Peeing In Front Of Daddy Ch. 01

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Van laid in bed as the early morning sunlight streamed through the gap in the mostly closed curtains. He was lazily stroking his cock as fantasies about the girl at the local grocery store ran through his mind. She was more than half his age but that didn’t stop his perverted mind from conjuring images of what her naked body would look like. His morning wood was firm in hand but his full bladder was distracting him from the slow pleasure he wanted to enjoy this Saturday morning. Reluctantly he swung his feet out of bed and stood, his rod sticking straight out from the fly of his boxers. He thought about tucking it back in but there was no way his daughter Missy would be up yet. Unfortunately the master bedroom did not include a master bath so he walked quietly down the hall and into the bathroom there, only half closing the door. He lifted the lid as thoughts of the cashier invade his mind once again. In his mind she was on her knees, her red lips going down the length of his pole, her auburn hair framing that perfect face, and her handful size tits making perky points below. He moved his hand as the dream girl moved her mouth.

Missy was dreaming, she was at a party, she had drank way too much, and she had to pee. She was standing in line for the bathroom, inside a beautiful home. She watched as people went into the bathroom and came back out but the line never seemed to get any shorter. Her need to pee however was getting worse and it was taking all of her effort to keeping the plumbing closed. In the dream this lasted for what felt like hours, in real time probably not so long. Finally the circuitry of her brain started to switch over from sleep to the beginnings of wakefulness and the dream began to fade. Missy started to remember that she did indeed go to party last night and did indeed drink way too much. Amazing enough she didn’t have a pounding head but she did have a full bladder as her body was trying to tell her in that dream. She managed to put her feet on the floor and saw she wasn’t wearing much but she wasn’t naked and it would have to do. She padded her bare feet quietly down the hall.

Van knew it wouldn’t take much effort to cum but was still determined to have a long masturbation session. His eighteen year old daughter went to a party last night and was late getting home. He should be able to lay back down undisturbed for at least another hour or two. He stopped imaging the cashier, stopped stroking, and allowed his manhood to relax slightly before a stream of urine jetted out and into the bowl below.

If Missy had been a little more awake and aware she might have heard the sound of her dad urinating from the hallway. She was however concentrating on containing her own fluids when she gave the half open door a push and stepped in. She then realized she wasn’t alone as she looked straight at her dad, standing there with nothing but boxers on and his penis sticking out the front, a golden steam issuing from the head of his half hard penis. Only it really wasn’t a penis. Missy had gotten glimpse of her dad naked, it’s bound to happen in a small house and his penis was always limp and kartal escort withdrawn on those few occasions. No, this was a cock! She could tell it wasn’t completely hard but it was only at a slight angle down and damn if she couldn’t take her eyes away from it. She was so enthralled that at first she didn’t noticed the warmth spreading from groin.

Van’s bladder was nearing half empty when Missy walked in. She was standing there in a pair of skimpy pink lace panties and a tank that only went a few inches past her breasts. His daughter had large breasts that pushed the tank out and kept the hem of the shirt from touching her skin of her taut belly. Van always knew that his little girl had grown into an attractive young woman but never had a single incestuous thought about her. That is until right now. The fact that she was staring at his dick didn’t help and he let his eyes wander her tight body. She was tall for a girl, about five foot six. Her wavy brown hair hung to her shoulders and her deep brown eyes could be bewitching when she wanted something. His eyes wandered down to those glorious tits and he know noticed the nipples pushing out against the already strained fabric. They looked to be quite large. The tight abs below that led his eyes to the little bit of lace covering her sex. As she stared between her legs he saw that little bit of covering start to get wet, then soaked.

Missy was ambushed by her senses and her body. Her dad’s beautiful cock distracted her from controlling her own functions, that combined with the sound of his urine hitting the water below loosed her bladder. She became aware as the warm liquid started running down her leg and pooling around her foot. She quickly regained control as a flood of embarrassment filled her face bright red, a single tear running down her cheek.

Van cut off his own flow, it was almost finished anyway, and went to his troubled little girl.

“It’s okay hon, accidents happen,” he said as he placed used a gentle finger to lift her chin. “Do you still have more to pee?”

Missy have a small nod and a feeble “yes”.

“Okay, just take off your wet bottoms and go sit. Then you can hop in the shower and clean up,” Van told her as he would have told a child to take off their muddy shoes before coming in the house, he was switched into full dad mode. His brain wasn’t thinking sexually right now but that would change.

Missy pushed down on her panties and closed her legs together so they slid down to the floor with a wet plop. She then worked her feet to step out of them and bent to pick them up. Her fingers were still a few inches away when her eyes focused on the rod of flesh that was still sticking out from her dad’s boxers and was now an inch from her face. This cock that had already caused her trouble once was now capturing her attention again.

Van caught a glimpse of Missy’s shaved pussy before she bent down to retrieve her soaked underwear. It was then that he realized he never put his dick back where it belonged before going to comfort his daughter. She was now hovering it just above it and beyond his maltepe escort bayan control his cock rose up and started pushing against her chin. Van gently but quickly applied pressure to her shoulders to straighten her up and away from his now throbbing rod.

“You go to the bathroom, I’ll take these to the laundry,” he told her. He reached down, grabbed the sodden panties and then quickly grabbed the towel from the rack and spread it on the wet floor.

“Thank you daddy,” she said in a small voice.

“It’s no big deal,” he assured her but found his eyes taking another look at the source of the liquid that lay between her legs. She then turn to walk to the toilet and he was treated to the sight of her naked ass. Perhaps the most perfect ass he has ever seen, definitely in person and maybe even on that World Wide Web. He knew he needed to leave and did so now but not before hearing the sound of his daughter’s bladder releasing the rest it contents into the bowl. She really did have to go. His cock throbbed at the sound and at the memory of watching the lightly golden liquid run down her tan and tone leg. As he walked to the laundry room he also became acutely aware of the wet and still a little warm garment balled up in his hand and dampening his skin.

He know stood in front of the open washer but couldn’t bring himself to throw the soiled panties in just yet. Without much in the way of conscious thought he pushed his own undergarment down and off then wrapped his daughter’s pee soaked one around his stiff and thick pole. His early morning desire for release combined with the incident in the bathroom overrode rational and sane thought. Now, instead of the cute cashier, it was his little girl, whose face was just over his cock, which fueled his lust. He didn’t know what would have happened if he didn’t straighten her back up but he had no problem imagining what could have happened. His hand squeezed the panties tighter against hard flesh, squeezing the piss out them quite literally, as he stroked.

Missy finished peeing and sat there quite confused. The shame was passing and being replaced with questions and curiosity. Missy was a virgin but not totally inexperienced. She had dated a couple of boys and given them both blow jobs. She also had a vague memory of sucking off her best friend’s brother at the party last night and she was never that friendly with him. Those experiences though were enough to let her know she like boys and she really liked sucking there dicks. So maybe it was just a dick thing seeing her dad hard like that. It’s wasn’t some desire for her dad but a more basic need for the male sex. However she had to admit her dad was a good looking guy and damn if he didn’t have the biggest and prettiest penis she had ever seen in real life. She’s seen bigger on the internet but some of those are just freaks of nature. No, her dad’s looked just about perfect length and width with a well-defined head. When she was bent over so close to it she had an overwhelming desire to take it into her mouth and then he touched her with it and she was going to open wide and escort pendik take it in. She knows she would have if he hadn’t stopped her.

Missy slipped off her shirt and turned the shower on, adjusting the temperature for a nice hot spray. She was about to step in when she realized the only towel had been spread on the floor to dry up her urine. She checked the cabinet but there was none in there either. She only had her t-shirt for covering but decided to leave it off and left the bathroom for the laundry room in search of a clean one. She turned the corner, the laundry straight ahead, and stopped dead in her tracks. She had a side view of her dad, standing at the washer, and it appeared he was unaware of her and his eyes were closed. Her dad was naked, stroking that magnificent meat of his, but that wasn’t all. He had something in his hand, wrapped around his pole. Missy quietly stepped closer, wanting to confirm her suspicion. Sure enough, those were the panties she just peed in. As she watched, almost not breathing for fear of being seen, her dad grunted and several jets of hot cum shot out and splattered onto the white metal of the washing machine. Missy felt her pussy moisten and not from piss this time.

She quickly and quietly retreated to bathroom and slipped into the shower. Her fingers wasted no time making contact with her clit and with the image of her ejaculating father in mind her own orgasm rushed through her body. Even rushed, it was one of the best she ever had. Missy then reached for the soap and started cleaning herself off.

Van pumped his juices out and soon after a wave of shame flooded over him. He tossed the used panties, in more ways than one, into the washer. He then bent down, picked up his own undergarment, and used it to clean off the exterior of the washer before adding it in with his daughter’s.

He then walked down the hallway and paused at the bathroom door, which was wide open. The shower was still running and he could see his little girl’s silhouette through the curtain.

“Hey Sweetie, are you doing okay,” he asked from the hallway.

Missy heard her dad and poked her head out from the curtain.

“Oh hey dad… um you’re naked.”

Van quickly realized his mistake and used a hand to cover himself.

“Umm, sorry, wasn’t expecting you poke your head out. Just wanted to make sure you were okay and see if there was anything you needed.” As Van took the scene before in, he noticed that Missy was showing more than just her head. The curtain was pulled back far enough that his daughter’s left breast was completely visible above the crook of her elbow. With this realization, Van felt his manhood stir and lengthen.

“That’s okay dad, it’s not like I didn’t get an eyeful already,” and almost a mouthful she thought to herself. “If you could bring me a towel that would be awesome.”

“Sure no problem,” he replied as he turned and walked out, his hand still trying to contain his meat.

Missy watched him go, admiring his nice muscular ass as he walked away. That’s when she realized she had been showing her dad one of her tits. She smiled to herself, closed the curtain, and finished her shower. When she was done, she opened the curtain all the way, actually hoping her dad would be standing there again. He wasn’t but he had come back and left a towel. Closing the door when he left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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