Please Drink Mommy’s Milk

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This is the start of my second naughty series. It is an amalgam of fact and fiction from my mischievous mind and chance encounters, so I hope that you enjoy!


I couldn’t believe that my POS dad would leave my beautiful and sexy mother (Jessica), after 19 years of marriage for his 20-something assistant. It didn’t help matters that my mom was nine months pregnant, and fixing to pop-out my baby sister. Mom’s unexpected pregnancy stunned everyone, especially me!

My name is Robert Jr. “Bobby,” and I’m eighteen and about to graduate from high school. I’m 6 feet, 180lbs; blue eyes, short brown hair, muscular build, lightly-tanned skin, and blessed with a perpetually hard 9″ cock!

I thought that I would be an only child; until my mom shockingly announced that she was pregnant about 7-8 months ago. Dad immediately blamed her for not getting her tubes tied after my birth! I didn’t realize how badly their marriage had deteriorated, until Dad packed his shit and left a couple of weeks ago. I begged him to stay at least until after the birth, but laughed and said that I was the man of the house now.

Mom was having difficulties at the end of her pregnancy, and spent a lot of time either crying or vomiting. I promised myself that I would step up to the plate, and be the man whom my POS dad wouldn’t. I spent most of my time before and after school taking care of my mother the best that I could. I cooked, cleaned, and even massaged her swollen feet and ankles. I also became my mom’s birthing coach, and attended her Lamaze classes. However, I was way too shy and squeamish to join her in the delivery room.

Mom’s water broke and I immediately rushed her to the hospital. I nervously paced back-and-forth in the waiting area like a soon-to-be father, while Mom gave birth to my new baby sister Olivia. Mom beamed with utter jubilation while clutching Olivia in her loving arms, and was ataşehir escort absolutely glowing! Olivia was just what Mom needed to pull her out of her nervous depression.

I couldn’t help but notice how much my mother’s already large breasts swelled after Olivia’s birth. Mom was a DD, and now probably a DDD or even an E! Mom (Jessica) was a very beautiful woman, and most of my male friends and even some female friends wanted to fuck her! Hell, I wanted to fuck her incredible body too, and had the cum-soaked sheets to prove it! Mom’s radiant beauty reminded me of Gwyneth Paltrow, but with much larger tits.

Mom was 39, 5’9″, about 145lbs, beautiful blue eyes, long blonde hair, lightly-tanned skin, former aerobic build but just had a baby, and an amazing 38DDD-28-38 body that could arouse most living creatures especially her well-hung son!!!

Mom decided to breast-feed Olivia, and would modestly cover herself whenever I was around. I so desperately wanted to see her beautiful engorged breasts, and would sneak lecherous looks whenever possible. Mom’s giant breasts produced way more milk than Olivia could consume, so she pumped them in the evenings before bed. Mom would store her excess breast milk in the fridge. I mischievously sneaked a taste from time-to-time, especially on my Sugar Pops ;-). Little did I know, but Mom would drink some of her own sweet breast milk too!

Mom was using the old breast pump from when I was a baby, which frequently stopped working. I tried my best to keep the damn thing going, but this time it was toast. Mom became extremely agitated and uncomfortable, when she discovered that her breast pump was broken and non-fixable.

I’d been playing video games in my room until 2100, when mom walked down the hall loudly groaning and crying. I found mom slumped on the couch with an intense look of pain, and big tears streaming down her pretty kadıköy escort bayan face.

“Mom, are you ok”! “No, Bobby my breasts hurt soo bad, and I just don’t know what to do”?

“I can’t buy a new breast pump until tomorrow, and Olivia won’t feed anymore’.

“I desperately tried expressing them by hand, but they’re just too sore”!

“Is there anything that I can do to help, Mom”?

“Would it totally freak you out if I had you to gently suck on them a bit”?

“No Mom, I wouldn’t mind.”

As I moved closer to my mom, she opened her robe and lowered the drop cups on her massive nursing bra. I just about creamed my shorts, when my mom’s enormous milk-filled bags came into full view! Never in my wildest fantasies could I have imagined suckling milk out of my mother’s gorgeous and bodacious boobies!

Mom’s huge rack was at least an E or maybe an F cup and her crinkly brown areolas were near saucer-sized. Her large nipples had to be nearly a fucking inch long! I lowered my head, eagerly taking one of her hard nipples into my awaiting mouth. Mom lovingly supported the back of my head, while I squeezed and suckled her large boob.

“Please suck them gently Bobby, while I let my milk down.”

Within seconds, I started to savor the taste of Mom’s sweet milk. Once she finally let down, I hungrily gobbled and gulped for a long while.

My cock was so fucking hard that I didn’t notice it pocking out the side of my shorts. Mom sure noticed and repeatedly brushed my swollen head with her long painted nails.

As I continued suckling her amazing boobs, I felt my mom reach into my shorts and firmly grasp my hard cock. I stopped suckling just long enough to extricate my shorts, making Mom’s job a little easier.

It was incredibly surreal drinking my mom’s sweet breast milk, while she gave me a fucking hand job!!!

I’d pretty escort maltepe much emptied one breast, and eagerly clamped on the other. Mom cooed loudly with satisfaction, as her painful engorgement quickly turned to sexual desire. As I neared emptying her second breast, Mom motioned me forward and engulfed my entire length into her pretty mouth.

I thrust my hard cock in-and-out, as she squeezed and sucked my pulsating member like a sexually depraved housewife. Mom sucked cock like a fucking pro, and I unbelievably had first-hand knowledge! I felt my balls tighten as I was about to erupt, and quickly warned Mom. She squeezed and sucked even more vigorously, as I exploded what seemed to be gallons of semen down her fucking throat! Mom swallowed several times with ecstasy, and commented how great my cum tasted.

“That was so fucking hot Mom”!

“I’m glad you liked it baby; I just wanted to make you to feel better too”!

“You sure did Mom, and can’t wait for us to do it again and again”!

Over the next several days, I gladly emptied Mom’s engorged breasts, while she gladly emptied my congested testicles!

Mom often squealed and shuddered in orgasm, as I forcefully suckled her hard nipples.

The strong, musky aroma of her drenched pussy filled my flaring nostrils.

I repeatedly tried rubbing Mom’s pussy, but would always push my hand away.

“No Bobby, I’m still your mother and we can’t go there”!

“PLEEEASE Mom; I want to eat you; I want to make love to you”!

“NOOO Bobby, we have can’t have sex and that’s final.”

WTF, my beautiful, big-titted mom allows me to suckle her milk bags and rewards me with mind-blowing head, but won’t let me to touch, lick, or fuck her pussy!?!

I so desperately want to fuck and suck my mother’s cunt and ass, but will have to hatch a most mischievous and diabolical plan-of-action.

After all, I am the damn man of the house now and by the way, “FUCK YOU Dad”!

I just might have to consult Dr. Drew for some fucking advice on fucking my hot and confused mom!

So long my horny friends, and will keep you apprised of my continuing and mischievous antics ;-).

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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