Physical Therapy

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I am a physical therapist and I am assigned to help people get back to work after a accident or surgery. The job involves lots of travel around the city I work in I have found many clients are just plain lazy and don’t want to work. Every time I get a new client I secretly wish it’s some beautiful girl and we fall into bed and fuck and suck our brains out. The reality is most people are older and usually very out of shape.

I usually set up a mat in their home and show them some simple ways to increase muscle and tone then leave the equipment for a week and return to find if they have made any progress. The typical clients progress is they put the mat and weights in a corner and resume life on the couch.

One client was Deb she had a hip replacement. I expected to see this 80 something lady. I was surprised to see a slender 40-year-old woman. I set up her exercise equipment and showed her how to work with stretching and some simple lifting that should help improve her mobility.

Deb wanted to get eryaman bayan escort started and I noticed that she actually was wearing a pair of spandex shorts and a sports bra. She looked great and we talked for over an hour about her job and hobbies.

I left and set up an appointment to pick up the equipment in 3 weeks. As I headed back to Debs house to pick up the equipment it was snowing and very nasty out I walked up to her front door. Deb answered again dressed in a tight pair of spandex shorts and cute little half tee shirt. She asked me to follow her down the stairs I was staring at her firm ass and headed down the steps, suddenly I slipped from the snow on my boots and fell. That’s all I remember till I opened my eyes again and looked up. Deb said that I had hit my head and knocked myself out. I was in no pain I could feel the bump on the back of my head. I wanted to get up and finish my job. I sat up and Deb stood in front of me to help pull me to my feet. Then right in front of me was a spandex escort sincan covered camel toe.

The material was pulled into her crotch about a full inch and all I saw was a puffy pussy about 2 inches from my face. I gasped and Deb thought something was wrong. I told her I was fine. She insisted that I tell her what was wrong. I shyly said it was something I saw. Again she asked what and I told her it was the way her shorts were riding up. She smiled and said I must be ok. Then she reached for my groin and said yep your just fine. I pulled her close for a quick kiss and quickly pulled her t-shirt over her head. Next thing I know we were both getting naked right on her living room floor. As I pulled off my boxers she pulled off her spandex shorts off exposing a shaved pussy and a swollen clit I was surprised to see a bald pussy and she knew that my eyes were locked in on her crotch. I had to get that bald muff into my mouth and I gently pulled her towards my face. As she spread her legs elvankent escort bayan on each side of my head her pussy lips parted. I was in lust I reached my tongue into her pussy gently pulling on her labia and exposing more of her dripping cunt on to my mouth and face.

Deb must have been pretty close because she planted her pussy on my face and ground back and forth till her clit was banging against my nose. I was being smothered by her, the juice it was almost dripping down my face. After she stopped cumming on my face she slid her wet pussy down my chest and impaled herself onto my hard cock. I was amazed that this woman would take complete control and fuck me for her pleasure. Obviously her hip had healed very well because she was grinding back and forth. Soon I filled her pussy with my cum but she had no intentions of stopping or even slowing down till she came again. The froth of our love juice was running down my legs and Deb finally lifted herself from my spent cock. I got up and headed towards her bathroom. She followed and we jumped into the shower together.

I thanked her for the great time and asked if she needed more time with the equipment. With that we stepped into the shower and she took me into her mouth. That story will be told another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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