Peach Picking Ch. 02

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Obviously we all needed to cool off and clean up. Specially my cousin Anna, I guess, since her boyfriend Pete had cum all over her chest.

Fortunately, as Anna and I knew, since this was our uncle’s farm, there was a pretty large lake not very far from where we were.

And the fact that none of us had brought swimsuits wasn’t much of an issue, since the four of us had just fucked within feet of one another.

So we just picked up our discarded clothing and ran, naked, to the edge of the lake.

I think our respective dates were a bit surprised at how large it was, but Anna and I had spent at least part of every summer here growing up, so we both dove right in. And raced toward the far side.

(And I do mean “race”: Anna is nothing if not fiercely competitive. And she has a way of making other people feel competitive as well.

She also never forgets a loss: I beat her across the lake, just barely, and I was sure she’d see the return swim as her way to reverse the loss)

When we climbed out of the water, we realized the others were still on the other side. I guess they thought we were all just going to get ourselves wet.

We waved at them. I shouted that we’d be back as soon as we rested a bit. They probably couldn’t hear me, but I guess they got the gist.

We stretched out on the grass for a bit.

“So,” I said, “this day took an odd turn.”

“You could say that,” she agreed. “Even if nothing else had happened, look at this, we’re lying here naked together. When was the last time that happened?”

I reminded her that we were still taking baths together at age four, but I only knew that because my mother had taken a photo. “I guess that was the last time we saw each other naked.”

“Are kartal escort bayan you sure?” she asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Three or four summers ago, when we were watching the fireworks from my back yard?”

“Oh,” I said.

We were lying together on a large blanket, already dressed for bed since the previous year we’d fallen asleep. But it was difficult to stay focused on the show because every time the sky lit up, I noticed that she hadn’t been very careful buttoning the front of her nightgown. It seemed to have gotten worse as the night went on, and after a while she might as well have been naked on top. The bottom of her nightgown had also gotten hiked up enough that it wasn’t covering much either.

I knew I should have said something to her, warn her that she was almost naked in front of me instead of sneaking peeks whenever I could, but… “Um, you knew?” I asked.

She shook her head slowly. “Work it through, Einstein, you’re close.”

“Oh,” I said again.

“It took all my nerve to un-do a button at a time,” she said. “I hope you enjoyed it, at least.”

“Hell, yeah.”

“I could tell. I was keeping an eye on you too, wondering whether your dick was going to burst out of your pajama bottoms.”

“And what would you have done if it had?” I asked.

“Probably completely freaked out. Like I said, teasing you took every bit of nerve I had, and then some. I’m surprised I didn’t run for the hills when we fell asleep.”

“We fell asleep again that year? I don’t remember.”

“Briefly. I woke up and we were spooning. Your hand was on my breast, but fortunately my nightgown was covering it at the time.”

“Fortunately?” I asked with a grin

“Oh, hush,” she said.”Your escort maltepe hard dick was pressed between my legs, and remember there wasn’t much clothing between us. Oh, I see you like the thought of that.”

You could have raised a flag on my dick just then.

“I probably shouldn’t say this –” she began

“Say it.”

“I’m pretty sure I came a little when your dick pressed into me there. Then I slipped out from your grip, before you woke up, before things got really weird, or whatever.”

“I made you cum,” I repeated.

“Don’t get so proud of yourself,”she said. “You were asleep at the time.”


“Honestly, I don’t know what our parents were thinking. We spent so much time alone together. Did they really trust us that much, or did they think we’d already been doing it ever since we hit puberty?”

“Well, we were together the first time either of us had sex, so that has to count for something. Um… that was your first time, right?”

“Yes,” she said. “You?”


She glanced over to make sure the others were still on the far side of the lake. “There are other firsts we haven’t tried yet, you know.”


She rolled over on her side, and took my dick in her fist. “I have no idea whether I’m doing this right, but I want to try.” And then she closed her mouth around my dick.

And suddenly I was seeing fireworks all over again.

“Whatever you’re doing,” I said, “you’re definitely doing it right.” This had to be a blow job, which some guys bragged about getting from their girlfriends, while others insisted they’re a myth, and no girls actually do it. Or maybe just prostitutes. Or only French prostitutes.

This was 1959, remember, and what we learned pendik escort about sex in high school was more-or-less “This is how babies are made” and “Don’t do it until you’re married.” I would have sworn my parents didn’t even know what blow jobs were.

I wished there were a girl version of a blow job, because I’d have loved to make Anna feel as good as she was making me feel.

She suddenly lifted her head, letting my dick fall out of her mouth. This felt like the single biggest disappointment of my life.

“Your choice,” she said. “This is supposed to end with you spurting into my mouth. I honestly can’t say whether I’ll be able to do it right, but I know I’d gag. Or we can pick up where we left off in my back yard that time.”

“That,” I said.

She lay down on the ground, and I crawled behind her. I slid my dick slowly into her pussy.

Oh god, it’s as if I’d been waiting to be inside this pussy all my life.

We made love calmly, but intensely. No hurry, but with an urgency.

“This is so much better,” Anna said in little more than a whisper.

We were probably breaking several laws and several commandments, but we didn’t care.

I caressed her breasts, lightly pinching those hard, sensitive nipples I think I’d been fantasizing about more than I’d realized.

We were both moaning softly.

I wish it could have lasted forever, but I suddenly realized it couldn’t. I said “Anna…”

“Oh god, please, I need you to cum in me, just this once.”

Of course it was wrong, and it was stupid, but I couldn’t say no.

I felt my cum being sucked out of me, and if there were such a thing as a moment of perfect bliss, this was it.

And then I heard a female voice saying “You perverts, you do still have the hots for each other.”

Our dates were here. They’d walked around the lake, and we certainly couldn’t deny what they’d seen us doing.

“What the fuck!” Pete said angrily. “You wouldn’t let me cum in you, but you let your own cousin. What the fuck!”

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