Pleasure Ride

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Thank you to all that have sent email…

This story is for you Carl
*enjoy* Elizabeth….

* * * *

Over the weekend she had found this site that had very sexy stories…she couldn’t get enough of reading them, she fixed it to where she would received them though email.

These are so hot she can feel herself getting wet right there at her desk.

Looking around she makes eyes contact with Carl, she never really talked to him but always thought him to be good looking. She thought about running her fingers though his gray hair while looking at his hazel eyes…gosh maybe she should stop reading these…

But as she looks at Carl she notices that he has not stopped looking at her.

With a shake for her head she goes back to reading and peeks over her screen and sees that Carl’s eyes are on her but lower, she wonders what he is looking at and suddenly realizes in her reading she had open her legs and was rubbing just a bit; Oh My!

She didn’t even know she was doing that. OMG that explains what he is looking at!!

She straightens and rights her clothes; as she sits there eryaman escort resimleri thinking of the look on his face she likes the idea of being watched by those hazel eyes, they burn threw her like liquid fire, the heat of his stare she could feel from his desk; she notices that everyone is getting ready to go home it almost 5.

She thinks to her self why not give him a show!

She goes to the bathroom and removes her panties, walking back to her desk she feels really funny about it now can I really do it? as sits down she pulls up her skirt just a bit,

So if she decides to do it he will get a good show.

She clicks open her email again and starts to read again looking around seeing that her and Carl are the only ones still at their desks she reads as her hand runs to her wetness she starts to play with her clit is doesn’t take long for him to start to touch his hard on though his pants as he watches her start to cum, the story and the fact that he is watching her and people around has her so turned on she cums very quickly.

They realize it’s 5 and that everyone is leaving etimesgut escort bayan they all pile it the elevator at the same time she purposely stands in front of him.

When the doors close and it jerks into motion she lets her self leans into him,

She pushes back his hands go around her waist as to hold her there she leans back even more puts her hand on his cock and start to stoke him.

He whispers in her ear “ What where you reading that got you so hot?”

About a blowjob, she says in a lower tone he whispers, “Really I have never had one.”

With that she giggle “Oh I have to fix that!” As the floors pass and people get off and on she unzips his pants and takes him into her hand knowing that her body is blocking her hand from anyone’s view. As she leans into him harder grinding her ass into his hardness

They are reaching the basement quickly, as everyone gets off the elevator she presses him to the wall as she hits the top floor button turns and in seconds, she is kneeling in front of him is flicking his slit with her tongue, sincan escort running her hot wet tongue over his head as they start to climb to the top floor.

She teases his head with her lips ever so slowly giving him pleasure, as his starts to moan. Her lips are so soft he is shivering at her touch, and she has even taken him in yet,

Tracing all his veins with her tongue getting him nice and wet, she begins to suck his balls into her mouth rolling them with her tongue making love to each one, then licking back up the shaft the bell for the top floor dings and the doors open. “Press the basement button,” she says with a smile, as he reaches for the button in one quick trust she pushes him deep into her throat, his knees weaken his body shivers, she starts to slowly pump him in and out of her mouth in a nice slow rhythm. Fucking him as tight as she can.

His hands in her hair tugging and pulling trying to keep her still he wants to enjoy every second of this. She feels his body tighten as the elevator door opens he shoot loads and loads of hot cum down her throat as she swallows it the feel of him soften in her mouth has her so enticed that she doesn’t realize that they are not alone anymore.

He pulls her up as the guard tells them to have a nice weekend with a blush and giggle,

They walk to their cars both with red faces and ear-to-ear grins, she tells him, “See you Monday!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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