One Scary Good Night Ch. 01

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This is my first upload. I hope you enjoy it. The only thing I ask for is feedback. Comments, ratings, favorites, emails, whatever. Thank you.


It was Halloween and my friends were on our way to a costume party. This year I decided to go all out and I dressed up as my favorite character from my favorite anime show. Tobi/Madara from Naruto Shippuden. If you don’t follow or even know the show that is fine. If you do then no explanation is needed.

I was wearing a big violet coat/robe that covered me from my neck to my shins. I was wearing a white mask with only two eye holes with a circular design on it. I loved this character ever since he was introduced to the show. His progression throughout the show has been even better, but enough about me nerding out over that.

Tonight we were going to a party that one of our friends from college was throwing. It was going to be a fun night at the party, but I got talked into being the designated driver for the night. It was frustrating, but this happened to me a lot so I brushed it off because I wasn’t going there to drink.

We arrived at the party a little after ten and my friends immediately left me to start drinking. I knew how boring it was to watch beer pong without actually drinking so I started to walk around the house and see if I could find any hot piece of ass to talk to.

As I was walking around the house I was just enjoying seeing all of the sluts in their costumes: sexy nurses, pirates, fairies, witches, and every other generic costume you can think of. I was getting a hard on seeing all of the exposed cleavage and the tight asses that were stuffed into tight tiny costumes.

I was like a kid in a candy store and couldn’t decide what to pick. Every time I saw a girl that I was ready to talk to I would see another girl and would want to talk to her even more. But my decision became a no-brainer when I finally saw her. Harley Quinn, the Joker’s right hand woman.

Not the real one of course, but the women put in a lot of effort into her costume, the classic one. She was wearing spandex pants that came up to her belly button. The right half was solid red and the left half was black. She had on a skin tight spandex tight top that was solid black on the right half and the other half was red.

She didn’t paint her beautiful face, thankfully, but she did have a black eye mask on. She wore a jester hat that covered her head and hid her hair. The hat was in the same style as the rest of her outfit. Right half was red and the left half was black. She was about 5’3″ and weighed maybe 115 pounds. There must not have been an ounce of fat on her body because her sexy lean muscles were perfectly displayed by her skin tight costume.

Her breasts were most likely a C-cup, but on her body they were the most incredible pair of tits I had ever seen. Her round firm ass was to die for. I was dead set on doing anything I could to have her. My dick was so hard from imaging what was underneath that costume.

I didn’t immediately go and talk to her. She was busy having a little bit of a disagreement with some girl dressed in a Tinker Bell costume, who was clearly drunk, and some guy that Tinker Bell was wrapped around. Tinker Bell couldn’t stand up properly and the guy knew that she would be easy pussy so he wrestled her away and took her somewhere else, leaving Harley all alone.

I walked over to her and said “Hi, Harley. I really like your costume.” emphasizing ‘Harley’.

“Thanks, I really like yours, Tobi. Nice to meetcha.” she replied.

“It’s a pleasure.” then with genuine surprise in my voice I said “I am surprised you know who I am,”

“Are you kidding halkalı escort me? Naruto is the shit.”

That is how our nerdy conversation began. We talked about movies, comic books, anime and just about everything else that an Asian would go crazy over. It was nice, but this was Halloween and I wasn’t exactly in the mood to spend my night talking.

“So why aren’t you getting hammered?” I asked.

She reached into her small purse and pulled out a set of keys with about four or five keys and a small metal Betty Boop figure on the ring. She dangled them in front of my face. That let me know that she was the designated driver for her group of friends. That is probably what she and Tinker were fighting over.

I was actually psyched that someone was stuck with the same responsibility as mine. “Same here.” I said.

I was going to lean in and try to kiss her, but I realized that I still had my mask on. I took my thumb and put it on my neck under the bottom of my mask and started to peel it off over my face. When I reached my nose I felt her grab my wrist.

In a serious tone she said “If you take that off this is over and that would be a shame because I am having a lot of fun.”

I took my hand off my mask but I didn’t pull it down. I left my mouth exposed. I looked at her and her beauty made me melt. If she would have told me to take my car and ram it into the house I probably would have done it.

“Good,” she smiled at me “you know that I like your costume and how mysterious it makes you.” She leaned in and whispered into my ear “It makes me so fucking horny.”

That sent me over the edge. I couldn’t contain myself and I pulled her into me and gave her a kiss on the neck. She inhaled sharply. I gave her another kiss and another. She pulled away from me and our eyes met. There was a lustful look on her face.

“Let’s go somewhere where there are less people, yeah?” she said in a seductive voice.

I nodded in agreement and she took my hand as she led me through the house blindly. I was enjoying the view of her ass swaying back and forth with every step she took. I couldn’t wait until we were alone.

We finally found a room. The second the door shut she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a long kiss. I hugged her by the waist and I eagerly kissed her back. We opened our mouths and our tongues began to wrestle with each other.

I started to motion her to the bed. We took a few clumsy steps as we tried to make it to the bed. Then Harley suddenly disengaged from me and threw me onto the bed. I landed on my back, but quickly got back to my feet, more out of embarrassment than out of self-defense.

She stood a few inches in front of my body and with a single finger pushed me back onto the bed. This time I allowed myself to fall back on the bed.

“Are you going to be a good boy?” she said.

“I am a good boy.” I said weakly.

She then started to strip for me. She started with her pants. Swaying and gyrating as she slowly and seductively removed them. She bent over and pulled her pants down. When they were finally off I could see her sexy dark red panties covering her gorgeous butt. Her fingers floated from her toes to her top and she started to yank it off, but there was a problem. Her jester hat.

It was too large that she couldn’t possibly remove her shirt with it on. She was facing away from me when she took her hat and then very quickly her shirt off. Her long blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders as it was released from the mask.

She threw the top at me and it hit me square in the face. taksim escort I flung it off to the side so I could get a look at her face, but she had managed to slip back hat on before turning around. But then something even sexier captured my attention. I saw her black bra and the perfect pair of tits that they were covering. I took my coat off and was starting to take my pants off.

“Slow down, baby,” she said as she continued to move her body “I don’t want anything ‘premature’ to happen.” she giggled.

I left my pants on and just enjoyed the show. Harley turned around, facing the wall away from me again, and unclasped her bra. It fell to the ground and she cupped her breasts as she turned around, hiding her nipples from me. She then started to drop her hands, but not before catching both of her tiny pink nipples with her thumb and index finger.

She gave them a good pinch and sucked on her lips in pleasure. She started taking long slow steps toward me. I was about to jump off the bed to ravish her body, but as I started to get up she shook her head.

She crawled onto the bed and then leaned over me and gave me a hard kiss. She started to peel off my shirt and I was eager to help her. She gave me another kiss. My dick was pushing against my pants and brushing up against her thigh.

“Take that big thing out for me.” she said in a low whisper.

I put my hands between our bodies and pulled the waist of my pants and boxers to mid thigh. My eight inch cock sprang out of its confinement and ‘conveniently’ stood between her legs in her crotch. I could feel the wetness of her pussy on the head of my dick and it sent a shiver down my spine.

In one swift move Harley swung her body into the classic 69 position. She took my dick in her hand and started to slowly stroke it.

“Holy shit, I knew it felt big, but to actually see it in my hands, this thing is fucking huge.” and as her last word slipped out of her mouth my cock took its place. I could feel her tongue start to go to work. Licking the head and going down the shaft.

A small moan escaped from my lips and I titled my head back. Enjoying her mouth. She let my dick out of her mouth with a loud ‘pop’ “Are you going to start eating my pussy or what?”

I immediately ripped her panties off and shoved her wet pussy onto my mouth. I slid my tongue in between her lips and started to lap at her. She was so wet that I could barely handle all of the fluid that was coming into my mouth.

She tasted delicious and I started to suck on her pussy more than actually lick. She started to enjoy it so much that she got lazy with sucking my dick.

I stopped eating her pussy and said “If you don’t want me to stop then you better keep sucking my cock.”

On cue she thrust her head onto my dick and took it as far down as she could. She was a half an inch away from being at the base. She held her head there and then came back up. There was a trail of saliva on my dick that led to her lips. I continued to eat her pussy, but I focused more on her clit.

Harley started to moan and whimper as she had my cock in her mouth. She was grinding her hips and throwing her pussy into my mouth. She threw her head up and started to groan loudly. I was about to pull my head back, but she said “Please don’t stop eating my pussy, please I need to cum right now.”

I obeyed and hungrily attacked her vagina. She let out a moan and got up to completely straddle my face. I continued to suck and lick her pussy and clit. She grabbed her breasts, pinched her nipples, and clamped my head with her legs as she came on my face.

A flood of her şişli escort cum oozed out of her cunt onto my mouth and I swallowed every drop. After her orgasm subsided she got off of my face and looked me in the eyes “Are you ready to fuck me?” she said with a devilish smile.

I took the rest of my clothing off. I got off the bed and pulled her onto the edge of the bed. Her legs were over the bed and her ass was facing me. I was about four inches taller than her so to compensate for my height she had to stand on the tip of her toes. It caused every muscle in her lean legs to flex and accentuate her ass.

I gripped my cock and guided it to her pussy. My head was in between her lips and I was about to thrust it in, but intentionally stopped. I just slid the length of my dick along her lips, but I wouldn’t enter.

I could tell she was starting to anticipate the penetration. She was starting to get agitated, but I continued to tease her. I was content with just waiting and savoring the moment until she made an attempt to get me inside her.

“What now?!” she said with frustration.

A huge grin crept across my face and I said “I want you to beg for it.”

“Can you please fuck me?” she said, but unconvincingly.

“Uh uh, you can do better than that.”

“Come on, fuck me please.” that time was better, but I wasn’t happy yet.

“Almost there.”

“Please, please fuck me with that big dick!” she screamed at the top of her lungs. Bingo.

I lunged with all my strength into her and she gave a loud moan. I grabbed her by the hips and slammed her pussy onto my cock. I started off at a furious pace and was determined to maintain it.

“Oh … shit … that … feels so … fucking … AMAZING!” she said in between moans and gasps. Her pussy was so wet that with every stroke there was a squishing sound coming from between her legs. I kept up the relentless pace and her cunt only got wetter and wetter.

She gripped the sheets of the bed. She must have been losing herself in pleasure because she started to drool and didn’t close her mouth once I was inside of her. I was getting a little concerned and thought about stopping to see if she was okay, but I knew that if I put an end to her ecstasy that I would feel Hell’s fury.

I finally got a sign of life when she let go of the sheets and propped her body up with her elbows. This made the angle of my penis hit her at a slightly different spot, but it was the perfect spot.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she screamed in pleasure “Right fucking there!”

This only encouraged me. I somehow managed to increase my pace and fuck her even harder. I was using my entire body to get as deep inside her as I could.


I felt the walls of her pussy start to clamp onto my cock and knew she was about to cum. I was at my limit as well and was straining to keep myself from cumming. With one last thrust I buried my dick as deep into her pussy as I could and came. I shot load after load of my cum that it felt as if I my dick was going to fall off.

Her orgasm hit her harder than mine as she wailed as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through her. Her legs went limp and I had to hold her up in position. I was exhausted and after I finished cumming I collapsed on top of her.

“Oh fuck that was amazing.” I panted as I pulled out of her.

“Fuck yeah; it felt like I was going to pass out.” she replied.

She turned around under me and pulled me in for a kiss. I picked her up and placed us in the center of the bed. I was exhausted and was just content to kiss her.

“I taste pretty good huh?” she said and then we laughed at her joke her. I pulled her into me and held her there. We talked for a little bit about nothing for a little bit and after one silent moment Harley was asleep. She was an angel in my arms and I didn’t have the heart to wake her or leave her. Instead I joined her and allowed myself to drift into a deep sleep.

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