Pleasure After a Long Day Ch. 06

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Tianna wasn’t sure what was going to happen when her brother came for his visit. She hadn’t seen him in years and the last time they were together they had a horrible fight over Timothy’s father. Grant, Tianna’s brother, disliked Kurt very much and was not at all upset when Kurt left Tianna and Timothy nor was he surprised that he did. After years of being very close with each other Grant and Tianna stopped talking after the argument and never patched things up even after all these years. It had been a surprise when Tianna answered the phone and it was her brother on the other end asking if he could come see her as he missed her and wanted to make things right between them.

Timothy hadn’t been overly impressed when she had told him about his uncle’s upcoming visit but he didn’t really know the guy so she couldn’t blame him. He hadn’t seen Grant since he was about five and he most likely didn’t remember him very well if at all. Besides that he was sure that his Mother wouldn’t let him sleep with her in her bed like he did now with his uncle there and that meant no sex with her. So, due to all that he wasn’t looking forward to his uncle coming to town.

“Mom, how long is he staying?” Timothy asked as they made the bed in the spare room up.

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen my brother in a long time and if he wants to come and see us and maybe make up well then I’m not going to stop him. He’s our family.”

“No, Mom, he’s *your* family but he’s not mine. I haven’t seen the guy in years and it’s not like he’s kept in touch to see if we were okay or if we needed help,” Timothy replied not even attempting to hide his disgust. “So, you can entertain him but don’t expect me to.”

“Timothy, Grant is your uncle whether you like him or not and you have no idea why he hasn’t been in touch with us. The last time I spoke to him we both said some very mean and nasty things to each other. Anyways, I’m not saying you have to entertain him but I am expecting you to be polite and respectful… like I raised you to be,” Tianna answered as she placed the pillows on the bed against the headboard.

She loved her son very much but there were days when she could see his father strongly in him and those days she wanted to beat it out of him. She knew part of Timothy’s mood was that he figured he wouldn’t be able to sleep in her bedroom with her now but she wasn’t about to change her life for her brother. If Grant couldn’t accept her the way she was then he could just stay out of her life. “Tim, since this is your uncle’s first night here I may end up staying up late to chat with him but you can go to bed when you want and I’ll join you at some point.” Timothy looked at her for a second like she had grown another head then a smile finally appeared as he realized that she wasn’t going to make him sleep in his room alone but in her bed still. “Mom, you mean it? What is Uncle Grant going to say if he finds out I sleep in your bed with you?”

Tianna knew that Grant wouldn’t say anything about it. Grant and Tianna had developed their own unique relationship while growing up and would spend many nights in the other’s bed and when she turned 18 he was the first boy she ever did anything sexual with. Tianna was only a year younger then her brother and being the only two children they spent lots of time together so in many ways it was natural for them to begin experimenting with each other.

She could still remember the time Grant taught her how to give a guy a blowjob and what it felt like when he showed her what it was like to have an orgasm. As the memories began flooding her mind she felt herself getting excited and glanced at the clock to see if she had time to do something about it but just as she did the doorbell rang. She glanced at Timothy then hurried down the stairs stopping to catch her breath at the front door. After a second she opened the door and smiled at the man standing there whom she hadn’t laid eyes on for over thirteen years.

Grant didn’t know what to expect as he rang the doorbell to his sister’s house. The sister he hadn’t spoken to in way too many years. He couldn’t help but stare at the woman who opened the door because she was stunning and seemed so much younger then him instead of the one year. He had kept in good shape but he still felt like he was a lot older then his forty-five years. “Tianna?” he said softly and hesitantly.

Tianna let her eyes take her brother in then she hugged him tightly to her burying her head into his shoulder. It had been too long and she was so glad to see him and boy did he look damn good still.

“Grant!” she finally said as she pulled back and looked at him. “You look good.” She couldn’t believe she was so weepy at the sight of her brother. “I’m glad you called me,” she admitted as she led him into her house. She closed the door and brought him into the living room.

“Ti, you look wonderful,” he finally said once they sat next to each other on the sofa. “You don’t look like you could possibly have a son as old as Timothy is.” ataşehir escort bayan Grant meant every word of it as Tianna didn’t look forty-four.

“Thank you,” she replied blushing a little at the compliments. “I can’t believe that Timothy is all grown up now. Wait till you see him. He’s a very handsome young man and I couldn’t ask for a better son.” She smiled as she thought of just how lucky she was with Timothy. “How are your girls?” she asked. “Kara and Katie must be at least twenty now and I’m sure Amber isn’t far behind.”

Grant smiled as he thought of his beautiful daughters. “Yes, the twins turned twenty-five actually last month and Amber turned twenty-three a few months ago. They are very beautiful. Amber looks a lot like you and that has always brought me a sense of happiness.” Seeing Tianna again showed him just how much Amber looked like her and for that reason alone he always favored her even when he didn’t realize it.

Timothy slowly entered the living room not sure what he was going to be walking in on and felt a moment of jealousy at seeing his Mother sitting close to another man with her hands in his. He shook his head and reminded himself that this was her brother and he didn’t have to worry about anything. “Mom, the room is all ready,” he said walking up to stand beside her.

“Timothy, this is your Uncle Grant. I doubt you remember him,” Tianna said as she turned to look at her son. “Grant, this is Timothy. He’s grown up a lot since you saw him last.”

Grant looked at Timothy and smiled. The boy certainly looked a lot like his father but seemed to be more of a man then that loser would ever be. “Hi,” he said cautiously as he nodded to his nephew. “How are you?”

Timothy looked at his uncle for a minute before answering. “I’m fine. How are you?” He still didn’t like the idea of this man being here but as long as he wasn’t going to cause their lives to be interrupted he’d make the best of it. His Mom seemed very happy and excited to have him here so he’d do his best to make her proud of him. Timothy placed one of his hands on his mother’s shoulders and kept his eyes on his uncle. “I hope your flight here was pleasant.”

Grant noticed right away the posturing that Timothy was doing when he placed his hand on Tianna’s shoulder but he decided to ignore it. He could tell that Timothy was very attached to her and he had a feeling that it wasn’t simply a Mother/Son thing. “The flight was nice and thankfully uneventful.”

Timothy nodded then leaned down and kissed Tianna’s cheek. “I’m going to go to Shawn’s house but I won’t be too late. Call my cell phone if you need anything,” he said as he stood up. “Bye, Uncle Grant. Bye, Mom.. I love you and I’ll be back soon.” Timothy walked out of the room and the house as Tianna watched him.

“Ti, are you and Timothy lovers?” Grant asked when his nephew was out of earshot. He saw his sister’s face go from peaceful to one with lots of anger as if he was judging her. He lifted one hand up to stop her from saying anything. “Hey, I could care less if you are. Amber and I are a lot more then father and daughter. I’m just curious because he seems like he’s the type that would get jealous if I did anything that he thought threatened what he has with you.”

Tianna wasn’t sure what shocked her more that he guessed about her and Timothy or that his was fucking his own daughter. The irony of the whole thing got to her and she laughed shaking her head. “It would figure that we’d end up being lovers with our children due to our own relationship with each other.”

“That’s very true. Did you start it with Timothy? Amber approached me about a year after Trudy died. I was resistant at first and not just because she’s my daughter. Like I said she looks a lot like you and I treasure the memories we made with each other growing up. I didn’t want to do anything that would taint those,” Grant said as he smiled at his sister. “However, loneliness has a way of making you rethink things and after six months of her trying I finally gave in. We’ve been lovers for the past two years now.”

Tianna smiled and nodded. “Do the twins know?” She hadn’t gone to the funeral when Trudy died but then again Grant hadn’t been the one to call her. He left that to Trudy’s sister and that hurt a lot so she figured that he didn’t want her there so she didn’t go.

“Well Kara found out when she walked in on me and Amber one night and instead of being angry wanted to join us. She and Katie don’t live at home anymore so it’s not the same as with Amber but she comes over once a week to spend time with her old man.” Grant smiled as he remembered the fun he had with his daughters last night and how much he loved them all. “Katie doesn’t know but Kara wants to tell her. I told she could if she wanted to, so Katie may become part of it too.”

Tianna chuckled softly as she listened to her brother. “Well I only have Timothy, which is probably good because I do not think he’d share me willingly.” She looked at Grant and escort kadıköy remembered how it felt to be held by him. “Do you remember when we first became lovers?” she asked him quietly.

Grant was surprised by the question but nodded. “Yes, like it was yesterday. Do you?” He remembered every moment they had spent learning each other’s bodies and what brought the other great pleasure. It was with Tianna that he learned how to perform oral so well. He practiced a lot.

Tianna nodded. “Yes. It all came back to me when I became lovers with Timothy. I was glad to be the one to teach him how to make a woman scream with pleasure and how good it can feel when a woman pleasures him.” She blushes slightly. “I haven’t told him yet about you and me. I’m not sure how he’d take it. He’s angry that you never bothered to see if we were okay or if we needed anything after Kurt left us.”

The news didn’t seem to surprise Grant that much. “Well I think if I was his age and in the same situation I wouldn’t think much of me either so I won’t hold it against him. Maybe I’ll be able to show him that I’m not a bad guy after all.” He placed his hand on top of his sister’s and smiled at her. “It’s so good to see you again after all these years.”

Tianna leaned over and kissed her brother’s cheek. “I’m glad you called me. I’ve missed you so much.” She wasn’t sure which one of them moved first but suddenly their lips were touching and Grant’s tongue had slid inside Tianna’s mouth and was caressing hers. The kiss reminded them both of all the time they had spent learning with each other how to French kiss without slobbering on their partner and it seems like they both had remembered.

Grant finally pulled back and looked at Tianna and smiled at her, his eyes slightly teary. “I’m sorry. I’m not sure what prompted me to kiss you especially after not being around for years,” he said softly keeping his eyes on Tianna’s face. “I have missed you too and I don’t mean just the sexual part but all of you. You were my best friend for so long, Sis, and when we had that argument I never thought it would be years before we patched things up. Time goes by so fast when a person is being a stubborn fool.”

Tianna smiled and reached over and caressed Grant’s face. “It goes by fast no matter what. However, we both were wrong and we both are to blame so let’s just let it go and move forward. I try hard not to dwell in the past as it doesn’t do any good and only cause heartache and anger.” She stood up and held her hand out to her brother. “Would you like to have a look around?” she asked.

Grant stood up and Tianna showed him around the house and they ended up in the spare room where he was going to be staying. “Timothy shares my bed with me but I didn’t want you to sleep in his room so I hope this room is okay with you,” she said as she glanced around making sure for the umpteenth time that everything was in order.

The room was a good size room and with lots of windows to let the sun shine in. “It’s perfect,” Grant answered as he walked to the bed and placed his suitcase on it. “I appreciate you letting me stay here.” He looked around the room and smiled as he could see different things in it that screamed Tianna. “How long have you and Timothy been lovers?” he asked turning to look at her.

After a brief hesitation Tianna answered, “It’s only been about four months. It all happened very much by accident but I’m happy with how things have turned out. He is a very loving young man who has a lot to offer and who is eager to learn how to please.” She smiled as she thought of the night before and how he was so attentive to her needs and desires. “He’s a fast learner and has turned out to be a very good lover.”

Tianna wasn’t sure who moved first but in seconds they were standing very close facing each other. She reached out and stroked his face, he caught her hand and held it as he leaned down and teased her lips with the tip of his tongue. She parted her lips for him and once again his tongue was inside her mouth tasting her and caressing her tongue and teeth. He let go of her hand and she moved closer wrapping her arms around his neck as the kiss deepened and their desire for one another rocketed to the surface once more. The years hadn’t diminished their love and passion for the other and it was as if no time had gone by.

Grant pulled back and looked at Tianna. They both knew that if they didn’t stop and walk out of the room right now they weren’t going to till they had exhausted themselves making love. He was okay with that, well more then okay with it, but he wanted Tianna to be completely sure this was what she wanted. “Ti, we don’t have to do this. We can go back downstairs and just chat but if we don’t stop now I can’t promise that I’ll be able to if you want me to later.”

Instead of answering him Tianna trailed her fingers down his neck, chest and stomach till they were just an inch or less away from his growing bulge. She continued moving her hand till she was stroking maltepe escort him through his pants keeping her eyes on his face. “I don’t want you to stop, Grant. I have missed you and our fun and I think it is damn time we had some again.” She stepped back and lifted her tee shirt over her head letting it fall to the floor. Her bra, shorts and undies soon followed till she was standing before him completely naked and smiling.

Grant took a deep breath as he let his eyes roam up and down his sister’s body with a look of appreciation on his face. “Ti, you look great! I think you are much sexier now. God, you have a body that must drive men insane. I can see why Timothy wouldn’t want to share you with anyone.”

Taking a step forward Tianna reached over and began unbuttoning her brother’s shirt. Once she had it all the way unbuttoned she reached up and slid it off his shoulders letting it fall to the floor behind him. Grant just stood there and let Tianna undress him for he remembered how much she enjoyed doing it and how pleasurable it could be for him. Tianna’s hands slid down his sides and stopped at his waist to pull his undershirt out from his slacks. She slowly slid it up and over his head letting it join his shirt on the floor. Leaning in she trailed her tongue around one nipple then the other causing Grant to inhale sharply.

Grant’s hands moved to her hair and he took the barrette out and ran his fingers through her hair. He moaned softly as her mouth clamped over one of his nipples and she began sucking upon it while one hand moved to rub and tweak the other nipple. She remembered how much he loved having his nipples pulled and bit and how hard it would get him when she would do it. Using her teeth she pulled her nipple slightly away from his chest causing him to cry out but not pull away from her. “Oh, god.. sis….”

As Tianna used her mouth and teeth on Grant’s nipples she slid her hands down and worked on undoing his belt and slacks pushing on them till they fall in a heap at his ankles. She licked her way down to his waist then continued to lick all over his erection through his underwear. “Ti, you still know…how to make… me hard with need..” he moaned as he felt the mixture of her hot breath and her wet tongue through his cotton briefs.

It didn’t seem like all those years ago when she was learning what to do for Grant to make him hard and full of need for her and for the release she would bring him. It all came crashing back to her as she sucked his covered cock into her mouth and savored the mixture of him and the cotton. She moved away after a few more sucks and stood up. “Go sit on the bed, Grant so I can do this properly,” she said huskily.

After a seconds hesitation Grant moved back to the bed and sat on the edge just before he toppled over. Tianna moved to him and knelt down and removed his shoes, sock and pants. Then she settled between his legs and nuzzled the inside of his thighs nipping at him gently as she massaged his cock with her hands. Finally he’s begged her to remove his briefs and she does very slowly.

With his clothing off Tianna was able to touch his hard cock with her hands and her mouths. She took it in her hands and leaned in and ran her tongue up the underside of his cock and over the tip then back down and over his balls. Grant began to moan and rocking his hips as she stroked the need that has begun to build inside his balls. “Ti…lick.. my…balls.. agai..n….…” he begged as she teased him with light feathery flicks of her tongue on his balls. Suddenly she sucked one carefully into her mouth and sucked on it using her tongue to caress it. Grant moaned out louder and gripped her hair tighter.

Tianna’s body responded to Grant’s moans and cries which caused her to get wet and hot for his touch. She backed away from him and smiled at him as she climbs on the bed beside him leaning over to kiss him before she moved to the headboard. “Grant, it’s been so long… come fuck me…we can do the rest later…” she said softly opening her legs and inviting him to slide inside her. “Please, dear brother, come fill my pussy with your hard cock.”

Grant didn’t need to be asked twice and soon knelt between her glistening pussy. He lined the tip of his cock up with her entrance and rubbed it up and down making Tianna moan out as she pushed up to get it inside her. He chuckled softly as he slipped the tip in pausing to savor the feeling before he easily slid completely into her wetness. She wrapped her legs around his waist and locked her ankles together as he slowly moved in and out of her. “It.. feels.. so.. good… to be… inside.. you a…gain… sis…” Grant moaned with each thrust inward.

Tianna lifted her hips and moved back and forth meeting his thrusts as she moaned out. She couldn’t believe that she was fucking her brother once again as she thought it was something from her past and nothing she would do again. “Grant….faster……faster…” she begged.

“Patience… Sis… patience,” he replied as she moved in and out of her only increasing his pace a little. He remembered how she was one to want it now and didn’t like to wait but he would always tease her before giving her what she wanted. “Slow is much better and makes it last,” he said in between thrusts.

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