Pierced Nipple

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Pierced Nipple
Well, I finally decided to go ahead with it. I went and got my right nipple pierced. I got my left nipple pierced a few months back and well, lets just say it caused me to become extremely horny. So much so that I can’t ever seem get satisfied sexually anymore. Actually and better put, it has changed my life. Changed who I am. You can read all about it in the first chapter if you like.

Anyway for better or worse, my sexual rage hasn’t really subsided any but I’ve gotten used to it now and its just part of me. Part of my life. Part of who I am. So, I figured I might as well get the other nipple pierced so that I look symmetrical.

I woke up last Saturday morning, masturbated and came a few times then went off to the shower to scrub myself clean. Then I drove to my friendly neighborhood piercer and got a barbell put into my right nipple. It was quite an erotic experience too I might add. I went back to Rachel. The same girl who did my left nipple.

Rachel is a larger than life sort of individual and as I walked into her shop she belted out “Hey Jen! Great to see you.” With that kind of welcome, you can’t help but feel very comfortable. I recommend her highly.

She instinctively knew why I was there. “So, you’re here to get a nipple pierced I presume,” she smiled devilishly at me.

“Yeah, its about time I go ahead and do the right nipple,” I declared. I have to admit, its so much fun. I really wish I could tell you how much fun and pleasure I have experienced since you pierced the bursa escort left nipple.

“Look, your not the first women I’ve pierced,” Rachel said. I think I know what you’re talking about. Let’s get you in the back room and pierce the other one so you can continue with your newfound…sexuality.

Rachel laid me back into the chair and told me to remove my T-shirt. I didn’t have to remove a bra because I didn’t wear one for obvious reasons. I don’t wear a bra a lot of the times anyway.

As I lay back in the chair and got comfortable, I couldn’t help but get a little nervous. I’ll be honest, it’s a little painful and for a couple of weeks you have to endure it. It also means that you can’t play with that nipple too.

I like having my nipples played with. They give me lots of pleasure. I don’t mean to brag but I have really nice nipples. They get long and hard when they’re excited and I love to pull and pinch them and I love having them pulled and pinched by someone else. Nipple play, I can’t get enough. It was the right decision to have my nipples pierced one at a time so I can at least play with one while the other heals.

Rachel turned around from her desk with an alcohol soaked piece of gauze in hand and leaned over my exposed breasts. She gently rubbed and sterilized my right nipple with the gauze. The coolness of the alcohol only caused my right nipple to grow and get hard. Rachel didn’t say anything but just kept up with her usual gentle smile.

It wouldn’t have been so embarrassing but bursa escort bayan my right nipple began to grow and harden all on its own. I was really starting to get hot and turned on now.

Rachel then turned back around to her table and readied the rest of her piercing equipment while I just remained laid back in the chair with two exposed and really hard nipples sticking straight up at the ceiling. Worse yet, I started to feel the wetness in my panties and I know full well from experience that once I can feel or notice the wetness between my legs, there is no turning back. My hot little pussy will just continue to leak until its been dealt with.

I thought that the few orgasms I gave myself this morning would have relaxed me for this but as I sat there waiting for Rachel, I started to become so aroused that I was holding back the urge of squirming around in the chair.

Finally, Rachel turned around and with a sexier than hell smile said, ” you ready?”

Sure, lets go I managed to get out.

With that, Rachel grabbed the tip of my right nipple with her thumb and forefinger and pulled on it a bit. I fought hard to keep from releasing a moan from my lips but in doing so instead I released a full body shudder.

“Calm down now,” Rachel said and as she spoke these words, she applied the piercing clamp to my right nipple. This only helped fuel my crazy horny fire but I knew I needed to somehow relax and remain still.

The next thing I knew I felt a sharp pinch and it was done. I now had two pierced escort bursa nipples. Two barbells accenting the base of two long nipples perched atop the center of two soft but firm mounds of flesh. Tits.

“OK girl, you are all set,” Rachel said. Enjoy them to the fullest.

“Oh I plan to,” I told Rachel as we gave each other a hug. “Maybe I’ll stop in and see you after I’m all healed up,” I told her.

She knew what I meant and she simply replied, “I can’t wait. I’ll see you soon.”

With that, I raced home and ripped off my clothes. I stood in front of the mirror gazing at my nipples. I was still horny as hell and home all alone. I guess I was going to have to take care of myself because I was so horny that there was no way I could wait until my boyfriend came home.

As I admired myself in the mirror, I instinctively began to pinch and pull on my left nipple as my right hand began to massage my still leaky pussy. Before I got even close to cuming, I realized that this was going to be a marathon session so I decided to get my box of toys out and lay down on the bed so I can finish this right.

I grabbed my favorite dildo and my Hitachi and without any fooling around, I went right at it. Between the frantic buzzing at my swollen clit and the hard dildo sloshing in and out of my hot wet hole, I was cuming like a machine gun in no time.

By the time I was satisfied, the bed sheets were soaked with my cum and I was in a dazed state of mind. Yeah, I made the right decision. This is going to be fun. The BF will be home soon so I’m going to take a nap so that I’m rested and ready to be at his disposal. Because, when he sees me lying passed out on my back with both nipples pierced, he’s going to jump my bones for sure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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