Oh Brother Ch. 2

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(Caution: this hot story ends, as a continuation, at a pivotal moment 🙂 )

* * * * *

A few days have passed since that incredible night under the stars. My brother Bryce has acted like nothing had happened. If I didn’t know any better, I would think the whole thing was a dream. But I knew different. Maybe pretending nothing occurred between us was his way of coming to terms with what really did occur.

My pussy was still sore from the incredible sexcapade in the hot-tub. Jim, my boyfriend, certainly was a fantastic lover, who really knows how to use his equipment, and also defines staying power very well. I always need at least a few days to recuperate from the major pounding I receive from his hefty cock. Even though days had passed, I still had the feeling, whether just in my mind, of two huge cum shooting cocks embedded in my mouth and the other deep up within my wet pussy. I certainly held the fabulous visuals in the front of my mind. The entire scenario of having two cocks buried in me at the same time has always been a fantasy. I never imagined it would really happen, but now that it has, I long for it again. Since that beautiful night, every time I think of it, I get so excited and wet. And believe me, I have thought about it non-stop.

I took a long bubble bath before going to bed and lying there with my eyes closed I replayed that entire night. I saw every fine detail; every inch, every throb, every drop of delicious cum. Soon I was thrusting two fingers knuckle deep into my quim and sucking on two fingers as if they were a throbbing dick. I could not believe how this incident has consumed me entirely. If I don’t act on it soon, I thought, I’d go totally crazy.

Climbing out of the tub, I dried off quickly and threw on my robe. I headed downstairs to get a glass of water, but as I walked past Bryce’ bedroom door, I heard a sound that made me stop suddenly. I quietly placed my ear closer to his door. No it was not the television as I first thought. Instead I heard Bryce saying my name repeatedly. “Yesss Brandi, oh yes…oh yea that’s it Brandi…fuck me sweet sis…” It was barely audible but loud enough to hear every word. I could also hear other sounds that grasped my curiosity. I reached out and turned the doorknob; unlocked, I excitedly learned. Slowly I turned the handle and the door quietly opened. I pushed it ajar about two to three inches. It took only a second for my eyes to adjust to the rooms surroundings.

Bryce lay on his back on his bed, totally naked. His eyes were closed tightly as opposed to mine, which were now open as wide as silver dollars. He had his hand wrapped around the shaft of his cock and he was masturbating slowly. I was mesmerized as his hand slid up and down the length of hard flesh. My eyes were glued to his magnificent hard-on. The swollen purple head glistened with leaking precum. Only did I look away, when his words filled the room. Again he was saying my name intermingled with sexual content. He was fantasizing that I was on top of him and he was fucking me. I instantly felt the tingling sensation between my legs as a watched him. Soon Bryce quickened his pace and started muttering the words “yesss here it comes sis, I’m going to fill your tiny puss full of cum”, he barely got the words out when his hand stopped, held his cock at the base tightly and then let go. His semen shot out forcefully. The first glob went up over his head towards the headboard; the second hit his shoulder. The next few throbs released cum onto his chest and belly. I could see the streams of spunk streak across his tanned chiseled abdomen. His face was twisted almost pain-like as he released his torrent of hot sticky cum. Cum that I, mentally, had caused. I smiled at the thought.

To prevent getting caught spying, I looked once more at my brothers gorgeous cock which was now deflating, and then silently closed the door. I went to bed feeling so naughty and fell asleep with the beautiful thoughts of what I just witnessed.

It was Friday night around 11:00pm when I came home angry. Jim and I had a great night out until we ended up in a stupid argument and I left his house in a huff. My phone was ringing off the hook as I got home, tossed my purse onto my bed and kicked my shoes off. I didn’t answer it however, knowing it was Jim wanting to apologize. I would let him sleep on his rudeness for a night. I quickly disrobed and put on just a T-shirt, as no one was home I didn’t bother leaving on any underwear. I went downstairs to the kitchen fixed a bowl of chips, poured a glass of milk, and then headed to the den to see what was on TV.

Mom and Dad were out at one of Dad’s corporate parties. Knowing they’d be drinking heavily they were to stay the night at the hotel where the event was being held. Bryce had gone out on the girl prowl with his best friend John and I couldn’t help but wonder what lucky girl my brothers’ fat cock was thrusting in to. “Some cheerleader probably”, I stated out loud with envy as I retrieved the remote control and laid back into the couch pillows under an afghan. Somewhere during çatalca escort the episode of “Sex in the City”, I guess I dozed off.

I opened my sleepy eyes slowly at the sudden sexual sounds that filled the now non-lit room and glanced to the television. Two men were screwing a gorgeous blonde kneeling on all fours. I heard my brother and John laughing and crudely commenting on what they witnessed on the screen. By the way they spoke, I could tell that they had been drinking and were feeling pretty good. As I feigned sleep, I watched the movie they obviously bought; “It sure as hell wasn’t cable”, I thought to myself. One guy lay under the girl and was thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy. The second guy was straddling her from behind, holding her long hair like reigns and pounding his huge cock into her ass. The girl was screaming and writhing in absolute pleasure as both slippery cocks slid in and out of the girl’s two overly stretched holes. My mind again started wandering aimlessly, wishing I were that girl. I felt my pussy get increasingly damp the longer I watched. I felt my nipples pressing against the thin cotton fabric of my T-shirt, and with each heavy breath they rubbed gently against the fabric. As the two guys sped up and synchronized their thrusting, I had to suppress my moans as I watched them withdraw their throbbing dicks, then one at a time, spray the lovely girl down with their hot, huge loads of jism.

Bryce broke the sexual ice with his sudden comment, “damn I’d love to do that with my sister”. John just laughed and said, “You are one sick fucker you know that. But I guess having a sister that is as hot as yours, could cause a guy to think that way.” I was smiling at the sweet comments and wondering what I could do to get something started. With the movie, the comments, and all my wicked thoughts, I had become unbearably horny. I had an idea.

After a few minutes, I tactfully and slowly inched my T-shirt up enough that I knew my bare pussy would be in full view, and then, still pretending I was asleep, I tossed and turned slightly, kicking the afghan down just enough to reveal myself. As I felt the cool air of the room suddenly caress the dampness of my womanhood, I knew I was totally exposed.

It was only a matter of a few seconds that I heard the two guys whispering. Barely opening my eyes I saw them looking at my crotch with lustful eyes. Bryce suddenly moved towards me and whispered my name, “Brandi, Brandi, are you awake?” I continued to pretend I was sound asleep. “She is out cold,” he said to John. “She looks so hot man,” he said. They were then whispering too quietly to hear. I kept my eyes closed, knowing they were close to me. The next thing I felt was the afghan being slowly taken away. Then very gently my outside leg was lifted up and draped off the edge of the couch to the floor. I knew my legs were now spread and my pussy was very accessible to anything. I stirred slightly just as someone would that was sleeping.

The next thing I felt took me by total surprise. I felt the wet warmth of a tongue licking my inner thighs. Gently it lapped at my tender skin working its way upward. I felt the hot breath against my now wet pussy and then the tongue slowly slid up the outer edges of my excited lips. I did everything I could to not moan out loudly. I felt the tip of the tongue push, gently pry me open, and then slither its way into my tight opening. No hands or fingers were touching me at all, just a tongue. Oh but what a talented tongue it was. Embedded deep inside me now, wiggling artistically around, it lapped at my inner walls. I opened my eyes just slightly to see that it was my brother who was tongue lashing me with such perfection. Out of the corner of my eye I could see John standing, watching, and rubbing the crotch of his jeans.

I felt my hips involuntarily begin to swivel slightly and quiet moans escaped my sleeping lips. “She’s waking up” I heard John say, almost panic like. Immediately the tongue was removed from my pussy and again Bryce called out my name. I did not respond, but silently I was upset that he stopped. I smiled inside as he began licking me again. This time he licked my entire pubic region. He commented to John about how my newly shaven pussy was as smooth as a babies butt and so sweet. I had shaven totally, just recently, and every day I shave my legs, I shave my pussy, keeping it as smooth as silk always. I don’t know what it is about a bald pussy, but it drives the guys wild.

Bryce lapped at my cunny like it was a Popsicle or something, completely covering it with his warm tongue. Every now and then it would slip in between my pussy lips and lap all the way up. Suddenly he stopped and then gently locked his lips onto my clit and using his tongue and his lips he worked my clit over like I have never ever felt. I could not help but moan out loudly and my eyes opened wide. I screamed out “oooohhhhh Godddd yessssss….pppleeeease don’t stop..oh pppleeeeaaaasssseeee yesssss.” He did not stop, whether he wanted to or not, my hands grasped esenyurt escort his hair and pulled his mouth firmly into my mound.

I begged for him to continue as I placed one foot on the coffee table and the other onto the back of the couch. I spread my legs almost into the splits. He continued the ravishing assault on my clit with his sucking lips and swirling tongue. I was sucked right into heavenly bliss, pussy first. As the first shudders of my orgasm raced through my body, he sensed this and stopped abruptly. I screamed for him to not stop, but he did. He stood and quickly took off his shirt, almost ripping it off. Bryce looked at John and told him to lose his clothes too. Then I watched as my brother undid his jeans, lowered them swiftly, underwear included and kicked them off. He was already erect and his huge cock reared up its ferocious head, followed by a fat rippled shaft that protruded from a tuft of curly hair.

I watched as John more apprehensively disrobed. He too was sporting a nice erection. He grasped it and pumped it in his fist a few times. I watched as his balls bounced between his legs. My eyes quickly turned to Bryce who was also pumping his cock. I couldn’t help but notice how perfect his cock looked. It was about 8; maybe 9 inches long, actually bigger than I prefer, and very thick. It had a perfect upward bend, just slightly and was otherwise perfectly straight. The head was perfectly proportioned to the shaft. And the veins, ooohhh the veins. They rippled so predominantly around the length of his meat. It was definitely a picture perfect cock.

He kneeled again before my spread legs and again began munching on my now dripping pussy. His hands pushed and squeezed my spread thighs as his mouth continued to work me over. He then sat up, grasped both legs, and turned me around so my pussy was square to the edge of the couch, and in line with his raging dick. I watched as he took his trophy cock in one hand and gently open me with his other. He then placed the excited head to the tight entrance of my Promised Land. With a gentle thrust he pushed the head inside with a pop. I felt my lips stretch wider than they ever have before and wrap tightly around the intruding member. They closed around the ridge of the bulbous glands at the start of the long shaft. I breathed in heavily at the first feeling of his immensely thick penis.

He did not move for a few minutes as I got accustomed to his size. Then he began the slow descent into my hot, tight tunnel. My pussy felt as if it were being ripped. “He was so thick”, I thought to myself. He continued to push, gradually pulling back then slowly pushing again. Inch after inch of super hard cock flesh entered my tightness and eventually was embedded completely. I screamed with each throb as the tip was touching me deeper than I had ever been touched. Bryce’ pubic hair tickled my bald pussy as I clamped onto his unbelievable cock. I could feel his balls squished up against my ass. I could not help but think of how heavenly it felt and then the realism struck that it was my brother’s cock that was buried so deep inside my pussy; my brother’s cock that hurt so good.

After a little while he began to move, slowly at first, then much more quickly. I watched as his cock pulled all the way out and then slid back in, all the way. Over and over he did this and I watched as his cock glistened more and more with my juices. The shaft was now coated with my excitement. With each thrust of his manhood, a scream and moans exited my throat. I am definitely a screamer, a very verbal lover. When I’m getting fucked, believe me the whole neighborhood could know. “For shit sakes John,” Bryce then said, “will you please do something to stop her screaming.” It took only a second for John to be standing on the couch, one leg on each side of me and his hard-on thrust into my mouth. His swollen cock instantly muffled my screams. As I sucked on John’s cock, Bryce began to fuck me much harder. As the pleasure began to grow, so did the pain that his huge thrusting cock was causing. My screams were much more intense now, which only seemed to excite John even further. He was now sliding his penis in and out of my mouth just as fast as Bryce fucked my cunt. I could feel the cum-carrying balls both slamming against my ass and my chin.

It was only a matter of time before John screamed out his arriving pleasure. I placed my hands on his ass and held him there as I felt his cock explode in my mouth. I drank as he spurted and spurted. His cum was so hot as it slid down my throat. Never letting his cock out of my mouth, I felt him throb repeatedly, as he emptied his entire load into my throat. I reached around to his cock and squeezed his balls gently. I took his pulsating member in my hand and squeezed it upward, licking up any remaining goo that I appeared at the tip. I continued to lick and suck on John’s cock well after it began to go limp. I did this until his legs were ready to give out. He climbed down off the couch and went and sat down in a chair across from us.

I etiler escort reached down and held onto Bryce’ hips as he continued to thrust his mighty dick in and out of me. Again I was moaning and screaming with each powerful thrust. “I have dreamed of this,” he said to me. “I have longed to feel your pussy wrapped around me, Brandi. Now I finally have and it is much better than any dream I ever had.” Through my moans I told him that since the hot tub incident, I hadn’t stopped wishing to feel his cock inside me. He grunted and thrust himself harder. I could feel his cock head pounding up inside of me. I clamped my legs around his back until he grabbed them and brought them up over his shoulders. In this position his cock felt even bigger and longer. He thrust into me so much deeper now. From the fucking that my dear brother was giving me, my emotions were running wild, and my immense orgasm was racing forward.

With every powerful thrust he lifted my ass right off the couch. He reached forward and pushed my T-shirt up revealing my breasts. He grasped the full flesh in his hands and massaged them. My nipples perked up further against his palms. He then began pumping his cock at a furious pace. His hips were a blur as they drove his nine inches of flesh in and out of me. Suddenly withdrawing completely, he stood up, took his cock in his hand and then released it. I watched as the tip erupted like a volcano. His white hot cum sprayed across my face and my tits. He came over and over, soaking me with his seed. I licked up the semen that was on my lips and savored the sweet taste of my brother. I rubbed the hot cum around on my breasts and belly and then brought my hands to my lips to lick clean. I love the taste of cum. I watched his hand slide up and down his cock finishing off his powerful orgasm, until I was wearing every last drop of his sweet sperm. I leaned up, feeling the cum tickle my breasts and tummy as it slowly trickled down my skin, I grasped Bryce’ softening cock and took it in my mouth. The taste of my own juices mingling with his cum was deliciously intoxicating. I licked every inch of his glorious cock clean.

My pussy throbbed from the tremendous fucking I just received. It was sore from the friction the sheer monster had made against my tender insides. But I still wanted more. My orgasm was right there and had been building for a while now. John was ready to go again, and Bryce asked him if he wanted to fuck his sister. John’s eyes gleamed and he quickly replied “hell yea”. Bryce told him to lie on his back on the floor. “Brandi wants to ride you to heaven and beyond.” As John lay down, his heavy cock really got my interest as it slapped against his lower belly. Bryce said he’d be right back and left the room. I didn’t hesitate at all in moving toward John and straddling his hips. Once in position, I quickly grabbed his new erection and directed it to my well-fucked pussy. I sat straight down on him. As wet as I was, John’s nice cock slipped into the hilt, fairly easy. Still as tight as I was, I felt the lips stretch to accommodate his girth. Not nearly as big as Bryce, his cock actually felt much better. It was closer to the size I prefer.

He immediately began thrusting his penis into me. Soon he was lifting his ass all the way up off the carpet to pound his pole into me. I reached up and removed my T-shirt and threw it aside. John took advantage of this, pulling me forward, his mouth sought out my nipples and sucked on them hard. “Damn girl, you have the sweetest body I have ever seen. And these tits, they’re perfect.” He again went to nibbling and sucking on the globes of flesh. Soon Bryce came back into the room drinking a beer and announced that he was going to try something new. “I just know my lil’ sister has been longing to feel this. So I shall make her fantasy come true.” I was slightly puzzled at what he was up to. It didn’t take long to find out.

He rewound the tape in the VCR to the blonde getting fucked by the two guys. Immediately I felt a shiver go up my spine as I learned what his intentions were. “No way”, I immediately shouted out, “There’s no way I’m taking a cock up my ass. I have never done that and don’t want to start now. AND I’m certainly NOT going to start with yours, even if I did want to try. Your dick is way too big.” “Even better”, he replied, “A virgin ass, that I get to have first. I promise I’ll be gentle. Hold her John”. John quickly wrapped his arms around my back and held me tight. My breasts mashed against his chest. For the first time I could smell the alcohol on his breath and realized suddenly that these two were still quite drunk. I was competing against two strong guys that were fueled by hormones, alcohol, and lust and driven by the scent of an excited, wet pussy.

I panicked and fought against John’s grip but to no avail. I also pleaded with my brother to please stop. “This was just not funny any more,” I screamed out. The more I fought and wiggled the more I felt John’s cock throbbing inside my cunt. The more I screamed and panicked, the more excited my brother seemed to become. “C’mon sis, you know you want this. Two big cocks buried in you, side by side,” he said. “Both thrust up into your depths. Every woman fantasizes about that. Hell the only thing missing will be a third cock crammed in your throat to muffle your screams,” he continued. “Trust me, you will love it.”

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