Obsessed With My Son Ch. 03

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I had conquered my son! He was mine! Or was I his? I watched him finish his shower. I caressed my swollen, thrashed clit slowly as I watched him. My mind raced. My juices flowed.

It had started innocently. I lost rational thought. How could a momma have sex with her boy? How could she fuck his brains out? How could he impale his beast so deep in her body? My eyes closed, my mind fed memories flooding my conscience mind. I could feel him, thrusting, pounding my yielding body, his magnificent cock buried so deep in my body, so completely buried. My mind wandered as my clit exploded in orgasm, my body humping my finger, begging for penetration. My mouth was wide open, my eyes flashed. His cock was so close. So hard!

“Baby,” I cooed. I focused on his long, hard cock.

“Momma, wait!” he commanded. “Get a shower! Come to bed!” he instructed. He stepped from the shower. I stood quickly, stepping into the stream of water. It cascaded down over my body, its’ warmth spreading over me. Eyes closed, I tilted my head back, arching my body, my nipples dripping water. They hardened as my hands reached to each one, rolling the nipples between my fingers. I pulled the nipples up. God I wish I could pull one to my lips. My tongue extended, I tried to reach the hard nub, but was unable. I grabbed the shampoo, poured a glob in my hand, and began washing my hair.

I finished my shower quickly, paying close attention to my crotch. My lips hurt! My hole hurt! Even my ass hurt! Jake had pounded me unmercifully. I had come so many times. I could not think of how many times. My cunt ached, wanting, no, needing to feel him in me again. “Oh Jesus Jake, I am your fuck toy,” my mind screamed. I took such a long time to clean my cunt, my hole. I grabbed the protruding clit, rolling it between my thumb and index finger. I glanced to the doorway. One more orgasm I thought to myself. My legs splayed, I squatted slightly, opening my crotch. My fingers flattened softly, rubbing back and forth over the swollen clit. Yes baby my mind screamed. Minutes passed, my body responded, my cunt throbbing, needing release. I humped my fingers, my mouth draped open. I was breathing hard. My eyes flashed open, I watched the doorway. It’s so close. Even my toes are curling, my hips arch to my hand. My orgasm rips through my body, shudders quake me to the bone. I lean back to the wall of the shower, catching my breath, allowing my fingers to caress my slit softly. I groan under my breath. My legs are rubbery, I turn the shower off, step from the shower to dry.

God I think, I have become an orgasm toy. My body begs for another touch. I reach between my legs, drying my cunt so slowly, pushing the towel between my velvet soft lips, dragging the material up over my clit. It feels so fucking good. I slip my fingers to my hole, reaming her, feeling her wetness. I am insatiable!!

Stepping from my bath, my room is empty. Jake has gone to his room. Just as well, I need rest. I need to allow him to fully comprehend our night of passions. Our flat out fucking! My cunt twinged just thinking about his hard cock, how good it felt slipping deep in my body. I flopped on the bed, lying flat on my stomach. Maybe Jake will come to me, see my ass up, and take me. I spread my legs, showing my cunt, my lips, wanting my hole to invite his penetration. I drifted off to sleep.

Waking, I glance at the clock. Jeesh, it’s 7:30 am. Lifting my head, I glanced around my room. I am by myself. Rolling to my back, my mind flooded with the past nights’ lust, sex, and passions. “Oh fuck,” I whisper out loud. My mind focuses on Jake. How will he take our relationship?

I move to stand. My body aches! My thighs quiver, the muscles sore. My back is sore. I glance in the mirror, the lips of my cunt are hidden by my pubic mound. I wonder if they are sore? Reaching, I slide my fingers between the lips. Tender! But well fucked. I find myself grinning ear-to-ear in the mirror. I stroke my body, sliding my hands down over my hips. I look pretty fucking good!

I dress quickly, head to the kitchen. No sign of Jake. I busy myself, making coffee and fixing breakfast. In short order, I have a plate of pancakes, bacon, and eggs to share with Jake. Walking to the stairs I call him. “Jake, breakfast,” I holler up the stairs. I move quickly, returning to the kitchen. I hear him bounding down the stairs. I feel him first, saddling up against my backside, his cock pressing between my cheeks. As he pushes me over the counter, I feel him pull my shorts down, exposing my ass to him. “Jake,” I almost shout.

“Yes momma,” adalar escort he replies, fisting his cock, pushing it against my wet hole. Meeting some resistance, he pulls the head up and down slightly, opening the lips wider. “Yes,” he growled, pushing forward roughly. His cock invades me, splitting me open, spearing me deep. My breath rushes from my body. My mind explodes, feeling him take me, penetrate me deeply.

“Oh God Baby,” I whisper hoarsely, tilting my hips, opening my body to his thrusts. He pounds me, pulling back and slamming his hips forward. I grunt hard with each thrust. As he grabs my hips bones, he pounds my pussy, slamming his body against me, our bodies slapping hard, flesh on flesh echoing off the walls. I grab the counter top, digging my nails into the edge. I push my body back hard, wanting his invader impaled deep. I wiggle my ass hard, grinding against each thrust. My cunt convulses, juices flooding from my body. I hear us, smell us! “Jesus Mother,” Jake grunts, pulling himself to me, grinding his hips into my ass. With a hard thrust, he explodes. I feel his contractions, feel him reach his orgasm as he humps me hard. I can’t breathe. My orgasm rips through my core as he pounds my cunt. Unintelligible words rush forward, followed by moans.

Jake reaches for the hand towel, steps back and grabs his dangling cock. I lay, sprawled on the counter, my cunt gaping. “Holy fuck Mom,” Jake whispers as he cleans his magnificent cock. He leans to kiss my cheek, then swats my ass playfully. “Good morning,” he chimes. “Boy am I hungry now!” he continues, grabbing a plate full of breakfast. Spinning, he moves to sit at the table. “Mom, you going to join me or lay there on the counter?” he asked. I could hear the laughter in his voice.

“Counters fine,” I whispered. “Just fine,” I continued, hesitating, turning my head to look at him. He sees my grin. I pushed myself back to a standing position, turned, bent, and grabbed my panties and shorts. Pulling them up, I stepped to the stove, grabbed my breakfast, and joined Jake at the table. Staring at him, he looked amused.

“What,” he queried. He just stared at me. He took an enormous bite of his breakfast. His eyes twinkled. He gobbled his food down. Within minutes, he was up and out the door. As he passed, he gave me a motherly/son kiss on the cheek and was gone. “Be back later,” he called before the door slammed.

I was flat out confused. Was he playing with me? Was he using me for a fuck toy? I knew we would talk when he got back. That was for sure!

All day my mind drifted to Jake. To his cock! To his fucking magnificent cock! I found myself grinning several times, once even leaning my mound against the counter, feeling it rub slowly against my body. I watched the clock. Hours took forever to pass. I had tried to remain focused, to clean the house. But distractions kept grabbing me. I lingered over my coffee, eyes closed, legs pressed tightly together, feeling each stroke, each caress, each touch Jake had given me. My body quivered. I needed him! I ached! I rocked by ass back and forth, legs pressed tightly together. They pinched my clit, a warm, familiar feeling spread through my body. Focused, I played our sex over and over, seeing, feeling his cock. Feeling him penetrate me. Feeling him slam my body. Feeling him. My hips lurched, my orgasm raced through me. I had made myself cum without touching my clit, only squeezing my legs together and rocking back and forth. I had to catch my breath.

I had to leave the house, change my thought processes. Shopping! I would get groceries. So off I went. I spent the better part of 2-hours out, getting a coffee, visiting the shops around the grocery store, and finally got groceries. Returning home, Jake’s car was in the drive. My heart jumped. I quickly grabbed the groceries, and headed in. Opening the door wide, I moved into the kitchen, plopping the grocery bags down on the countertop. It took several minutes, but I put the groceries all away. I listened, wondering if Jake was in his room. No music! I headed down to the media room. Again, no Jake.

I headed upstairs, passing his room slowly. His door was ajar, so I peeked in. Jake was nude, sleeping on top of his covers. Poor young man, so little sleep during the night, he had to catch up in the middle of the afternoon. Sliding quietly, I stepped into his room, moving to stand by his bed. Lying on his back, his right leg drawn up slightly, his soft cock lay on his thigh. God I wanted to lick his body, to feel his cock grow hard in my mouth. “Hell with anadolu yakası escort this,” I whispered softly. I move to the end of the bed, stripped off my shorts and top, bent slowly, pushing his foot wider on the bed. I lay down, sliding up his bed to hover over his cock and balls. I blew light air across his crotch. Moving closer, I blew directly on his cock. Nothing!

Lowering my head, I stuck my tongue out, stretching to lightly lick the crown of his flaccid cock. I licked down the side, clear to his pubic hair. I moved back to the head, licking each inch of soft flesh. Reaching softly, I wrapped his limp cock in my fingers, lifting the flesh up, aiming the pink head directly to my mouth. My tongue dipped into the eye, washing over the sensitive flesh. Jake rustled, his leg straightening. I could see his eyes flutter as he woke slowly. I squeezed my fingers, pulling them toward my mouth, stretching his soft flesh. My tongue danced over the head, rimming around the crown, moving to probe the eye. His hips tilted as he comprehended his situation. A waking moan erupted from him, almost vibrating my core. It was a moan of lust, of acknowledgement, of want. His hands moved down, reaching to the back of my head, pulling me forward, pushing his semi-soft cock to my lips.

Lifting his head, looking at me through sleepy eyes, Jake grinned. “Hey mommy,” Jake whispered. I heard him inhale deeply as I devoured his cock completely. His hips lurched to my mouth as he literally growled, shoving his cock hard into my face. I chewed on his cock as it expanded quickly in my mouth. In seconds, it was hard, long, and needing. I shoved it completely down my throat, my teeth raking along his skin as I buried his cock deep in my mouth and throat. I watched him as I fucked him with my mouth, burying it deep, slowly pulling up, pulling the flesh, sucking, locking hard on the underside of the crown, my tongue dancing over the firming flesh. I pumped his cock with my hand as I pulled up, slamming my hand flat on his pubs, wrapping my fingers firmly around the flesh, pumping up to my lips, and slamming back down as I shoved his cock deep into my mouth and throat.

“Holly fuck Mom,” Jake whispered. Several minutes passed, I could feel his cock expand more as his orgasm approached. I wanted to please him, to have him cum in my mouth and throat. I increased my tempo, pushing him to release. As his orgasm ripped through his body, his hips lurched, lifting off the bed. I sucked him deep, swallowing each blast of cum. After a half dozen blasts, his body flopped down hard, his legs squeezing my head. I licked hard, sucking his cock deep as it deflated in my mouth. I grabbed his hanging balls, running my fingers up, squeezing any remaining fluids into his tubes, draining his tool, sucking the baby juice into my mouth. Salty, it tasted heavenly. I bit down, chewing his sensitive flesh gently. It was so good! I sucked the head between my lips, my tongue washing over the head. Jake literally pushed me back, his body almost feeling too good. “Sensitive,” whispered Jake. I pulled off, my hand flopping his dangling cock back and forth playfully.

“Hi Baby!” I whispered. “Miss me today?” I asked, looking at his face and grinning. I grabbed his cock in my mouth, my teeth raking over the head. He again pushed me away. I stretched his flaccid cock until it popped from my lips. Mouth open, tongue extending, I fought playfully to get it back. Jake sat upright, hold me at bay. Lifting me to my knees, he kissed me deeply. His tongue swiftly entered my mouth, dancing with my tongue. He cupped my face softly, kissing me deeply, passionately.

I crawled up him, pushing him back down on the bed. As I lay down on him, I leaned to suck a nipple into my mouth. I bit him softly, licking the flesh, moving from one nipple to the other. He groaned appreciatively. I straddled his body, humping my wet pussy over his soft cock and balls. I washed my cunt back and forth over his sex, grinding hard to mash my clit over his flesh. I needed to cum as well. My clit, swollen and engorged, felt so good mashed against his flesh. “Yes baby,” I growled. “You feel so good honey,” I started again. “Feel momma’s cunt on you baby?” I asked. My hips tilted hard, I wiggled, his cock slipping between my puffed lips. I growled into his ear, as I leaned to nip the flesh on his neck, sucking a bite of flesh softly between my teeth. My tongue thrashed his skin as I ground my body hard on him. I thrust hard up and down his cock, rubbing my clit, tilting, and having my hole squish ataköy escort over his cock, then repeating. It felt so good. “Get hard baby,” I whispered to him.

Pushing on his chest, I sat upright, my cunt planted hard on his cock. I rocked back and forth, grinding my body on his. I could feel his cock start to harden. Raking my nails down his chest, I flattened my palms on his lower chest, lifting my hips slightly, and mashing back down. I humped him hard as I dug my nails into his flesh firmly. I growled deeply. Jake stared at me, his hands moving to my tits, his fingers pinching the hard nipples. Flexing my chest, I arched, lifting my small tits upwards, feeling his thumb and index finger roll each hard nub firmly, sending a jolt of electricity to my cunt.

Several minutes passed. Jake grew rigid, his cock firm again. Rocking slightly, lifting a leg, I grabbed his rigid cock. I aimed it quickly to me, sliding the head along my slit for several passes. I coated the head completely, lined the head to my hole, and dropped down quickly, impaling my body with his hard cock. I felt him expand my body as he invaded my cunt. He cock filled me, drove deep, and ripped through me. I needed his cock. I slowed my humps, pulling out slowly, driving back down even slower, feeling each inch of cock slide deep into my body. Reaching between us, I fingered my clit. I needed to cum with his cock buried in my body. Another minute, another slam of my cunt down his cock. It did not take long. My body reacted quickly, moving to my own orgasm quickly. As I came, I ground my cunt hard on his cock. My breathing stopped as I thrashed his magnificent cock. “Yes Baby,” I growled softly, almost mewing. “Feels so good in momma,” I whispered.

Leaning forward, I placed my hands on his pecs, started humping my crotch hard, grinding, slamming back and forth over him. He grunted appreciatively. As I tilted my hips back and forth, I leaned to kiss him, to suck his tongue into my mouth. I wanted him to feel my passion, to feel me rise to orgasm. I attacked his mouth, nipping at his flesh, tugging on his lower lip playfully. He groaned deeply. I fucked him harder! I slammed my cunt down, impaling him completely. My cunt muscles grabbed his flesh, squeezing with every ounce of strength I had. I wanted to hold his cock in me. We slowly built toward our mutual orgasms. I felt the warmth spread through me, my juices running fast, coating out sexes. Jake grabbed my ass, pulling me down hard, almost savagely, driving every inch of his cock deep into my velvety softness. I bit his neck, sucking the flesh into my mouth. I had to concentrate, force myself to keep my focus. I wanted his cock so bad!

Jake arched hard, thrusting his hips up, driving himself deep, holding above the bed. I felt his convulsions, his spasms as his cum jettisoned from his cock. As his orgasm washed over him, his body grew limp, falling quickly to the bed. His cock started deflating. I needed another minute. Rising, I sat on him, grinding his shrinking cock hard. “Almost Baby,” I whispered, my chin plastered against my chest. “Pinch momma’s tits baby,” I growled. He grabbed my nipples, rolling the hard nubs between his fingers. He pinched hard! Just enough to force my cunt to explode into orgasm. “Oh fuck baby,” I shouted as I ground my cunt down on his body. I increased the tempo, grinding hard, slamming his flaccid cock back and forth over my sensitive clit. Subsiding quickly, my orgasm rushed from my body. I collapsed on Jake, snuggling deep into his arms, his cock slowly pulling out of my body. We drifted to sleep again.

I woke first, Jake spooned against my backside. I could feel his semi-rigid cock between my cheeks. Lifting his arm, I extricated myself from his grasp, turned to look as him in his peaceful slumber, and headed off to my room. I needed another shower.

Shortly, Jake came bounding down the stairs again. Rounding into the kitchen, he grabbed an apple, took a large bite, and started out the door. “Hey mom! I got a date tonight. Have you ever thought about experimenting a little?” he asked as he bolted out the door. I stood there, totally in shock! What had he just asked me? I played his comment over and over in my mind for the next several hours. My body was so aroused, I changed into some shorts, wanting to have access to my dripping cunt. Did he mean would I do toys? More boys? His girlfriend? God, a threesome got my cunt throbbing! I wanted to see him bury his cock in me while his girlfriend watched. My hand found its’ way to my clit. I masturbated furiously, my orgasm ripping through me, but left me yearning for more.

“Damn you son,” I muttered out loud, turning to look at the clock. “God I need you!” Time passed slowly. When would he be back? Would he be alone? At 11pm, I trundled off to bed. My mind raced. Hesitating only slightly, I slipped under the sheet in the nude. Sleep came quickly!

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