Our Delicious Daughters Ch. 4

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I had done it! I had actually fucked by beautiful teen niece! After I had shot most of my cum deep in her ravished pussy, she had pushed me off and let me finish in her mouth. She had then licked my cock and balls clean of our juices. She was like a kitten lapping up an offering of sweet cream.

Jamie finished her delightful work and curled up next to me. I hadn’t thought about cigarettes for several years, but the urge struck hard. I had just enjoyed exquisite sex and a cigarette would have been perfect.

“Uncle Ed,” Jamie said in her young voice, “Did you enjoy fucking me? Was I any good?”

I paused for a moment. “Jamie, you were fantastic! You are a sexy looking woman who can live up to the promises your body makes. How do you feel?”

“Oh Uncle Ed, it was more than I ever expected. I have fucked a few guys my age, but they are always in such a hurry and don’t seem to give a damn if I have a good time. Your cock touched nerves that have not been touched before. I have dreamed of you taking me as you did tonight. You are a real man. You fucked me hard and made me feel like a real woman.”

I pulled her young body closer to me and kissed her forehead. Her hand was softly stroking my chest and belly while her tongue played games in my ear. I could feel my cock beginning to swell. I knew I would enjoy Jamie again before the night was over.

The brandy had made me thirsty. I told Jamie I was going to the kitchen to get some water. I rose and walked toward the door that I had closed when we came into the bedroom. I could feel her eyes on me and I was thankful I had taken care of my body.

“You have a great butt, Uncle Ed,” I heard Jamie say.

“All the better for you to wrap your legs around,” I replied as I walked through the door.

My best friend Jimmy’s room was just down the hall. I was going to quietly pass his door and go to the kitchen. However, as I approached his door, I heard the unmistakable sounds of a woman being fucked. I knew it was my daughter Maria and that Jimmy was the lucky guy causing her to moan.

As I got closer to the bedroom bostancı escort door, I realized it was open! I didn’t want to disturb them but I had an overwhelming desire to see Maria being fucked by my best friend. As I crept closer to the door I could hear Maria better. She was almost incoherent. “Oh fuck me harder Uncle Jimmy,” would be followed by “God you are so deep,” then “Please twist my nipples,” and then “Oh shit, shit, shit, I love your cock!”

I had to see! I moved closer and peeked into the room. Although I could not make out what was happening at first, I knew by the moans and heavy scent of sex that my precious, delicious daughter was receiving a royal fucking! They had lit the fireplace. The flames flickered off the walls and ceilings creating a confusing montage of images.

Then I realized what I was seeing. I was looking at the back of my daughter who was crouched over the hard cock of my best friend! In the flickering firelight I could barely make out Jimmy’s hands, one on each of Maria’s ass cheeks, moving her up and down on his magnificent cock. Any concern I had about Maria not being able to take Jimmy deep in her tight pussy was dispelled. I watched her rise so only the head of his weapon was in her and then slam down until his balls bounced against her teen ass.

From the door I could barely see Jimmy’s hands start to knead her teen breasts. One of her hands was behind her, massaging his balls. The other appeared to be frantically rubbing her clit. As I watched my daughter ride Jimmy’s huge cock I realized my own cock was rock hard. I was awe struck by the scene in front of me. My hand grasped my cock and slowly jacked it as I watched Maria fuck her uncle.

I heard something to my left and realized that Jamie was standing beside me watching her father fuck her cousin and best friend. She was as spell bound as me. As she watched she placed her small hand on top of mine. For a minute her hand moved with mine as I continued to slowly jack my cock. My eyes returned to the incredible scene in front of us. As I continued to watch I felt Jamie move. ümraniye escort bayan Suddenly I realized she had slipped to her knees and was removing my hand from my cock. There was just enough light in the hall for me to look down into her upturned face as one hand cupped my tight balls and the other grasped my cock.

Continuing to look at me, her beautiful teen face moved toward my crotch. My cock slid slowly into her hot mouth. I watched this incredible vision of my cock sliding in and out of Jamie’s mouth while one of her hands continued to jack me and the other softly massaged my balls.

I knew Jamie wanted me to watch her father fuck my daughter as she gave me pleasure. My eyes returned to the bedroom and the lust therein. The scene was changing. Maria had bent over so her chest was against Jimmy’s. His cock was still deep in her pussy. I watched as Jimmy placed one arm around Maria and pushed himself up with the other. He was able to turn her over so she was now on her back with him above her. The same position I had taken when I had fucked his daughter.

Maria’s legs formed a V with Jimmy’s body rising and falling between them. I saw Jimmy back away so his cock slid out of my daughter’s tight pussy. I heard Maria moan and beg for him to stick it back in her. Instead he masturbated her by rubbing the underside of his cock up and down her wet slit.

I looked down again at Jamie as she continued to suck me deep into her throat. She had stopped massaging my balls. That hand was now buried in her pussy bringing herself closer to her climax. She was also watching Jimmy and Maria as she sucked me and finger fucked her sperm drenched cunt.

I could tell Jamie was close to cumming. God knows I was! My gaze returned to Maria and Jimmy. I saw Jimmy rise up as Maria’s legs spread even wider. Suddenly Jimmy plunged down burying his ten inches in my teen daughter. Maria screamed then! “Now Uncle Jimmy, NOW! Fill me with your cum! Fuck me like I have dreamed of being fucked!”

Maria’s words of passion sent everyone over the top! Jimmy plunged into her a few more kartal escort times and then remained buried so his balls were against her ass. I knew he was shooting his cum into my daughter. That triggered my orgasm as I grasped Jamie’s head and buried my spurting cock deep in her throat. I could tell that Jamie came with her fingers as she drank my hot cum. Then it was Maria’s turn. My darling teen daughter wailed as her climax struck deep in her core. I could see her try and move her ass up off the bed and take even more of Jimmy’s cock!

As I came down from one of the best orgasms of my life, Jamie rose off her knees and stood beside me as Jimmy dismounted Maria. His huge cock was still hard and glistened from my daughter’s juices. I felt Jamie tense as she let out a gasp when she saw her father’s cock. I could tell it wouldn’t be long before she would try and impale herself on her father’s manhood.

We quietly returned to my room where Jamie sucked me hard for a third time. She was still hot from watching Jimmy fuck her cousin. She mounted me, as Maria had mounted Jimmy, and fucked me hard and fast. Thankfully she came quickly as my libido was almost exhausted. I could swear I heard her moan “daddy” as she came! After a minute she rolled off me, curled up in my arms and fell fast asleep. I was right behind her.

I woke as the sun came over the mountains and flooded my room. Jamie was not there. Sometime during the night she had left and returned to the room she shared with Maria. I suspect they spent several hours talking about what had happened and how they felt. I hope they felt good. I sure did! My cock started to rise as I remembered Jamie’s young, demanding body under mine. Those thoughts were soon replaced with scenes of my Maria fucking Jimmy. I was ready to meet the new day!

Everyone was a bit quiet at breakfast. We were wondering what the others were thinking while trying to analyze our own feelings. Once again my daughter Maria broke the ice.

“I don’t know about everyone else, but I feel fanfuckingtastic! I wonder why that should be?” With a questioning expression on her beautiful face she looked at each of us in turn. Then she broke out in a big grin and laughed that laugh I knew so well. Her laughter and high spirits were contagious. We all started to laugh as Jimmy deadpanned, “I wonder why, indeed!”

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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