Paradise Ch. 02

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Story told by Elaine, 35, on vacation with the son of her deceased sister.

The sun was setting as we sat at the hotel restaurant, having dinner and cocktails. Tommy had already wolfed down a 12 ounce Fillet Minion with 2 baked potatoes, half a loaf of bread, appetizer, and salad. At 6 foot and 200, he needs his energy.

I nibbled on a salad, watching, recapping last night.

The attraction had been there for years for Tom. I was his first masturbation’s focus, what with my bras and panties around, and the only woman he had real contact besides his mom and grandma. It came to a head last night.

The sex was hot and passionate. After our initial act on the balcony, which wound up being observed by another couple of guests, we retreated to our room and slowly explored each other for two hours.

We spent the day exploring beaches, splashing like young lovers, with me laying topless in the sand at his request. Thank God for STP-50!

We shopped in town, holding hands, blending in with the variety of couples. It was common to see young and old together, blacks and whites, two men, two women. No one seemed to even notice a 35 year old with an 18 year old.

We paid the check and moved back to the bar. After ordering, I slipped to the ladies room. As I checked my make-up, the little I was wearing due to the glow from Tommy and the sun, another woman came in. The large gold hoops from her ears were real, I could tell, along with the assorted bracelets, and a stunning diamond ring.

She began making small talk, about St. Maarten, the hotel, the shopping. Looking at her in the mirror, I couldn’t get over how blue her eyes were. Maybe contacts? She was easily ten years older than me, maybe more, in excellent shape. Even though I work out regularly, what this woman had in genetics, I could never achieve. I wanted to hate her instantly, but found myself enjoying her.

Back at the bar, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Now, that was a Cougar! I don’t care how old she really was, she could have any man, even my Tommy, I bet. The cool confidence, obvious money, good looks, and that personality! I felt jealous, but not offended.

We were listening to the reggae three piece when she walked up to the bar. “Oh, Hi, again!,” she gushed as she sat with a stool between she and I. She leaned forward and smiled at Tommy and said hi. Tommy perked right up, his eyes immediately drawn to her tanned breasts in a white linen blouse, and full length floral skirt.

She ordered a Cosmo and said, “I’ll leave you two alone. You must think I’m stalking you!”

“No, escort bostancı stay, please,” I heard myself say. “This is Tommy.”

Tommy got up and went behind me, extending his hand. She took it gracefully. “Hi, I’m Raye, I really don’t mean to intrude, just waiting for someone.”

I put out my hand. “Elaine, E, hi. We already met.”

Her eyes winkled as she smiled, “Yes, we have.”

She moved a stool closer and we chatted about our vacations, making sure not to leave Tommy out. He seemed quite taken by her, and the jealousy came back, but I suppressed it. About 20 minutes later, Raye turned. “Oh, there you are! These lovely people have put up with me for long enough! You know how boring I can get!”

A deep, rich voice said, “You, Ginger? Never!” He moved beside her, about 50, not tall but thick, like a fighter but with grace. Deep set eyes, leather-tanned skin, bright white hair. He was as stunning as Raye! They were the perfect couple.

He nodded hello, his eyes seemed to lock on mine and hold me in place. I felt my smile frozen and I was a child again, staring at a handsome movie actor.

“Darling, I’d like you to met my new friends, Elaine and Tom. It’s their first visit, Dear!”

He came behind me to shake Tommy’s hand, and I could sense that Tommy liked him, too. He took my hand next. “Pleased to meet any friend of Raye. Pardon her manners though: I’m Eddie.”

The night flew by, the boys talking about deep-water fishing, and Raye telling me about fine jewelry shops and other places to see. By closing time, Ed and Tommy had arranged to go fishing in the morning, while Raye and I would visit the spa, then shop.

The drinks hit Tommy all at once, and Ed helped me get him to our room. “He’s a big fella! Well, he should be okay after breakfast,” Ed said, as we plopped him in bed.

At the door, Raye waved. “We’ll see you at nine, okay?” She blew me a kiss and winked as they left. Tommy slept straight through, and like an 18 year old, wide awake at 8AM, ready to go.

The men seemed fine and so was Raye, ready for action! I was dragging, having second thoughts about crowded streets and the hot sun.

Raye could tell I was hurting. “Why don’t we leave the crowds for another day. I know a beach that’s perfect!”

Half an hour later, and she had me at this cove, where the water was so blue and clear. There was a stand where frozen drinks were made with fresh fruit, and she insisted we have a few. They were laced with so much rum, I was buzzing again in no time.

She was the first to stand and ümraniye escort undo her top. I had to gasp when I saw her. They were perfect C cups, she confided. “Just what Eddie ordered! Had them done two years ago. I just love them!”

I shyly lowered mine, and she made a point of complimenting me. “Naturals are so much better, that natural sag, just a bit to show they’re real, you know?” She really made me feel at ease, along with the rum.

I had thought that maybe they were swingers. You read so many stories about rich older people, and could easily see them meeting other attractive people. I wondered if she had eyes for Tommy.

“Yes, he’s younger, obviously.” I siad. “We’re taking it slowly, at first.” (Of course, not mentioning he was my nephew!)

Raye patted my hand with long manicured nails. “You don’t need to explain to me, Honey. People spend too much time, judging others instead of enjoying themselves. We make sex a lot more involved than it should be. Just go with the flow, I always say.”

Aha! She likes Tommy and wants to swap! Although Eddie’s attractive, too…

“Anyway, the reason I suggested this beach is they have cabanas! Back in the trees, see? The blue and white tents? Come on, take your stuff. I arranged for one.”

We both tied wraps around us, and i marvelled at Raye again as I followed her, our tops back on. She slid back the fold of the tent and I followed her in. My eyes needed to adjust to the shade.

Almost the entire floor was a mattress, about 6 by 6 feet. There was a bar in the corner, with plastic bottles. Incense was burning. She held her Pina Colada as she slid onto the mattress. “Sit.”

I did. It was cool in here, and the air was fresh. They must have been venting it, maybe even air conditioning! I felt a chill.

“I have a surprise, she beamed. “They usually provide a masseuse but I declined. I thought it might be better, if you were shy about it.”

“Oh, I’ve had massages before, Raye.”

“Not like this one. Lay on your belly. Go ahead, I won’t hurt you.” She could tell I was confused, but what could I do, offend her?

I felt the warm liquid first, then her soft hands, up my spine, across the shoulders, kneading , spreading, and the smell of coconuts was intoxicating. She was speaking in that low sexy voice of hers, so calm and cool, rubbing more liquids in, under my bra and I felt the top open just as she raised my wrap and began working on the legs, calves, and thighs.

For a moment, I thought I had nodded off, I was so relaxed, when her voice was close to my ear, whispering, kartal escort bayan “Roll over, baby.”

I did, as if in a dream. Her face was just above me and she hummed a tune as she began applying the lotion to my breasts, kneading them, deeply, then focusing on my nipples! The cream slid over me and her hands excited me. I had never been touched like this by a woman, and I liked it!

I lay there, breathing heavily, my lips apart, my senses filled with island scents and sounds. My entire body suddenly tingled when Raye’s lips swept across mine, lightly but electrically. My eyes bolted open, and she was above me, whispering, “Baby, you look so beautiful here. Please don’t be mad. I can tell you’re new to this.”

I was new to it, and I wasn’t mad, either. These last two days, I had never felt so desired in my life! I raised my head, and let our lips touch again, as we stared at each other.

I felt her fingers tease my nipples as she spread her body beside mine and we blended together, arms around each other, our brief kiss now passionate.

Raye slid down my body, clasping on my nipple with her lips, sucking and flicking her tongue. I laid there, feeling every muscle go limp.

She didn’t stop there, moving on to lower my panties and wrap, and the cool air felt invigorating. Raye rocked my hips, sliding a pillow under, then knelt before me.

I looked down to see her smile as her fingers plied my skin, sliding along the insides of my thighs, then magically touching my lips and the feeling went directly to my brain. My body froze, awaiting her instructions, then she lowered her head, gently blowing on me, before making contact, her tongue sliding up my slit in one slow drawn-out move to where I was arched as she finished, then collapsed back on the pillow!

Again she did it, with the same results, and I couldn’t catch my breath! When I tried, she just lapped me up again and I felt so exposed and so alive! Her face was covered with my juices and I couldn’t take it any longer.

I gasped, “No! No more! Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhh!” and collapsed in exhaustion.

She slowly moved up my body, trailing kisses along the way as I fought for oxygen. When she was close, I pulled her to me, and kissed her so completely, trying to thank her for the orgasm.

We slowed, and she brushed my hair. “Did you like that, baby?”

My smile said it all and she smiled back, nodding. “I’m glad. I was attracted to you immediately.”

“Oh, I was, too,” Blurting it out like a school girl. “I thought you were after Tommy!”

She rolled away, grabbed our drinks. “Hmmm, yes he is cute, too. Do you share?”

Hmmm, I thought. This is just vacation, and whether Tommy knows it or not, we can’t have a future together back home. Maybe it would be good to broaden his horizons? Well, I had all week to think about that.

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