Operation Happy Dad Pt. 06

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On Tuesday morning, I got up in time to see dad out to the gym. “Hey dad I have a plan to go to the gym with you this morning!”

“OK Danni whats your plan?”

“Ill tell you on the way dad.” We headed for the gym and I told dad the plan.

“I have a new pair of shorts for you dad and I want you to show off that big bad boy of yours to Lisa.” ( as I reached over and grabbed his cock)

“At first I want you to tuck your cock under your balls so Lisa can’t tell how big it is, 10 minutes into your workout take a water break and I will give you a small shot to make it about 3/4 hard. Make sure you go into a corner or a private area and slowly let your cock spring out from under your balls and make its grand appearance. I will be incognito while I work out but will keep an eye on you. If you can fake a pulled groin or ab muscle, she might take you into the massage room for a short rub down. Pretend you don’t even notice your cock, let her think its just a normal thing maybe she will offer to solve your problem. Ill record her if I can!”

The plan was set and dad did as he was told. The work out was going fine and dad excused himself for a water, pee break. After I gave him his shot I could see Lisa staring at his cock as it grew in his tight shorts. It must have been pointed down as it was growing because the head was almost out the bottom of his shorts. With about 20 minutes left in his work out dad pulled his groin and maybe an ab too, I wasn’t sure, but like I thought Lisa took him over to the stretch mats and tried to stretch out his muscles, Dad Lay on his back with his knees up and I snuck by to the ladies area, seeing his cock head out of his shorts was awesome I knew we would have Lisa very soon.

Lisa worked on dad for a few minutes and then they got up and went to the massage rooms. That whole area was empty at 6:30 am so Lisa knew she had it all to her self. I gave it a few minutes and then slipped in to at least listen to what is going on. I choose a spot where I could sneak up behind Lisa and film for a few seconds when the time was right. God I know woman, if they see a monster cock and they think they can get away with a quick touch or a quick hand job when no one is around they will take it. Its super exhilarating compared to their normal boring lives and small cocked boyfriends and husbands.

“Within 5 minutes she was stroking dads cock and then dad asked her to suck it , who could resist a once in a lifetime cock, not me that’s for sure. I leaned around the curtain and recorded her head bobbing up and down on dads cock, dad was grunting so I knew he was going to come soon. Dad choked the little slut with a big load of his come as I stepped fully into the room with my phone recording everything.

“Wow dad your having fun, is this a normal thing with you two?”

“Danni!” Dad chirped as he acted surprised, Lisa was whipping cum off her face and mouth and had yet to say anything.

“Dad pull up you shorts and go get changed I want to have a few words with Lisa here. Dad nodded his head as he left the room sheepishly. This was starting to become fun, I loved catching them in the act and laying down the repercussions of their actions.

“Lisa I asked you to take care of my dad, since when does that mean sucking him off and swallowing his semen?” She could barely look me in the eyes, a faint whisper came out of her mouth. “Pardon me I didn’t hear that!” I said more loudly than necessary.

“I’m so sorry Danni I don’t know what came over me!” She said thru the tears running down her face.

“Lisa what is your position here at the gym?”

A few sniffles later she said “I am the head personal trainer and part owner!”

“Who else owns the gym with you Lisa?”

“My husband Mark and his parents own the rest of it!”

“Wow, you have a husband, why don’t you wear a ring?”

“Mark and I don’t wear rings at the gym as most members try harder when they think they can flirt with the single girl and maybe have a chance at dating her.”

“Have you ever dated a member before Lisa. Lisa sniffles again and she croaked out a “Noooo.”

“Maybe I should rephrase that question, have you ever sucked off a member before Lisa, “Nooo!” was the whispered reply. “Well I guess this video of you sucking dads cock is not very good for the family business or your marriage is it?”

“No” replied Lisa.

“Listen carefully Lisa because I’m going to make you an offer that YOU CAN’T REFUSE! Look at me in the Eye when I talk to you god dammit!” Lisa was shitting herself now, I guess this is a good time to tell her what she has to do to save her life from ruin. Fuck I love my life.

“look Lisa my dad is a widower and he needs to get some love every now and then I know, so I’ll make you a deal. Do you like Tuesday mornings Lisa?”

“Ya their fine I suppose.”

“Good because on Tuesday mornings at 6 am your now going to do an out call workout for the elderly in your neighborhood lets call it your civic duty to give back, and by elderly I mean my dad. escort ataşehir You can work on his abs and his jabs, his thrusts or your bust.” (god I’m getting funnier with each girl)

“Lisa you are going to keep my dad happy on Tuesday mornings for an hour, do you hear what I’m saying to you, that’s all I’m asking you to do. You will do this for 6 months and you are free to go. I promise you .Oh and by the way not a fucking word of this to my dad or ill blow your life up so fast it will make your head spin.

do you understand what I’m saying Lisa?”

“Yes!” was her only response.

I wrote down our address and said next Tuesday you will be here at 5:30 am.

“I thought you said 6 am Lisa spit out!”

“I did but on your first day we will need to ingratiate you to the situation.”

I chucked thinking she might have to look up that word in the dictionary, and lets make it 5 am on you first day of your kind charity work for the elderly.” I turned and walked out the door, grabbed my bag and headed to the car. Dad was all excited, asking how it went. “It went fine dad She is going to give you a private work out for seniors at 6 am on Tuesday mornings from now on.”

“I’m not a senior Danni that’s god dam insulting!”

“Dad she is telling the gym staff that story to be away from work on Tuesday mornings.

“Oh OK I’m good with that.

“Take me home dad and go to work I have stuff to do!”

The week went by with the usual suspects keeping dad happy. I started making Kathy and Priya go down on me before they took care of good old dad. There is something amazing about having a beautiful woman go down on you and be my slave bitch if you know what I mean. I would go down on them as well but I would tease them mercilessly not allowing them to come, creeping right up to an orgasm time after time but ultimately stopping and sending them to dad at the last minute.

They would be so horny when they got into dads room it was like they wanted him inside them right now! I would watch sometimes and be jealous of dad fucking them. Kathy was so stunning, tall and erotic that I would melt as they made love.

Dad was really getting into good shape, he was down 25 LBS and his stamina was really starting to take off. He could fuck for 15 minutes before an Orgasm, they would cuddle and make out for 10 minutes then Dad could go for 25 to 40 minutes on the second round. I lost count of how many orgasms Kathy had somewhere in the 15 to 25 range. Their sex was always epic and I could see Kathy falling for dad.

I would have to be careful that they didn’t get the upper hand on me because that would have me being shoved out of the picture and I am sure not gonna let that happen. The key is to have total control of dad. My Problem is dad was falling for all of them, he was putting his heart and soul into all of the girls.

Priya made him come 4 times on Thursday night. They made love for 5 hours and she spent the night. I woke dad up at 6 am and he still had his 1/2 hard cock buried into her pussy as she slept face down on his chest. When dad tried to get up Priya wrapped her legs around dad and would not let go of his cock. Dad Laughed and laid back on the bed stroking her body. “Dad Your going to be late for the gym!” Priya turned her head and looked at me, She smiled kissed dad on the lips and rolled off of his cock with a sucking sound emanating from her pussy. I smiled at both of them and bent over to suck dads cock clean, Mmmm I am a dirty bitch sometimes.

“Ouch ouch” dad said as I sucked the juice off his cock. I sat up and turned the main light on.

” Fuck Priya you fucked the skin off dads cock!” I yelled. All Priya did was smile and bury her face in dads armpit. “You think that’s funny Priya, maybe you need a 2 week Penalty for hurting dad!”

That statement made her jump up, she grabbed my arm and said “No please Danni, Please I did not mean to hurt Steven I would sooner die than have that happen!”

Dad jumped in and said, “Hey Danni calm down please, its OK, Ill be fine!”

“Go have a shower dad I need to talk to Priya!” Dad hung his head and obeyed my piercing eyes. Priya had tears in her eyes and her bottom lip was quivering as she waited for me to speak, I just looked at her trying to convey how mad I was at her. “Priya I give you dad for one night a week, you have hurt him and I’m not sure how long he will be out of commission, what do you think I should do to you for a punishment?” I let the question sit out there for a minute but she didn’t answer me.

“Priya I’m going to give you a few choices of your punishment, a 4 week penalty, a spanking and a 2 week penalty or a day as my personal slave, a 24 hour timed day. You can tell me your answer after dads gone to the gym!”

I had to put ointment on dads cock because it was so irritated he would need a few days to heal. Priya that selfish little minx would pay for this. Dad left for the gym and Priya told me that she would be my Slave for a day. I informed her that sometime in the kadıköy escort bayan next month or 2, I will take that day when the time was right. I also went over the amount of fucking that she was aloud to do in a night. If she hurt dad again there would be hell to pay. Priya said she would be much more careful and promised not to do it again. I looked and smiled at Priya, “Spread your legs you horny little bitch I want to taste me some dad!” Priya and I made love all morning she is so hot and horny, shes a bit of a taker though and I had to discipline her a few times to get what I wanted out of her.

I gave dad a break on Friday night and silently cursed Priya deciding I would make her pay for my lack of dad sex on my night. I started to fantasize about all the things I could make her do and I got really horny. It was then that it hit me that I need more than 1 cock at my disposal, but where am I going to get a big cock with no macho fucking attitude that goes with it. I’ll have to think about that problem because guys like dad don’t grow on trees.

I let dad have Kelly all to himself on the weekend but On Monday morning she was mine the minute he was out the door to the gym.

God she can eat pussy, Kathy and Priya they both need practice, maybe I’ll get Doc to train them how to eat my pussy.

5 am comes pretty early on a Tuesday morning but I got up and opened the door as Lisa walked up the stairs. I said “follow me please.” I walked past dads room and pointed to it whispering that’s dads room you will be working out in there. My room was not as neat and tidy as it could have been but I didn’t care I was going to have an orgasm and go back to bed. I striped off my nighty and my panties and lay down on the edge of my bed pointing my pussy at Lisa, she looked at me like what the fuck are you doing .

“Before you take care of dad you need to take care of me, and don’t get all upiddy and refuse to eat me because you known dam well I got you by the short and curly’s. So Just shut up and get started!” With a great amount of trepidation Lisa knelt between my legs. I was thrilled that I am taking away her pussy eating virginity and I let her explore techniques for a few minutes before I said “You know how you like to be eaten, just do the same thing to me. While your at it put 2 wet fingers in my pussy and curl them up and massage my g spot!” I was in heaven an incredibly beautiful girl is munching on my pussy and it is awesome.

“Lisa was starting to get it right and I thought, she might just be able to get me to squirt. The combination of a beautiful new girl with 2 fingers on my G spot and her tongue buzzing my clit, Mmm I laughed when I came, thinking shes going to get soaked. I squirted all over her face, neck and hair before I let her head go and as she sat up she had a look of wonderment on her face like she had never seen a girl squirt before. I thought I would be nice and wipe her down so I got a towel and wiped her face and neck dry before drying her hair. Lisa still hadn’t said a word to me so I just kept doing what I wanted. I pushed her down on the bed and took off her lulu lemon stretchy pants and a tight little G string then I thought I want to see her tits so I sat her up and pulled her top off with her sports bra.

Mmm not bad , a little small but maybe they are sensitive I thought to myself, as I looked at her breasts. It was almost like she was in a daze or something so I just continued on like we were lovers. I kissed her full on the lips and pinched her nipple a bit to see what happens, she moaned and kissed me back. Wow I didn’t expect that to happen, I expected some resistance, some fight, some show of defiance. After a few minutes I went to town on her neck and breasts as I let my hands go to the erogenous zones for a bit o play. I did everything I could think of with out touching her pussy to give her pleasure, I was waiting for that treasure until she begged me to eat her.. 5 ,6 maybe 7 minutes passed before she was pushing my head south and trying to get me to eat at the Y. I finally gave in and slid down to her pussy, it smelt hot, wet and so yummy.

I must admit I was a fucking tease I eat all over the place before I touched her clit. She was trying to get my tongue on her clit by moving all over the place but I kept on teasing. I thought, I wonder how long it would take me to make her come with a full out barrage on her clit with a few fingers on her G spot?

I looked at my clock and it said 5:35 am OK game on. I slid 2 fingers carefully inside her pussy and she gave me a big long grownnnn, I curled them into her G spot but didn’t rub and this got me a pussy flick and a stomach roll upwards . I dove on her clit and sucked it for all I was worth, my fingers flew in and out of her pussy, all she could do was arch her back and freeze. For 20 seconds I was at full speed, Boom fireworks, bucking bronco, squirt in my face holy motherfucker orgasm, I didn’t stop until she was all come’d out it was truly amazing to watch and experience it. I let her rest for 5 minutes escort bostancı and said “Its time for a shower and to go to dads bed!”

Lisa showered up and came back to my room. “I know I should hate you right now Danni for what you are doing to me, but that was the best sex of my entire life. Your orgasm and then mine it was indescribable how good it was.

“Well Lisa hold that thought and Ill see if dads up!” I went into dads room and he was not up yet, so I pulled back the covers and pulled out his cock I gave him a shot of 4.5 ml and knew that he would have to have 2 orgasms to make it go down. I went back to my room and said “Lisa you are going to crawl into bed with my sleeping dad, you will get in front of him snuggle to his front and and put his cock in your pussy before he wakes up. Do you need any lube or anything?”

“No I’m dripping already” Lisa said. Lisa crawled into dads bed, put her back to his chest and snuggled in. I saw her lift her leg and rub dads cock head on her pussy, I was going to leave but I chose to stay and watch.

Dad started to wake up and the first thing he did was thrust his cock forward, a big gasp escaped Lisa’s lips and dad says “Well good morning to you to Lisa!”

Dad was pumping and Lisa was gasping and that was a good position for about 5 minutes until dad said “Lisa do you want to go on top for a few minutes.” Lisa nodded her head and dad flopped over on his back popping his cock out of Lisa with a jolt. Lisa was surprised but eager to get back on the horse or horse cock if its a more fitting description. Lisa was up and back on his cock in a few seconds but this time it was up to her, how deep to let the monster into her depths, she sank a little more each bounce until he was almost at the bottom. Wow this girl had some depth to her pussy. Lisa reached down and put both hands on his chest and pinched his nipples, well I’ll be god dammed, dads head came up and he started trusting up into little Lisa. Lisa screamed and dad screamed and I melted into a pile of sexual depravity rubbing my own pussy as I watched them come together in a wonderful and blissful orgasm.

Lisa slumped onto dads chest and stayed mounted on his cock. I strolled back to my room and lay on my bed thinking about what I had just watched it was really beautiful. I replayed it in my mind and played my pussy to the tune of my thoughts . After a small but satisfactory orgasm I dosed off for a few minutes waking up at 7:30 oh crap. I shot out of bed to get ready for school. I went to Dads room and they were in the exact same position as when I left them. Well that’s their problem I gotta get to school. I smiled at the cute couple and ran out the door trying not to be late for school.

I woke up with the felling I had to go pee, I felt like I had a morning pee hard on, but there was some one sleeping on my chest. Slowly it dawned on me where and what was happening. I smiled to myself thinking about what I could do to Lisa while she slept. Maybe I could just fuck her real slow just the way we are and see how much she can take before waking up. I started with slow little thrusts an inch in and an inch out, I got about 10 thrusts in before I got some feed back, her hips started moving opposite my thrusts so now the was 2 inch movements in and out. Lisa lifted her head and beamed a slutty worn out smile at me. God she is beautiful, Danni sure can pick em, I thought to myself.

I stopped when I heard my phone buzzing beside me on my night stand. Crap I thought about ignoring it but I knew it was work. Lisa sat up but stayed on my cock and I answered the phone. “Hi Steve!’ our sexy little secretary said, Denise was handling the shipments of a huge order from our Company to the Canadian Oil fields. “Whats happening Denise, I’m kinda busy now, as I looked up at Lisa sitting on my cock. We talked for a few minutes about the shipping details and Lisa thought it would be funny to do a little bouncing on my dick as I was talking. “Are you alright boss?” Denise said to me. “No I’m not Denise I feel like shit! I am taking a sick day, Please don’t call me unless its an emergency. I hung up the phone and Lisa laughed and laughed.

“All right you little tease your getting it now!” I rolled her over onto her back and plunged deep into her depths. She gasped for air as I pulled out and rammed it in again. Lisa brought her legs up and I moved my arms out of the way for her to put her feet behind her head. I was in total awe, I was buried to the bottom and she was bent in half giving me the best possible depth and angle to her pussy.

“Go slow big boy I’ll have to get used to how deep you are going in!” Lisa said with a smile.

I pumped at a nice slow pace for about 5 minutes, deeply kissing her. I was amazed at her flexibility and her pussy control it was like she was milking me.

She was kissing me so passionately it was like we were on our honey moon. I’m having sex with a 10 my mind raced to justify how this was possible, My conscience was saying shut up and pay attention to what you are doing. Don’t fuck up, fucking a 10 ya moron. I really concentrated on making a nice rhythm and a good angle of attack for Lisa. I was hitting her G spot right on the button and going in far enough to see a lump right at her belly button every time I bottomed out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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