodbye and hurried home to get ready to meet Peggy. Little did he know that Peggy had just finished making out with her daughter and was sending her out the door to meet Bill who had just watched the show the two ladies had put on. Realizing that Linda would be over soon Bill quickly got himself cleaned up, dressed and wiped up his cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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