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This is my first published story so comments are appreciated. Parts of this story are true.


I’m a 33 year old married office manager. I never thought I’d cheat on my wife but I just couldn’t resist “Her”.

In the office I manage it’s myself, one other fulltime employee and a handful of part time employees. The “Her” I speak of is one of those part time employees and her name is, well let’s just call her Kristina. Kristina is a 21 year old hottie with a smoking body. She came to work for me about 5 years ago and there has always been some sexual tension between us which got more intense a couple of years ago when she let it be known that she had the hots for me.

We began sexting and exchanging pics whenever I was out of town on business. That turned into each of us trying to tease the other whenever we were in the office together. We exchanged some light petting, without crossing a line both of us were lusting to cross. Kristina married about 3 years ago so with both of us married we were hesitant to make a very big first step.

A few weeks ago Kristina was texting me while I was at work which I always really enjoyed even if she did make my cock rock hard for the entire day. She asked if I could bring her, her copy of the schedule which she had left the night before. I let her know that I could bring it by between 1 and 2 when I usually sarıyer escort took my lunch. To which she quickly replied, “Great my husband will be at work.” I was instantly rock hard thinking about what she could possibly have in mind. The rest of the morning was a blur as I could not get my mind of Kristina and her tight hot body.

When 1 o’clock finally came I quickly grabbed her copy of the schedule and made the short drive to her house. She greeted me at the door wearing a sexy full length dress. She knows I have a thing for skirts and dresses. We started chatting about work and life and eventually we both moved to the couch and continued our conversation.

Eventually we came to one of those awkward silences that happen when all of a sudden Kristina turns towards me and throws her right leg over my lap straddling me. I’m so stunned at first I don’t know what’s happening. Kristina starts grinding against my quickly hardening member. I slide my hands up her legs and onto her waist. Kristina is lightly moaning and breathing heavy in my ear.

She takes her right hand off my shoulder and slides it down between us and starts unbuttoning my pants. I let her know that I’m unsure about crossing that line, but she just whispers in my ear, “Trust me.” She unbuttons and unzips my jeans, reaches esenyurt escort into my boxer briefs and grabs my now rock hard 8 inch cock. I know at least one moan left my mouth as her hand wrapped around then pulled my throbbing tool free. Kristina proceeded to slide the large fat mushroom head up and down her very wet slit. Slowly back and forth she coated the head of my throbbing member with her sweet juices. I was frozen, I couldn’t move. I couldn’t believe what was happening, but yet I didn’t want it to stop either. I wanted it to continue and I wanted more.

Kristina’s breathing was becoming more rapid and I could tell she was getting wetter. All of a sudden she let out a whimper type moan and the head of my penis was coated with her cum. I was so turned on and horny that I couldn’t take it anymore. With my hands firmly on Kristina’s hips I pulled her down onto my lap driving my member deep inside her. Kristina yelps and moaned from the sudden intrusion.

I held her tight against me letting her get used to my size and letting me get used to her very wet, warm and tight love canal. She raised her head off my shoulder and looked deep into my eyes. After just a few seconds that felt like minutes she leaned in and kissed me deep. As our tongues danced inside each other’s mouths Kristina started to slowly raise and lower herself avrupa yakası escort on my throbbing member. She was so tight I didn’t know if I could last long but I knew I was going to last as long as I possibly could.

Kristina quickened her pace as I pulled the straps of her dress off her shoulders and down her arms. I feasted on the site before me. Two tight perky boobs with very hard nipples, I couldn’t wait to nibble on. I took one breast and then the other in my mouth as Kristina continued to ride me. I bit on her nipples make them even harder and causing moans to escape Kristina’s lips. Her moans got louder when she cried out, “Oh God, I’m cumming so hard.” She slowly rode out her orgasm falling on my shoulder when it had subsided. My still hard cock twitched deep inside her.

Kristina then slide off my lap and onto her knees on the floor in front of me. She took my hard penis and started stroking it as she looked me in the eyes and said, “God I love your cock.” Then slide it past her sexy lips and deep into her mouth. I had dreamt about seeing her sexy lips wrapped around me but the actual view was even better.

Kristina continued to bob up and down quicker and quicker till I let her know I was going to cum. She quickly let me slide from her mouth and pressed her tits towards me telling to cum on her tits. I stood up and stroked my steel like rod until I blew a huge load all over her perky tits.

Kristina cleaned herself up and I cleaned myself off and pulled up my pants. I pulled Kristina’s now naked body against me and kissed her deep. As I left to head back to work for the afternoon we vowed this would have to happen again.

I can’t wait till next time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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