On the Loveseat Ch. 03

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Hello Readers. This is part 3 of the story and as such you should read Chapters 1 & 2 first. Thanx for reading! Onedragon


Needless to say the next week was tense. More so when I came home from class one day and Aunt Jessica was there. Mom tried to act like nothing was wrong and my aunt only gave my curious glances when she thought I couldn’t see her. I couldn’t stay in the room with them, it felt too weird. I wished I could have listened in on what they were saying; if anything was said about me. Neither said anything to me as I crossed the room to the stairs. I could hear the murmurs of them talking but not any words much less the topic. I tried to put it out of my mind and played some video games to distract me. I lost track of time until my sister barged into my room and informed dinner was ready. I was relieved to see Aunt Jess had left even though I usually liked to ‘see’ her more often. The rest of the week passed quickly. I was unsure if I was anxious or dreading Friday night.

I did not need to be either it turned out. Aunt Jessica had a rare date and wasn’t going to be here. I wondered about mom though. Would she attempt anything without her sister here? I’m sure she hadn’t intended to do anything that first Friday, but with the way she acted after and then with last week with Aunt Jess, I could tell there was something going on between them. What, a sibling rivalry? Was I the prize between two hot sisters? Sisters that just happened to be my sexy aunt and my mom!

Ended up with nothing happening that night, though mom still sat next to me on the loveseat and leaned on my shoulder as usual. I couldn’t pay attention to either movie as I was constantly on edge waiting for mom to make some indication whether my stiff dick would get any attention from her. When the film ended I had to stay sitting until she got up and headed for bed before rising and turning everything off and going to bed to take care of things myself.

I came home from hanging with friends the next afternoon and Aunt Jess was talking with mom in the kitchen about her date. I walked in and grabbed a soda from the fridge, listening to what I could as they continued to talk. It seemed Aunt Jess’s date had been a bust; the guy had gotten drunk then ‘handsy’ with her before passing out. I did hear her say as I walked out of the room, ‘I should’ve come over for movie night; I would’ve gotten more action here.’ I spit soda all over the stairs! Was my aunt being that blatant with my mom? The only action she could’ve been implying was in my pants! Holy shit! I didn’t hear mom’s response but I was sure I could hear them both laugh.

So it was another stressful week for me. I was spending quite a bit of time in my room relieving that stress and my perpetually hard cock. The sight of my aunt or mom and remembering the feeling of their hands on me made sure I was constantly adjusting myself. I was wearing boxers exclusively now (I had liked to change things up; briefs and boxers each gave a different feeling) as I needed to keep things loose down there. I was sure mom had noticed my erection more than once. She never had a reaction or said a thing. Even if she had come to me and apologized for having jerked me off and that it would never happen again would have at least given me closure. I was left confused, wondering, and hard as steel.

By the next movie night I didn’t know what to expect. Aunt Jessica showed up before dinner wearing a sexier than usual dress. Now she would make a burlap sack sexy but this wasn’t her normal attire so I was immediately curious. Mom was wearing her robe as she always did after dinner. Things followed our normal routine through dinner, but when we all made for the living room I saw mom say something to her sister who then came and sat next to me on the loveseat. Mom moved to the couch and sat reclining on the end of it, wrapping her blanket about herself. Yep, something was definitely up between them. And something was up in my pants! We sat through the first movie making the usual small talk ankara escort as my brother and sister were entranced by the CGI characters. We all took our intermission break and I saw my aunt fold her legs under her allowing her mid-thigh length dress to hike up enough that I was sure I could see the glimpse of a different colored fabric than that of her dress before pulling the blanket over us both. Her panties! I wondered if I wouldn’t be shooting my load in my pants before she could even put her hands on me. If in fact that was what was going to happen.

Now the second movie this week was a spy thriller; giving dad something he might be interested in (though I doubted it as it was more of intrigue than a shoot ’em up). But again I couldn’t focus on the screen as the glimpse of my aunt’s panties and thinking of what might be about to occur left my head spinning. I had decided earlier in the day that if anything ever did happen again with either my aunt or my mother, I was no longer going to be just a bystander in this sisterly game. Ten minutes after the movie started I wasn’t too surprised when Aunt Jess shifted, ostentatiously to make herself more comfortable; but I felt her right hand land on my bare thigh.

Obviously my cock was already at full attention.

It only took Aunt Jess a few minutes of casually rubbing my thigh before her hand had moved up and discovered this fact for herself. She paused as she touched my erection; whether from surprise at my condition or if deciding to continue.

She continued.

Her palm was pressed against my shorts covering my manhood, making small motions along the shaft. I winced and moaned, both in pleasure. She rubbed her open palm along my hard cock for only a few minutes before she dropped all pretenses at any innocence and quickly pulled my shorts and boxers down enough to allow my dick to spring upward. Her hand wrapped around my warm flesh adding the warmth of her palm and fingers. Aunt Jess’s deft fingers slid up to the head of my cock then down to the base, again and again. It seemed she wasn’t wasting any time and wanted to see how fast she could make me cum.

I wasn’t going to argue!

I would miss the protracted torture of a prolonged hand job, but having my sexy aunt doing this at all was bliss enough so I couldn’t complain about the way she was doing it. But as I said, I wasn’t going to be a bystander this time. So I casually (or so I thought anyway!) moved my left hand under the blanket to Aunt Jessica’s smooth thigh, just below the hem of her short dress. Her strokes on my cock paused as she had not expected this.

I held my hand on her leg for a brief moment and then inched it under the light fabric of the dress. She gripped my stiff member in a firm hold as my hand moved further up Aunt Jess’s thigh. I wanted to massage the smooth skin but I was intent on reaching her crotch before she could decide to stop me. She wiggled a little and it took me a moment to realize she had spread her knees wider to allow easier access to her private parts. Her grip lessened and resumed its stroking even as the tips of my fingers encountered the gauzy cloth of her panties. I had my hand, my fingers anyway, on sexy Aunt Jessica’s panties! My heart was racing as I pushed onward over her pubic mound covered with such thin fabric I could feel the small patch of hair beneath.

My aunt’s pussy hair!

I ran my fingers over the front of her panties for a couple seconds before withdrawing to her inner thigh so that I could push my fingers under her panties and towards her pussy lips. My mind was picturing every detail that my fingers felt as they traversed her shaved skin around her cleft. The feeling was electric as I made contact with the folds of her outer then inner labia lips. I felt like a blind man reading Braille as I moved over and along her slit. Now I was no virgin and had seen a few pussies before, not even counting any I had seen on internet porn, so I knew my way around this unseen terrain. But this was my aunt! My aunt with her hand escort ankara wrapped around my pulsing cock! And my fingers about to invade her dampening opening!

Aunt Jessica’s stroking of my hard cock had taken on a new rhythm, one not so intent on how fast she could make me shoot my load. Did she now want to delay my gratification to coincide with her own? I held off on pushing my forefinger between her spreading lips as I wanted to explore the entirety of her nether reaches since she was allowing it. I moved my probing digits over every bit of her concealed beneath her panties, travelling over her increasingly wet pussy as I felt my way across her pubic area. I found she had a ‘landing strip’ of hair a few inches long at the crest of her womanhood; I ran my fingers through her small bush, luxuriating in the sensation. I couldn’t hold back any more. I had to finger that hot snatch!

My fingers moved back to the center of her crotch, running once again along the length of her slit. It was definitely seeping juices now! Her pussy lips had blossomed open before my touch. I ran my middle finger between her lips, pushing somewhat into her soft crevasse. I was so focused on what I was doing I almost didn’t sense that her rhythm had become broken and irregular. Her breathing was now audible and also irregular. I was heating her up! I kept my eyes forward and I could tell her focus was straight ahead also, though neither one of us saw the TV screen or anything else.

I pushed my middle finger into her now. I heard her give a small gasp. I sensed rather than saw that mom had looked over at us then. She couldn’t know that I was taking an active part in this game of theirs. That I had sunk my finger well past the second knuckle into her sister’s sweet snatch!

I kept my finger buried in Aunt Jess’s pussy feeling her inner walls squeezing around it. Her hand had continued to rub up and down my shaft, spreading my oozing pre-cum over my length; her pace now quicker. I took up my own rhythm as I pulled my finger out slowly only to push back into her depths again. I felt her insides struggle to hold my finger within and then try to prevent its return as I plunged in and out. I noticed that her up and down stroking matched my in and out cadence.

I took it up a notch then. As I was pulling my finger up I pulled it completely out of her hole. I pushed my forefinger and middle finger in on the next beat. Aunt Jess suddenly had an iron hold on my cock as muscles throughout her body clenched. Her head fell onto the back of the couch and she let out a very audible gasp. I quickly looked around the room. My siblings were still sleeping, as was dad. Mom didn’t look over but it seemed as she was forcing herself not to turn her head. Aunt Jess’s inner pussy muscles pressed tightly against my two fingers as I resumed the tempo.

It was a couple strokes in and out of her now dripping pussy before she began to stroke my dick again, but I could tell she was struggling to maintain any sense of a steady pace. Every few penetrations of her pussy and she was again squeezing my cock almost painfully. As much as I wanted to make my aunt cum I also wanted my own release so I stopped my finger fucking so she could concentrate again on my hard cock. Instead I began twisting my fingers around inside her squeezing cunt, exploring the inner depths of my aunt’s tight pussy. Aunt Jess was able to continue her strokes but I could tell I was giving her some new pleasure as her breathing got more ragged and her eyes now had a glazy quality. Then I heard her speak, barely a whisper, but the sounds had surely formed a word.

‘Fuck!’ She mouthed.

Aunt Jessica was going to cum by my hand!

This needless to say increased my own need. Her hand had enough of nice firm stroke that I could let myself shoot my load if I so choose. I still had enough thought to realize that if she made me cum that I would make a mess on the blanket covering us. And probably my shorts, the couch, Aunt Jess’s dress, and for all I knew the ceiling! ankara escort bayan Aunt Jessica must have thought the same thing because she pushed the blanket off of us, exposing us both. But the next thing she did shocked me almost to the point of cumming right then. She dropped her head down to my lap and took the head of my cock into her mouth! She contorted herself enough that I was able to continue fingering her pussy.

She grunted as if from her belly as her body began to tremble. I increased the motions of my fingers and must have found her g-spot because her body reacted like she had touched a live electric wire! Her hand was now franticly jerking me off, her mouth sucking my cockhead. That did it for me! I blasted load after load of my cum into her mouth as she tried to swallow it down even as her own orgasm was sweeping through her quivering and shaking body, her cum juices coating my hand. For a few moments we were both caught up in our mutual orgasms.

My awareness returned before Aunt Jess and pulled my drenched fingers from inside her panties. Aunt Jess was still trembling as my wilting dick slipped from her mouth, my spunk trailing down her chin. Her eyes opened and for the first time since we sat she looked up at me with a sexy smile. She brought a finger from around my cock and ran it through the cum on her chin scooping it into her mouth, her tongue darting out to catch what it could reach. She sat back up pushing her dress hem down over her panties as I pulled the elastic waistbands of my shorts and boxers up. Aunt Jess continued to run her finger across her chin to get the last drabs of cum. My cum! On Aunt Jessica’s chin!

I noticed the movie was still playing as Aunt Jess stood. She walked past my mother on the couch while licking her lips. She was letting mom know I came in her mouth! I panicked. What would mom say now? Had this gone too far? (Not as far as I was concerned! But who was I but a pawn in their sibling rivalry.) Would this be the last time this happened? I wanted more, but I had to admit that I had gotten more than any normal guy could’ve asked for. Jerked off by my mom and aunt, and to cum in my aunt’s mouth! Aunt Jess walked down the hall to the bathroom; I heard the sink as the door closed. No sign from mom that she acknowledged her sister licking her lips or what it implied. I sat frozen. I shouldn’t have let this happen! It was my fault. Once I suspected what was going on between the two of them I should have stopped anything further from happening.

Ah, who was I kidding?

Like I was going to turn down a hand job from anyone, even if it was my mom or hot aunt?

Then I realized that most normal guys would have.

Wouldn’t they?

Mom still was watching the movie, though I knew it wasn’t her normal interest. She was purposefully ignoring what had happened even if she had known ahead of time, but of course not to the full extent it would go. She had known her sister was going to jack off her son! She had sat on the couch with the intent of letting it happen! She shouldn’t be mad at me for that! I didn’t know that they had planned this, even if I might have suspected. Should I get up? I should wash as I had Aunt Jess’s cum all over my hand. I realized the import of this thought. I brought my hand up to my nose to smell my aunt’s fragrance, although there was a definite odor in the living room now from the two of us! I touched my tongue to my forefinger and tasted Aunt Jess’s flavor. Tangy, but slightly sweet. Kind of appropriate for Aunt Jessica. I was licking more off my fingers when she returned from the bathroom, smiling when she saw what I was doing. I pulled my hand from my face embarrassed. Her smile got broader. I got up then and headed for the bathroom as Aunt Jess sat back down and pulled the blanket back up around her lower half. Mom didn’t even glance at me as I crossed in front of her. In the bathroom at the sink I just shook my head, wondering what the hell I had gotten mixed up with.

I finished washing up and rearranging my soft dick in my underwear, decided I hadn’t seen any of the movie to make a difference if I saw the end or not, so without word to either woman I went to bed, suddenly more drained than I had thought.

Chapter 4 will be on its way shortly!

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